Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 142 - How dare you aim at my stuff? (3)

Author: LyraDhani



Lucion became irritated, not having time to be pleased that it only had one condition.


It was unnecessarily tricky.


Having been confined to his room since childhood, he knew only the surface of what was and was not noble.


The aristocracy must maintain dignity.


The aristocracy should set an example.


The aristocracy should be giving.




It wasn’t very different from what he’d learned from books.


‘…That’s not true.’


Lucion reconsidered, looking at Heint, who was closing the door late.


‘It’s just the opposite of the real aristocracy, but isn’t Heint hoping for the aristocracy from the books?’


“He’s the culprit, you said…?”


Heint asked.


‘Even if that’s really the condition, it’s purely based on Heint’s standard…’


Lucion bit his lower lip.


He felt like a sigh would leak out.


“Yes. He is one of the culprits who tampered with Young Master’s belongings.”


Hume replied on Lucion’s behalf.


He didn’t know why but Lucion seemed lost in thought.


‘Well, I figured out one condition, so that’s enough. Let’s settle with that for now.’


Lucion put aside his thoughts for now.


The most accurate way for him to live was to kill the leader of the Hand of the Void.


“How did you know that, Lucion?”


Lucion quickly replied as Heint spoke in a bewildered voice.


“Hume has a good nose.”


“What do you mean..?”


“I use a unique perfume.”


Heint moved his nose with an uncertain expression.


“By the way, why did you come back halfway?”


Lucion naturally changed the subject.


Hadn’t Heint suddenly entered the room?


Heint smiled awkwardly with an embarrassed face.


“Uh… Well, I came back because I thought it would be better to bring the bracelet even if it was fake.”


Heint’s eyes turned to the servant.


“But Lucion, I didn’t expect you to catch the criminal.”


“It’s not me who caught the culprit, it’s Hume.”


Lucion clearly distinguished it.


What he told him was the truth, but he knew the condition, so he had to use it well.


“Well done, Hume.”


Heint looked at Hume with a smile.


Fortunately, Hume had prevented the worst.


“Sit down for a moment, Lucion. It will take time to bring that guy to Lord Descia.”


Heint pointed to the chair.


He had to get permission from Naughton to take the servant, and he had to investigate the priest just in case.


In his heart, he wanted to send Lucion home first, but since warlocks had appeared, he had no choice but to tell him to wait.


Lucion was still struggling.


“Then, excuse me.”


Heint dragged the servant and left the room when Lucion sat down.




Lucion leaned back in his chair and called Hume.


“Yes, Young Master.”


“Go after Brother Heint.”




Hume paused.


“Do you really think he could steal a bracelet by himself?”


The information he received from the servant using delusion was limited to the person who had asked the servant to steal the bracelet.


[It’s impossible.]


Russell said flatly.


“That servant is an employee, so he has a lot of restrictions. He couldn’t go outside with my stuff. Perhaps the smell you smelled got lost between switching things.”


As an employee of the auction house, the auction house naturally had personal information.


He could search the servant’s house.


“Of course, that person was also in charge of delivering the item to the real culprit, as written here. So someone is playing the role of a middle bridge, but who do you think it is?”


“…It’s the priest.”


Hume hesitated for a moment and replied.


Lucion smiled at his words.


“That’s right. Maybe he has run away by now, maybe he hasn’t…”


[No one has left the auction house.]


Lucion was startled by Bethel’s sudden voice.




Ratta was also surprised and shouted, and hurriedly grabbed her mouth with her foreleg.


―Ratta’s never been this surprised!


Bethel giggled like Russell and quickly shut her mouth at Lucion’s gaze.


“Bethel. No one really has left the auction house?”


Lucion asked.


[Right, no one has left.]


Lucion was satisfied with Bethel’s answer.


There was a high probability of getting his bracelet back.


At Lucion’s gaze, Hume bowed his head, expressing his firm determination.


“I understand. I will find the accomplice among the priests.”




Lucion leaned deeply into the chair, answering with a more relaxed face.


[Lord Lucion.]


Bethel opened her mouth after Hume went out.


Her face didn’t brighten as if the rage that had shimmered after seeing Tefellow was still not quenched.


