Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 104 - Step by Step (2)

Author: LyraDhani

―Ooh! It’s a gift!


Ratta hurriedly got up and circled around Anthony.


“Are you curious, Ratta?”


Anthony asked Ratta with a warm smile.


―Yes! Ratta is so curious about what is inside the gift!


“It feels like Ratta is listening to my words.”


Antony stopped moving and admired the figure of Ratta who was staring at him.


―Yeah, Ratta has been listening well even before she had ears!


“…Oops. “


Anthony, who was reaching out to Ratta, quickly realized his rudeness.


“I’m sorry, Young Master.”


“No, give her a pat. She’s really looking forward to it.”


Lucion shook his head.


Anthony pondered for a moment and handed the gift to Lucion first.


Lucion strangely felt a chill running down his spine as soon as he received the gift box.


[…Let’s see]


Russell stared at the gift box.




Russell let out a short sigh.


[What’s wrong?]


As the corridor became noisy, Bethel, who had retreated, returned and asked.


[Receiving a gift is good, but… Why is she giving him something with light again?]


[Light? Really?]


In response to Russell’s answer, Bethel looked at the box.




Lucion’s eyes moved toward Russell at the unexpected remark.


[It’s weak, but there’s one. It’s like the bracelet Lucion got as a gift last time.]


‘Are you talking about Larvis’ Tears?’


Lucion couldn’t wait to check the gift box.


Checking his expression, Anthony uttered.


“Then I’ll wait here for a moment.”




Lucion quickly entered the room with the box.


‘Something with light. Don’t tell me, it can’t be something that Heint is supposed to get, right?’


At the corner of Lucion’s mouth, a smile grew and then disappeared.


No way.


[You like it that much?]


Russell was frustrated by Lucion’s smile.


He was glad someone gave Lucion a present, but of all things, it was an object of light.


―Hume told Ratta that everyone is happy when they get a gift.


Ratta had already climbed up the desk and waited, wagging her tail.


When Lucion touched the box, Russell quickly spoke up.


[Be careful when you open it, Lucion.]


No matter how weak the light was, it was an object with light.


Maybe the light could grow in response to Lucion’s darkness.


“I’ll be careful.”


[Don’t even think about using it right away]


“I understand.”


[You understand, right? You can’t use that brooch in the morning to increase your tolerance of light, the light on the bracelet is enough for now.]


Lucion paused for a moment at Russell’s words.


[Lucion? Why aren’t you answering me?]


“…I’ll think about it.”


Feeling the urge to plug his ears, Lucion untied the ribbon that covered the box.


Inside, he saw another box with a letter.


Lucion stopped his hand for a moment and looked at Ratta as her sparkling eyes kept taking away his attention.


―No, Lucion! Don’t stop! Ratta is so curious that Ratta can’t stand it. Hurry up, hurry up, and open it!


Ratta’s front paws moved urgently.


When Lucion reached out to the box again, Ratta’s eyes shone brightly, and when he pulled back his hand, her eyes cooled sharply.


He tried to repeat it a few times, but Ratta put her front paw in Lucion’s hand and looked quite serious.


―Lucion! Ratta’s not in the mood to joke around!


Lucion smirked and opened the box.




Along with the sound of Ratta’s shouts, Bethel raised the corner of her mouth.


[It’s pretty.]


Inside the box was a brooch with detailed flower decorations hanging from the branches.


The jewels embedded in the flowers, as well as the large jewels between the branches, were unusual even at a glance, but it was as if the light was leaking from that jewel.


‘Now, let’s remember.’


Lucion looked at the brooch and relied on his memory.


A strange ability to remember the entire contents of the novel.


He didn’t have time to think deeply about why he had this ability.


In the first place, it was strange that he learned about his past memories because he got hit in the head.


Then Lucion swallowed his saliva.




This brooch, which Heint had obtained while he was wandering around the Empire, was able to amplify the power of the light.


‘Tella gave me Heint’s stuff again this time?’


If the last time was a coincidence and this time was also a coincidence, he wondered if it would be faster to assume that Tella had some kind of ability.


Lucion put down the brooch and read Tella’s letter.


