Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 145 - Remove The Silent Mask (3)

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Those involved in the blue thread were all directly or indirectly related to the incident.


The reason he thought he was a slave trader was simple.


It was because of the name ‘Chayton’ written in the contract.


If he’s really a fake.


If he had someone with the same name as him.


No wonder his methods were wrong.


Smashing a fake won’t change his fate.


“You said you were a pawn.”


Asked Lucion.


“Are you the servant of Nevast?”




Only then did the blue thread respond tightly to his question.


Chayton nodded, barely covering his face with his arms.


You’re lying.


That guy wasn’t a real Chayton.


Lucion did not hesitate any more.


He used the darkness to delude Chayton again.


“Give me a piece of paper and a pen.”


Lucion pointed to Chayton and ordered Hume.


[Yes, it’s a rough outline, so it’s better to get certain information through deception.]


Russell nodded.


It was the Holy Nation of Nevast who tried to take the bracelet.


Maybe he knew in advance that that bracelet was a ‘property’.


“Write down the location of the hideout to which you belong. To where the real owner is.”


There was no need for liars.


All he needed was the truth.




He’s going to die anyway.


Lucion quit his fake role in front of Chayton.


“Yes, sir.”


“Remember his smell. Maybe the real owner of this guy is hiding his identity in the hideout, and his smell is bound to get buried.”


The slave traders had many enemies.


Maybe it’s for a similar reason to his.


If it wasn’t for that reason, there was no need to put “fake” in front of it.


“I’ve already remembered.”




Lucion took the paper Chayton handed him, and turned his back slightly.




Hume crushed Chayton’s neck completely.


―Ratta is going to call the ghost.


Ratta touched Chayton.


As Lucion’s darkness diminished, Chayton’s ghost sprang out of his body.


Chayton felt something strange, trembling as if he had remembered his death a while ago.


“Remember well. No matter who dies, the god of light doesn’t come to meet you.”


Lucion’s darkness penetrated Chayton’s body.


“And that death is not the end.”




Lucion slowly kneeled down on Chayton.


To the point of distress.


Just enough not to go straight to the sky.


The night was longer than he thought.


Lucion’s mask was stained yellow.


* * *


After the fake chayton was sent to the sky, the blue thread was cut off and the red thread was newly wound.


He didn’t know where it was heading, so he headed to the hideout where the fake Chayton stayed first.


There were a total of two hideouts, as the fake Chayton said.


One was the place where he currently resided, written by the fake Chayton when he was alive.


The other was where the real slave trader was, vomited on by the ghost fake Chayton.


As soon as he saw the first place, he had to doubt his eyes.


It was because it was near the mansion where Lucion was staying now.


Of course, there was some distance, but he didn’t expect much because it was a fake place anyway.


The second place was the Myronist Kingdom, where he thought it was fortunate that he could reduce his movement because he had to stop by to get a black bead from the first prince.


“Shall we go in, young master?”


Hume cleared all those who were guarding the mansion and opened the door of the mansion with the key he got from the fake Chayton.


‘Should I be glad that there’s no ghost?’


Wouldn’t the presence of a submissive ghost itself indicate that Nevast joined hands with a Warlock?




The noise and the inside of the mansion were revealed.


Unlike the exterior, which looked normal, the interior is desolate and old enough to doubt whether it is an inhabited house.




As soon as Lucion stepped forward, the sound echoed.


For a moment, Lucion was startled.


‘Isn’t this going to break…?’




Ratta ran around the hallway with joy.


―Ratta has never heard of that sound! That’s a lot of fun!


“Don’t run, Ratta. I feel like this is going to collapse.”


Even when Lucion’s voice went up, Ratta was busy running around making strange noises.




“How could they manage the mansion so poorly? I can’t believe it at all.”


Hume crumpled up his arrogance. He couldn’t stand it as a butler.


“I want to clean up right now.”


Lucion was surprised at the sight of Hume showing such displeasure, and even Ratta, who was running around, stopped her actions and stared at Hume.


―Hume, run. Creaking is so much fun for Ratta!


“No, Ratta. As I said, the floor may really collapse.”


―No, Ratta is light. Ratta is a feather!


“No. Ratta’s body has gotten bigger and heavier these days.”


Lucion said it flatly.


When they slept together, there were times when he couldn’t breathe well when Ratta came up and laid on his chest.


―Right? Ratta grew up, didn’t she? Ratta grew up, didn’t she? Hehehe!


He didn’t know how she understood the language, yet Ratta was spinning around so fast that he couldn’t see her tail.


―Ratta is going to grow more…….




Ratta was running excitedly in place when the floor collapsed and one of her front feet got stuck.




Even before Ratta’s bewildered voice rang out, Lucion had already sent the darkness away.


It wrapped around Ratta faster than Hume and put her down near him.


―Ratta… Ratta was really scared, but it was a little fun?


Ratta sniffed as she clung to Lucion’s leg.


What do you want me to do?


Lucion smirked.


―Hume said you should say thank you at times like this. Thank you, Lucion!


Ratta rubbed her face against Lucion’s leg.




When Hume called Ratta, Ratta flinched, and even her ears drooped.


“I told you not to jump on the old floor, didn’t I?”


―It’s Ratta’s fault. I’m sorry.


Ratta’s hand clecning the bottom of his pants was full of strength.


[…There is a man trapped underground.]


Bethel and Russell, who said they would visit the mansion first, came up from the ground.




Lata held Lucion’s leg tightly again.


―Ra, Ratta wasn’t surprised!


“Are they brought to slavery?”


Asked Lucion.


[Yes, there are a lot of people who are trapped. He wore the necklace that Kran was wearing. His current condition is also bad.]


Russell nodded.


[Lord Lucion.]


Bethel twisted her face.


