Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 107 - We don't seem to be in sync

Author: LyraDhani



Kran let out a long sigh.


Quate only rolled his eyes at the way he acted as if this was not the first time this had happened.


“Mr. Heroan. He is the one who came today.”


Kran looked at Heroan with slightly cold eyes.


“This is Quate, the assassin who has joined the organization.”


Quate held out his hand.


Heroan, who was just about to hold his hand, looked at Quate with quivering eyes.


“The assassin… It’s you, Mister?”


He suddenly attached a clumsy honorific at the end of his sentence.


Because he suddenly remembered what Hamel had firmly told him.


– Soon assassins will join the organization. Compromise well and don’t show off useless bravado so that there’s no nonsense in the mission progress.


Useless bravado


Didn’t he already do it?




Heroan was so surprised that he hiccuped and folded his notebook.


“I-I am Heroan. I-I’ve been working all night, so I made a mistake…”


Heroan stepped up to Quite and lowered his voice.


“You can’t tell Hamel-nim.”


“Is Hamel-nim that scary?”


Quate asked.


He had a strong feeling that he was getting involved in something, but he didn’t think it was scary.


“Absolutely not.”


“He is.”


Kran and Heroan’s words diverged.


Quate looked at the two of them alternately with puzzled eyes.


“Mr. Hamel is moving every moment, saving his night’s sleep for the organization. That’s why, to make a great organization… you know.”


Kran put strength to his voice.


“I can’t deny that. I got an item to contact him anytime, morning or night.”


Heroan nodded as well, but flinched at the murderous feeling from next to him.


“Mr. Heroan…?”


Kran’s eyebrows were going down towards the middle of his brow.


“Is that what you just said true? Even if it’s midnight or dawn…?”


“It was like that until yesterday. Hamel-nim is the only one who listens to me seriously.”


At Heroan’s proud voice, Kran let out a short sigh and moved his hair over his forehead.


“Think about it. Would Mr. Hamel be able to eat properly and sleep properly when he is on his own with the money to maintain the organization?”


“…Is that true?”


It was Quate who was surprised.


It was only after he had already received a large sum of money from Hamel along with signing the contract that he was able to fill his stomach with expensive meat for the first time in a while.


He thought the organization had a lot of money, but he never thought it was Hamel who had a lot of money.


“Yes, it’s true.”


Kran replied without hesitation.


He had invested in several places, but the only place that could give out money right now was Hamel’s pocket.


Since the organization had already grown bigger, Hamel’s burden must have increased more than before.


Kran couldn’t help but worry.


“He’s been really busy. I thought he was being chased by a priest…”


“What do you mean?”


Kran picked up the words Quate was muttering to himself.


“When he signed the contract with me, he said something like ‘It would be a big deal if I get caught’. What else could that mean for Hamel, a warlock?”




Kran’s sigh deepened.


Hamel was a warlock, so why did he only notice the obvious now?


The reason why Hamel hadn’t stayed at the Chefran’s mansion until now and left quickly when he visited, was probably because of the priest.


“…Mr. Heroan. You heard that, right? Come to me if you want to talk. Don’t bother Mr. Hamel, who is already having a hard time sleeping.”


Kran stared at Heroan, who averted his eyes.


“…I’ll try. To put in the effort.”


He mumbled, but he replied that he had understood anyway, so Kran smiled awkwardly.


“Well, then, Mr. Quate. I’ll get going now. I want you to organize this mansion based on the information that Mr. Heroan have investigated briefly.”


“All right.”


Quate nodded.


The first mission was dropped in right after joining the organization.


His stomach was full and his pocket was heavy, so he was willing to move as much as he could.


“Hey, Quate.”


As soon as Kran left, Heroan immediately let go of honorifics.




So Quate answered comfortably and informally.


The corner of Heroan’s mouth went up.


“Forget my rudeness earlier, okay?”


“I’ll think about it.”


“You think Hamel-nim is the leader of this organization, right?”


“Who’s this guy I’m supposed to deal with?”


Quate had no intention of getting involved in a political fight.


“This ungrateful fellow. …But aren’t you curious about how Hamel-nim can handle the money alone?”


Pretending to be angry, Heroan asked Quate insinuatingly.


“Who’s the guy I have to deal with? I’m busy because I haven’t unpacked yet.”


“Tsk. Come with me. This ungrateful fellow.”


Heroan clicked his tongue and waved lightly to his men who were shoveling for the tunnel.


“I’ll be back.”


* * *


“You see those three guys? Skinny, less skinny, muscle pig.”


Heroan, who returned to the Chefran mansion, calmly pointed to the targets with his finger.


He was lucky that they were on patrol right now.


“I see. How many more targets do I have to deal with?”


“Just those three guys are enough. He is the instigator of a rebellion. Originally, the head has to be broken first to shake the bottom, and when the bottom is shaken, they’re supposed to bite each other and fight like idiots.”


“Are there any members of the organization that need to be killed?”


At Quate’s question, Heroin opened his notebook and licked the tip of his finger.




When the notebook went over several pages, there was nothing written there.


“Not yet. There are some who are showing signs.”


When there was no answer, Heroan turned his head.


Quate wasn’t there.


And the slender one had disappeared.




Heroan blinked and looked around and found Quate.


