Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 11 - Training (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Briggy


Lucion carefully turned his head at Tella’s words and focused his eyes onto the hand that she had reached out to him.




The sound of the blue thread being cut followed soon after. To be honest, most of what he said to Tella was true; it would be much better for him to build a friendship between them if he wanted to get acquainted with her. It’s often hard to involve yourself with someone else if you don’t get rid of the rumors surrounding yourself, but funny enough, Lucion was pleasantly surprised. 


‘No matter how big the rice cake, I didn’t know Tella would catch it.’ 


“It’s unfair that I’m the only one gaining something. I wouldn’t want a one-sided friendship…” Tella pondered as she finished speaking. She decided to become close friends with Lucion, so exchanging goods and money did not seem appropriate. “Ah!” Tella soon smiled broadly. At that moment, the blue thread that had been cut off changed colors and followed Lucion and Tella.


‘The blue thread is the red thread… .’ Lucion found that it was right to cut the blue thread and find the red thread as the strange letter had indicated.


“I’ll help you get rid of the rumors.” A pleasant sound rang along with Tella’s words.




I never thought there would be another turning point. Lucion couldn’t hide his surprise. I was just going to put a spoon on it.

T/N : Spoon here means like giving someone credit. So if someone only puts a spoon on the table he is responsible for the most part of an achievement, so someone who deserves the credit for that achievement.


“To be honest, I misunderstood you.” Tella pointed to herself. “You told me not to be swept away by rumors, but to check with my eyes, I was half worried that you might take advantage of something to use as an excuse for this incident.”


[It’s true to a certain extent.]


Russell agreed with her. However, at Lucion’s gaze, Russell coughed in vain and continued.


[Well, it’s still somewhat true.]


“I do this because I am ashamed of putting colored paper over my eyes, so please don’t feel burdened.” Tella smiled.


Lucion felt strangled for no reason despite his gentle smile. ‘I can’t even remember the last time I talked to a person while mixing in some emotions. It was uncomfortable even though I knew the situation was good.’ Lucion took a deep breath before continuing. “Thank you. Honestly, I didn’t expect you to do this.”


“…Oops.” Suddenly, Tella clapped her hands. “Oh no, I got an urgent call, I think I’ll have to go. I’m so sorry.”


Russell nodded at Tella’s performance, which was quite plausible.


[Must have noticed you’re not feeling well.]


“No, I’m done with my business, so don’t worry about it. You can leave now.” Lucion shook his head at the timely remark. 


“I’ll definitely bring over something delicious next time.” As soon as Tella got up from her seat, she grabbed her skirt and lowered her head slightly. “Apart from being a friend, thank you very much for your help. I will never forget your kindness.”


“I’m the one who should thank you.” Lucion smiled with difficulty.




As Tella stepped outside as if she was being chased, Lucion loosened a button and let out a long breath. 


‘My throat is stuffy.’ Lucion sighed again, disheveling his already perfectly-combed hair.


‘People are not ghosts.’ His hands were still shaking.


‘People are people.’


Lucion closed his eyes for a moment.


* * *


“How was it, miss?” The maid, who was waiting for Tella in the carriage, asked urgently.


“Well,” Tella agonized for a moment and soon smiled, “he wasn’t a bad guy.”


“Was he different from what the rumors said?”


“Very different—the rumors were total lies. How do I say this…” Tella let her eyes wander in thought. Lucion was so nervous and couldn’t even make eye contact, almost as if he was unfamiliar with existing beside another human being. 

“He was like a stray cat.” 


The corners of Tella’s lips lengthened. “A wounded stray cat.”


She also thought it must have been very new for Lucion to suggest that they become close friends. 


“Anyway, I’ll tell you the details when I get home, so let’s just go back now. I have something to tell my mother.”


“Yes, miss.”


Tella got on the wagon. She thought the meeting was quite interesting.


* * *


[Why don’t you ask Carson to put it off for a while?]


Russell suggested as he looked at Lucion’s pale complexion.


“It’s all right now,” Lucion poured the cold tea into his mouth and moved. Even though modern-day Lee Haram’s memories still existed, he was now Lucion Cronia.


‘I was even more nervous than usual because I didn’t even wear a hoodie to cover my face, but it’ll get better once I get used to it.’ 


Lucion stopped by his room and came out wearing a hoodie.

Finally feeling at peace, he walked into the 2nd training hall. 


‘I’ve never been there, but I know it’s usually a noisy place.’ 


But it was quiet that day. There were no encounters with users on the way to the 2nd training hall, and only Carson and Gerno were seen in the space where hundreds of people could accommodate. 


‘Are you being considerate of me?’ Lucion looked around.


“Good afternoon, young master.” Gerno bowed down as soon as he saw Lucion.


“Yes,” Lucion walked to Carson and nodded slightly after receiving Gerno’s greetings.


“I don’t know if I’m late, brother.”


“It’s still not too late.” Carson’s fingers pointed towards the gym. 


“Run for now.”


Lucion turned to look at the field. Its size was 1.5 times larger than the school playground, but he replied resolutely, “Alright.” It was the first day, and the first day was usually when physical strength was measured.


‘He must know how much stamina I have.’


“Until I tell you to stop.” At Carson’s words that followed, Lucion looked at him stiffly.


‘Until he tells me to stop?’ Lucion ran like a push on Carson’s finger urging him to run.