He’s sure she cares about them the most.


“I see.”


[I know that the fake Chayton was not the Hand of the Void but the servant of Nevast, but I found traces similar to those when I was taken to the experiment.]


Bethel pointed to her own wrist.


[Bracelet with status on the wrist. A date mark on the face. Of course, the shape was a little different, but it bothers me for some reasons.]


It was just something she couldn’t let slip.


It’s a big fact that Nevast pretended not to know about the Hand of the Void, but it was an experiment there. 


Usually, there were only two types of tribes who experimented with people.


Warlocks and the Wizards.


“Was there any trace of black magic?”


Lucion looked at Russell and asked.


[No, there was no sign of black magic yet.]


Lucion took out a contact item in response to Russell’s answer.


He didn’t know what Nevast was going to do with them yet.


However, there was no simple way to just choose a test subject, whether it was a warlock or a wizard.


People tend to choose those who live long, are free from disease, and are strong.


[You’re going to call for Chayton?]


“Yes. Have you forgotten the objectives of the organization? Isn’t it peace and liberty, even if it’s pretentious? We have to set them free.”


For a moment, Russell frowned.


It took more than a week to get used to the sound of Lucion’s ‘teacher’, but it seemed like it would take quite a while to get used to that word.


[You’re going to save them and invite them as members, right?]


“That’s right. Wouldn’t it be good for each other?”


It’s good to have loyal members and also have them escape from hell.


[It’s okay even if you don’t talk like that, Lord Lucion. What the Lord does is never an easy task.]


Bethel stroked Lucion’s head.


He gave reasons to attract them as members of the organization, but in the end, it was a dangerous move.


Wasn’t it an action prepared for Nebast’s pursuit and threat?


Lucion turned his head without saying a word. Bethel drew a warm smile.




A rather crude voice came out of Lucion’s mouth.


<Yes, Hamel nim.>


Kran was quickly contacted.


“I’m sorry if you were sleeping.”


<No, I was not. I’m always waiting for Hamel’s call, so you don’t have to be sorry.>


Kran’s voice was vivid, perhaps because it was before he went to bed.


<You can tell me anything.>


“I was around here and there, and met a slave trader.”


<A slave, slave trader?>


He could hear Kran swallowing heavily as he was startled.


<What does he look like. No, I’m really sorry, but can you bring me the necklace he had?>


“They were illegal slaves.”




He could hear the sound of Kran sucking in a breath.


“Probably unidentified or abandoned. They have nowhere to go. I’ll save it, so I’ll take responsibility.”


<Where are you? I’ll come to you right away.>


Lucion calmly said the address.


“I’ll contact the head of the southern branch manager. Maybe that’s the only place that can accommodate them right now.”


<Okay. I’ll be right back.>




<Hamel nim…….>


“Say it.”


<Thank you. I’m really… Thank you.>


“It’s nothing.”


This time, Kran cut off contact first.


It was conveyed from his voice how hectic he was.


Lucion asked Hume as he put back his contact item.


“Hume. What time is it now…….”




Hume, who was walking around with Ratta, suddenly broke the floor.




[Hume is really good at smelling.]


Russell suddenly chuckled.




There was a situation that only Lucion could not understand.


Do you know why Hume is doing that?


[There’s a treasure trove down here.]


At Bethel’s kindly informed voice, Lucion felt like his eyes were wide open.


If there’s a treasure trove, he must get it.




When Lucion spoke stronger than before, Hume stopped his actions.


“Ah. I’m sorry, young master.”


“You won’t be like this because of the treasure. Do you happen to feel something mixed with monster bones?”


“That’s right. That cry was the strongest I’ve ever heard. I was unknowingly led to do this…. I’m sorry.”


Hume was restless with embarrassment when he saw what he had done.


Trying to break down a decent floor without an order.


“No. If it’s a good thing, you should continue it. Go on.”


Lucion urged Hume.


He was going to clean up this place anyway, so he didn’t have to hesitate.


‘By the way, it didn’t break even though Hume hit it?’


Lucion looked alternately at the floor where Ratta collapsed while running excitedly and the floor where only the dent was formed even though Hume hit it.


It was definitely the same place, but there was such a difference.


“It’s not a normal floor, is it?”


Asked Russell, looking at him.


[How did you know?]


Russell was surprised to see if he was trying to make any observations.


“Is it a magical floor? Or is the defense magic working?”


[The defense magic is working. It operates purely as a defense without any form of attack.]


“…. Yet it’s still got dented? Was magic something you could break even with bare feet?”


[Of course not. Hume is the exception. You shouldn’t think like that.]


Bethel shook her head.




He heard the sound of breaking the defense magic without overcoming Hume’s power of stepping on it with his feet a couple more times.


Only then did the floor break down and the passage down come out.


―Oh, Oh, it’s a secret passage that Ratta likes! Can Ratta go first?


Lucion shook his head and looked at Hume.


‘Light doesn’t work, he can catch the ghosts even though it’s not enough to see them, he can break magic with physical force, he can absorb the power of monsters, and he’s a monster himself.’


Moreover, he was a guide who guided him to a black bead.


‘What the hell is Hume… What is he? Can I really refer to Hume as “Monster”?


How can he be a monster?


“Do you have anything to say?”


Hume asked with a grin whether he felt Lucion’s gaze.


There was something I wanted to say.


Is the warlock who made Hume dead?


And who was that warlock?


But Lucion did not ask.


He said that a tiny room with no space to lie down was all Hume had.


He said that he was happy that he could see the stars in his room and feel the wind.


Hume was not emotionless, but he was slower than others and dull to himself.


Only once, when introducing himself, had Hume brought up the warlock.


“Never mind.”


Lucion swallowed what he wanted to say.


“Let’s go down.”

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