Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 110 - The Reint Mercenary Corps

Author: LyraDhani

[That’s true. It’s good to get them owing us a favor and to confirm how good the Reint Mercenaries that Kran is paying attention to.]


Russell’s eyes turned to Bethel who was possessing Lucion.


Knowing what Russell was asking for, Bethel went off for a moment.


[…Hmm. Not everyone is in good shape, so I honestly don’t know.]


“Let’s move first.”


Lucion wanted to cut the front and back and see the Reint Mercenary Corps with his own eyes.


* * *


Instead of Bethel, who was possessing Lucion, Russell moved first to the location of the Reint Mercenary Corps


Then, over there, Lucion looked around using shadow movement.


It wasn’t a prison but a way down to the basement.


When he saw the blue thread that suddenly appeared from below, he was sure of it.


Reint Mercenary Corps was down there.


‘…That’s strange.’


He tried to return to the original flow using Reint Mercenary Corps, but he never thought this would help him escape his destiny.


The blue thread aside, Lucion wondered why Russell was standing on the road leading to the prison and not heading to the prison itself.


“Teacher? Is there anything I shouldn’t have seen below?”


[No, there’s no such thing.]


Bethel replied.




“Yes, sir.”


[There’s a prison down here… It’s too small. Are you okay? You have bad memories of small rooms.]


Just how narrow it was that it got Russell worried?


Lucion replied a beat late.


“It’s okay. It will probably be fine.”


‘Perhaps,’ Lucion murmured.


“It’s fine if I just go down and come back. I can free the Reint mercenaries and explain the situation.”


At Hume’s suggestion, Lucion pondered for a moment before deciding to go down.


“Let’s go down.”


Lucion led the way down.


It wasn’t because Hume was unreliable.


He suddenly became curious.


Would he be okay in a small place?


‘I don’t think that’s a very good idea, Lord Lucion.’


Bethel slipped in to talk to him.




‘Lord Lucion is difficult to handle.’


Lucion felt the corners of his mouth rise at Bethel’s reply.


‘It’s okay.’


Lucion went down the stairs with footsteps as light as his answer.


He arrived at the underground prison sooner than expected.


It seemed to be three basement floors high.




Lucion was about to open the door but then he found out it was locked so he called Hume.


“Hume. Open it.”




The door fell off with a loud sound.




Lucion stopped talking as he turned his back and swept the mask away.


He was a step behind.


―Wow! The door turned into paper! Ratta wants to see it one more time!


Ratta was so excited that he could hear her stamping her feet in the shadow.








Soon the other door fell, and Russell desperately held back his laughter.


“…Oh, I’m sorry.”


Hume hesitated, then immediately bowed his head.


“No. I’m relieved that it’s pierced.”


Lucion pulled out a sword from his waist.


It was Bethel, not him, who moved.


[It’s coming.]


The door to the underground prison was broken, so of course the soldiers guarding the underground prison would come running.




[I’m listening.]


“Run wild.”


Lucion allowed Bethel to perform the sword dance.


She must have been waiting for this.


[I’ll live up to your expectations.]


Bethel’s joy was conveyed to Lucion.


But when Lucion was about to move forward, Russell briefly grabbed him by the shoulder.


[Bethel. Wrist and ankle. You know, right?]


[I know. You don’t have to worry.]


Bethel sounded as if she was suppressing a laugh.


Only then did Russell withdraw, and Lucion turned his head to look at Hume.




“Yes, Hamel-nim.”


“Break them down.”


“Of course. I’ll follow through and deal with them one by one.”


Hume smiled brightly.


At his answer, Lucion walked forward.


As soon as the soldiers who rushed to the loud noise found Lucion, they prepared to shout that there was an intruder.


But they couldn’t.


Nobody could.


Bethel used her force, and they were busy shaking their legs, weighed down by her force.


[Lord Lucion.]


“I’m listening.”


[In any fight, the first priority is to take the initiative.]


Lucion’s hand, holding the sword, rose up.


[Once fear is formed like a dam that has already collapsed, it can never be stopped.]


Bethel strengthened Lucion’s legs.


Lucion paused at the feeling of his muscles boiling.


[Remember this feeling, Lord Lucion.]


He kicked the air as if his body was bouncing for a moment.


His movements were so light as if he were walking on water.


He didn’t know how many times his legs moved, but before he knew it, he faced the soldier of Chonest who was the closest to him.




Bethel didn’t slow down and used her strength to cut the soldier’s wrist.




Lucion was taken aback by the ridiculously neat cut.


It was an admirable skill.


[The action is simple.]


Bethel was already turning Lucion’s head and looking at the next enemy.


[Lord Lucion’s eyes should be on the opponent, not the one who’s already knocked it down.]




Light footsteps.




The sound of the wind blowing fiercely and swiftly as the sword was swung.


And bursting drops of blood.


This beat continued every time she cut a person.


“…Huft. Huft.”


The sound of his heartbeat became rough, and Lucion unknowingly inhaled the breath that filled his lungs as Bethel brushed off the blood on his sword.


[Good job.]


Bethel praised Lucion, feeling his body trembling.


Although it was only for a short time, Lucion’s body was changing through rehabilitation training enough to endure the real battle.


Lucion was so out of breath that he took off half of his mask and turned his head away.




Perhaps this one was the last one alive, and with Hume’s hand, the person collapsed to the ground with his head turned more than 180 degrees.


Looking at the corpse with a missing wrist and a twisted head, Lucion put in strength to his trembling hands.


‘I’ll be able to reach that level someday, right?’