‘That crazy guy…!’


When did he figure out the patrol route? Quate was quietly following behind the slender man who was less slender than he thought, enough to make him think, ‘Like this, I won’t get caught’.


Even though Quate was so close, the guy moved his feet comfortably as if he didn’t notice at all.


Seizing the opportunity, Quate covered the guy’s mouth and cut his throat with the dagger in his hand.


The situation was so quiet that Heroan wondered if his breathing was loud.


‘It was too bold.’


They were still in the middle of the garden.


Just as he was worried about how to dispose of the body, Quate raised his pinkie and whistled.


Suddenly, people popped up from here and there, turned over the corpse, and disappeared as if merging into things.




He didn’t know if it was great camouflage or magic, but Heroan couldn’t take his eyes off it.


Now there was the last one left.


Quate walked over to the muscle pig as if he were strolling in his front yard, gently slit the guy’s throat, driving a dagger through the guy’s heart as he collapsed.




Quate, who laid the corpse silently, looked at Heroan.


It was all done.


Seeing the brazen look on Quate’s face, goosebumps swept through Heroan’s entire body.


Heroan trembled in horror and gradually raised the corners of his mouth.


Why did Hamel give the assassins a mission from the first day?


He must have seen the assassins’ skills with his own eyes.


‘Yes, they are the ones who will protect our Rats!’


Hamel kept his promise to protect them.


Heroan clenched his notebook as Quate walked toward him.


The assassins’ movement would be created by them, the Rats.


Heroan’s eyes were full of life.


Getting information and moving people based on that information might be more fun than he had thought.


‘Okay, let’s work harder to help the organization.’


Heroan first began to think about the organization.


* * *


“…Ah. So Quate killed all the leaders of the rebellion?”


Lucion burst into laughter at Kran’s report.


Like the sound of rain he heard before falling asleep, it was good news.


<Yes. I’m sorry to call you in the middle of the night. I thought it would be better to let you know as soon as possible.>


“You don’t have to apologize. It’s not the time to sleep yet.”


Lying on the bed, he looked out the window and saw a round full moon.


[No, isn’t already time to sleep?]


Russell snorted.


Kran woke Lucion up right when he was about to fall asleep.


How can Russell not be frank?


Lucion must have had a hard time already with the rehabilitation training.


Bethel poked her head out from the ceiling and urged Russell.


[Russell. If you’re here, it will bother Lucion and make him fall asleep late, so come out quickly.]


[Wait. Go ahead.]


Aside from being frank with Kran, Russell was very curious about what Kran would say.


Bethel smiled and looked briefly at Ratta, who was soundly asleep, then she disappeared over the ceiling.


<That’s why there are still reports of troubles within the Knights of Chefran.>


“That’s enough. Let’s just weave them together for the crime of harming Miella and send them away.”


Miella first persuaded the Chefran knights with money, but this was how they should deal with them.


When the opportunity came, they must be dealt with.


<I understand.>


“Oh, are you spreading rumors that Miella has become the head of the Chefran family?”


<Yes, I’ve been spreading rumors around. But…>


“What is it?”


<It’s a little messy inside the organization. The assassins have joined, and friction is occurring little by little with those who previously belonged to Ale and Rats.>


He thought this problem would happen.


They belonged to different organizations so how could they adapt right away?


But it was a problem that Kran had to solve, not Lucion.


No matter how bossy he was, Kran had to be the boss.


“You have to coordinate them well.”


Lucion threw the words lightly.


<…I think you said it too easily.>


“This is why I put you there. You have to work, Kran.”






Lucion cut off the contact item before the complaint could come out.


[Lucion. You…]


Russell swallowed his words.


Wasn’t he the one who told Lucion not to handle all the work of the organization?


Lucion lay down, put the contact item and mask in the drawer, and grinned at Russell.


“Have a good night, Teacher.”


Lucion closed his eyes like that.


* * *


A week had passed.


Chefran had entirely become the Organisation Ale, and Kran told him that he had found an agreement between Ale, the Rats, and the assassins.


He said he had set some rules, but Lucion didn’t ask because Kran hesitated and didn’t tell him.


<The mercenaries I mentioned before.>


Kran finally got to the point.


“Have you recruited them?”


<No, I haven’t…I think we should look into other mercenaries.>




A disappointed voice came out.


[It’s a mercenary, isn’t it fine to recruit others? Why are you so disappointed?]


Thinking that it was strange, Russell asked.


However, those words didn’t reach Lucion’s ears.


The cornerstone of the third force created by Kran was the Reint Mercenary Corps


They had to be brought in no matter what.


He didn’t know about anything else, but it would be a problem if this one went wrong.


<That…, I sent Helon because I thought it was strange that I lost contact with them these days. But he said they got caught up in something bad.>


Kran let out a troubled voice.


“What is it?”


Lucion’s throat suddenly burned.


<It seems they got tangled up with a noble. They said they would join our organization if we solve the problem, but I wanted to know if it’s really necessary, so I am contacting you like this..>




It was common for mercenaries to move according to money and get involved with nobles.


It was also common for them to have problems with the nobles.


‘Ah, what else can I say? It’s no big deal.’


If they hired a mercenary corp, they must be an insignificant noble.


‘I’ll smash them, whatever it is.’

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