Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 164 - Entangled and connected

Author: CleiZz



‘Ah. Was it really that big of a deal that someone remembered the ruined family?’


Lucion soon changed his mind.


He was disappointed that his mocking behavior was useless, but since there was a reaction, it was enough.


“Do you… know who I am?” 


“Isn’t it natural to know the name of the person you’re dealing with?” 


At Lucion’s answer, J.L. licked the corner of his lips, looking intrigued.


How does he know who he is?


His expression was so obvious that Lucion couldn’t help but laugh.


“So far, has no one known your name?”


“Is there someone who remembers the name of a person who has come this far?”


“I kept my manners, so why don’t you keep yours?”


“What is… your name?”




J.L.’s eyes widened for a moment. 


It seemed that he didn’t expect Lucion to reveal his name so easily.


“Is it okay for you to tell me your name like this?”


“Is there a reason I shouldn’t tell you?”


“So far, there was. All the rude words I spat out earlier were examples. It’s okay to mock me.”


“Because it’s not a very interesting thing to say. I’ll mock you later.”


“Great, Mr. Hamel.”


J.L. got up for a moment and opened the window in the room.


Hume, who was already dying to open the window a while ago, smiled.


“What brought you here?”


Whether it was because the smoke that had filled the room had dissipated or because J.L. felt better to be called by his name, his hazy eyes became a little clearer.


But the sense of defeat that was etched on his face had not yet disappeared.


[You’re quite persistent, Lucion.]


Russell stuck his tongue out at Lucion, who had finally opened up the conversation.


Lucion was stubborn.


[You know how good Lord Lucion’s patience is, don’t you?]


Bethel’s worried face finally broke into a wide smile.


Finally, what Lucion had wanted happened. Just the fact alone was a great achievement.


Lucion also felt a change in J.L.’s attitude and felt like he could have a conversation with him.


“I’m looking for a merchant to be a liaison and informant for the organization, and I want that merchant to be you.”


“What is the reason?”


“Because I investigated you.”


Lucion didn’t lie.


He’d actually contacted Tella and tracked down a few merchants, and he’d heard that there had been a Kell family in the past and that J.L., the patriarch, led the Kell merchant.


He also naturally heard about why the Kell family had fallen; although he didn’t know the details, Tella had shared stories she had heard from the nobles.


[Ah. Is this what you talked about with Tella? I didn’t hear about it until you were on your way to make an appointment in Central.]


Russell smiled brightly, feeling relieved now.


―That’s right! Ratta heard, but Russell didn’t.


Ratta said proudly.


‘It’s nothing to be proud of.’


Lucion glanced at J.L., whose expression darkened.


Before heading to the eastern region, Lucion had to stop by the central region again. 


Tella had invited him to her mansion because the head of the family wanted to give a gift she couldn’t give to Lucion because of his trip and to thank him for his help to the Luteon family. 


Though he considered declining, he gave in to temptation and took the gift.


‘I have to go unofficially, so when I get back, I’ll tell Brother Heint…’


“How much do you know?”


J.L.’s gaze turned fierce as he looked at Lucion.


“Excuse me, but how about we put an end to this?”


Hume suggested to J.L.


“Let’s listen to the answer first.”


But J.L. refused this.


“No, let’s not put the past behind us. Because I want to twist your neck.”


Hume also did not back down.


J.L. hesitated.


He knew it was not just a simple joke, as he had already experienced her strength.


“It seems the Kell family was a close associate of the royal family and a prestigious family. However, for some reason, they fell. It’s rumored that the reason was treason,” Lucion teased, recalling the story he had heard from Tella.


It is known that it was ruined for some reason, but he can’t believe the reason was treason.


“The Kell family, which was a prestigious family, fell into ruin for some reason.”


Lucion said as he looked at J.L.’s expression.


Over his hardened face, J.L. reached for the cigarette rolling beside him with a trembling hand.


“No, it’s not allowed.”


Hume said it clearly.


Even so, Hume was worried about Lucion’s condition.


Lucion was prone to coughing, even in the dust.


“How is it known that the Kell family fell?”


J.L. asked, crushing the cigarette in his hand.




Lucion said what he knew without further ado.


“Is that so?”


A bitter smile appeared on J.L.’s face, adding to the gloominess in his already somber eyes. “Still known for treason, well. I didn’t do anything to change that, did I?”


‘Something doesn’t look good.’


Lucion was silent as he looked at the taut blue thread.


“I didn’t realize anyone still remembered the Kell family.”


“You’re using the last name.”


“No, I don’t. I’ve already abandoned the last name. I had to abandon it to survive, and maybe I accidentally let it out when I was drunk. But you’re the first person to come to me remembering it.”


J.L. nervously bit his lip, clasping his hands together.


“I am a foolish man. I’m still so afraid of failing again.”


[Wait, are we misunderstanding something right now? Russell asked, breaking the silence. Lucion had just realized the same thing.

It was even creepier than it had been a moment ago.

[The change in his attitude after calling his name made him feel like Lord Lucion was there to help, as if he were an ally.]



Lucion almost laughed at Bethel’s words. 


Reviving the fallen family was J.L.’s responsibility, not his. 


He was only interested in J.L.’s insight and skills, with his nickname Golden Hand, not his personal life.


“If you came here to hear the truth, you’ve come to the wrong place.”


“No. I came here to find a merchant to run the organization.”


“There’s no turning back… No. It’s too late.”


Whether he was ignoring him or just wanted to, J.L. suddenly blurted out what he wanted to say.


‘This is absurd. I’ve already said several times that I came to own the merchant.’


