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The Emperor didn’t let Serdel go, even though she was already healed with the treatment of the Lord of the Wizard Tower.


Instead, he said it would be good to take a break because she must have been very surprised, so he sent five imperial doctors along with her to the guest room.


On the other hand, he didn’t give a single doctor or even a single bottle of potion to Count Maient, who was unable to move due to a severe back injury. 


He didn’t even give him a single indoor room.


He had lost favor as an attraction in many places where people passed by, and in reality, he had been abandoned. 


Count Maient, who was suffering on such a cold floor, was carried away with the help of his aide who came running after receiving a call. 


There were not only one or two people who watched the whole process. 


Rumors spread quickly, and when Count Robbesta heard about it, he almost turned the palace upside down. 


“L, lady…”


Monem was so surprised that she fell to the floor. The butler and the head maid’s complexion also turned pale.


The knights were furious and left the mansion with a sword led by vice-captain and Blenn. 


Where they headed was Count Maient’s mansion. 


The knights who surrounded it without hesitation drew out their swords.


In response, the knights of Count Maient came out and confronted each other.


But they couldn’t pull out a sword.


It was because of the awareness that they shouldn’t create an excuse for a fight anymore.


The carriages that came and went by also stopped in front of the bloody scene, and the ladies opened their fans and covered half of their faces to discreetly watch.


There were also nobles who got out of the carriage and took a look around.


In a situation where they don’t know when it will explode.


A carriage with the mark of Count Maient arrived.


The vice-captain who saw this blocked the front.


“What are you doing? Get out of my way!”


Count Maient’s aide, who was sitting on the carriage, shouted.


“I won’t move away! To enter the mansion, Count Maient will have to get off the carriage!”


At the momentum of the vice-captain, the aide clenched his teeth.


He glanced at Count Maient through the narrow window in the carriage.


By the Emperor’s order, he couldn’t even bring a royal doctor, let alone a bottle of potion.


The current situation for Count Maient was the worst because he was not allowed to receive any treatment in the palace even though his condition was so bad.


Because he was also exposed to the shaking of the carriage, it was dangerous if he was not treated as soon as possible.


“Stand back! What are you guys doing!”


The aide shouted at the knights of the family in the middle of the confrontation.


However, no one was able to move easily even with his thunderbolt-like shouts.


It was because of Blenn.


The pressure emanating from him was powerful enough to suppress everyone’s momentum.


Some knights of the Maient family even felt their legs tremble.


Stupid bastards! Power entered the hand of the aide who was holding the reins.


“For now… The situation here is urgent. So please step back.”


Pressing his voice, he asked for a shallow understanding from the Robbestan Knights.


Ha! A laugh came out of the vice captain’s mouth.


“The assault on the Young Lady is the same as openly stepping on Count Robbesta! How ridiculous you must have been to commit such disrespect in the palace! As a knight who has sworn allegiance to the family, I can’t let this insult pass by, so if you want to go inside, take a look and do your best!”


“…I will apologize for that separately later. The Count is in a very serious condition, so please get out of the way for now. I beg you.”


The stiff head of the aide bowed.


Nevertheless, the vice-captain didn’t step down.


On the contrary, as he got closer, he cut off the leash of the horse connected to the carriage with a sword.




The horse, frightened by the sword, neighed loudly and ran away .


‘Baang!’ Something fell as the carriage leaned forward harshly in the aftermath.


Surprised by the sound, the aide jumped off the carriage seat.




The aide who had opened the door to check on Count Maient was forced to drag him out of the cart.




The count seemed to have lost his mind because he could not overcome the intense pain. The vice captain’s mouth was filled with mockery as he looked down at the Count’s pale face.


“It serves you right!”


Crowds of people also pointed their fingers at that. 


Everyone mocked Count Maient, so he was moved into the mansion.


Suddenly a red exclamation point appeared above his head, shrank quickly and then vanished to be replaced by:


[You’ve lost all of the charms you have as the main character.]


[You have been disqualified.]


[Hershe Maient – Forcibly downgraded to one of the supporting roles.]


A bright red status window like a red alarm appeared silently, but no one saw it.




[Hershe Maient – Forcibly downgraded to one of the supporting roles.]


She was finally able to send away the worried Lord of Wizard Tower, who refused to go.


Serdel, who was laying on the bed in the guest room, rolled her eyes at the red status window that suddenly appeared as she received Cartal’s worried gaze.


‘I can’t believe it.’


It was confusing.


What will happen if the main character’s charm runs out while he is supposed to be enjoying the game? There were times when she wondered when she looked at the gauge bar.


She had no idea it would lead to the removal of the male lead.


‘I thought I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t any more status windows.’


Today’s trouble seemed to have had a bigger impact than expected. She didn’t expect this result!


‘It’s a relief.’ 


It was a relief, really.


“I’m sorry.”


She was relieved several times inside, but Cartal bowed his head feeling guilty.


Surprised, Serdel raised her upper body.




“This father is not good enough to almost marry you with such a man. I am so sorry.” 


“I should have known more, I should have done more research before trying to marry you with him…. because you seem so lonely…”


What should I say?


Serdel held his trembling hand carefully.


This wasn’t Cartal’s fault.


Hershe is the one who has approached with a mask on.


‘It’s a relief to know now.’


How can people be conscious of the darkness inside before being struck!


“My wife is gone, my little one… I haven’t been able to take good care of you. At the time, I thought that was the best thing… but looking back, now I know what I’ve done to you as a father…”


As the voice gradually grew smaller, Cartal’s hand suddenly became cold.


“Ah! W, what have I done to you…if I knew your life would be like this… I, I’ve ruined it. I’ve ruined your life.”


Deep darkness seemed to rise behind his enlarged pupil as if he was possessed by something.


She’s worried it’ll take his mind if he didn’t stop.


She was terrified.




Serdel gave strength to his hand as she held it tightly. At that moment, Cartal’s trembling gradually subsided.


“This father… is incompetent and pathetic… I’m sorry.”


“…Don’t say that.”


His forehead touched the back of her hand. One drop, two drops. Something hot touched it and then flowed down.


Her heart ached. 


“All my actions to do for you… ended up pushing you to the edge of the cliff…”


Every word was full of regrets. In addition, uncontrollable pain has been passed on. 


“I… Blame me, Serdel.” 


“…no, I don’t want to.” 


She used to blame him a lot.


But it was hard to hate, resent, and even see him face to face at the end.


Even more so, not long after the second round started.


She hated that.


But not now.


“I don’t want to, Father.”




“I don’t blame you, so why do you ask me to blame you?”


She no longer hates her family. Of course, she can’t say she knew them very much.


It was heartbreaking when Redan, who was always arrogant, cried.


She was upset when Addis, who only showed her back, bowed her head.


When Cartal, who pretends to be indifferent while looking at her, was silent, she was worried that he seemed to swallow his pain.


Is that all?


Count Robbesta almost threw everything precious away . 


Siri used to be the only person she could rely on, but that is no longer the case.


“I’m fine. So… don’t push me away.”


Cartal, who raised his head, hugged her. So did Redan, who was clinging to her—her father felt very small.


She raised her hand and patted Cartal on the back.


“I’m really, really fine. Father, don’t be sorry.”


She said it again, firmly, and buried her face into her father’s shoulder.


It was too warm in his arms so she didn’t want to let it go.


In addition, she thought that she had to face the problem that she had Dell using his bugs to investigate.


About who killed the Countess.


Who pushed her family off such a cliff? It seemed that she had to find out for sure by using her own power.

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  1. Pronto,agora o dono da torre pode ocupar esse lugar do conde como um dos protagonistas masculinos,aprovado por mim