Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 140 - How dare you aim at my stuff?

Author: LyraDhani

[Miella seems spirited.]


At Bethel’s words, Lucion was also about to get ready.


“A thousand dells.”




Someone, not Miella, immediately doubled the starting price.


‘Which guy is it?’


Lucion reached out to Hume.


“Give me some water.”




Holding the water Hume handed him in his hand, Lucion turned his eyes to find that person.


It was easy to confirm because Russell had already approached the guy.


However, Lucion, who had gone to many banquets, didn’t know who he was.


[I don’t know who it is.]


Even Russell, who had been forced to attend the banquets, looked puzzled, and Bethel flew to see him.


Her face crumpled in an instant.


[What’s wrong? Do you know him?]


Bethel nodded reluctantly to Russell’s question.


[I… Have I ever told you that I was betrayed by a master who I swore a knight’s oath to? Lord Lucion must have seen the memories flowed through the contract with me.]


With a trembling voice, Bethel followed Russell to Lucion.


[Yes, you told us.]


Russell answered in a calm voice.


Lucion couldn’t forget the desperate voice in Bethel’s memory.


[…It’s one of his hands and feet. Marquis Tefellow Selga.]


Bethel hid her expression by lowering the helmet cover.


She must have felt an indescribable feeling at the misery rising from within.


[For suddenly saying this… I’m sorry, Lord Lucion.]


This was the moment where Lucion needed to focus, so she didn’t want his concentration to be distracted by her business.


[You don’t have to apologize for that. Lucion doesn’t get swept away by most things.]


Russell smiled lightly and tried to loosen the heavy atmosphere.


Lucion nodded lightly at Bethel.


Not only she got betrayed by the master she trusted as a knight, Bethel also died as a test subject for the curse of the Hand of the Void.


That level of response was natural.


[Lord Lucion. I’ll go outside for a minute. I am sorry]


After that comment, Bethel left the auction house.


‘…I have to remember.’


Lucion listened to the auctioneer, remembering Marquis Tefellow Selga, the person Bethel had talked about.


“We have a thousand dells. Anyone else?”


Perhaps because of the influence of the bracelet a while ago, the auction was not as fierce as before because they were looking at each other.


The moment Miella was ready to call the price, Tefellow called the price again.


“Three thousand dells.”


‘…He’s suddenly going to raise the price more?’


Lucion fiddled with his fingers.


No one would be catching up now, but it was easy to lose money if the price was raised.


[Is he doing that on purpose?]


Russell’s brows furrowed.


Every once in a while, he saw people who hastily raised the price and withdrew it to make trouble for people who actually needed it.


That guy seemed to be that kind of person.


“Three thousand dells here.”


The auctioneer said with a smile.


“Three thousand and a hundred dells.”


Unfortunately, Miella participated in the auction.


Because she absolutely needed that item.




Then, the red thread tightened.


‘Yeah. If Miella takes that thing, the flow will be different from the novel, so it’s only natural that the red thread will be like that. Miella’s masterpiece will also come back to me.’


It increased the probability of his survival, so it was only natural for the red thread to tighten.


Lucion’s gaze turned to Tefellow.


Tefellow was an exception.


‘Marquis Tefellow Selga…. Apart from Bethel’s business, I have to remember him.’


As long as it wasn’t known whether it happened because Miella could obtain her masterpiece unlike the novel, or because Miella’s masterpiece was not passed on to the Marquis Tefellow Selga, he had to leave the possibility open.


“Three thousand two hundred, three thousand three hundred, three thousand five hundred…”


The aristocrats, who were only looking at each other, also participated one by one, and the price began to rise little by little again.


When Miella tried to call thousands of dells with a somewhat nervous look, Tefellow struck first.


“Seven thousand dells.”


Miella subconsciously raised the corner of her mouth.


It was because she was satisfied with the fact that her item was so valuable.




Kran called her out, flustered by her expression.


This wasn’t the time to be happy.


‘Oh, that’s right.’


Miella soon frowned.


