Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 139 - It's very tempting (3)

Author: LyraDhani

Lucion was convinced, too, as Heint approached.


That bracelet was responding to Larvis’s tears.


‘No way… Larvis’s tears were unfinished? Does the bracelet have to be combined to become one?’


Then why should he hesitate?


Lucion pretended his hands trembled, but his hands gradually lost their strength.


‘Oops. My hand.’


Of course, the bracelet that Lucion dropped flew to Haint.




Despite the sound of bracelets snapping together and the light emanating from it, Lucion wasn’t flustered.


Heint was there.


‘Heint will take away the light. I’ll just take that bracelet casually.’


As expected, Lucion saw Heint hurriedly block the light of the bracelet with his own light.


Heint concentrated on the light but didn’t forget to look at Lucion.


Lucion’s complexion was turning a little pale.


He couldn’t help but be affected because the light was close.


‘Damn it…’


But Heint couldn’t move now.


The light emanating from the bracelet was quite tremendous.


He didn’t want to imagine how great the impact would be if that light was directed at Lucion.


“Young Master, are you all right?”


Hume held out a handkerchief to Lucion just in case.


“I am fine.”


Lucion shook his head.


Heint was holding back all the light and this was just a little nausea.


This was good enough.




After a while, Heint let out a deep breath as the rising light subsided.


Only one bracelet was visible when he took off his light.


It was thicker than before, but it had changed from silver to pure white.


The light flowing around it had disappeared.


Heint felt an inexplicable attraction, but he looked at Lucion while taking his eyes off the bracelet.


‘…What should I do about this?’


Heint hesitated for a moment as he walked toward Lucion.


One part of it belonged to Lucion, and one part belonged to Naughton.


Who should he give this bracelet to?


[That bracelet… It’s a bit weird.]


Russell stopped approaching Haint and was startled by the depth of light that hung around the bracelet.


[Bethel. The light from that bracelet. You think it’s weird, too, right?]


[Yes. it doesn’t seem much but the quality of light is different. It’s deep. And…]


As soon as Bethel approached Heint, the light wrapped around the bracelet became stronger than before.


[It’s as if it knows our existence?]


Bethel moved closer without stopping, but the bracelet only reacted to that point.


[That’s right. so it’s weird. Isn’t it breaking the fact that only those who have received the blessing of darkness can see the beings of darkness?]


At Russell’s voice mixed with displeasure, Lucion pursed his lips.


‘It’s dangerous?’


Lucion briefly recalled what Naughton had said.


–As an apology, I will give one of the items that will be released today. I don’t care about anything.


However, there was no need to use this opportunity now.




Lucion called Hume.


“I understand.”


Lucion was about to get up, so Hume pulled his chair back.


Lucion, who got up from his seat with Hume’s help, approached Haint.


“Give it to me, Sir Heint. That’s my bracelet.”


“The other half belongs to Lord Descia.”


“I’ll take care of it, so give it to me. Or I’ll go ask Lord Descia myself.”


Lucion held out his hand, but Heint hesitated.


“I’m not sure what this bracelet is in right now. I think we need to check.”


“Oh, just in time.”


Lucion also pointed to Naughton, who was running out of breath.


How many times had he run today? He looked very tired.


After waiting for him to catch his breath, Lucion pointed to the bracelet Heint was holding in his hand.


“As Naughton-nim may have seen, it has accidentally merged with my bracelet.”


“…Yes. I’ve seen it.”


Naughton replied, wiping his sweat.


“I’ll pay for it.”


Lucion made it clear that he couldn’t give up the bracelet.


Naughton would know better that it wasn’t just an empty word.


Naughton thought about it for a moment before willingly speaking up.


“No. Saint may take it.”


If that bracelet had been disclosed to the public beforehand, it would have been a headache, but fortunately, it wasn’t the case.


Besides, it had only been released for about 3 seconds.


In that short time, he had lost his mind.


Three seconds would be too short.


“Thank you, Naughton-nim. I’ll pay for it.”


When Lucion smiled brightly, Naughton was happy, too.


He was so excited because it felt like he had given a gift to Lucion.


“No. It’s an item related to Saint, so it’s fine.”


Naughton looked around and lowered his voice.


“I want you to think of it as a gift and accept it. But there are also issues with its stability, so can I just take it with me for a moment and check it out?”


“Yes, thank you.”


Naughton’s face brightened when Lucion readily allowed it.


The nobles who were seated were curious about what they were talking about, but they had no suitable excuse to get up from their seats.


They were just putting up with their dignity and pretending to be uninterested.


Lucion bowed his head to the nobles for a moment and sat down again.


―You know Lucion.


Ratta whispered.


The words echoed in his head, but strangely, his ears felt itchy.


―The light from that bracelet was similar to Troy’s light? Ratta remembered Troy because she liked his light.


[You felt the light of the divine beast?]


Russell asked back, raising an eyebrow.


―Yes! Ratta remembers because Ratta is smart.


[No way. Divine beasts are the same no matter who it is. That must be their characteristic. But you felt his light?]


―Yes! Ratta felt it! Ratta is smart!


In response to Ratta’s subsequent answer, Russell put on a bewildered expression.


[…It’s really weird. That bracelet recognizes us]


Lucion also made a subtle expression as Russell continued.


‘Just like Troy’s light, it’s the light that notices the existence of darkness? …I don’t think so.’


Lucion already knew an item as special as the divine beast.


