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After that, there was no conversation with Blenn.


In the intense atmosphere.


Serdel, who arrived safely in the capital, headed straight to the Count. 


When she arrived in front of him, Cartal, who had been in contact with her, opened the door of the carriage himself.


Behind him was the butler, the head maid, Monem, and the vice captain. All four of them were greatly relieved to see Serdel.


That’s the same with Cartal.


He examined Serdel from head to toe several times.


“…I’m glad you’re fine.”


Dark complexion. 


The deep eyes. The rough skin. The messy lips that look tired. 


She could tell that he hadn’t slept for a long time.


‘Well, he sent all three of his children to Elbash Forest.’


He couldn’t relax.


After hesitating for a moment, he held out his hand and said to get off.


Originally, they were awkward, but it was even more because they had been apart for a while. 


“…I’m back, father.”




The answer was short, but his stiff mouth was loosened.


She carefully put her hand. 


Cartal’s hands were larger than Addis and Redan’s, had more calluses, and were full of traces of suffering.


And it was warmer.


“You look very skinny— wasn’t it hard?”


“It was hard. There were moments when it was very dangerous.”


So she answered his question like a child without realizing it.


“How about what you want? Did you get it?”


Serdel nodded her head. 


“I got it.”


“Yeah. That’s a relief.”


Cartal also nodded his head. With her feet on the firm ground, she looked at her mansion for a moment.


She felt relieved that she had arrived home.


“You must have been tired, take a good rest.”


“There’s more to report than that. I’ll take a break later.”


She went into the office with Cartal and opened the map of the forest that she had copied with a magic tool.


Then, he checked the location of the mine by pointing to each place with his hand.


“This is the mana stone from the first mine.”


The low-grade, mid-level, and high-level magic stones that have been mined are listed in order. 


“And these are the things I brought from the second mine I found.”


Hmm, with a low sigh, her father meticulously checked the condition of the mana stone.


“The last thing I found in the third mine is this, which is quite different from the previous one. The atmosphere of the mine was the same, but all the mana stones were of the highest quality.”


There was excitement in Cartal’s eyes.


Mana stone mines, which consist of only the best, were not easy to find.


In addition most of the existing top mines had poor internal circulation, grew very irregularly and only thrived in places where magic power was heavily concentrated.


Naturally, the amount of mining had to be small, and the price was also terrible.


They can’t even get this because they don’t have it since such scenarios were rare.


The top-tier mana stone mines in Elbash Forest are uniform in size, with all floors, walls, and ceilings the same size, and their purity is much higher than the previous ones.


The speed at which it grows after mining was also superior.


In terms of value, it was the best mine in the empire.


It was only a matter of time before the territory became rich and strong.


Serdel also informed him of the battle situation in the forest, which she had not yet reported.


“In this state, unless something unusual happens, I expect that the subjugation will be over in about two months.” 


“Before that, we must finish all the preparations necessary for development.”


Cartal opened the papers that had been put aside.


She looked over it together. 


Knock, knock. 


The butler came in with a knock.


“Master. A person has arrived from the Imperial Palace. He’s asking to see you. What should I do?”


There was a little tension in Serdel and Cartal’s face. 


‘It’s only been an hour since I came back to the family, but they already sent someone?’


No way, have they been watching the family all this time? Otherwise, the timing was so amazing.


“Let them in.”


After a while.


An old man dressed neatly came inside.


“It’s been a few days since I saw you. Count Robbesta. I’m Chapelta, the Chamberlain.”


In his simple greetings and movements that were alive with a sense of deception, he exuded a charisma that was difficult to approach. 


His simple greetings and words made her feel an unparalleled charisma in his movements.


“This is a letter from His Majesty.”


He omitted the aristocratic style of greeting and offered the purpose of visiting this place immediately.


Cartal’s forehead, which opened the inside and examined the contents, hardened.


“Now that I’ve confirmed your reception, I’ll be on my way.”


The chamberlain went out, and a brief sense of silence came and went between the father and daughter.




Cartal sighed as he pressed his temples.


“He’s asking you to visit the palace tomorrow.”


No way. 


“Serdel. You alone.”




Her complexion grew dark.




As it became dawn of the next day, Serdel was dragged to and fro by the hands of the maids.


“Make it simple, keep it simple. It’s just the palace, so even if it’s too flashy, it doesn’t look good.”


“But if you’re simple, they will look down on it.” 


“That’s right. Moreover, isn’t it a place to attend an audience with His Majesty the Emperor? Giving some consideration is polite.”


At the head maid’s words, Monem nodded next to it.


In the end, with a gorgeous dress, colorful accessories, and gorgeous shoes, Serdel dressed in splendor that had never been seen before.


As she left the bedroom with a tired face, she ran into Cartal, who was walking in front of her.




When he saw her, he opened his mouth.


“Shouldn’t you take off her hair ornaments? She looks crazy—”


The head maid was disappointed by Cartal’s criticism and pulled off several ornaments.


She told them not to do that earlier. 


“That… the necklace and earrings look too much—”


The head maid’s eyes grew more and more ferocious. Her hands shook as she took off Serdel’s necklace and earrings.




“Master! Since Dame Addis only wears knights’ uniforms all year round, her outfit is always modest. His Majesty’s eyes say, ‘All the ladies of Count Robbesta are modest’ and will think like that!”


In the end, the head maid, who could not stand it, raised her hand, saying that Count could no longer touch the outfit.


“Besides, she’ll run into quite a few people on her way to visit His Majesty, and if she’s too modest, they’ll look down on her!”


The position of the Countess had already been vacant for a long time.


There could be critics that the Count doesn’t have someone to properly decorate the youngest Lady. 


“—Yeah, it’s nice to see. I think it’ll be fine to add one more hair accessory— Ehem.”


With a cough, Cartal glanced at the ceiling.


Then the head maid quickly chose one of the most splendid hair ornaments she was holding and put it in.


“Look at this. How pretty you are! Isn’t our Lady the prettiest girl in the world!”


The butler nodded enthusiastically.


Monem also applauded with satisfaction.


If just one more hair accessory made her the prettiest thing in the world, wouldn’t that ornament be prettier?


Mumbling inwardly, Serdel approached Cartal.


“Even though I’m alone, I think I can do it if I know it well. Don’t be too scared.”


Just in case he thought she’d be  intimidated. 


She tried to relieve the tension by saying that it wouldn’t be a big deal as much as possible.


However, it is Serdel who has already seen the cruel side of the Emperor through the communication port. 


It couldn’t have been a big deal.




“Don’t worry, Father.”


Serdel smiled and walked behind him. The butler with the box, the vice captain, and several knights followed her. 


At the entrance stood a carriage from the Imperial family.


The imperial knights were waiting for her behind it waiting to escort, and Chamberlain Viscount Chapelta waited for her in front.


Since she was entering the palace as a guest of the Emperor by receiving an official invitation, everyone bowed their heads in courtesy to Serdel.


“After the audience is over, I will take you back to the Count’s manor.”


Therefore, there was no need to take their family knight, so that Serdel had no choice but to glance at those who stood behind her. 


Serdel, who had been handed the box from the butler, tried to get on the carriage as it was, but the imperial knight stopped her. 


“I apologize, but may I check the contents first?”


“Yes, go ahead.”


The knight carefully opened the box. Inside was a map of the forest and mana stones from the mine. 


“Excuse me.”


After confirming that there was nothing special, he put the box inside and stepped back.


She took Viscount Chapelta’s hand and climbed into the carriage. As soon as she was able to sit on the opposite side, the carriage with the two of them departed.


An uncomfortable silence began.


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