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As the distant sensation of her body returned, Serdel opened her eyes.


But she couldn’t see well.


She wondered why, but her vision was blocked with tears. 


Not only that but her cheeks and chin were wet.


Serdel, who covered her face with both hands, bowed her head. 


Her heart really hurt.


Every word Redan said to her was stuck in her mind like broken glass, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it at all.


At the same time, the blade of guilt cut through her heart, which was already hurting.


She feels sorry.


Because she’s not the real Serdel. 


Up until now, neither Addis nor Redan had gotten emotional, and Cartal had only ever bowed his head and said he’s sorry.


They had only given apologies in their first life, which they didn’t even remember.


But this time, she couldn’t think of it that way. Redan’s sincerity was toward her, but it wasn’t hers.


As soon as she realized it again, terrible loneliness and suffering poured into her like a storm.


Today, the world just seemed more unfamiliar.


– Is the situation very bad there?


She was in so much pain that she couldn’t help herself, then the Lord of the Wizard Tower asked her that, breaking her stupor slightly.


Serdel shook her head slightly in that state.


– Did your family get hurt?


She had to answer, but her throat choked, and she couldn’t speak clearly.


– Is everyone safe?


She nodded her head.


– That’s a relief.


Yeah, it’s a relief. 


How did Belters show up with Maro at that moment?


Thanks to this, Redan will be safe.


Is that all?


Everything is very different from the past when the imperial family suffered a great loss by pulling their foot out.


Falden, who had strong strength and leadership, stood at the center of everyone, and his outstanding subordinates supported him.


With the help of wizards, many people were saved, and Belters was there for support.


He had such great power as a swordmaster that he had already killed the boss. As he said, the subjugation would be over soon.


Everything was showing better results than she expected.


– But why are you crying? Why are you so sad?




Serdel’s head lowered more. The Lord of the Wizard Tower thought about what to do as he watched her try to hide her face.


– I’m used to being alone, so I don’t know how to comfort people who cry.


He unfolded his magic without hesitation, but there was no clever humor that could solve such a situation.


He felt lost, especially since he rarely sees anyone cry.


With some hesitation, he reached out and put warm energy into Serdel.


It was comforting in its own way.


The comfort that had been conveyed strangely touched her heart.


Her fast beating heart calmed down.


Without her realizing it, she slowly raised her head. The invisible hand of the Lord of the Wizard Tower, who approached just in time, moved as if to wipe her tears.


At that moment, everything reflected in her eyes shuddered, and her vision suddenly changed.


It was a phenomenon that was not unfamiliar to her anymore, not now, ‘foresight.’


‘It didn’t even come to me when I wanted it desperately.’


Laughter flowed out at the sudden phenomenon.


Chewing on the inside of her lip, Serdel concentrated on what was unfolding before her eyes.


The dark time before dawn.


With only one point of light pouring from the rising moonlight shining around.


She was crying by herself. 


It’s sadder than now.


She swallowed her pain.


She didn’t know why she was crying, but Blenn was standing next to her.


His face was also distorted to the fullest. Even though he was confused, he carefully held her arms and— cried with her.


As if to share the pain.


Blenn was even more hurt and upset by her outpouring of emotions.


He moved his lips slightly, but somehow there was no voice, unlike in previous foresights.


However, she could see that he was trying to comfort her.


The short foresight ended with the last image of her leaning her forehead on his chest, perhaps exhausted.


The phenomenon that had blocked her eyes disappeared, and Serdel shook her head briefly.


However, her movement to shake the moment seemed to reject the Lord of the Wizard Tower’s hand that was reaching out.


– Ah, I’m sorry.


The Lord of the Wizard Tower stood by with awkwardness. Naturally, the atmosphere has become strange.


“…my face is very ugly…”


Serdel muttered something to get rid of the awkwardness. 


– No, it’s not ugly at all.


He hesitated again before reaching out and brushing his arcane fingers gently around Serdel’s eyes.


Of course, she can’t feel his touch.


Instead, a cool refreshing sensation touched her face and then disappeared.