– Hello, my lord. How have you been? Thanks to Lord Lucion, Luteon Bank has regained its peace and has become busy these days. Maybe we can open a new bank in other regions soon.


The last letter was filled with words of gratitude for catching the Rats.


Considering that they were opening a new branch, it seemed things had worked out well since then.


‘Well, if it works out, I’ve become a VVIP of the Luteon Bank.’


Thanks to that, he didn’t know how sweet the interest on the money he deposited in the bank was.


-This brooch is by no means a bribe and has nothing to do with the Luteon family, so please accept it comfortably, and among the items in a similar situation to the last bracelet, I sent you the most valuable one that I think is suitable with Lord Lucion, so please accept it with ease.


If the situation was similar to Larvis’ Tears, then the owner who left the goods in the bank had died and the bank took over because the family didn’t find them in time.


‘Is this happening because Heint isn’t wandering around?’


– My personal thank you gift and the gift from my family will arrive in Cronia soon.


[Sending another gift? No, it’s understandable. Well, in a way, Lucion, you saved the Luteon family, so the accident was big enough for you to receive at least a bank branch.]




When Lucion looked at Russell, who was staring at the letter, he naturally looked away and coughed.


[…Cough. My eyes got better, so it became troublesome.]


―(Omitted) Oh, this is a PS! ◇PS◆ Someone asked about Larvis’ Tears. I mean, the bracelet I gave to Lord Lucion. The employee said they don’t know who asked because their faces were covered. I’m leaving it in the letter just in case.


‘Someone asked… about the bracelet? After all this time why?’


Lucion felt uncomfortable for no reason.


However, since it had already come into his hands, he had no intention of returning it.


Because the bracelet had increased the speed of his light tolerance these days.


Lucion folded the letter gently and tapped the brooch.


‘It’s kind of like a shield, right? If I blow in my darkness after touching it like this, the light in the brooch jumps out as if to surprise…’




Lucion was startled when Russell raised his voice.


[You just said you weren’t going to use it. Try throwing up blood here. The house will be in a state of uproar. Put your finger down now.]


Lucion hurriedly put away the darkness that had come out of his finger and smiled.


[Your smile doesn’t work on me, so put the brooch in the box and touch it later.]


[…Then he can touch it later?]


Bethel, who was nodding at Russell’s words, paused.


Even though Lucion had resistance to light, as a result of directly possessing it, the light was still like a sharp sword to him.


[He will touch it even if I stop him. What can I do?]


Russell let out a long sigh.


Lucion stood up from his seat, leaving the box filled with the letter and the brooch in the drawer with a look of regret.


“You hear that, Bethel? Don’t even think about stopping me.”


But soon Lucion’s lips rose proudly.


* * *


‘…Gartio Menn. Gartio Menn.’


Heint still kept thinking about the suspicious guy in his head.


‘I can’t do this. I’ll have to do some research on my day off.’


“…Sir Heint Tria? Heint!”


Heint looked back in surprise at the loud noise that followed.


The 5th prince, Cetyl Tesla, was also surprised and immediately frowned.


“Excuse me, Your Highness.”


“Why do you think differently in the Imperial hallway?”


“That is…”


“Will you follow me? I just happened to have a business with you.”


Cetyl raised one corner of his mouth.


“Yes, I will.”


Heint bowed his head.


“How is Lord Lucion?”


Cetyl spoke when only the sound of their footsteps was heard in the hallway.


“I think he’s been doing well. I haven’t been able to contact him since Lord Carson has been busy recently.”


“Is that so?”


Cetyl’s reaction seemed reserved, so Heint couldn’t ask any more questions until he entered his room.


“Lord Novio and Lord Carson are currently away from the Cronia mansion.”


Cetyl came to his room and brought up the topic he wanted to speak about.


“…What do you mean?”




Despite Heint’s bewildered expression, Cetyl instructed him to lower his voice.


Heint nodded, and Cetyl didn’t speak until he came into another room inside Heint’s room.


“I don’t know the details, but it seems there are some problems at the border.”


“Is it because of the Neubra Kingdom?”


“Probably so. Otherwise, there would be no reason for those two to move together.”


