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By the time Cartal calmed down, the Emperor had come in with Chamberlain. 


The Emperor quickly examined the atmosphere inside.


“Your Majesty.”


Glancing at his face once, Cartal immediately got up from his seat and bowed. 


Serdel was also about to get out of bed, but the Emperor raised his hand.


“Be comfortable.”


She can’t do that. 


No matter how considerate he was, she couldn’t be arrogant in front of the Emperor. 


Furthermore, the power she now wielded was like a suddenly inflated balloon.


Because the Lord of the Wizard Tower gave her too much power, it turned into a double-edged sword. 


Therefore, it was difficult to see the power obtained now as completely her own. 


Even if it’s safe now, it’s better to be more careful about her actions later. Doesn’t the rice plant bend its head more as it ripens?? (It means people who know a lot are (or should be) humble about their knowledge) 


Serdel got up from bed right away.


“I’m feeling much better, Your Majesty. I’m really sorry to have worried you.”


“Why should you, Young Lady, be sorry? Count Maient did something he shouldn’t have done! It’s crazy, I mean, he’s out of his mind.”


“How dare he ignore my warning. Ha—!” 


His eyes glistened.


Even for a moment, he pressed his eyes tightly once and threw his gaze at Cartal. 


“Are you alright? You looked very surprised.”


“I’ve shown you something you shouldn’t see. I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


“Hey. It would be a little sad if you said that, Count. It’s understandable that it’s difficult to bear as a parent when our child is insulted.” 


She almost laughed.


There almost seemed like there was no pretense as the Emperor put those words in his mouth, boldly speaking like a wise father.


She doesn’t know if there was any change in facial expression. 


It was even more creepy because there wasn’t despite such a blatant lie.


“And that’s not important now. I think the Count should leave the palace right now.” 


What does that mean? Cartal’s head, which had been bowed down, raised. 


“When the Count’s knights heard about Young Lady, they were furious and it’s said that they were besieging Count Maient’s house.”


The Emperor didn’t hide his discomfort.


“If such a situation is created in capital with an Emperor for a long time, wouldn’t it only create a sense of incompatibility? The imperial family has already become a mess because of the Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


“I apologize, Your Majesty.”


“Let’s go quickly. Oh, Young Lady should remain in the palace. Considering my position—” 


“But, Your Majesty.”


Cartal cut off the Emperor’s words.


At the same time, he even covered her with his body so that the Emperor’s burdensome gaze didn’t reach Sertel. 


The Emperor’s eyes hardened at his actions, which he would never normally have done.


“I don’t think I will be able to pull back the knights.”




The Emperor’s voice lowered.


“I’m not defending him, but Count Maient has already been badly insulted. Isn’t that enough? There are other nobles’ eyes, and if you think about my face, that’s enough.”


“Until now, I have been living as a loyal servant of Your Majesty, but it seems that I will not be able to follow your will this time. Please forgive me.”


“Count Robbesta!”


The air became cold, and the Emperor let out a roar.


However, Cartal’s momentum was also extremely fierce.


“I am not fine. I haven’t given him enough insults yet. Didn’t Your Majesty say that you will also do the same? If a child is being insulted, it must be hard for a parent to bear, didn’t you understand me?”


The Emperor’s forehead twitched several times. He probably didn’t know that what he said would be taken in such a good way.


“The insult that punk suffered was only from the Lord of the Wizard Tower. He can’t take my place in vengance. In addition, Serdel is a precious master to the knights. Shouldn’t they also relieve their pent-up resentment?”


Count Maient’s disrespect to Serdel was an insult to the whole people of the Robbesta county.


Serdel wasn’t the only one who was hurt by this.


The knight and the servants have never considered betraying her.


“There will be no bloodshed. This is the capital Your Majesty is in. No matter how angry they were, they were not thoughtless enough. So don’t worry.”


After bowing his head once, Cartal turned around.


His eyes looking down at Serdel were different from before when it was empty.