It was the ‘holy relic’, the pinnacle of the light-bearing objects that appeared in the novel ‘The Grasp of Darkness‘.


Didn’t Heint actually obtain those items and defeat the final boss?


‘Really, this bracelet… A holy relic?’


Lucion felt his throat dried up.


Larvis’ Tears, at least, were not the holy relics Heint obtained.




Russell prompted.


[No matter how much you think about it, that’s the only answer.]


[What is that?]




Lucion flinched at Russell’s answer, then squeezed the chair handle tightly, conscious of Kran staring at him.


[What did you just say…?]


Bethel asked, bewildered.


[Holy relic. That’s all we have for now.]


When Russell repeated his reply, Bethel’s face distorted.


Holy relic.


[If that’s true, wouldn’t it be a big deal to Lord Lucion?]


Bethel herself knew the difference between an object of light and a relic.


[Yes. It’s a big deal. Items with light can be destroyed, but holy relics cannot be destroyed with normal attacks, and the purest light… Look at the corner of his mouth going up!]


Russell stopped talking and freaked out when he saw Lucion’s smile.


[Lucion. Are you thinking of improving your light resistance? The relic’s light is pure light. It’s really different.]


Hume looked at Russell and Lucion and pretended to hand over the water, covering him from Miella.


“Would you like some water?”


“No. It’s fine.”


Despite Lucion’s answer, Russell didn’t let go of his doubtful expression.


[Oh, that’s not it. You’re happy to be able to use a relic, aren’t you?]


Lucion raised the corners of his mouth again as if it were the answer to the question.


The Holy Nation of Nevast had a holy relic, but it was not within the Tesla Empire.


As such, a holy relic was a precious object.


[Didn’t they take it to check the bracelet earlier? Is it okay to get caught…?]


At Bethel’s question, Russell frowned and scratched the back of his head.


[Well. In the first place, there is no information about the relic itself, and it is very rare, so I don’t know that much. You’ll know when the results come out. Since the theme this time is light, shouldn’t they have brought a priest from the auction house?]


‘No. No matter how many priests there are in the auction house, they won’t know this.’


Lucion held back his itchy mouth and pretended to be interested in the auction.


Hadn’t Heint noticed it right away?


It appeared in the novel that the only person who could confirm the existence of the relic is the priest with the divine beast of light.


‘How could a priest holding a divine beast attended an auction house?’


Lucion was thrilled with the existence of the precious holy relic that had rolled into his hands.


It was something that he could use as much as he wanted.


Lucion relaxed, leaned comfortably back in his chair, and waited for the next item to be auctioned.


‘Is something going to pop out again?’


He was lucky to get one, so he was looking forward to what would come next.


[The auction seems to be fun now?]


Lucion nodded lightly as Russell chuckled.


‘Yes, I’m having a lot of fun…’




With the sound of the cart, the red thread began to move


‘…That’s where the red thread comes from?’


Lucion’s eyes shook for a moment.


When the cloth came off, Miella made a ‘huh’ sound.


At her words, Lucion noticed at once.


‘Is that necklace Miella’s masterpiece?’


Soon, questions crept in.


‘Why… is that thing connected to the red thread?’


Miella, a villain in the novel, died at Heint’s hands before she could complete her masterpiece.


At the same time, the masterpiece was broken and disappeared forever.


‘It would be different this time.’


Lucion glanced at Heint.


“Are you not feeling well because of the light from the bracelet?”


Heint quickly responded to Lucion’s gaze and asked.


‘…He caught on so fast.’


He was just trying to figure out Heint, but he was the one who got figured out instead.


Lucion shook his head.


“I am fine. Don’t your legs hurt if you keep standing?”


“It’s my job to stand up every day, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


Heint replied with a grin.


Lucion also smiled and looked ahead again.


―Miella said that’s really it. Ratta heard it clearly.


In the shadow, he could feel Ratta looking at Miella with her ears perked up.


[I heard it too. That magic item is the reason why Lord Lucion came to the auction.]


Bethel nodded and smiled.


[Because of the bracelet incident a moment ago, there are probably a lot of nobles who are reluctant. I think it’s a perfect opportunity.]


‘That’s right. Now is the perfect time.’


Lucion, too, agreed inwardly with Bethel.


“The next item is a necklace called ‘Petran’s Miracle’.”


The auctioneer naturally began to introduce Miella’s masterpiece.


“P-Petran? How can they give that nasty name to my cute thing that I haven’t even given a name yet?”


However, Miella immediately refuted and murmured quietly.


‘…I can hear you.’


Lucion glanced at Miella.


Looking at her, she seemed angry.


“This necklace can absorb light and store it in the jewel here in the center.”


When the auctioneer said that.


“It’s not a jewel, it’s a mana Stone. Mana Stone.”


Miella retorted right away.


“This absorption of light creates a more beautiful atmosphere with a subtle glow on the jewel.”


When the auctioneer continued once more.


“No. It’s just a function to check whether the light has come in or not. …Ha. I’m going crazy.”


Miella repeated muttering as if complaining of injustice.




Kran stopped Miella.


“I know. I know, but they put a ridiculous explanation on my masterpiece. How can I stand that?”




Kran pointed his eyes at Lucion.


Only then did Miella cover her mouth and glance at Lucion.


Seeing his calm figure, Miella felt relieved.


He didn’t seem to hear it.


“A necklace that can absorb light. Let’s start with the lowest price of 500 dell.”


Finally, at the auctioneer’s announcement of the war, Miella began to loosen her itchy fingers.

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