Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 109 - We don't seem to be in sync (3)

Author: LyraDhani

“Everyone, don’t forget your roles. I am the butler, Miss Miella is the head of household, Miss Rental is the maid, and Mr. Quate and Mr. Hamel are the escorts.”


Kran firmly established each of their roles before getting off.


Miella and Quate got off and Kran looked at Lucion.


“We have confirmed that there are no items of light in Viscount Chonest’s residence. You can rest assured.”




It was something he had already heard through Bethel.


Lucion, who was about to get off the carriage, looked at Kran.


“Are you afraid again this time?”


“No, I’m not afraid. Unlike before, my goal and what I have to protect have become clearer.”


Organization Ale was built to protect one warlock.


Kran was determined to do the same, so there was no hesitation in his moves toward it.




Lucion answered lightly and got out of the carriage.


[This time, whatever happens, we’ll go with peaceful minds.]


Russell pointed to the sword at Lucion’s waist.


There was a difference between knowing that Lucion was a warlock within the organization and knowing that Lucion was a warlock from outside the organization.




Lucion answered in a small voice and looked at Bethel.


He intended to be possessed by her so that no one else thought of him as a warlock.


‘I’ve gained some real-life experience.’


Lucion was slightly amused, but he also was startled for a moment.


His mental training was done by Russell.


Bethel would help with physical training.


With each of them taking turns training him, Lucion wondered if it became fun before he knew it.


Or did he brainwash himself into thinking it was fun because he had to do it like this to survive?


Lucion suddenly got goosebumps all over his body.


―What’s wrong, Lucion?


Ratta asked in the shadow.


Lucion followed behind Miella, shaking his head slightly.


Kran and Hume were behind Miela.


Kran and Hume were followed by Lucion and Quate.


And assassins mixed with the members of the organization followed them disguised as soldiers.


[In consideration of Lord Lucion, I will only cut their wrists or ankles. Is that enough, Russell?]


When the front door of Viscount Chonest came into view, Bethel looked at Russell and said so.


At the word wrists and ankles, Lucion paused.


Aren’t they speaking about it too lightly as if they are talking about a hobby?


[Good. Very good. If you cut those two things, it will be a perfect suppression.]


A smile bloomed on Russell’s face.


Wizards mostly used hands as mana outlets.


It was also a very effective method for aura users who use mana as a physical part.


Negativity didn’t pile up on Lucion, and the enemies were smashed to pieces.


[It’s okay to step on them a few times if you feel a little regretful.]


Russell thought of Bethel and didn’t forget to give advice.


[Got it. But later, when I teach Lord Lucion, I plan to teach him the vital points as well. That’s fine, right?]


[Of course. Even if negativity accumulates, you will kill when you have to!]


“Welcome, welcome!”


At the servile voice that pierced his ears, Lucion burst out laughing without realizing it.


Despite hearing his laugh, the head of the Chonest family was busy smiling at Miella.


[…Wow, I’ve never seen such a servile guy.]


Russell slapped his forehead in embarrassment.


[There are more people like him than you think. They’d be quiet if you cut their throats.]


Bethel’s muttering words were full of heat.


Apparently, she didn’t like the servile ones.


“I didn’t expect the head to come here personally.”


Miella twitched the corners of her mouth and raised her voice.


She, too, was annoyed by the threatening letter disguised as Chonest’s alliance.


Not just one, she got 30 headaches, so even a good-natured person had no choice but to stick out their tongue.


In the last letter, he even threatened to engage in an all-out war with Chefran.


“Don’t you think we should welcome the head of Chefran, who has taken a meaningful step?”


Even so, it was natural for Miella to be upset by the shameless behavior of the head of Chonest.


―Miss Miella. Kran-nim is also here, so don’t worry, you can talk and have fun.


Remembering Hamel’s words from the carriage, Miella ran her mouth excitedly without any worries.


“Then let’s see how much effort you put into preparing for me.”




“You didn’t hear me? I said I am going to see how much effort Lord Chonest has made for me.”


Lucion laughed openly at Miella’s gentle words.


He didn’t intend to hold back his laughter in the first place.


Why should he put up with it?


He was going to flip everything over anyway.


[Lord Lucion… truly has no bounds.]


Bethel was both amused and worried about it.


“Hey, you, the person wearing a mask! Are you laughing at me now?”


He had endured it once, but he couldn’t bear to endure it twice, so the Head of Chonest targeted Lucion.


“No. I suddenly remembered something funny, so I laughed. Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t control my thoughts. I will be careful from now on, so please forgive me.”


Although it was mixed with sarcasm, Lucion’s words were close to an apology.


However, since it didn’t contain any emotion, the apology seemed to be mocking the Head of Chonest.




Russell giggled at the behavior that was so typical of Lucion.


He must have intentionally tried to provoke Chonest’s anger.




“What are you doing right now?”


Miella immediately shot back at the Head of Chonest.


“You heard it clearly! That guy…”


“What do you mean ‘that guy’? He’s my escort. Lord’s rudeness to my escort is a disgrace to my face. Apologize.”


Because she had his weakness, Miella had the upper hand anyway.


What could he do?


He couldn’t compete with Cronia.


“…I raised my voice to the Head’s escort…”


The Head of Chonest clenched his teeth. Veins were visible standing on his neck.


“I’m sorry.”


“It’s all right. You didn’t know, so it can’t be helped. Let’s go inside.”


Miella smiled kindly and walked ahead as if she had become the owner of this place.


However, the Head of Chonest didn’t do anything, just suppressed the bubbling feeling in his lower stomach.


