Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 134 - Have you forgotten who I am?

Author: LyraDhani



Lucion paused for a moment.


‘That easy?’


[Lord Lucion. Miella’s seat is this way.]


Bethel moved ahead and pointed her finger at where Miella was.


“Thank you.”


Lucion smiled at Naughton, and then looked at Bethel, pretending to look around slowly.


―Lucion. Ratta, Ratta wants to run here! There are a lot of fun things!


With a voice of regret, Ratta’s shadow shook for a moment.


The auction house was in a semicircle form, and Miella’s seat was at the far corner, right next to it.


It felt as though they had no choice but to set up a seat for Miella because she was the owner of the item that would appear at the auction.


‘It’s a good seat.’


Lucion walked to the far end of the corner, sitting next to Miella.


Every time he got closer to the corner, Naughton’s expression hardened and he uttered.


“I… Saint…”


“I like this place.”


But Lucion naturally pointed to the end of the corner, as if he hadn’t heard Naughton.


“I think this is the most suitable place for Naughton-nim’s intention, too.”


Lucion didn’t listen to everything Naughton was saying as he made his way to the auction house.


For his sake, Naughton said that he had chosen light as the theme of the auction house but after belatedly finding out that he had a divine allergy, he thought of several ways to apologize.


After thinking about it, Naughton apologized, saying that he would hand over one of the items coming out today as a gift.


Whatever the reason, Lucion didn’t ignore Naughton’s repeated mention of donating to the orphanage.


“I just hope that the items at the auction will be sold at a good price and used for children.”




Russell turned away and closed his eyes, as if he couldn’t see anymore.


[What’s wrong with you, Russell?]


Bethel tilted her head at Russell’s response.


[…No, it’s nothing.]


This was not the time to tease Lucion, so Russell pressed down his itchy mouth.


“I… I think so, too.”


Naughton gasped for breath, eyes filled with emotion.


Lucion remembered his words.


Then Naughton looked at the place where he had designated Lucion’s seat.


The purpose of the auction house was to auction.


The seat he designated was a place where anyone would lose their attention and focus on Lucion, so he rebuked himself for losing his purpose for a while.


“May I change the chair?”


Naughton asked Lucion carefully.


“Yes. That’s fine.”


“Then I’ll get ready…”




Lucion called up Naughton, who was about to go down.


“Yes. Please speak.”


Naughton tightened his gaze as if he was prepared for anything.


“If you have reserved the seat, please do not change it.”


“Of course. If anyone wants to have that seat, I’ll rather kick them out.”


It was a little extreme, but this auction house had that much power.


Special status.


That fact was the driving force behind the auction house.


Being kicked out of there meant losing that special status, regardless of whether they were a high-ranking aristocrat.


Even if they did retaliate, it wouldn’t be easy because they had to prepare to fight the nobles who visited the auction house for this special status.


“Thank you.”


At Lucion’s gratitude, Naughton bowed his head and hurried further.


“Wait, please sit here.”


Hume pulled out his chair and pointed.


“Yes. We still have about 40 more minutes before it starts, so you can take a nap.”


Heint also said in agreement.


As Lucion sat down, Bethel called him.


[Lord Lucion.]


Lucion’s eyes turned to Bethel.


[He’s an insider.]


Bethel stood behind a man and pointed her finger down.


The man Bethel had pointed to, who he hadn’t seen earlier, stood next to Naughton and pretended to write something.


Naughton confronted him with an angry face.


‘Is he a secretary?’


[I’ll listen to what they’re talking about.]


Russell quickly flew away.


Lucion glanced at them for a moment, then noticed a blue thread running through the auction house.


As the size of the auction house was large, the inside was divided according to the purpose.


Until a while ago, blue threads were scattered all over the place.


‘Seeing that the warlocks came in here after that secretary came in, what Bethel said is certain.’


Lucion pretended to yawn and covered his mouth to hide his satisfied smile.


He wondered who it was that fiddled with the light items in the auction house, but the insider was Naughton’s secretary.


[…Ah! The warlocks I found have come inside!]


Bethel immediately pointed her finger at the warlock disguised as an employee.


[What? The warlocks are coming?]


When Russell, who had gone to overhear the conversation between Naughton and his secretary, asked in surprise, Bethel moved quickly and pointed to four warlocks.


[These guys.]


Hume’s eyes moved busily for a moment.


―No, it’s 8 people! Ratta knows!


At Ratta’s voice, Hume frowned briefly.


[There’s more?]


With a sigh, Bethel moved her eyes busily to find the rest of the warlocks.


“Lucion. You must have felt it too. It is true that the light has disappeared for a while now.”


As Lucion looked around, Heint said softly.


“Is that fine?”


Lucion asked.


“We have no choice but to enter the auction house. Don’t worry, I can’t feel anything around you yet.”


At Heint’s reply, Lucion knew for certain that he hadn’t yet awakened the light that could chase the darkness.


‘This is also a good thing in its own way.’


Lucion turned again and looked at the secretary.


Russell, who was looking at the place where the employees were, took a short breath and flew to Lucion.


It seemed Ratta had learned another lesson as she grew up, but unfortunately, she couldn’t fully demonstrate it now.


Ratta couldn’t come out of Lucion’s shadow.


[It would have been better if Ratta came out. It’s hard to tell the warlocks apart from this position. Right, Ratta?]


―Hn. That’s right. Ratta knows there are 8 warlocks, but Ratta will have to look closely to see who they are.


At Ratta’s sullen voice, Lucion rolled his feet lightly.


―It’s okay, Lucion! Ratta isn’t upset over things like this!


She was already upset.


Russell giggled at her words and pointed his finger at Naughton and the secretary.


