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“There is no reply I can write to someone who is not even worth a single piece of precious paper, so go ahead and tell him this. Don’t be so ugly as to be greedy for other people’s things. This is the end of my response, so leave.”


The bewildered Count Maient’s adjutant hesitated.


“Please leave now.”


The quick-witted butler quickly dragged him away.


Serdel, who was left alone, buried herself into the sofa. She felt like she had been drenched in mud.


She wanted to run out as soon as possible and shake Count Maient’s grimy head.


No, not just that.


“I want to punch him in the face.”


Her stomach is boiling.


‘I’ll never leave him alone.’


She hadn’t thought of him in a while, but—.


Now, even more so, she wanted to get rid of Count Maient from this capital.




She’s going to throw him away. 


She’ll step on him thoroughly. 


Her eyes were burning with fire.


Two days later.


Count Maient sent the adjutant once more, but Serdel didn’t let him enter the mansion at all.


It was complete disregard.


Then two more days went by.


Finally, the letter from the wizard tower arrived.


The next day.


Serdel got onto the carriage.


Blenn and the vice-captain came as escorts.


Just as the carriage carrying her left the mansion and was about to run in earnest, a carriage with Count Maaient’s pattern approached.


The door opened, and Count Maient came down.


At the same time, his eyes met with Serdel, who was looking outside through the window.


“Young Lady, I have something to say.”


“Don’t stop. Keep moving.”


The coachman, who received the order, passed right by him.


Blenn and the vice-captain on horseback also followed the carriage without even saying hello to him.


“Young Lady!”


Frustrated, Count Maient turned around and shouted, but Serdel didn’t even listen with her ears.


“I have something to tell you, Young Lady!” 


He looked really disgraceful while shouting out. 




The atmosphere changed drastically when she entered Normand Street after passing the 8th street of Amelga Street, the largest entertainment district in the capital.


As it is famous as a magic street, there were shades made by magic in the air, spread out like awnings.


The cool wind that flowed from it cooled the hot energy and the heat from the floor.


Light bulbs were floating in the narrow and dark alleyway, so it didn’t look dark at all.


The phantom guardians, created by wizards, stood guard starting from the street entrance and ending in the middle.


They were dressed in indigo blue robes and carried a large staff, and they were extremely alert to their surroundings.


She can feel the powerful mana from each of them. 


If they look at it and move it, she may become a handful of ashes in the magic attack that bursts her.


It was pretty threatening.


Of course, there was no one on the street that caused a disturbance.


‘By the way, I’ve been telling Terra to buy magic supplies all along.’


She used to ask Siri to do it.


Pulling her head out of the window, Serdel looked more interested in the surroundings.


The signs of magic shops lined up everywhere were so colorful.


Some places only handled potions and scrolls, and some stores sold only magic weapons separately.


While the magic shops spread out across the place can handle several items in one space,


In the capital case, there is a wizard tower, and since it occupies an area like this, each store is closer to a specialty store.


There were various types of potions, countless scrolls, and extraordinary products.


There were also quite a few types of magic supplies that were sold on a trial basis.


After a long walk up the street of shops, she finally found the white spire of the wizard tower. 


At the entrance, phantom guardians stood guard, but when the carriage stopped, they approached and bowed their heads.


– Welcome to the Wizard Tower. Please tell me the purpose of your visit.


Instead of answering, Serdel showed them the letter with the Lord of Wizard Tower’s seal.


– You have a scheduled visit. We’ve confirmed it.


When the front door opened and she went inside, she saw an interior that was much more expansive than it looked from the outside.


Thick and dense trees clustered in the hall suffusing the air with a woody fragrance. 


She couldn’t help but be surprised by the smell of nature that pierced her nose.


It was as if they had moved a whole forest.


Serdel got off the carriage and looked down blankly.


Under the grass, a huge magic circle that seemed to have no end in sight was flowing with mana like water.


Her fingertips trembled. 


She can feel the surge of magical power with every step she takes.


– Please come this way. I will guide you.


The phantom guardian took the lead guiding them through the forest.


After crossing the wide forest and entering the main building, a complex energy overcame her. 


There was also a huge magic circle in the hall, and in the center, there was also a spiral staircase. 


The ceiling was very high.


As if they were inside a conch shell, even a strange ringing sound was transmitted through her ears.


The phantom guardian approached the desk, said something to the head-sized communicator, and then went up the stairs.


‘No way, I don’t have to walk all the way up there, right?’


Swallowing dry saliva and quickly following up, she suddenly felt a strange sensation from her head to her toes. 




The view changed in an instant.


Suddenly, she, Blenn, and the vice-captain were standing in the empty hallway.


The phantom guardian was nowhere to be seen either.


– We only allow Young Lady Serdel to enter. Others, please wait here.


A long sofa and a tea table appeared with a low voice echoing in the air, and a tea table was set on them.


“Wait here.”


The vice-captain nodded and immediately sat down on the sofa and lifted the tea. 


“Ah, the tea tastes good.”


With a short exclamation, the vice-captain began chewing the cookies.


He even finished a fairly large cake.


“I don’t know where you’re looking, but could you give me more of this? I wish I could have some juice and water too.”


The vice-captain was brazen everywhere. 


The appearance of ordering without permission didn’t matter.


In response, huge chunks of cake and buckets full of juice and water came down from the air.


A few candies bigger than a fist and a few chocolates also fell.


– …..


In the end, it looked like it wasn’t enough, so a full meal was prepared. 


They placed a few thick chunks of steak on a plate that was easy to eat.


The wine was served whole, and there were dozens of beers with ice, soup filled with rabbit meat, and a huge amount of salad was served on a large plate. 


The hallway has now become a dining hall, as the tea table had turned into a long table.


“You’re very generous.”


Surprisingly, he showed no interest in alcohol, and as a result, he couldn’t drink because he didn’t like it.


Blenn, on the other hand, never touched anything other than the tea. 


How far did she walk after leaving those two behind?


A red door appeared in front of Serdel.


As she stepped inside, a warm, cozy yellow light surrounded her.


All sides of the room were full of magic books, and the floor was covered with soft rugs.


Above, it was quite messy.


The same goes for desks.


Various items were scattered around as if someone had been doing extensive research before.


Serdel, who stood in the middle, raised her head. Wow, there was a burst of exclamations.


With the golden eight stars spinning slowly, the high ceiling was like the night sky.


Thanks to the runes floating next to it, it felt like a moon and a star.


It was truly a wizard’s room.


“It’s my first time seeing you. Young Lady Serdel Robbesta.”


She turned her head to the low-pitched voice.


The purple hair was cut straight from the shoulder line.


Pale skin as if it hadn’t been in the sun for a long time—beautiful purple eyes with a sharp nose.


Moderately tall and skinny.


A white tunic shirt and black pants.


‘And barefoot—’


The front of the shirt was loosely ripped open, revealing the smooth nape of the neck and the prominent collarbone.


The white forearms stretched out between the rolled sleeves were engraved with complex magic formulas like tattoos. 


‘He’s a cold, handsome man.’


The raised eyes were fierce, and perhaps because of the glasses and the atmosphere flowing out of the whole body, the cold air flowed out of this space.


It even has an indifferent expression on it.


For some reason, it felt like a chill was coming on, so her body trembled once in a while.


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