‘…Fine. Now is the only time for you can run wild.’


The power of nobility came from blood.


Miella Chefran was the only heir to the Chefran family.


If he killed her, he could obtain the Viscounty of Chefran.


He actually had the power to do so.


The Head of Chonest forcibly relaxed the face that had been hardened.


With a visible smile, he chased after Miella and briefly glared at Lucion.


‘I’ll tear you to pieces and kill you… Gasp!’


Suddenly feeling suffocated, the Head of Chonest looked around and made eye contact with the maid Miella had brought.


His legs trembled from the fierceness that was similar to the claws of an animal.


[Stop there, Hume.]


Russell quietly reminded Hume, and Hume turned his head, clicking his tongue as if he was disappointed.


* * *


Lucion whispered softly to Kran, who was going to get something.


“I’ll be out for a while with Rental.”


“Where are you going?”


“Taking a walk.”




Kran looked at Lucion with doubtful eyes.


Taking a walk in the enemy’s mansion now when the enemy was sharpening their swords?


[Kran will take care of it if you stay still. Why can’t you stay still?]


Russell pretended to understand right away, so his brows furrowed.


―Whoo-hoo, it’s time for Ratta to use shoong!


Lucion’s shadow shook for a moment.


“Right now?”


Kran asked again.


“I thought of something interesting. Call me if you see any signs.”


Lucion’s mask turned yellow.


Lucion had no intention of sabotaging Kran’s plans.


He was trying to get his hands on the justification that the Head of Chonest attacked Miella first anyway.


There, regardless Reint Mercenary Crops were trapped or not, it would disrupt Kran’s plan.


The mansion would fall down anyway, so the more allies they gained, the better.


“Ah. Can I tinker with the plan a little?”


Kran nodded when Lucion asked mischievously.


“You can do as much as you want.”


As soon as Lucion got his permission, he lightly tapped Quate on the shoulder and signaled him to follow.


The Head of Chonest wouldn’t move yet.


Taking advantage of the crowded atmosphere around, he naturally left the room and let Bethel possess him.


At Lucion’s muttering, Quate looked at him for a moment, but no one noticed the change in Lucion.


Bethel already knew the Viscount Chonest’s location through some scoutings, so he knew which place was empty and which place was crowded.


Bethel moved Lucion’s body into a deserted room.


[You can say it now, Lord Lucion.]


Bethel informed Lucion that there was no one around.


“Mr. Quate.”


Lucion raised his voice.


“Who do I have to kill?”


Quate held out a map.


It was a simple interior map of Chonest Mansion made by the Rats after their scouting.


‘You’re quick-witted.’


Lucion was satisfied.


Bethel moved Lucion’s hand and used the pen Quite handed to him.


She also didn’t forget to briefly write down the characteristics of the murder target.


“Can I just kill these guys in advance?”


At Quate’s question, Lucion nodded.


Lucion intended to advance Kran’s plan.


“That’s right.”


“I see. I’ll take care of it quickly.”


“Then, go ahead.”


Lucion pointed to the door and urged Quate to leave.


“Hamel-nim… What role do you play?”


There were many eyes in the carriage, so Quate couldn’t bear to ask, but he spoke up this time.


Hamel wasn’t there when Kran explained the plan.


No, Kran didn’t even mention Hamel at all, so naturally, he thought Hamel wasn’t part of the plan.


“I’m watching… No, I don’t have any role. If I have to pick one, I am a spectator.”


A voice mixed with laughter flowed from Lucion.


Quate, who had already heard clearly that he had come to watch, put on a subtle expression.


He didn’t know if it was such a big wall.


He didn’t know if he should be worried.


“Hamel-nim… is a very mysterious person…”


“He’s a man of depth.”


Hume spoke up as if to refute it.


[No, he’s a man who knows no bounds.]


Russell looked at Lucion with a look as if he wanted to punch him in the head right away.


Russell thought he wouldn’t do anything, but he was walking around.


Like a person who didn’t know what doing nothing meant.


“… That, I see. Alright”


Quate lowered his head and left first, fearing that he would get caught up in something bothersome judging from the gaze that seemed as though it would eat him up.


Hume tried to frown, but quickly bowed to Lucion.


“I’m sorry about what happened earlier, and what happened a little while ago.”




“I was rude. I’m worried that I might have disgraced Hamel-nim’s face.”


“You’re not Hume right now. When I’m Hamel, you’re not a butler, so do as you please.”


Hume blinked blankly.


He didn’t seem to understand, so Lucion explained again step by step.


“I mean, you don’t have to act as a butler now.”


“Oh, I understand.”


Hume’s expression was still stiff.


“But I think there was a problem with my behavior a little while ago. I wasn’t as patient as I thought. How can I develop patience?”


“You’re fine as you are now.”


“Is that so?”


―Yes! Hume is patient. When Ratta sees a snack in front of her eyes, her tail wags, and by the time she comes to her senses, the plate is already empty, but Hume even gives Ratta food! Hume is nice!


Ratta said happily.


“Then I have been patient. I will correct it again.”


Hume finally smiled.


Lucion was bewildered by the conversation between Ratta and Hume, and Bethel laughed slightly.


She tried to pet Hume’s head, but she realized it was Lucion’s hand and hurriedly lowered it.


[So what are you going to do, Lucion?]


When Russell crossed his arms and asked, Lucion spoke out amusedly.


“I wonder if there is any reason why the Reint Mercenary Corps should be locked up. Wouldn’t it be nice to knock it all down together?”

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