Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 108 - We don't seem to be in sync (2)

Author: LyraDhani

Only then did Lucion drink the water slowly.


This was a problem that could be solved.


Now what Organization Ale needed was strength.


The addition of the Reint Mercenary Corps would fill that part.


It was much safer to bring in people with a fixed future rather than ones full of uneasy elements.


<As you know, the organization has not yet grown big enough to be equal to the aristocracy. It’s a little disappointing, but I think it’s faster to find out in a different direction.>




At Kran’s words, Lucion paused for a moment.


‘Why are you giving up so easily?’


[Lucion, think about it.]


Even with the mask on, Russell noticed Lucion was bewildered.


Lucion was born and raised in a high-ranking noble family.


Of course, he wouldn’t know this part, so Russell had to let him know.


[Currently, your organization is still in its infancy. And you bump into a noble? If you get tied up with a noble, you’ll only see blood. It’s best to back off. Kran is wise.]


Lucion finally understood what Russell meant.


That he was still in power, and Kran wasn’t.


Since Kran was a person who once stood in a high place, he must know more than anyone else about the terrible and vicious side of nobles.


<I am ashamed. I told Hamel-nim that I would bring the mercenaries. To make up for this mistake…>




Lucion called out to Kran softly.


<Yes, Hamel-nim. Go ahead and tell me.>


“Do you think there are people who can replace the Mercenary Corp? Are you sure you won’t regret it if you miss out on this?”


<Yes. … No. Not really. I think I’ll regret it.>


Kran let out a long sigh.


“So, tell me who the noble was and what they got involved in.”


<It’s Viscount Chonest, whom Hamel-nim also knows.>


Wasn’t he the guy who constantly threatened Viscount Chefran, saying that Viscount Chonest was strong?


He was also starting to get on Lucion’s nerves.


<Not too long ago, a strange thing happened to Barony of Kokoren, the whole family died.>


Baron Kocoren had betrayed Cronia and joined the Neubra Kingdom.


Lucion proposed a request to dry out Baron Kokoren’s family to confirm the skills of the assassins led by Quate.


All of them died, and since they could no longer maintain the Barony of Kokoren, the place was now owned by the Imperial family.


“Yes, that happened.”


Lucion answered calmly.


<Because of that, it seems Viscount Chonest wanted to extend the contract with the Reint Mercenary Corps, which he hired as an escort. But before that, Reint Mercenary Corps had already spoken to us, and they promised to come to us when their contract expired, so of course they refused to extend the contract.>


“In the end, it’s about revenge, right?”


<That’s right. The captain of the Reint Mercenary Corps is currently in Chonest’s prison for insulting the aristocracy, and half of them are falsely accused.>


“As expected, I’ll have to break them.”




A voice of genuine surprise leaked out from Kran.


“Nobles. Yeah, they’re very scary creatures. But you know, we have to be independent forces and we have to be able to protect ourselves. That means fighting with the aristocracy is inevitable.”


<I know. But right now the organization has nothing to oppose the power of the nobles.>


“No, I do.”


Through the mask he wore loosely, the corners of Lucion’s mouth rising were visible.


“Viscount Chefran is you, Kran.”


Lucion said what Kran had forgotten for a moment.


The other party was a self-made man. He was also Viscount Chefran.


What did he have to feel inferior for?


<…I made a mistake. With the best means in hand, this… I forgot.>


Kran’s pronunciation was slightly muffled as he bit his lip.


“No. You’re not used to it, so you forgot. At this point, I think it wouldn’t be too bad to have another viscount in order to rescue Reint Mercenary Corps. It’s good to expand your range of activities.”


What’s good is good.


Cronia wouldn’t be interested in this kind of movement anyway.


Above all, he thought it was a good opportunity to unite the organization.






<I’ll fix it this time. A total of 32 letters came within a week. I wanted to step in whenever I had a chance.>


“No. I’m going there tomorrow, so be prepared.”


It just so happened that his curfew was lifted.




Kran said, puzzled.


“It bothered me, so I already told Heroan. Contact Heroan for more information. Maybe you’ll get the answer right away about what kind of plan you need.”


<I understand for now. Hamel-nim, I don’t know if I’ve been holding you for too long. I hope you sleep comfortably and don’t skip meals…>




At Kraen’s lengthy words, Lucion cut off the contact item first.


He took off his mask with a distorted face.


“…Do I look like such a starving person?”


[No way. You’re overflowing with luxury.]


Russell shook his head right away.


It seemed Russell was also full of spirits as he continued to listen.


‘I haven’t heard that there’s a strange rumor going around from the ghost no. 20 planted in the Chefran mansion.’


Lucion looked down at himself.


“Let’s change our clothes at this point.”


He was going to buy new clothes because he thought he looked bad.


* * *


“…Ah, you’re here? You came earlier than expected.”


Kran bowed his head as he saw Lucion who appeared covered with darkness.


“Your clothes have changed.”




Lucion replied with satisfaction.


He wouldn’t hear anything ridiculous from Kran anymore.


“Ah, Peter hasn’t been in touch. Any news?”


Lucion had failed to give Peter a contact item.


The timing didn’t match because he didn’t know Peter would leave immediately to find information related to the Hand of the Void.


Currently, only his younger brother was left in the mansion.


It was Peter, a magician specializing in defensive magic, who had helped Lucion and informed him about the 6 branches.