‘Yes, that’s right. Lord Lucion can do it.’


Bethel also saw the future Lucion had drawn, so she answered positively.


“You are out of breath. Are you okay?”


Hume eagerly wiped his bloodless hands on his clothes and then searched his pockets for water.


Lucion’s head shook slightly.


He felt so drained.


The sword in his hand now was too heavy.


[Good job, Lucion, Bethel.]


Russell looked at Lucion, pleased.


The actual match would make Lucion stronger.


[Is it okay if I release my possession for a moment?]


Bethel asked.


After taking a gulp of water, Lucion replied.


“No. Not yet. I can still hold on.”


The Reint Mercenaries Corps was not yet part of the organization.


He didn’t know how they would react, so he had to be prepared.


‘My darkness is fine.’


His darkness was nearly half gone because of the possession, but it was rising fast again.


Lucion put on his mask again properly and walked to where Chonest’s soldiers came from.


His legs trembled with each step.


―Lucion’s legs are shaking. Ratta thinks it’s better to take a break.


Ratta poked her head out of the shadow.


“I can walk.”


Lucion replied nonchalantly, but Russell looked at him anxiously.


They would arrive at the prison soon.


He walked down a short hallway and saw a narrow prison through the gaps in the open door.


Lucion’s fingers stretched out and froze.




Russell cautiously called out to Lucion.


“…I am fine.”


Lucion’s voice trembled.


Thump. Thump.


Before he knew it, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.


[No, you’re not fine. Your heart is beating so fast.]


Bethel forced Lucion to move his body and turn his head.


[Slowly breathe out, Lord Lucion.]


Bethel even breathed out on behalf of Lucion, who might have forgotten how to breathe.


“Hamel-nim, I’ll be right back.”


Hume bowed his head slightly and entered the prison.




The disgusting smell made Hume tremble and block his nose.


There were quite a few people in prison.


Are they all the Reint mercenaries?


Hume saw Russell following him, but Russell shrugged.


[I don’t know either. I’m good, but I can’t tell who they are by just looking at their faces. It’s a fortune teller’s job.]


There was nothing he could do.


Hume spoke calmly.


“If you’re Reint mercenaries, can you raise your hand?”




Russell was at a loss for words.


Raise hands.


[Hume… Are you serious about that?]


“I don’t know which one is the Reint mercenaries.”


Hume whispered quietly.


“Then I’ll turn around and ask Hamel again.”


[No, I’ll be back.]


He only left for a while, but he was worried about Lucion.


[‘…I knew this would happen. I should have tried harder to stop him. I should have spoken more firmly.’]


Overcoming one thing didn’t mean he naturally overcame the other.


[Luci… on?]


Russell was surprised when he ran into Lucion immediately.


Lucion stopped in front of the entrance to the prison.


“…Why are you so surprised? As if you’ve seen a ghost.”


Lucion’s mask turned yellow.


[Are you fine getting up like this? Shouldn’t you be sitting down for a second?]


“The medicine that was prescribed to me last time… I kept it just in case. I hate medicine, but it can’t be helped.”


His words were thorny.


What the thorns were headed for, Russell didn’t know.


“I am fine.”


[Is it true, Bethel?]


Russell asked Bethel because he needed to be certain.


[No, Lord Lucion is not okay.]




At Bethel’s words, Russell called out to Lucion sternly.


“I believe in Hume, but it is difficult for him to solve. You have to get the timing right.”


Lucion took out a contact item and shook it.




Lucion was startled by the sound of something breaking.


Soon there was a loud sound of footsteps.




Hume rushed over and called out to Lucion.


He was smiling.


“I have let the Reint mercenaries escape by force. So you don’t have to force yourself to come this way.”


Hume pointed to the door to the prison.


“I will continue to take on tasks that are difficult for Hamel-nim to do.”




A slight laugh was heard from Lucion.


It seemed he had underestimated Hume.


* * *


“…They really raised their hands.”


After using shadow movement, in case Lucion was curious, Hume spoke first.




“Yes. This hand.”


Hume pointed to his hand.


[We didn’t know which one are the Reint mercenaries, so he asked them to raise their hands.]


Russell made up for Hume’s lack of words.




Lucion smiled.


It was really the kind of thing Hume would do.


“Did I… make a mistake?”


When Lucion laughed holding his stomach, Hume clenched his hands tightly looking uneasy.


“No, no, no. What do you mean by a mistake? Good job.”


Lucion tapped Hume on the shoulder.


“Let’s go in.”


After exiting the room, he headed to the place where Miella and the Head of Chonest were talking.


Outside the room, members of the organization and the soldiers of Chonest were already keeping each other in check.


[I guess it’s already on fire?]


Russell said in an excited voice.


Regardless, Lucion calmly walked between the gaps they had created and opened the door nonchalantly.


They all looked at Lucion with ridiculed eyes.


Isn’t he acting overboard?


“…Are you saying you want to start a war right now?”


Through the gap in the door, he could hear the Head of Chonest raising his voice.


It was like dynamite with the wisp on fire already inside, so even though Lucion and Hume entered the room, only a few people saw them.


Kran looked at Lucion for a moment before handing the contact item he was holding in his hand.


“Mr. Quate.”


Lucion smiled and called out Quate quietly.


Quate looked around and nodded lightly as if the mission had been completed.


‘You’ve already killed all seven people?’


Lucion hid his surprise.


No matter what method he used to kill them, he was very satisfied with Bethel’s discernment in finding the assassins and their skills.


If he supported them, surely, he would become stronger in the future.




It was one of the most important factors when investing in something.

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