He bent his body slightly and held Serdel lightly.


She had been unintentionally hugged by Blenn, Falden, and Redan several times before, but this was the first time she had been hugged like this.


It feels like something was stable in her arms..


“I’ll be on my way.”


“Can’t you stop walking!”


“Your Majesty. Don’t just force Your Majesty’s position. My daughter and I have our opinions, too. Besides, you got what you wanted. The deal is closed, please don’t use my child as a shield or tool of power any longer.”


Finally, after giving the warning, Cartal left the guest room.


Something was a bit odd. 


Was he still the same Cartal that always acted according to his status like a dead person.


She didn’t expect him to act like this.


And to the Emperor!


“…will it be okay?”


At Serdel’s careful question, Cartal lowered his gaze and made eye contact with her.


“His Majesty was just trying to kill the spirit of this incident to make it easier to use. Normally, I would have agreed, but many people have already seen Cunt Maient being mean to you, right?”


An unfamiliar kind of charisma emanated from him.


“In the future, more and more people will approach you with many intentions. It will be difficult at first because they don’t know what more you have. Then, as soon as they get used to it, there will be people who mistreat you again.” 




“In order not to be subjected to such disgrace as today, the family must not look ridiculous to anyone. That is the same for His Majesty. I serve him, but don’t worry, because his heart is not more important than my children.”


He’s like this, what should she say?


There was a warm glow.


But it wasn’t awkward. 


Maybe the Countess was always so proud of him before she died, to the extent that she thought of it.


His stubborn expression resembled Addis.


No. Addis must take it from him. She laughed for no reason. 


“…Oh, I left my shoes behind, Father. I couldn’t put them on because I got up in a hurry to see His Majesty earlier.” 


“I’ll buy you a new pair.”


“They were the Lord of the Wizard Tower’s shoes—”


“You can throw it away.”


With a firm answer, he took a few more steps for a moment.


– What do you mean you can throw it away? You’re so mean.


With a murmur of dissatisfaction, a gust of wind blew around it.


– First of all, I think you must be tired, so should I move you so you can rest quickly?




Cartal nodded instead of answering, and the wind swallowed him and Serdel.


When they opened their eyes again, they were at the Count’s residence. 


“…Thank you. I’ll buy you a new pair of shoes.”


– I bought it from Forshun. I was lucky enough to have only one pair left, saying that this is the design the designer is pushing this year. The gentlemen standing behind me were quite disappointed. 


“I’ll pick a better one and send it to you soon.”


– I think it would be better if Young Lady could look at it and choose it. Oh, if you have time, I’d like to go buy it with you tomorrow—.


“She’s tired so we’ll get going.”


– ….


“Serdel must be very tired.”


– …Take a good rest today, Young Lady. 


The whispering wind disappeared.


And how much did it move?


“M, master! Lady!”


The butler, the head maid, Monem, who had been dazed in the hallway, saw Cartal and Serdel, and rushed to see them. 


The faces of the three people, who were tired and pale, looked so bad that it seemed like they were about to fall down at any moment.


“Are you all right!”


“A, are you okay Lady?”


The head maid swept Serdel’s face in tears.


The butler and Monem were mesmerized by her complexion and outfit. 


“F, first of all—”


The butler hurriedly took the lead and led Cartal’s footsteps to the bedroom, thinking that she should rest comfortably. 


As soon as Cartal carefully laid Serdel down on the bed, Monem covered her with a blanket. 


Whoo, Cartal raided his head as if relieved now. 


“I have heard of the general situation from His Majesty. Butler, go to Count Maient right now and report to the vice-captain.”


There was tension in the butler’s eyes.


“I’ll tell him. I will get to go out and—”


The head maid, who suddenly intervened, bowed her head. Cartal, who had been looking at her for a while, continued.


“Tell the vice-captain to prevent anyone from entering and leaving the Count Maient’s abode completely.”


There was a chill in Cartal’s voice.


“Until the rat bends its knees.”


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