“I’m listening, Bethel.”


Lucion asked, pretending not to see the anger.


[Do you want me to leave?]


Russell looked at Bethel’s expression and asked carefully.


[It’s fine. It’s not that serious.]


Bethel shook her head lightly and looked at Lucion.


[Why… Aren’t you asking me anything?]


Marquis Tefellow Selga.


As the name popped up, she naturally recalled the place where she died.


She hadn’t known it then, but now she knew that it was the place where the Hand of the Void used to experiment with curses.


Naturally, there could have been some connection between the man who used to be her master and the Hand of the Void.


Bethel thought Lucion shouldn’t miss it.


“The one who used to be your master?”


[Yes. Don’t you know that it’s connected to the Hand of the Void that’s trying to kill that guy and you, Lord Lucion?]


“Well. I didn’t hear anything.”


Lucion shrugged his shoulders as if he knew nothing.




Bethel’s eyes twitched for a moment.


Seeing her look like she was about to cry, Lucion looked at Russell slightly embarrassed, but he slid his gaze away.




―Hop! Lucion made Bethel cry!


Lucion stammered at Ratta’s surprised words.


“I-I mean, Bethel. It’s not that I don’t know at all. That… You’re not ready yet, are you? So I…”


[I know, Lord Lucion. You’re waiting for me, aren’t you?]


Bethel smiled.


Tears formed slightly in the corners of her eyes, but Lucion’s consideration was so warm that she couldn’t help but smile.




Lucion answered, turning his head in embarrassment.


[Thank you for waiting.]


“No, it’s nothing.”


Bethel’s heart thumped at the slightly crude voice.


A kind person.


No matter how many times she thought about it, she thought it was fortunate that she could meet Lucion like this.


He brought her, who only had revenge and anger left, out of the darkness.


‘…I hope Lord Lucion will be happy, too.’


Just like how she was happy now.


Bethel looked at Lucion and prayed quietly.


* * *

<…So eventually, with the Saint’s help, I was able to get Miss Miella’s item.>


Kran said, in a slightly somber voice.


‘What’s wrong with getting help from me?’


Lucion, who was lying in bed, almost snorted.


―The saint is Lucion! Ratta knows.


Ratta laughed and bit the ball.




“When you said Saint, do you mean Lucion Cronia?”




Next to him, Russell couldn’t hold back his laughter.


Lucion himself was trying hard to hold back his laughter because he was pretending Saint wasn’t him.


When Lucion took off his mask and looked at Russell with a slight frown, Russell spoke with a face as if he knew nothing.


[What’s wrong, Lucion?]


[Russell. If you don’t do it properly, he won’t be able to let you in, just like when Lord Lucion talked to his father the other day.]


When Bethel, who was polishing his helmet, insinuatingly pressured Russell, he put on a wronged expression.


[I didn’t say anything. I just laughed.]


<That’s right. Lucion Cronia. The Saint came to the auction house.>


“And he gave it to you?”


<Yes. I honestly still can’t believe it. It didn’t just cost a penny or two. He gave away a six hundred thousand dell item.>


‘It didn’t cost me a penny.’


Lucion held back his itchy mouth.


“You said he’s the saint.”


<Even if he’s the saint, how could he do that?>


“I have nothing to say because I haven’t met him.”


<He really, really didn’t feel like a human being!>


Kran was excited, which was unlike him.


“The saint is a man, too.”


<That’s not what I meant. He’s a person but he doesn’t feel like a person. He really feels like the ‘saint’, so, ah I don’t know how to put this into words.>




Lucion couldn’t stand the cringe that welled up in his nose and burst into laughter.


He managed to bite his lips and held back his laughter.


‘Wow, seriously… I’m dying of embarrassment.’


Saint Lucion was only born at the hands of the maids, but his actual appearance was not like that.


He felt his hands and feet curling up so much he could die.


<Ha… mel-nm?>


Kran, who was just explaining, paused.


“Oh, it’s nothing. Go on.”


―Huh? Lucion, are you sick? Why are you shaking your fist like that?


Spinning in bed with the ball in his mouth, Ratta stared at Lucion, who stopped.