Now was not the time to rejoice at the behavior of the man who appreciated her item.


If the price kept going up, they would be the ones who suffered.


And she wouldn’t be able to face Hamel.


“Eight thousand dells.”


Tefellow raised the price again.


‘Stop coming… No, do it in moderation, you crazy bastard!’


Miella’s fist shook.


She looked at Tefellow bitterly.


‘What’s wrong with him? Why is he acting crazy?’


In the midst of joy and difficulty, Miella opened her mouth, feeling awkward.


“Eight thousand and a hundred dells.”


“Yes. Eight thousand and a hundred dells.”


The auctioneer took Miella’s word.


“Nine thousand…”


“Ten thousand dells.”


Intercepting Tefellow’s words, Lucion raised the price to ten thousand.


The auction house quickly became noisy because this was Lucion’s first action at the auction.


The fact that it absorbed light was very interesting, but it was only a necklace.


Hume’s eyes also shook.


When the nobles became interested, Lucion raised it once more, telling them to not even look.


“Twenty-five thousand dells.”


The highest price so far was 100,000 dells.


It was natural because the items that had been informed in advance at the auction house hadn’t appeared yet.


Hume looked anxiously at Lucion.


How many chicken skewers could he buy with twenty-five thousand dells?


“Thirty thousand dells.”


Lucion raised the price again so that the rest of the nobles would no longer want to participate in the auction.


Lucio copied how Tefellow stamped and pressed with money, saying, “That’s mine’.


“T-Thirty thousand dells.”


Miella murmured as she inhaled.


Her eyes shook.


Obviously, she had told Hamel not to worry, and she was that confident.


But she didn’t expect Saint Lucion to suddenly come forward.


Her eyes moved around.


Already, with this sight of Lucion, she began to see aristocrats giving up because they didn’t want to lose Cronia for no reason.


‘Good. Money is the best.’


Lucion was happy.


When he was at home, Novio bought him clothes, fed him, and gave him everything he needed.


He had no reason to spend money entirely on himself.


Financial therapy.


As if proving that this wasn’t happening for nothing, he felt like the pain that had been throbbing all over his body due to the light was gradually subsiding.


“A-Are you all right?”


When Hume whispered urgently to Lucion, he looked at Hume with a ridiculous look.


Who was worried about who now.


‘The clothes I tailored for you alone cost 5000 dells. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the organization.’


From next to him, Hume stared.


‘…Oh, you don’t know the price.’


Lucion realized Hume’s concern.


He had put all the money in the bags when buying clothes or giving money to the organization, so there was no way Hume would know the price.


[It’s fine, it’s fine Lucion has a lot of money.]


When Russell chuckled, Hume felt relieved.


―Yes, Lucion is rich! Ratta followed to Luteon bank and saw Lucion’s safe! The jewels and coins were so shiny that Ratta went there at once and then rolled around!


‘How did you get in there?’


At Ratta’s innocent words, Lucion suppressed a sigh that almost leaked out.


Obviously, he hadn’t used the shadow movement.


Lucion fiddled with his fingers, thinking that perhaps he hadn’t noticed it because she had been quiet, just like when she had stolen the bomb switch during the temple bombing the other day.


[Oh…! Tefellow or whoever he is, his eyes shook when Lucion stepped out.]


―Ratta wants to see it too.


Ratta stamped her foreleg in the shadow.


“We have thirty thousand dells. Anyone else?”


There was a moment of silence, and the auctioneer urged the nobles.


The gavel was in his hand again, and he looked up.


The ripple effect of Lucion’s participation was too powerful.


As the lips of the aristocrats, who were about to open their mouths, became heavy, the auctioneer also tried to knock the gavel neatly.


“Thirty-five thousand dells.”


Tefellow spoke again.


“Forty thousand dells.”


Lucion took it lightly.


The murmur of the nobles began.


“Forty-five thousand dells.”


Tefellow raised it.


“Fifty-five thousand dells.”


Lucion raised it again.


“Fifty-five thousand dells.”