“…Something… Something’s strange?” Lucion ran about half a turn and decided to open his mouth.


[What’s wrong?] Rather, Russell replied with a puzzled face.


“Is this how you check your fitness ability?”


[Fitness ability? What do you mean?]


“You’re not running to measure your physical strength?”


[Who said that?] Russell smiled and pointed forward, [Don’t say nonsense and run.]


Lucion still ran, a confused look plastered on his face. ‘I don’t think he’s telling me to stop.’


One lap.


Two laps.


Russell was satisfied with the increasing number. Lucion couldn’t stand it and decided to pull his hood back, drops of sweat dripping like rain. ‘Cra- Crazy… .’ Lucion was annoyed by Carson, who had forgotten to say “stop,” and hated Russell, who was unwittingly pleased.


[Alright, alright.] Russell nodded his head with a satisfied smile. [You have to be physically challenged in order to train your mind.]


“I used to be mentally… Training, hah…”


[I mean, you don’t have to train your mental strength before since that’s the basics. Shouldn’t you be training your mental strength every single day?]


Russell understood Lucion’s words perfectly and tightened his voice.


‘You think this is an extension of your training? Now this?’


Lucion wanted to grab Russell by the collar so bad.


[Lucion, think broadly. Once you improve, you will feel much more comfortable.]


‘What kind of bullshit is that.


Russell smiled as he looked at Lucion’s ferocious eyes. 


[The state of being exhausted to death is the most optimal way to improve one’s control over their powers.]


‘That’s why I agreed to learning the sword. This is why!’ Unlike Russell’s irritation, Lucion had no regrets when it came to his choice.


If you don’t want to be corrupted.


If you want to destroy the Viscount Horaon.


This would be an important job to do.


“Stop,” Carson finally opened his mouth and Lucion, whose legs loosened, fell forward without even keeping his balance.




“Lucion.” At Carson’s call, Lucion turned his head as he fell. He was so out of breath that his voice didn’t even come out. “You have to run like this every day. Can you do it?” Carson asked.


The lack of change in his expression made him look calm. Lucion turned his eyes and looked at Gerno and he didn’t show any emotion either.


‘Ah…’ It was only then that Lucion realized why Carson had told him to run and run to the point of being so crippled, it was so that he wouldn’t touch a sword carelessly.


‘… I can’t believe it. You said you’d teach me the sword.’ Lucion raised the corners of his mouth with resistance, “Yes… I’ll run.”


“Yes, run like this every day from tomorrow. You said you’d do it, so you know it’s no use crying and begging me.” 


Carson turned his back when he saw Lucion’s eyes, who was full of life and slightly angry. Apart from the praiseworthy feelings, learning how to wield a sword from the Cronia family was never something to be uttered carelessly. Carson looked satisfied at the fact that Lucion’s mind was clear, but this smile was only seen by Gerno. 


“Gerno, you will be Lucion’s watchdog from tomorrow and report to me.”


With Carson’s eyes telling him to shut up, Gerno bowed his head with his mouth closed.


* * *


[Listen up, Lucion.]


Lucion looked at Russell with his eyes half-closed. His body was so tired that he couldn’t open his eyes.


[During the day, the darkness will move until you get used to it, and you will train to move.] 


Russell pointed through the window to the darkened sky.


[At night when the power of darkness is strong, you will learn how to adjust the holding time by lifting a chair.]


“You mean the retention time?” Lucion asked, straining his eyes to chase away sleep.


[When you first used black magic, you didn’t even think about the retention time at Luteon Magic Bank last time, did you?]


“That’s right.”


[This duration is very important to a warlock. Black magic is not visible—it’s quick and sudden. You have to figure out how to handle it, so… Lucion!!] 


Russell quickly woke Lucion up from sleep.


“Yes, yes!” Lucion replied, startled.


[While we’re in the perfect condition, let’s lift up a chair by utilizing the darkness. Aim to keep it up alternately for 3, 5, and 7 seconds.] Russell’s fingers pointed to the chair.


Lucion shook his head from side to side to keep away the drowsiness. Let’s focus. Mental training and control in the dark must be developed.

In order not to corrupt oneself, one needed mental fortitude that could not be broken under any circumstances. There’s a fine line between corrupted and uncorrupted warlock. With that in mind, Lucion took a breath and spoke to Russell, “I’m ready.”


[Alright then, now lift up the chair.] 


As Russell said, Lucion ordered the Darkness to lift the chair up. Lucion frowned as soon as his head throbbed. It was most likely because of the huge consumption of mental strength during his training earlier that day.


[Wait a minute.] Russell showed his palm.


‘I wonder if it’s been about 5 seconds.’


The chair fell back to the ground.


[The darkness you have has the power to hold your chair for about five seconds. Now what should I do to reduce or increase the time here?]


Lucion said, frowning at the continuous head pain, “Control the darkness?”


[Yes, it’s training for that, so let’s give some additional commands.]


“Additional commands?”


[Darkness is only possible using your command. As a wizard, it’s more of a double or triple chant.]


Russell pointed to the chair, thinking experiencing it firsthand would be better at explaining. [Let’s lift that chair up first.]


Upon hearing those words, Lucion tried to lift the chair up again.


“–I don’t want to!”


If it wasn’t for the voice that sounded like a beast’s.

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