[I guess that secretary came late. Naughton scolded him.]


‘He must have been late because he brought those warlocks inside.’


[After that, they discussed the chair you were going to sit on. The chair has a magic defense around it, so I guess it takes more time than expected to move it. He’s trying to close the door of the auction house.]


Only then did Lucion notice how things were going on.


‘…Wow, it’s funnier than I thought?’


He thought his head would feel better if he petted Lata, but feeling sorry for himself, he grabbed the handle of the chair instead.


Naughton’s secretary and the warlocks seemed to be looking for an opportunity to break into the auction house in advance and discuss how to kill him.


It just so happened that he was the first to arrive at the auction house.


‘Besides, I changed the position of the chair and gave away the chance to stab me in the back.’


Who would be happy if the lockdown happened for a moment to change the chair?


‘They’ll come to attack.’


There were about 8 warlocks.


Heint was the only one who had the power of light here.


As a bonus, there was a traitor among the Imperial Knights.


The perfect requirement for a surprise attack had been met.


‘Thanks to you, I can advance my plans. No, I’ll use it more efficiently.’


Lucion had fun at the same time.


Catching them all at once was more efficient than catching them one by one, and it was better to have no obstacles in order to obtain Miella’s masterpiece.


“You look happy.”


Hume spoke to him.


“That’s right. It’s probably because it’s my first time at the auction house.”


The auction house resembled a theater, wouldn’t it be possible to see a really interesting play soon?


“Saint. Wait, I mean, it might be messy for about 10 minutes. Is that okay?”


After finishing the conversation with the secretary, Naughton ran right away, breathing heavily between his words.


“It’s fine.”


“Thank you very much for your generous heart.”


Naughton gave a sigh and walked back to the secretary and gestured.


At the gesture, the warlocks pretending to be employees moved quickly to seal the door.


‘They close the door?’


Lucion didn’t miss that action.


[Lucion…? What are you waiting for?]


Russell also didn’t miss it.


His eyes moved busily, shaking briefly for a moment.


[No way, right…?]


Russell asked in an uneasy voice, but Lucion didn’t answer.


[What’s wrong, Russell?]


When Bethel asked curiously, Russell still stared at Lucion.


[No. Lucion is… no. It must be my misunderstanding.]


Russell clenched his fist.


Closing his eyes for a moment, Lucion waited for the warlocks disguised as staff to bring the chair.


As the surrounding voices became quiet, a whisper quietly approached.


It’s coming.




They’re coming to hurt you. Open your eyes.


The voice became faint if he didn’t really listen.


Lucion opened his eyes to the words whispered by the darkness.


Both he and Ratta showed the effect of getting the black orb.


About halfway between where the chair was originally and where he was, a warlock was coming with the chair and various devices.




Lucion called Heint.


Standing far away, Heint looked at Lucion.


“Is there anything you want to say?”


“How do you block light with light?”


When Lucion asked, Russell sighed and was relieved.


Lucion seemed to be trying to use a much healthier method than he had thought.


[‘Yes. There’s no way would Lucion use light. Lucion is a warlock, that’s impossible.’]


“Ah. I told you I stopped by the auction house for a while, didn’t I? At that time, I installed my light on the floor in advance, or, to put it simply, it’s a sensor.”


At Heint’s reply, Russell opened his eyes wide.


[…Huh. I was wondering why the light was sprayed on there, but it was acting as a sensor?]


[That’s why I felt ominous when walked around this place.]


Lucion glanced at the spot Bethel pointed with her finger.


[The light planted by Heint is here. I can see the sparkles.]


The location happened to be near the spot where warlocks disguised as employees passed by.


Lucion asked, looking again naturally at Heint.


“Does that mean Brother’s light recognizes another light and automatically blocks it?”


“No. It’s not automatic. I have to control it.”


Heint said, slightly embarrassed.


“Then, isn’t it going to harm me after all?”


Lucion’s brows narrowed.


“No way. I installed it in the middle.”


At that distance, the distance was so far that the light couldn’t reach Lucion, but it was close enough that Heint himself was able to strike out with light.


He had secretly conducted an experiment at dawn in the absence of employees.


“You’ve seen it this morning. I’m very sensitive to light. Why don’t you check it out now rather than causing a fuss later on?”


At Lucion’s suggestion, Heint thought for a moment.


Didn’t they prevent Luminos’ attack after rearranging it according to Lucion’s remarks before?


Lucion was quite cautious in that way.


“All right. Just in case, step back for a second.”


Heint agreed and pushed Lucion back.


Lucion shouldn’t be harmed by the light that he would spread to block the light.


Light basically had the ability to regenerate, so there wouldn’t be any problem except for aggression, but just in case, Heint first called Naughton, who arrived at their side.


“Naughton-nim, if you don’t mind, may I use the light for a moment?”




Naughton’s eyes were on Lucion.


“Ah. The Saint has already allowed it. It is a way to prevent excessive light from leaking out of the auction items later, so I hope you agree.”


As long as Lucion agreed.


Naughton nodded as he looked at Haint.


“Yes, then that’s fine.”


“Then excuse me.”


Heint waited a moment so that the staff wouldn’t be surprised, then he unfolded the barrier of light he had installed.


“Wow. It’s really bright.”


Lucion appreciated the inside of the auction house, which was lighting up like a fireworks display.




Heint, who was about to ask Lucion if he was feeling well, immediately turned his gaze to the warlock disguised as an employee.


‘What would happen if a warlock suddenly get caught up in the light?’


Lucion covered his mouth with his hand, eyes wide in surprise.


“Ugh… Warlock!”


Heint clenched his teeth.


‘Their darkness jumps out in surprise.’


The corner of Lucion’s lips, covered by his hands, raised high.

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