Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 143 - Remove the Silent Mask (1)

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一I write a letter to you again. There’s a traitor in your imperial knights.


Heint came to the next room for a moment while keeping watch on the servant and the priest arrested at the auction house


The letter had already been crumpled, and Heint was on edge.


‘…I’m going crazy.’


It was the same letter that provided a decisive hint that allowed him to catch Luminos, the sorcerer’s group.


As soon as he came back from the auction house and entered the room to change, he found a letter stuck in the door.


‘Should I believe this again or not?’


The letter kindly bore the name of the traitor.


They had even left open the possibility that there may be another traitor as a postscript.


He didn’t need this sort of kindness.


‘Is this what Prince Cetyl said, the one planted by Count Roberto?’


It is said that the forces of Roberto, who had already died in collusion with the warlock, were hiding in the imperial family.


He wasn’t aware that he had reached out to the 8th Order of the Knights which was created with the birth of the Saint.


Of course, Heint’s mind already went blank at the betrayal of his subordinate, whom he thought would not betray.


‘How… How did this guy get in here, and knows of this?’


Heint knew that there was no answer, so he tried to get out of the awkwardness and opened the window slightly.


The cold wind was lukewarm now that it was summer, but it wasn’t bad to cool down.


‘Now I’m done with my business in the South.’


Heint leaned slightly near the window.


Gartio Menn.


As a result of chasing him to the point where the soles of his feet were peeled off, he found that Gartio mainly appeared in three specific places in the Central.


Now, after a day or two of rest, Lucion was to leave the South for the ‘pilgrimage route’ in the North.


Anyway, if he wanted to go north, he had to stop in the middle on the way, so he didn’t miss the opportunity and intended to catch Gartio Menn.


‘I’ll ask Lucion to take a day-off in the Central.’


Heint crumpled the letter again.


‘By the way, that pilgrimage route.’


In the past, it was known as the place where the great king walked.


Since the king was actually known as the “god of light,” it was also a place where many people wanted to go, including those who were blessed with light and those who believe in the God of Light.


But not everyone could go there just because they wanted to.


There was a clan that managed the pilgrimage route and made the invitations. It was protected under the laws of the Empire.


‘I never thought I’d go there again.’


He was invited a few years ago and he had already walked there, so he missed it.


It was not a place that made him recall the ‘God of Light’.


Rather, it was a place that reminded him of darkness.




Heint remembered why he came to the next room and took out a contact item for the report.


“Your Highness Cetyl.”


Even though the Fifth Prince wasn’t there, Heint bowed his head politely.


* * *


On a dark night, the darkness was like a protective color.


Lucion moved to Bethel, who was waiting in advance at the appointment place by shadow movement.


As the darkness subsided, a ferry was seen with Bethel.


A man stood at the end of the ferry, where the silence had fallen, and his head looked around to see if he was looking for anyone.


“Is that him?”


When Lucion asked quietly, Bethel nodded.


[That’s right. There are 3 guards around the man, but they’re currently hiding.]


“Give me the location.”


To have a conversation, they had to get rid of the enemy’s guard first.


He knows it’s fast to use the ice cream, but he couldn’t use it because Bethel desperately stopped him in case the wound on his stomach might burst.


[I got it.]


“Then, I’ll get ready.”


Hume, who had become Rental, nodded at Bethel’s reply.


Lucion released the darkness first.


[If I had learned the debuff, you would have been able to control it very easily.]


Lucion smiled slightly at Russell, who openly expressed his regret.


“I’m very sorry, too. I couldn’t help it because the time wasn’t right. I think I’ll have time if I go to the north.”


―Oh! Lucion said he was going to a pilgrimage route, right?


Ratta, who had been walking around Lucion excitedly, perhaps because she had stepped on the soil after a long time, stopped for a moment and looked at Lucion.


Lucion laughed because she became a fat fox.


“That’s right. You’re smart, Ratta.”


―That’s right! Ratta is smart. Very smart!


Ratta gave him full strength to his eyes.


The place where the great king walked.


Lucion chose to go there for political neutrality.


[Anyway, you’re very unique, too. You’re doing everything you can’t do as a black wizard.]


Russell looked at Lucion curiously.


Having birth a divine beast of darkness, and blessed by a divine beast of light.


Besides, didn’t he even get an invitation from the manager of the pilgrimage route?


Russell was proud just to imagine how much effect it would have if the auction house and the fact that he was invited to the pilgrimage were combined.


“I think so, too.”


Lucion said, sending the darkness toward Bethel.


‘I hope the rumor will spread in a good way.’


There was no hole for rumours against Lucion.


But because of what had happened before, Russell wanted Lucion to go along as he wished.


[…Lastly, there’s this guy.]


Bethel stood still and waited for Lucion’s darkness to come to the enemy.


Lucion, who had captured all three, looked at Hume.


“Leave it to me.”


With Hume’s words, Lucion wrapped his enemies’ ankles with the darkness sent to the three men, pulled them relentlessly, and dragged them to the front of Hume.


If one is not as talented as Carson, it’s hard to react right away.


“What, what’s happening?!”


The middle-aged man was embarrassed by the screams around him and was busy scrambling.


The darkness was easy to cover not only the eyes of the enemy but also the eyes of the allies.


But Lucion himself was different.


Since he was a black wizard, there were many people who would be the eyes instead of him, and his night eyes were brighter than ever.


As soon as the middle-aged man tried to run away, Lucion’s darkness hit him.




―Ratta is holding on to them.


Ratta’s tail stood up.




Lucion dragged the middle-aged man along, watching the guard whose head had burst after being trampled on by Hume’s feet.




