Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 102 - Assassins (3)

Author: LyraDhani

What are you talking about all of a sudden?


Lucion held the contact item close to his face.




<I didn’t even know that Hamel-nim was so tired and I was the only one who slept comfortably. I am sorry.>


He didn’t know why Kran was doing this, but he was starting to feel sorry.


‘What are you saying?’


Lucion swung his legs, which had stopped for a moment.


<The organization is important, but Hamel-nim, I want you to think about your own body as well. Please don’t overdo it.>


“I never overdo it. I just didn’t sleep as much as usual.”


Lucion told the truth.


Today, no, both yesterday and today he didn’t sleep well.


He grew up in a precious way, and he didn’t have good stamina, so he couldn’t help it.


Kran went silent again.


<I’ll reduce my sleep.>


Lucion was stunned by his sudden words again.


I took action to be able to eat well and live well, but why would you want to sleep less?


He said he couldn’t help it, but it wasn’t the case with Kran.


“Why would you sleep less all of a sudden? Just do as you usually do.”




“So what did you say earlier?”


<…That’s why, I said I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, I was finding a place for the Rats to live.>


“No. I made you wait too.”


<I don’t mind waiting.>


“What about the Rats? Are they listening to you?”


<What Hamel-nim told me was helpful.>


‘Right. Can it go smoothly?’


Lucion let out a long yawn.


<As expected, I…>


“I have the Rats investigate the members of the organization. The same goes for you, Kran. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable. I’ll leave you out.”


<Then I’d like you to exclude me, Stra, and Helon.>


Kran replied without hesitation.


Even though he was sleepy, he could feel that Kran hated anyone digging into his past.


‘Well, I already know that Kran is the prince of a ruined country.’


Lucion needed to pretend he didn’t know for a while. Now that he thought about it, he should personally investigate the reason why Keortia, the kingdom where Kran came from, disappeared.


“Okay. Assassins will be recruited soon so I’ll contact you again then.”




When Lucion was about to hang up, Kran urgently called out to Lucion.


“What is it?”


<I have something to tell you, too.>


“About what?”


<There is a mercenary corp that we are keeping an eye on.>


“If it’s the mercenary… They don’t like to belong to a certain group so it’s not going to be easy.”


<Yes. I think it’s a very good mercenary group, so I keep trying.>


“What’s their name?”


<Reint Mercenary Corps.>


‘Reint Mercenary Corps?’


Lucion blinked.


It was a name he had heard before.




<<“Those people with you. I think they were a mercenary corp in the past. Is that right?”


When Heint asked, pointing to the escort standing behind Kran, he smiled lightly with a friendly face.


“You have a good eye, too. That’s right. They were a mercenary corp. Reint Mercenary Corps. It’s also the most unforgettable moment of my life.”


Kran sipped his tea and put on a happy expression.


“If I missed it, I might have been in despair, not regret. I didn’t know that they would become the strongest ally of my faction like this.”>>


In the novel, while Kran was talking to Heint, a part of the ‘Reint Mercenary Corps’ appeared.


Aren’t they the ones who formed the main faction of the forces established by Kran?




Lucion couldn’t help the feeling of waking up all at once, so cold sweat dripped down his face.


He was busy growing an organization that he almost forgot the most important people.


‘I thought I was going to be in real trouble.’


He hardly knew how Kran built the growing organization or who he met, but he had to connect the people in the novel to Kran as much as possible.




“I’m listening.”


<You don’t like it? Compared to the others…>




Lucion’s voice rose before he knew it.


Ratta, who was dozing off, opened her eyes and looked at Lucion.


[You like the mercenaries that much? Indeed, the armed forces that can be drawn from the current organization are perfect for mercenaries..]


Russell giggled.


<…I see. Hamel’s opinion is so strong that I will definitely take them into the organization.>


Kran’s strong voice came out.


“Yes, hold on to them tightly. I have something left to tell you, but I’ll do it after the assassin’s issue is resolved.”


The Hand of the Void was trying to make undying soldiers out of corpses.


The bodies were moved to the East, but the exact location was not yet known.


After figuring out the location, he had to inform the temple and let Kran know that he was intending to build up a debt for later.


<I understand, Hamel-nim. Take a good rest today, and we can talk slowly next time. I hope you eat a lot of delicious and healthy food.>




Lucion replied grimly.


He was grateful that Kran cared about him, but he thought it was a bit excessive.




Lucion cut off contact and took off his mask and then he put it back in the drawer.


His eyes still felt sleepy.


‘Go to East and rob report point no. 4 where the Neubra Kingdom reports its information.’


Lucion’s eyes gradually became heavy.


‘Rob the place where the Hand of the Void gathers bodies to make undying soldiers. Rob the six branches. I have to go around the North and the South.’


Lucion’s eyes blinked as his thoughts grew longer.


‘I don’t know if the assassins succeeded in their mission…’


His eyes shut off completely, and Lucion’s breathing became longer.




Ratta pricked up her ears and whispered.


―Hume said he should sleep in the bed. Should Ratta call Hume?


[You should. He should sleep comfortably.]


Russell looked at Lucion’s broken left arm.


Due to necromancy, one more wound was added.


Ratta walked carefully through the door and soon opened her eyes wide.


She hit her first hurdle.


―What to do! Ratta can’t open the door. Look at this, Ratta’s paws can’t reach it.


