Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 115 - The Invitation is Here (3)

Author: LyraDhani

* * *




Novio looked at the invitations Lucion had brought and took a long breath.


An invitation from ‘South – Count Descia’ was included in it.


Naturally, the invitations to Lucion had been checked and filtered and were taken again.


In particular, he had pondered hundreds of times whether or not to include this invitation with Anthony.


However, the auction house was such a good place for Lucion that he couldn’t bear to throw it away, so he included it.




Novio bit his lip.


He wanted to stop him.


Why does the light keep chasing Lucion?


He even wanted to pour out profanity to the God of Light.


“Do you have to go?”


Novio spoke in a heavy tone.


“Yes. I have to go there. Don’t you think the first step is the most important? It’s the best place to shine me.”


Knowing that fact, Novio sighed again.




“Yes, Father.”


“After the South, you’ll stop by the Central and North as well?”


“Yes. Shouldn’t I go out into the world to make my sword?”


Novio’s eyes widened when Lucion mentioned the world.


It sounded natural, but strangely different.


It curiously sounded ambitious.


“Would it be okay?”


Novio didn’t hide his worry.


He wondered if Lucion could withstand such a tight schedule.


“No, the schedule looks very tight on the surface, but I’ve also made time to come home on the way and rest.”


This was true.


Not knowing how things would change, Lucion also had a short break in between.


“Is it because of Nevast that you set the date like this?”


Novio asked hesitantly.


“Not necessarily. Of course, it’s true that it’s one of the reasons I considered. But I just want to be strong. Enough so that I won’t be swept away by the Imperial family and the temple.”


Lucion’s eyes glistened without trembling.


“Now, I don’t want to be swept away by anyone.”


At the continued words that sounded like a promise, Novio briefly clenched his fist and then unclenched it.


Even briefly thinking about it now, Lucion had always been swept away until he changed.


It was probably no different from living with your hands and feet tied.




Since it was a problem that Lucion had to go through in the future, Novio felt sorry and sad that he couldn’t help Lucion anymore.


“Thank you, Father.”


But unwittingly, Lucion smiled and thanked him.


Even though it wasn’t a big deal, Novio’s heart thumped for some reason.


He wondered if it was because of his age.


* * *


Russell sat on the roof of the mansion and sighed in the sunlight.


[Was it that shocking?]


Bethel asked, sitting next to him and holding back her laughter.


[Of course. Lucion never said that before. He wants to go out now. I wonder if this is how it feels to see your child entering puberty.]


[Didn’t you tease Lord Lucion a lot by taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t get angry with you? Lord Lucion needs a serious conversation today.]


[He said he wouldn’t say anything. You heard that…]


Russell sighed again and turned his head away.




Another death knight in this mansion, Broson, was coming to them.


[No. I tried to just pass by, but the conversation was so funny that I couldn’t just pass by.]


Broson stood giggling in front of Russell.


[You want to get hit again?]


Russell’s voice cracked.


He didn’t feel very good right now.


[No, I have something I want to say.]


[I guess the spot where you got hit has completely healed. Seeing that you’re not shaking in front of me.]


The corners of Russell’s eyes went up.


[You, your name is…?]


But today, Broson was indifferent to his words.


Bethel looked at Broson and showed her dislike.


[It’s Bethel.]


[Yes, Bethel. Will you please step aside for a moment? If you don’t want to, I’ll step aside with Russell.]


[I never said I’d talk to you, though?]


Russell got up from his seat, his face twisted.


He didn’t intend to cause a riot, but at least he was confident that he could bring Broson to his knees.


[We need to talk. I am sure you have a problem that you’re thinking about right now.]




For a moment, Russell’s eyes shook.


But he soon looked suspiciously at Broson.


Maybe he was trying to gauge him out.


[Do you think I am trying to gauge you out? You’re stronger than me. I don’t want to disappear yet, so I don’t have the guts to do this to the strong.]


At Russell’s expression, Broson put his palms on his shoulder.


[You said you’re used to it. I was wondering if it was because you and I have met.]




[Okay. After saying this far, isn’t it about time to move onto the main topic?]


[I’ll move.]


Bethel intervened.


Ghosts were not people.


She had already died, so she kept her memory intact from birth to death.


But there was stuff Russell couldn’t remember.


Something was strange.


[Okay. Next time warlocks come to the frontier, I’ll invite you.]


With a satisfied face, Broson presented Bethel with special rights.


[It’s a nice present.]


Bethel’s smile caught on her face for a moment before it faded.


Seeing Russell’s hardened expression, she stormed off and left.


[Hurry up and tell me. It’s about time for my student to come out soon.]


Russell glared at Broson.




Broson took off his helmet.


At the same time, Russell’s eyes widened.


[This face, you’re used to it, right?]


Broson pointed to himself.


[Don’t you think you’ve seen it somewhere?]


[…I don’t know]


Russell said, swallowing dry saliva.


It was embarrassing to admit, but as Broson said, he had gotten used to it somewhere.


[Do you really lose your memory?]


Broson opened his eyes wide.


[Do you really lose your memory, you asked? This child… What did you think of me?]


[No. When you were alive, you told me you might lose your memory.]


Russell crossed his fingers.


When he signed the contract with Lucion, he saw Broson for the first time.


That was all.


[When I got hit by you last time, it felt familiar. When I thought about the spot where you hit me, I recalled a warlock.]


[…You really met me?]


Russell’s expression hardened.


[Why would I lie to you? As I said before, I can’t go to heaven yet because I have work to do.]


[When did you see me?]


[There hasn’t been a warlock I haven’t been able to kill ever since I was empowered by darkness. I was beaten once. That  was you.]


[Nothing changed from then?]