The corners of her eyes, which had been stiff with tears, softened. The skin around it, which felt stiff, was also soft.


“Thank you very much.”


– It was nothing. Whenever you’re having a hard time, call my name. Even though I’m not free, I’ll be right there.


Serdel nodded her head. 


– You must be tired, so take a rest today.


Previously, he tried to stick around with any excuse of arrogance, but today he stepped back on his own.


Soon, both the Lord of the Wizard Tower and the magic that had been in the room disappeared.


Serdel, who was left alone, jumped up and left the bedroom, forcibly shaking off her depression.


I told you to rest—. It felt like she had heard a shallow murmur from somewhere.




Serdel headed to Cartal’s office.


“Lady, you’re here.”


“Where’s the butler?”


“Ah, he has work to do for a while.”


The butler, who would normally stand guard in front of the office like the guard, was nowhere to be seen.


Instead, the head maid was taking his place, and she smiled awkwardly at Serdel’s question.


“Hmm, please prepare some tea.”


“Yes, Lady. Oh, the Master hasn’t been able to eat a whole meal lately. I’ll put a simple sandwich on it. He will eat it because he doesn’t want the Lady in front of him to worry.”


So, as if begging her to stay as long as possible, the head maid clasped her hands.


After a brief nod of agreement, Serdel went inside.


Cartal was completely absorbed by the papers in front of him. Deep enough to not even notice she came in. 






Serdel came closer and tapped the desk with the back of her hand.




Only then did Cartal, who saw her, get surprised later. It was also the first time she saw him so embarrassed, so Serdel was rather surprised.


“I’m sorry.”


“No, it’s fine. For a moment—”


After rubbing his forehead, he took a deep breath and swept his face dry.


“I lost my mind for a moment.”


He looked like he couldn’t sleep because his eyes were even darker than when he looked at the communication tool.


He had a rough face, and the few white hairs she saw for the first time today seemed to show how sad he was.


“…I still can’t communicate with Addis and Redan…”


He was speaking calmly in front of her, trying to be calm somehow, but his hands were shaking.


He held it tightly together as if to hide it.


“Addis, this isn’t the first time she’s joined a subjugation— at least—”


The words “relieved” couldn’t come out of his mouth.


Even a genius knight was a child to him, and there was no reason not to consider her precious.


Perhaps every time Addis went on a subjugation, he couldn’t sleep.


He just didn’t express it as a father.


He must have always been worried.


Emotions fluctuated again as things that were not visible kept on being seen.


If she hadn’t known, she would have just ignored it, but now she can’t do that.


“…I’m worried about Redan. He never lets go of a sword in his hand, but he hasn’t trained as hard as I did when I was young… Besides, he’s an unstable guy, so there must have been something wrong….”


His blue lips trembled.


“Don’t worry. Father.”


Cartal raised his head. 


“Unnie and Oraboni are safe. The Duke of Blendard said that. I think the subjugation will be over soon since they’ve already killed the boss. After they deal with the remaining monsters, everyone will safely return to the capital.”




He kicked the desk and jumped out of his seat.


“T, that’s— is that true—!”


“Yes. So you don’t have to worry. You can let go of your anxious feelings. Father.”


“A, ah— Oh my—!”


He covered his face with both hands, bowed his head and sat down as if his legs had lost power.


For a while.


His body leaned to the side.




Surprised, Serdel ran to him. 


His whole body was hot as a fireball. She looked through the drawer, but she didn’t find a potion bottle.


“Father, father!”


Serdel, who had laid Cartal’s head on her lap, shouted out.


Then the surprised knights came in, carried Cartal and ran to the bedroom. 


After that, Serdel followed them. 


The knights who carefully laid him down on the bed looked through the drawers.


However, not a single potion came out.


Why didn’t he keep a bottle of medicine nearby?


“Bring all the potions from my desk drawer in my room!”


The knight who rushed out to follow her command soon came back with a potion. She slowly dripped it into her father’s mouth.


His fever went down and his normal complexion began to return.


At the same time, a status window appeared in front of her eyes. 


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