The noise covered his mouth with darkness on the way.


“Young master.”


Hume stared at the body and held out something coated with blood.


“He had this stuff in his throat.”


A black necklace as thick as four fingers combined.


Lucion’s eyes narrowed.


‘I’m sure I have seen that somewhere.’


[It’s the one that Kran was wearing.]


Russell quickly recognized the mana felt from the necklace.


It was definitely the same necklace.


At the words, Lucion’s mask, which was looking at a middle-aged man, turned yellow.


‘It seems I found the clue first, Kran.’


Kran said he was looking for a slave trader who had caught them and did not know who they were.


But the same necklace as the black necklace that Kran was wearing appeared here.


[Kran was wearing this necklace? This is… Isn’t it used by illegal slaves.]


Bethel knew the existence of the necklace because he had been to eradicate illegal slave traders when he lived.


[That’s right. Kran, Helon, and Stra were illegal slaves until Lucion freed them.]




Bethel clasped her lips with a surprised look.


Now I understand why Crane follows Lucion like that.


She glared at the middle-aged man whom Lucion dragged along.


Enslaving good people?


“I want to curse you because there are many things I want to ask you. What curse would be good?”


At the word “curse” mentioned by Lucion, the man’s whole body trembled.


Deception was perfect, especially for digging up short and broad information.


However, since it could not be maintained for a long time, it was easy to curse them to voluntarily vomit any information.


Didn’t Heroan suffer quite a lot from his curse?


[That’s right. Curses are quite useful if you want to ask a lot of questions. Let’s see, it’s not bad to put a curse on money.]


Russell stared at the man for a moment and opened his lips.


The necklace, the ring, and the way he wore it was like a nouveau riche.


As for the curse of not knowing, it was best to fall down on the opponent’s most cherished thing.


“Eup! Eup!”


At what he said, Lucion released the darkness that had blocked his mouth.


“Su-surrender! I surrender!”


The man tried to buy himself as if he knew the black wizard, and at the word “surrender,” a blue thread wrapped around him and the man.


‘It’s a blue thread. . …Why?’


Lucion was surprised.


He immediately asked him, wondering if that man was one of the villains he knew.




“It’s, it’s Chayton.”




Lucion thought about the novel for a moment through his ability to remember it, but confirmed that the name “Chayton” did not come up.


‘He’s not even a villain?’


The blue thread was too much for an extra.


However, the appearance of a blue thread could be considered for various possibilities, whether something happened or something connected with that guy.


“You came to find the bracelet that you stole from the auction house, right?”


Lucion stopped thinking and asked questions first.


He deliberately did not mention the saint.


Looking at the fake bracelet that was replaced, it was obvious that he was aiming for a bracelet that would appear in the auction house from the beginning, and didn’t even know that there were two bracelets.


Chayton was so surprised that his body trembled, assuring that the question worked properly.




“Who ordered it?”


“My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, has made me do it.”


There was no response to the blue thread.


That meant that it was not a lie or a way to cut the blue thread.


“Who ordered it?”


Lucion asked one more time.


“My master made me do it!”


“Yes. It’s your freedom to lie, but so am I.”


As long as the blue thread came out, Lucion did not let it go.


He had to be sure.


“You like money, don’t you?”


Lucion’s voice mingled with laughter.


“Wait, wait a minute!”


Lucion let the darkness flow from his feet, listening to the startled Chayton’s voice.


Hume correctly warned Chayton, who approached him to cling to him.




When Hume stomped his feet, the soil from the ground splattered into Chayton’s face.


Instantly stunned, Lucion sent the darkness to Chayton’s head in the gap and sharpened the end of the darkness to pierce his mental strength.




Chayton’s mental strength must have been quite strong, as the pain was intense.


‘But there’s nothing it can’t pierce.’


Lucion pushed the darkness one more time and pierced his mental strength with his strength.




The flames of darkness burned in Chayton’s eyes.


“I am a servant of darkness.”




As he chanted the spell needed for the curse, the darkness suddenly whispered.


‘What do you mean no’


For a moment Lucion moved his eyes from side to side.


“Please do me a small favor, so that I can use the power of darkness…….”


No, my lovely kid. You don’t have to do this anymore.


Lucion flinched for a moment at the touch on his shoulder.


Somehow, it felt warm even though it wasn’t warm.


Russell opened his mouth when Lucion looked surprised enough to stop ordering on the way.


[What’s wrong, Lucion?]


Lucion shook his head at Russell’s question.


Ratta, who had perked up her ears, hurriedly shut her mouth at Russell’s gaze.


―Ra, Ratta didn’t hear anything.


Tell me what you want. I can listen a little more than before.


Yes. Tell me. What do you want to do?


“…Please help me. I dedicate this to you.”


However, Lucion managed to complete the spell.


Rather than being afraid, he wondered why it was bringing this up to him.


Previously, he trembled in the cold, but now it was only a little cold because it brushed my whole body.


‘Why are you doing this to me?’


Asked Lucion.


At that moment, he felt like the darkness was hugging me tightly.


No, Lucion. It’s not black magic.


The darkness said flatly.


You can’t ask us now. Got it?


Lucion nodded and the feeling of wrapping himself disappeared.


He didn’t know why he shouldn’t ask, but Lucion wanted to focus on now.


“I want the author to give everything worthwhile, whether it’s money or jewellery, to anyone nearby.”


Yes, I’ll listen. As much as you want.




The darkness embedded in Chayton’s head became letters like before.


You will have nothing of value, and even what you have, you give them to those nearby.


The curse was made more detailed than Lucion wanted.

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