Russell even frowned.


Ghosts assumed the appearance of the time when they died.


[No. At that time, you were cursed, so you couldn’t say anything.]




No way.


Russell himself had never been cursed.


At this point, it was either that his memory had been erased more than he had imagined, or that Broson had lied to him, but Broson didn’t seem to be lying.


[Yeah. Cursed. How long do you think have I been a knight of death, can’t I recognize a curse?]


Broson raised the corners of his mouth.


He looked as if he was enjoying this situation.


[I wasn’t going to tell you, but I changed my mind when I saw you care about Lucion.]


Whatever it was, Russell didn’t like the situation.


[That’s a good expression. I think it’s good for you to loosen up.]


Broson giggled at Russell’s crumpled expression.


[Well, I’ll stop joking around here.]


But Broson stopped laughing for a moment and looked quite serious.


[You asked me to say this if you lose your memory.]


[What are you talking about…?]


[‘I’ve succeeded, so now all that’s left is to watch.’]


[What does that mean?]


[How would I know that? Anyway, uh, maybe I got the tone a little wrong, but I’ve delivered it to you.]


Broson wore back the helmet he had taken off.


[Take care of the kid, Lucion.]


Broson left his seat, only leaving incomprehensible words.


Russell stared blankly at the spot where he had disappeared.


He could chase after him but he didn’t want to.


[‘…I can’t remember clearly.’]


Oddly enough, the corners of his lips went up.


He didn’t know if it was sadness or joy, but Russell held back the urge to scream.


[‘The notebook.’]


The notebook that he couldn’t burn.


‘Is there something… Is there anything I wrote down?’


Russell bit his lips tightly with a confused face.


* * *


‘…I got permission from my father for now. Who should I go with? Since Brother is done in the frontier, I wonder if he will follow me.’


As soon as Lucion came out of Novio’s office, he looked for Russell and Bethel.


He wanted to talk to Novio seriously today, so he had asked Russell and Bethel to step aside for a moment.


“Hume. Where did Teacher and Bethel go?”


“They went that way.”


Hume pointed to the ceiling.


‘It’s about time they come. Don’t tell me, they’re not mad about this, right?’


Just as Lucion was looking at the ceiling, Russell came down from the ceiling.


Russell’s expression was serious.


Lucion lowered his voice as he looked around.


“If you’re upset about my request….”






[Let’s go to your room.]


“…I understand.”


Why is he making such a serious face?


Russell didn’t say a word as Lucion returned to his room.


―Lucion. Is Russell sick?


Is it so bad that Ratta even asks such a question?


“…Where is Bethel?”


Lucion opened his lips after taking a quick look.


[I’m sorry, but I asked her to leave us for a minute. Hume, Ratta. I want you to step aside, too.]


Russell looked at Hume with a slightly haggard face.


Ratta glanced around and nodded.


―Okay, Ratta will make room for you.


“I’ll be out, too.”


Hume replied with a slightly bewildered look.


Russell, who was always so laid-back, was strangely nervous.


Is there a problem?




Seeing Russell unable to speak even after Hume and Ratta had left, Lucion spoke first.


“Are you okay?”


Right now Russell was so strange.




“I’m listening. You can speak freely.”


[Ghosts never lose their memories.]


Why would Russell bring this up?


Lucion asked carefully.


“Did you lose your memory?”




Lucion had a hard time hiding his surprise at Russell’s sorrowful voice


But Lucion’s face turned pale.


It was so scary.


Isn’t losing memories one of the symptoms of corruption?


“Could it be a symptom… of corruption?”


[No, it’s not like that, so don’t worry.]


“Then why? How did you lose your memory, Teacher?”


Lucion’s voice unwittingly rose.


A few seconds ago, he had to feel like his throat was choked with fear.


[It’s weird, right? I lost my memory even though I don’t have any symptoms.]


Russell smiled bitterly.


[So I’m going to confirm it.]


“I will go right away. To the rocky area.”


Lucion clenched his fist.


He felt uneasy, too.


His corruption began with Russell’s death.


Whatever it was,  he had to stop it.






Lucion didn’t want to respond to Russell who had called him in a heavy tone.


[…Nothing will happen, so straighten your face.]


As if swallowing his words, Russell struggled to smile.


[Since you’re my student, I thought I should let you know first. I shouldn’t have made the mood heavy.]


Lucion knew the words Russell had swallowed.


Russell was asking him to send him to the sky with his own hands if anything happened.


Even if he knew that Lucion had noticed, Russell put his hand on Lucion’s head pretending not to know.


[Look. I’m not corrupted, I’m fine.]


“…I know.”


Lucion also tried to smile as if he knew nothing.


“Next time, I hope you don’t set the mood heavy for no reason. It’s not like you, Teacher.”


[Yes, yes. Still, I was just wondering.]


His words continued.


But Lucion could no longer tolerate this clumsy skit.


His chest was stuffy.




Lucion stopped smiling clumsily and looked at Russell.


Russell, too, was apologetic through his erased smile.




“What Teacher was trying to say is never going to happen.”


Lucion looked directly at Russell and brought up what he had said before.


Only then did Russell smirk and smack Lucion on the forehead.




[What misunderstanding are you having? I promised you I wouldn’t say that again.]


“You didn’t say it out loud, but you know that I’m not stupid, right?”


[I didn’t say it, so I kept my promise.]


Russell smiled lightly.


Only then did Lucion gradually loosen his expression.


[Lucion. Are you really going to the rocky area? No, can you really go there?]


To go to the rocky area meant to go beyond the end of the border.


It was where Lucion’s nightmare began.


“Yes. I’ll go right away. With Teacher’s permission, why should I hesitate any longer?”

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