Ratta jumped in the spot, but her front paw was barely able to reach the handle.


―Ratta is still not big enough to open the door. Russell needs to go to Hume.


Ratta looked at Russell with a sullen face.


[I don’t think so.]


Russell shook his head.


―Right! Ratta can’t give up here! Because Ratta can do anything for Lucion!


[Not that.]


Ratta, who was about to run, lowered her ears.


―Ratta doesn’t know what Russell is talking about.


[Open it using the darkness.]


―Can Ratta do that?


Ratta blinked, and Russell nodded.


[Yes, Ratta. You do it.]


Already, Ratta could use a technique called shadow movement by using darkness.


In addition, she could call the soul of the dead body right away.


He didn’t know if Ratta didn’t want to use darkness or if she didn’t think of it, but since she was the divine beast of darkness, he thought she should be able to move the darkness.


―Why? Russell is faster than Ratta.


[You said you wanted to protect Lucion. What would you do if you couldn’t ask for help around you?]




Ratta’s eyes twinkled as if she had realized something.


―Yeah! Ratta needs to grow fast enough to protect Lucion!


Ratta looked at the door with her eyes hardened.


―All right! Ratta will move the darkness.


However, contrary to her triumphant words, Ratta was only busy making ‘ugh’ sounds.


―Move, darkness. Listen to Ratta. Ratta can’t wait to open this door!


Ratta’s paws swayed vigorously as if she was wiping the door.


‘That’s weird. You know how to move the darkness, but there’s no response. Does Lucion still need more darkness?’


Russell had no intention of pushing Ratta anymore.


Fearing that Ratta would be more disappointed if she did it in front of Lucion, he had deliberately picked the time when Lucion was sleeping.


[Good job, Ratta.]


Russell patted Ratta and gently stopped her, and Ratta cried.


―Ratta is strong, but she can’t do anything.


[No, you did a good job. You’re so brave!]




[Yeah. Isn’t it brave that you’re trying something you’ve never done before?]


―Ratta is?


Only then did Ratta’s eyes twinkle and her tail wobble vigorously.


[Yes, you did a good job. I’m complimenting you.]


―Huh. Ratta is an obstacle! Ratta is nice!


[Sure, I’ll be back.]


Russell patted Ratta on the head.




Ratta answered vigorously.


Russell moved away, and as Lucion was sleeping softly, Ratta moved carefully to Lucion’s side.


After moving one or two steps, Ratta tilted her head.


Darkness was fluttering around the window.


―Shh. Lucion is sleeping now. Don’t come in. If you come in, Ratta will bite you.


It’s a divine beast. A divine beast.


―No, Ratta is not divine beast. Ratta is Ratta.


Ratta’s eyes frowned.


I’m so glad. Didn’t our divine beast really be born? Now…


Hey, be quiet. She’s listening.


Ah. We don’t know anything. We didn’t see anything.


The darkness suddenly disappeared.


Ratta tilted her head again and her eyes filled with strength.


―Whoo-hoo. Ratta’s fangs are scary!




Ratta howled like an animal in the book Hume had read.


* * *


[It was neat.]


Bethel explained briefly.


What more could she explain?


They showed the standard of assassination without witnesses.


[Stepping Stone’s tyranny must be worse than I’ve heard. I can’t believe such talented assassins are starving.]




Lucion entered the shop where the assassins were located, satisfied.




The leader of the assassins greeted.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


Lucion nodded slightly and said.


“Are you satisfied now?”


Lucion sat down despite the question raised by the leader of the assassins.


“I’m a warlock.”


When he calmly introduced himself as a warlock, the leader almost replied, ‘Oh, I see’.


However, the leader asked again in case he heard it wrong.


“…What did you say?”


“I am a warlock. I asked you in advance if you were picky about people, and you said no. You’re not going to change your words all of a sudden, are you?”


Lucion pressed the leader with a low voice.


“Is this possible? However, should I say it is surprising? Or should I say it’s the first time I’ve seen one in a sane state? Hmm.”


The leader hesitated and fiddled with the back of his head.


“You can continue.”


Lucion didn’t want to get cut off in the middle of talking, so he urged him.


“As much as I do the work of killing people, the request to kill warlocks comes more often than I thought. They are usually out of their mind.”


“I know.”


The warlocks that the leader of the assassins was talking about were fallen warlocks.


How can they be sane?


“So, is this your first time seeing a sane warlock?”


When Lucion asked, the leader of the assassins smiled as if he was embarrassed.


“That’s right. It’s the first time I have mixed opinions like this. That’s why I was just surprised, so please don’t misunderstand.”


“I don’t. My name is Hamel.”


Lucion held out his hand.


“Likewise. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


“Well, I’ll write a simple contract first.”


“What kind of contract are we going to sign?”


Because he was familiar with the contract, Quate blinked and asked.


The only thing that could forcibly bind someone was a magic item, and in fact, this was also illegal, so it was used covertly.


Previously, the black necklace worn around the neck by Kran, Stra, and Helon was a representative magical item.


The necklace was enchanted, and if the command was not obeyed, the magic was activated to punish or kill them.


“It’s a simple contract stating that you don’t betray your organization when you’re in the organization, and you keep it secret even when you’re in the organization.”


“Will I die if I break it?”


The simpler the contract, the more things followed when the contract was broken.


“Will you? I don’t know why everyone thinks death is the end.”


Lucion smiled.

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