[It’s because he’s embarrassed. Leave him alone.]


―Why is he embarrassed? Lucion didn’t do anything embarrassing.


Ratta’s head tilted at Russell’s words.


[When the real and fake sides meet at once, various emotions such as shame and regret come up at once. He’s embarrassed because he has a hard time enduring it.]


―Ratta doesn’t know what Russell means.


Ratta’s wagging tail stopped and her neck shrunk.


[I explained it that way on purpose so that you wouldn’t understand.]


Russell giggled at Lucion.


<…Ha. I should’ve talked to him when I was sitting next to him.>


Kran, who was explaining about the saint, finally sighed.


“How’s Miella?”


Lucion changed the subject because he didn’t want to hear the story anymore.


<Ah. He wants to go back to the mansion right away and complete the magic item.>


“Alright. Then send Miella back to her mansion and ask Quate to look into the central branch first.”


According to the head of the southern branch, which he had already obtained, the three branches in the central part were in charge of the northern, southern, and eastern parts respectively, and worked mainly on receiving and verifying the information they had gathered.


It took three weeks for Neubra Kingdom to send someone to check the branch.


The process of receiving information collected from the central branch to the southern branch was once a week.


‘He said we have to deliver the information to the central branch in three days, right?’


Apart from time constraints, instead of owls managing the 6 branches, the 3 branches in the Central had dogs guarding the branches.


Lucion already knew who it was through Peter.


Gartio Menn.


He was the head of the dogs.


<The southern branch hasn’t been organized yet.>


“I know. It will take some time to get sorted out anyway, and I can’t wait while doing nothing during that time.”


<That’s… right.>


When Lucion came out strong, Kran hesitated.


“When we raided the southern branch, there were no powerful people inside.”


<Yes. After all, wouldn’t it be easier if you don’t have a strong person to dominate people?>


“I can’t say the same will happens again this time, so send Quate to investigate the three branches. Will it take two days?”


<Perhaps Quate’s skills will suffice.>


“Then report back after investigation. Ah, I don’t know if Heroan is preparing to bomb the Empire.”


Heroan investigated all 6 branches, but how could he just make fun of them?


Lucion told him to investigate all those who were related to the branch.


<He was cursing Hamel.>


“He’s doing great.”


<Your body… Are you all right? I don’t know if your fever has gone down….>


“It’s just a fever, so don’t worry.”


For a moment, Kran exhaled deeply.


<…I’ll do better.>


“Don’t do better, just take care of management. Because that’s the reason I put you there. Then.”


Lucion cut off contact before Kran’s words became longer.


When he took off his mask and looked out the window, there was a deep, deep darkness.


As a result, the priest couldn’t escape, and the bracelet was recovered thanks to Hume.


Both the priest who stole the bracelet and the servant who changed the bracelet were all caught and detained in the mansion where he was currently staying.


‘There is a traitor within the Imperial Knights, so I told the ghost to keep an eye on him…’


Lucion, like before, deceived Heint in his handwriting and informed him that there was a traitor within the knights of the Imperial Family.


He wasn’t sure, but Heint was probably stuck near the guys he had caught just in case.


“Well, then I’m going to have to start moving.”


As he raised his upper body, Lucion’s smile lengthened.


That person dared to tamper with his belongings, so he had to pay the price.


[No, you still have about 2 hours until the appointment time. Get some sleep.]


Russell pressed Lucion’s forehead and forced him to lie down.


―Then Ratta wants to sleep, too. Ratta is tired now.




Lata yawned with her mouth wide open, and Lucion climbed onto the bed with his slightly lowered arm.


[Alright. Lord Lucion. I’ll go ahead and figure out the surrounding situation.]


Bethel gently swept Lucion’s forehead.


Lucion’s eyes moved alternatively between Russell and Bethel.


“Then shall we?”


[I’ll tell Hume.]


“Yes. Then wake me up.”


Lucion smiled excitedly and softly closed his eyes 


It was good to make them pay the price, but sleeping for a while was not a bad choice to endure the long dawn.


Lucion’s breathing quickly lengthened in his sleep.

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