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The Emperor’s eyebrows trembled slightly.


His eyes were about to turn ferocious, too.


“This way.”


With a pretentious smile around his mouth, he led the Lord of the Wizard Tower to his next seat.


“You don’t know how happy I am to know that you have received the request from the imperial family here.”


“Young Lady’s suggestion was just not refusable.”


“Young Lady, thank you for your hard work. You have no idea how high my expectations are for the Young Lady. Thank you for living up to my expectations.”


“It’s nothing, Your Majesty.” 


That was the end of the empty compliments. 


Serdel nodded quietly to him, who was asking her to discuss the rest of the story later.


“First, I want to know the personal details of the three wizards who will enter the Imperial Palace. I wish you could give me some information about them.”


In response to the Prime Minister’s remarks, the Lord of the Wizard Tower presented the documents that Serdel had told him to prepare in advance.


The Prime Minister showed it to the Emperor first.


The papers had their origin and age, how long it had been since they entered the Wizard Tower, and when they were recognized as official wizards.


It even detailed what products they had developed so far and which entered stores, including the evaluation of buyers, how many classes of wizards they are now, etc.


Even their magic thesis published within the Wizard Tower was attached.


The Emperor’s eyes gleamed as he carefully examined it.


“As expected, they are wizards of 4th circle or higher, and they seem to have excellent skills. When can you send them to the palace?”


“Currently, they are participating in the Elbash Forest subjugation. As soon as they get back from work, I will receive a status report and send them right away.”


“…the forest, the people who participated in the subjugation…?”


The Emperor’s gaze turned to Serdel.


He had no choice but to feel uncomfortable about bringing people who had close ties with an aristocratic family to the palace.


Moreover, she even persuaded the Lord of the Wizard Tower to sit here. 


It’s definitely a big thing, but because of that, Serdel’s power will change in the future.


That was fine.


Was it what he expected?


The wizards who participate in the Count’s excursion! 


Serdel was the person who went on an expedition with them. When the Emperor tried to build a friendship, he could use the one she already had to control them.




“Didn’t you want a wizard with a 4th circle or higher? Why would those who are so talented want to go out of the Wizard Tower? I’m sending them off because they seem to be more flexible, because they’re interested in outside things.”


As if the Lord of the Wizard Tower had read the sharpened atmosphere, he spoke with an indifferent face.


“Oh, should I look better to the Young Lady in the future?”


“It’s the same for me, I have to look good to the Young Lady too.”


To prevent the Emperor from aiming his bow at Serdel, the Lord of the Wizard Tower secretly protected her.


“Haha, you hate being swept away by politics, yet every word you say is political, considering you’ve been in seclusion?” 


“I didn’t even have enough time to pay attention to my research, and I didn’t go out because I had no reason to step into the meaningless riots caused by unrelated people. Your Majesty.”


“So you don’t look down on me?” 


“Did you look down on me, your majesty?”


“Not at all. That’s impossible.”


With a slight smile, the Emperor shrugged.


The tension that might explode at any time receded from the conference room.


“Well, that’s fine. The one who regrets anything should dig the ground. Anyway, thanks to Young Lady, it’s true that this was achieved, otherwise, the wizards wouldn’t have entered the Imperial Palace.”


At the Emperor’s gesture, the prime minister held out the contract.


“There is no problem with the content.”


Both signed the contract after their brief overviews.


As a result, Maro, Henry, and Beman became wizards belonging to the imperial family.


With the consideration of the Lord of the Wizard Tower who thought about Serdel’s position, he promised to personally take a part in the affairs of the imperial family once a year.


With the help of the Wizard Tower, the Emperor gained the reserve power to handle the situation as he wanted to some extent 


‘I will contact Maro soon.’


Maybe the message will find Falden first.


She’s worried that he’ll be angry and ask why she did something dangerous.


Anyway, she felt soft and itchy that she was helpful to him.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Lord of the Wizard Tower.” 


“Sure, Your Majesty.”




The tingling sensation suddenly became heavy and her skin stung.


“…Right, Young Lady, follow me for a second. We still have a lot to talk about.”


The Emperor rose from his seat.


“Count Robbesta and the Lord of the Wizard Tower can stay here to chat comfortably.”


Serdel quietly followed him as he turned around.


Bordeaux’s gaze was persistently attached to her, but she pretended not to know and turned away.


The emperor took her to the indoor garden today as well.


Refreshments were already set on the table.


“Not long ago, Count Maient came to me with a new plan.”


Serdel gave no answer to the words that fell on her as soon as she sat down.


She skimmed through the documents, but she soon let go.


“It seems that he will never be able to let go of his regrets regarding the Elbash Forest. Even though I gave him a separate warning.”


The Emperor clicked his tongue.


Then, after a sip of tea, he lowered his eyes.


“What I said earlier is not a joke.”




“I told you, Young Lady, that I would show you how good I am in the future.”


Another crisis has come.


He had an odd atmosphere coming from him.


Serdel immediately bowed her head.


“The person who needs to look good is me. I will do my best not to be hated by His Majesty. So please keep an eye on me.”


“I have kept my attention and eyes on you for a long time. This would be good for Young Lady, too.”


“I will keep that in mind.”


“I’m glad you’re smart. I like it better because you’re quick with sense.”


The Emperor, holding a properly cooled teacup, finally enjoyed his tea.




Serdel, who came out of the indoor garden to go first, was forced to hold back a sigh that was about to burst out.


After she came out after dealing with the Emperor, her hair was about to stand up from all of the intense gazes pricking her from all sides.


There were a lot of eyes that were hiding and watching her from everywhere.


The Empress and the 1st Prince. 


The 3rd Prince and his mother, the Emperor’s wife Debor.


Besides that, even those spies planted by each faction were noting her every move.


Serdel moved calmly, pretending not to notice their presence.


Perhaps by now, Cartal and the Lord of the Wizard Tower had come out of the conference room.


‘If I go to a moderately midway point, I’ll meet them.’


Serdel, who had been walking quietly for a while, looked up to the clear chirping of birds.


Then she looked around.


It was a quiet and bloody place, much like the Emperor’s quarters, and all aspects of the interior that so clearly reflected in her eyes were splendid and beautiful.


What did Falden think every time he returned to the palace from time to time after one of his frequent expeditions?


‘Did he ever see this beauty properly?’


After losing his mother at the age of only five, his past must have been a thorny road, when he had to do everything he could to survive.


She felt bad.


‘I wonder what he is doing?’


Contrary to the sunny weather in the capital, is the sky still gloomy there?


She remembered the image of him she had seen through the telecommunication channel not long ago.


The thick blood of the monster was all over the place. His eyes looked quite tired as he ruffled his hair wet from the rain.


‘There’s no way he’d be in danger, right?’


What about Addis and Redan? 


Will they be all right?


Her steps were quickened by a sense of unease. She wanted to return to the Count’s house quickly.


She thought she would be relieved to see them safe through the communication channel.


“Young Lady…?” 




A familiar voice came from behind.


Even without looking back, it was obvious who it was.


Serdel ignored it.


“Young Lady!” 


He followed and grabbed her arm as if snatching it.


‘Damn it!’


Serdel’s eyes, which were forced to turn, shone brightly.


“I don’t know what’s going on, but let go of me.”


It’s disgusting.


“Ah, Young Lady. I see you here. It’s a relief. I had a lot to say, but I can’t meet you—”


It seems like he hasn’t slept well for a long time.


Count Maient, her ex-fiance who couldn’t let go of the Elbash forest, and who had a rather pale face, smiled at her.


Somehow, she got goosebumps because it looked frightening.


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