“I was going to ask Hamel-nim about it.  Would it be okay for Peter to act alone?”




Peter had many enemies.


Even if Roberio was dead, the Hand of the Void would know who he was.


He didn’t want the best magician he had obtained to die.


“Can he keep in touch with his brother?”


“Yes, he can. I’ve heard from time to time through Peter’s brother that he’s alive.”


“Then tell him to come back to the organization right away.”


Lucion sat down on the sofa, giving instructions in a sharp voice.


“I understand. Right now…”


“No. There’s also something I couldn’t tell you because I missed the timing.”


Lucion looked at Kraen.


Before he knew it, the butler’s outfit suited Kran well.


That meant he had adapted well to the mansion.


“Please speak.”


Kran also sat on the sofa and looked at Lucion.


“It’s not me, but a warlock came to the border. The warlock tried to use corpses to make undead soldiers. That’s why I’m thinking of using this incident to incur favor with the temple. What do you think?”




Kran only blinked his eyes.


[If you say it like that, is he going to understand?]


Russell frowned slightly.


It was summed up really well, but it was too big a fact to suddenly get accepted.


[Let’s warm up a bit more…]




Kran said, lifting his butt.




“It’s a great plan. Hamel’s enemy is the temple. I think Hamel will really be safe if we get into a situation where they have no choice but to acknowledge us by owing us a favor!”


Hume’s eyes sparkled at Kran’s words.


‘…Young Master is going to be safe?’


“I didn’t know you’d be so happy”.


Lucion let out a laugh.


“I can’t help but feel happy. Wouldn’t it be a big deal if Hamel-nim gets caught by the priest?”


Someone who was being chased.


Kran swallowed his last words.


Knowing how hard it was to be chased by someone, both mentally and physically, Kran smiled brightly.


“That’s true.”


Lucion answered lightly and rose from his seat.


“Then, I’ll talk more about the details after I find their residence first. Let’s get moving.”


To Viscount Chonest.


“Wait a minute, Hamel-nim.”


Kran suddenly caught Lucion.


“What is it? Do you have anything else to say?”


He made a promise anyway, and since he was heading to Viscount Chonest, there was no need to rush.


He just wanted to go first and see what Reint Mercenary Corps looked like.


“Meal… Would you like some?”


Kran hesitated before speaking out.




Russell desperately covered his mouth, and Bethel turned her head slightly, lowering her helmet cover.


Lucion had enjoyed ahearty dinner before coming to the mansion.


-Ratta wants some! She can eat it again! Ratta needs to grow up!


“I already ate.”


Lucion couldn’t think of an excuse, so he decided to leave it alone.




“Yeah. You don’t have to worry anymore because I’m not starving.”


“The number of members of the organization has increased…Are you okay with the funds?”




Lucion replied impatiently.


He had become a VVIP of the Luteon Bank, and frankly, the interest of the bank was enough for the organization.


He received pocket money all the time, Count Roberio’s property and the slush fund he had was equal to one of the marquis’, and the Fizat family’s business site was being pushed and the building was being raised.


But the more money, the better.


Even if it wasn’t the case, he was thinking of recruiting some of the upper ranks when he stopped by the North to call in funds.


“Are you done now?”


Lucion asked.


“About sleep…”


At Kran’s continued words, Lucion interrupted him and got up.


“Let’s go.”


* * *




As Lucion yawned in the carriage, Miella and Kran, who was in the carriage together, looked at him almost at the same time.


Quate and Hume were the only ones remaining calm.


‘…What is it?’


Lucion was at a loss for a moment.


He only yawned because he felt comfortable since he didn’t think he would step out this time.


‘Why is everyone so sensitive?’


[Isn’t this the first time they do something like this together?]


‘Well, then it’s understandable that they’re nervous.’


Lucion was convinved Russell’s words.




Miella glared at Kran.


Her eyes were full of questions about whether he had overworked Lucion again.


“No, never.”


As Kran said that as if he was making excuses, Lucion lowered his voice, wondering what they were talking about, and he shut his mouth when he saw Bethel, who had been scouting.


[Lord Lucion.]


Lucion nodded slightly.


[New mercenaries hired by Chonest are not a big deal. They only fill in the number of heads. But I’m ready to attack. I’ll tell you the layout of the enemies when we get there.]


‘I thought so. He must be nervous.’


Lucion leaned deep into the backrest and shook his legs slightly.


Lucion didn’t like the fact that he was messing with his organization or locking up the Reint Mercenary Corps.


‘I found out that his eldest son has joined the anti-Cronia group, so what should I do?’


In fact, Kran had already sent a letter to Viscount Chonest.


What would have happened inside Chonest?


‘They must be going crazy because they can’t turn it over.’


In the West, the word anti-Cronia was a natural reaction because it was the same as having been decapitated.


Viscount Chonest suggested solving this through conversation, and Kran was willing to visit.


‘…Let’s see. If I get Viscount Chonest, what should I use them for?’


Lucion was already excited.


No matter how hard Chonest prepared for this, he was a self-made man anyway.


He had already figured out how many troops Chonest had through Heroan.


It was concluded that the organization members and the assassins were enough to handle him.


Moreover, there were three successors to Viscount Chonest’s family.


In other words, even if they killed two, they still had one more, so the cost would be fine.


‘Whoever survives can be used as a puppet for the organization.’


Just as Lucion continued his happy thoughts, the carriage stopped.

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