‘So you’re saying Lucion’s the only one in the mansion, right?’


Heint couldn’t help but pay attention.


The 8th Order of the Knights to which he belonged was created for Lucion, and didn’t he personally confirm that there was another organization other than Luminos aiming for Lucion?


‘What are you doing, Carson? You shouldn’t leave the mansion.’


Originally, The 8th Order of the Knights was supposed to be next to Lucion, but the imperial family had taken a step back in consideration of the border.


“Do you know why I brought this up to you?”


Cetyl asked.


“Is it because of Lucion?”


“That’s right. At the same time, it’s for the Imperial family.”


Cetyl sat down, and Heint got up.


“On the side of the Imperial Knights, those related to Count Roberio and those entangled with him are spread evenly. In other words, I can’t trust anyone.”


Cetyl’s expression darkened.


“Your Majesty believes in the frontier. Me too. Therefore, I also believe in Lord Heint, the close of Carson who is said to be the next ruler of the frontier.”


“It’s an honor, Your Highness.”


“Is there anyone who recently showed suspicious movements in the Knights?”


Heint understood that this was what Cetil wanted to say to him.


The first thing he heard as soon as he became the Imperial Knight was the saying, ‘In order to survive, you need to stand in a good line between the princes and the princess who will become the next emperor to survive’.


But Heint didn’t care about that fact.


Cetyl really cared about the 8th Order of the Knights.


“Yes, sir.”


“Who is it?”


“It’s Gartio Menn.”


A smile hung over Cetyl’s face at Heint’s words that were spoken without hesitation.


“You really have no hesitation. If this was the trap for my other brothers, what would you do?”


“Because there is no way you would do that.”


Heint’s eyes didn’t waver.


“Yes. Thank you for trusting me, Lord Heint.”


Cetyl smiled and held out a box to Heint.


“Your Highness, what is this?”


“I heard that it is an object that strengthens light. This is the item that His Majesty, who highly judged your credit for this Luminos incident, gave to you personally.”




“Originally, His Majesty should give it to you directly, but the Imperial family will be quiet for the time being to distinguish who is the enemy and the allies”


“Oh, no. I didn’t do it to get compensation!”


Heint’s voice rose.


Didn’t he already get more than 90% of that strange letter that came to him?


“8th Order of the Knights, Lord Heint Tria.”


But even that was short-lived, and Heint knelt down on one knee at Cetyl’s serious voice.


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“In addition to finding out about the organization with the crow pattern, investigate Gartio Menn. This is the order of His Majesty.”


“I will obey your orders.”


* * *




Russell approached Lucion, who was absent-minded in front of his desk, and waved his hand.


Clearly, both results were good.


Lucion’s spirit and his broken arm.


However, after going to the doctor, Lucion opened an empty notebook and stared at the wall mindlessly.


[Leave him alone, Russell. How complicated must it be for Lord Lucion to have a lot of work to do?]


Bethel grabbed Russell and pulled him back.


[Even so, I’ve never seen him like this…?]


While being dragged by Bethel, Russell didn’t take his eyes off Lucion.


―Your wound heals really late.


The doctor’s voice lingered in Lucion’s ear.


He suddenly felt like he was in contact with the reality that he had been postponing the whole time.


‘…Yes, the wound heals too late.’


Lucion put down his pen and looked at his finger.


Since he had used one finger, did he have 9 chances left until he get better?


―That’s nine! Ratta knows the numbers very, very perfectly.


Sitting on Lucion’s lap, Ratta clung to the desk and smiled.


“Teacher, are you there?”




Russell sounded lively.


“Is there any dark magic to heal the wounds quickly?”


In the novel, there was a warlock who put back their severed arm quickly.


[There is.]


Russel’s expression quickly distorted.


“Then I want you to let me know.”


[There are several. Of course, it’s one of the quickest ways to become a fallen warlock, would you like to try it?]


“No, please pretend you didn’t hear me.”


Lucion slowly leaned his face against the desk and blinked.


‘As expected, there is only that item that absorbs the light that Miella will create and it will store only the regenerative power of the light. I can’t say this first.’




Then, the contact item vibrated.

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