Lucion stared at J.L., who had a certain air of loneliness about him, as if he carried the burden of the world alone.


He wondered inwardly how far J.L. would talk.


“By now, the Neubra guys must have been conciliating within the imperial family and a lot of cajoled nobles.”




Lucion raised his head, looking away from his hand, puzzled by the sudden mention of Neubra.


“Neubra? You mean the Neubra Kingdom?”


Why is the story about those guys suddenly coming out?


Both Bethel and Russell also focused on the unexpected topic.


“That’s right. You’ve been informed that over a decade ago, Neubra executed a plan to reach out to the Imperial family.”


“No, I didn’t,” Lucion replied.


“Didn’t you come here knowing that I was the imperial dog?”


“That’s not it either?”


Lucion replied, just as bewildered as J.L.


He had no idea that such an important story would be revealed so easily.


[Is his mouth just light, or is he more foolish than I thought?]


Russell was dumbfounded.




Bethel’s words became longer.


[He must have been under the mistaken impression that Lord Lucion was here to help him. He just said that no one has remembered J.L. Kell in over a decade, and the Lord just happened to fit the bill.]


“Then why did you investigate me?”


“This is driving me crazy.”


Lucion was frustrated when he saw J.L. acting like someone who had just been betrayed.


“What have I been saying all this time? I came to find the merchant for the organization. It’s not a personal matter; it’s for the organization. It doesn’t make sense for me not to investigate,” Lucion said, his mask turning red. 


“I have a rough idea of the kind of people you’ve been meeting, but investigation is essential. You’re no different. You wouldn’t take on a deal without investigating, would you?” Lucion continued.




“That’s right. You’ve just spilled everything with your own mouth,” Lucion said in a relieved tone.


Finally, after several minutes, J.L. understood why Lucion had come.


‘I want to applaud my patience. I’ve never been more proud of myself than today.’


“I-I… you idiot!”




J.L. suddenly slapped himself hard in the face.


―Hop. That would hurt. Ratta also got hit while catching the tail, and it hurt a lot.


Ratta, who was in the shadow, folded her ears slightly and tightly closed her eyes.


“By hitting yourself like that, only your face will hurt. Come on. I accidentally found out your secret, and I let go of the fact that you tried to kill me, so now hand over the ledger,” Lucion said, extending his hand with annoyance.


“You idiot! Why? Why are you so stupid? Destroying the family and squandering the fortune. How low do you have to sink to feel satisfied? Just die! Just die already…!” 


J.L., instead of hitting his head wildly, recalled the dagger he had been planning to attack Hamel with and gripped it in his hand.




At that time, something slapped J.L.’s hand.


“Isn’t this guy crazy?”


Lucion immediately got up and smacked J.L.’s foolish face.




“Hey, snap out of it. I came to save the merchant, not to shed blood,” Lucion said.


J.L. touched his cheek as if he was gradually coming to his senses from the pain.




It was clearly darkness that had struck J.L.’s hand a moment ago.


[His eyes are pretty good.]


Bethel added.




Lucion did not deny it.


“Yes, you too will devour the imperial family…”




Lucion slapped J.L.’s other cheek with the back of his hand.


If he gave a signal to Hume, it seemed like J.L.’s neck would snap.


“If I were like those guys, I would have already taken your life.”




“Say it properly. Were you the imperial dog ten years ago?”


Originally, Lucion had no intention of getting involved in J.L.’s personal life, but since the Neubra Kingdom was mentioned, he couldn’t just let it go.


“Am I going to die now?”


“First, speak properly, you crazy bastard.”


Under Lucion’s urging, J.L. let out a deep sigh.


He looked at his store with a distant gaze, then opened his mouth with a resigned attitude.


“Yes. It’s not widely known, but the Kell family was a dog of the imperial family. Think of us as the shadows of the imperial family. We were the ones who carried out actions that the imperial family couldn’t do publicly.”


Whether J.L.’s actions indicated he was ready to die or not, it didn’t register in Lucion’s eyes.


Perhaps he could learn about the nobles who had joined forces with the Neubra Kingdom, something he hadn’t heard from Gartio Menn.


“But why were you falsely accused of treason?”


“Because I discovered nobles who joined hands with the Kingdom of Neubra.”


As expected.


Lucion was satisfied with J.L.’s next words.


“And that faction probably became the one supporting the Fourth Prince, Owen Tesla, now. They stood by the Fourth Prince’s side back then as well.”


[Fourth Prince? A prince who shook hands with Neubra was the fourth prince.]


Bethel was shocked. It was truly unbelievable information.


[If we had known this fact later, it would have been a big problem. Surely, they are now plotting to kill the Fifth Prince.]


Russell shook his head.


[By the way, no matter how tempting the throne is, how could a prince betray his own country? Imagine if he became the crown prince. How would the country turn out?]


‘In two years, we’ll be back to square one.’


Lucion smiled briefly, knowing the future.


What was more urgent than the Fourth Prince right now was finding the ‘owl.’


If anyone had been working with Neubra in the past and was at the center of it, it had to be him.


“Trayan, Gatowin, Chobitol, Virestin, Orwellot…”


Lucien mentioned all 13 names he had heard from Gartio Menn.


It was to gain J.L.’s trust.


“Do you know any of these guys?”


“How do you know?”


“Because I kicked the ass of one of the bastards who worked with the Neubra Kingdom.”


Lucion slightly clenched his fist.


“Of course, there are some that are not mentioned here, and there are probably some that you have never heard of.”


“That’s right.”


“Who was the center at that time?”

Author's Thoughts

Fyi, A person with a light mouth is one who can openly tell a secret.

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