Whenever Tefellow tried to make a move again.


“Sixty thousand dells.”


Lucion quickly caught up.


Unlike Tefellow, who was getting more and more crumpled, Lucion was relaxed.


‘Now. There will be pressure from all around. Are you going to continue like this?’


If anyone asked who was the strongest here, all the nobles would point to him.


In any world, it was natural to follow the strong.


Although sixty-thousand dells was an absurdly small amount of money for a marquis, the gazes of the nobles were squeezing Tefellow in order to look good in front of Lucion.


They were asking him to stop now.


[No one is talking, but they’re pressuring him.]


Russell looked at the nobles as if he were having fun.


He was old, but his behavior was no different from that of a child.


‘A few days ago, my father made a count, viscount, and baron family disappear one after another, so you must be worried, Tefellow.’


Lucion stayed still until now.


To show a strong determination to get that very thing.


“Sixty-five thousand dells.”


Nevertheless, Tefellow spoke once more.


‘This isn’t working.’


Lucion repeatedly confirmed that whenever Tefellow spoke, the tightening red thread lost its strength again.


Originally, he tried to appear and push off the frightened nobles using the name Cronia, and then he would continue to raise the price so that no one could touch that object under the pressure of the aristocrats who had already given up.


That way, only Miella, who wanted to have her own item, wouldn’t give up, so she and the organization would be very happy to get the item at a reasonable price.


“Seventy thousand dells!”


Miella stepped in.


“One hundred and fifty thousand dells.”


Lucion said with a smile.


He felt sorry Miella, but he had Naughton’s gift card anyway.


It didn’t matter how big the price was.


‘It will inevitably fall into my hands.’


Lucion changed the plan drastically.


‘I’ll take this as an opportunity to tell you how strong Cronia’s finances are.’


“O-One hundred and fifty thousand dells is out.”


Even the auctioneer seemed flustered.


Miella was completely in tears.


The price suddenly went up like crazy.


“One hundred…”


“Three hundred thousand dells.”


Lucion interrupted Tefellow before he could speak.


He just doubled it.


At that price, even Kran’s face started to crumple.


The price was quite close to the money Hamel had given.


[L-Lucion…? You trust the gift certificate that Naughton gave you, right?]


Russell asked, stammering.


‘Of course.’


Lucion grinned, and only then did Russell feel relieved.


Even so three hundred thousand dells was too much money.




Even Heint, who had been quiet the whole time, was about to stop Lucion.


“Six hundred thousand dells.”


But Lucion called once more in an excited voice.


He didn’t even let Tefellow speak up.


However, he could actually afford that money.


If he asked Novio, he would be told to use it as much as he wanted.


The auction house became quiet.


A high price was placed on one item.




The auctioneer knocked with the gavel.




The red thread tightened.




With the last knock, the red thread was cut off.




‘Ah. That’s refreshing.’


Lucion smiled brightly.


‘I should have called for a million.’


If it was money that he didn’t have to pay anyway, he could have made it a little bigger, so he was a bit disappointed.


[Hmm…? He’s not disintegrating, he’s trembling in fear. It’s very suspicious.]


When Russell questioned Tefellow, Lucion’s eyes narrowed as he wondered about Tefellow.


‘Red thread and fear. …And Bethel.’


It was an unusual combination.




He felt Ratta’s ears folded.


―Miella must be really angry. I think she’s about to cry.




With Ratta’s words, Lucion remembered the fact that he had to care about the members of the organization.


When he looked sideways, unlike the first atmosphere, it seemed too heavy.


It was probably because they failed the mission.


“Hume. Give me some paper.”




Lucion wrote lightly on the paper Hume brought out and he handed it to Hume.


Hume looked around and quickly handed over the note to Miella.




Miella, who was barely holding back her tears because she didn’t know how to explain it to Hamel, frowned at the note.


-We will return the item to the original owner. Don’t worry.


Miella looked at Lucion, startled by the carefully written handwriting.




Lucion slightly raised his index finger to his lips.

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