Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 3 - I Remembered (3)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Joh


Russell smiled.


[But as I said before, the first thing to do is to treat your injury, so don’t move and just rest.]


“Yes, I will.”


Seeing Lucion following obediently, Russell frowned.


[Why don’t you hurt your head one more time? Because I really think you’re going to be a completely different person again.]


“Oh, can I just stick my head right into the wall?”


At Lucion’s words, Russell nodded with satisfaction.


[You seem more like my disciple now.]


* * *


A few days later.


“…Don’t you think the youngest master has changed lately?”


One of the servants, who was hanging out the laundry, opened his mouth carefully.


“Did you feel it?”




The servant, who was tapping the blanket with a bat, asked back in surprise.


“You too?”


The servant, who was hanging the laundry, stopped his hand and slightly pulled up the blanket.


“Oh, I made eye contact with the youngest one while I was changing the blanket, but his response was different from usual. Even though I’m doing this all the time…”


The servant put a bat in his hand that was placed beside him as he knitted his brows.


“Yes, that’s the look!”


When his friend responded, the servant continued his story, not letting go of the bat in his hand.


“But then he just sat still. What’s more unusual is when I said hello, he actually greeted me back.”


“Me too! Honestly, I was so shocked that I almost screamed.”


“Our young master. Is he really okay now?”


“Well, I hope he’s okay, though.”




As soon as he tried to tap the blanket with a bat, the other servant pointed at the window in complete wonderment.


“Look, look, over there!”


“What… whoops!”


The servant, who was hanging the laundry, was surprised and almost dropped the laundry.


Through the window, he could see Lucion walking down the hall.


“Young-, it’s the young master!”


The servant said with the laundry in his hand.


“I know. He is walking down the hall.”


“Maybe the Lord is calling for him? There was quite an uproar over the last banquet.”


“Now that I hear about it, he had all the right to be angry. If it was me, I would have kicked that guy on the spot!”


“Yes! Our young master did nothing wrong. Just a little bit different from others because he’s sick.”


They stopped what they were doing and looked anxiously at Lucion walking down the hall.


Others call Lucion crazy, but he had never once laid a hand on his servants. There were cases where people would intentionally initiate a fight, but their young master would just refuse to entertain them.


‘Pitiful man.’


They quietly wished for Lucion happiness.


* * *


When Lucion appeared, the dining hall instantly became noisy. It’s been years since Lucion left his room and went to the dining room by himself.


Novio, who was eating first, and Carson, Lucion’s older brother, were startled and looked at Lucion.


“I’m a little late.”


Lucion sat down as if nothing had happened.


I could hear the servants whispering, “The young master is here.”


Lucion was relieved that no one was gossiping about the incident at the banquet, but there was quite a clamor about his unexpected arrival.


‘I couldn’t stop my rumors from spreading.’


No matter how much Novio blocked it, there was a limit to what he could do. And things haven’t changed because he had yet to do something.


‘Now it has to change.’


[Hey Lucion, even though I only knew you for a short time, it was amazing to see you walked out here by yourself without someone forcing you.]


Russell nodded, taking for granted the surrounding reaction.


“How’s your head?”


Novio asked, reliving his astonishment.


“Yes, it should be fine to move a bit now.”


Lucion responded with a smile.


But, It was the servants who were stunned the most by their young master’s smile. They didn’t know that Lucion was someone who knew how to smile.


“Everyone, go back.”


Novio ordered over all his servants, thinking they were boisterous. And he thought it was bad for Lucion’s recovery.


“Thank you. I’m not getting used to this yet.”


Carson wriggled his brow at Lucion’s repeated actions.


“I won’t rush you, take your time.”


Novio said, raising the corners of his mouth slightly.


‘How long has it been since we had a meal together? I wish my second daughter was here too.’


Novio got up himself and handed Lucion the plate.


“Next time, I’ll ask them to make one that you like.”


“Thank you, Father.”


In Lucion’s response, Carson stopped forking.


He found it odd that Lucion now sees Novio and calls him his father.


“What’s wrong, brother?”


Lucion saw him in Carson’s eyes.


“Aren’t you tired?”


Carson asked bluntly, picking up his surprise.


It was too obvious. 


Lucion caught his breath at Carson’s sudden question.


‘I pretended to be fine, but I’m actually not feeling well.’


His hands were sweaty and cold. As soon as he left the room without covering his face with a hood, Lucion appeared like this.


“It’s hard.”


When Lucion answered honestly, Carson’s eyes clearly expressed worries.


His brother, who had previously rejected people, suddenly changed his behavior. So, how can he be all right in an instant?


“As our father had said, you can take your time. I’ve been waiting until now, but it won’t hurt to wait any longer.”


“It’s tough, but it’s okay now.”


“Anyway, it’s good to see you here.”


Carson spoke from the bottom of his heart.


It took a long time for Lucion to sit here again.


Carson smiled—full of spirit.


Lucion’s eyes shook slightly at the smile of his brother he saw for the first time.




Lucion clenched the spoon and called Carson.




Carson killed himself in the novel, but it wasn’t revenge.


He killed himself by using a fake name “Hamel,” abandoning his identity and name with guilt and affection for failing to stop his brother.


“I decided to learn the sword.”


Lucion looked up and stared at Carson.


“So, please teach me the sword.”


A blue thread connecting Lucion and Carson appeared.




Lucion smiled and Carson was so shocked that he dropped his fork. He then looked at Novio rather than answering Lucion.


“I allowed it. “


Novio responded to that bewildered gaze.




Carson was speechless.


The fact that Lucion came all the way here on his own was already an amazing and incredible feat. But Lucion took further steps as if he wasn’t satisfied yet.


Carson looked at Lucion again, making the latter ponder about it.


‘I’m too old to hold a sword.’


Carson was only five years old when he learned swords. And one should have grabbed a sword at the age of ten at the latest.


‘But swordsmanship is not all about being strong but instead it’s having a strong mind.’


Lucion made the right choice. The art of swordsmanship was the art of cleaning one’s mind.


The Cronia, however, was a family that defended the border. So I knew exactly what the purpose of swordsmanship was.


“I can’t believe you already thought that far. I’m so proud of you.”


The corner of Carson’s mouth, looking at Lucion, rose briefly high. However, Lucion wasn’t able to see it because he was eating soup.


‘I can learn from the Teacher how to turn the darkness into an auror, but I can’t learn the sword itself.’


Lucion swallowed the soup and thought.


Why would he give up this opportunity when there was a good teacher and the youngest swordsmanship genius in front of him?


‘I don’t want anything more if my brother allows me.’


Lucion looked at Carson after wiping his mouth with a napkin.


He looked blunt as usual.


‘Is it hard to get there?’


Lucion was fully aware of it, too. That he’s way past the age where he should’ve learned about swords. But even if it was late, he had to be strong enough to use the auror in some way.






In Carson’s response, Lucion’s eyes widened- not believing what he had just heard.


He almost dropped the spoon.




Lucion looked at the cut blue thread.


“I’ll teach you.”


Carson’s voice sounded more powerful than before.




“Lucion, why are you so surprised? Didn’t you ask me to teach you?”


“I… I did.”


“So I said yes.”




“But not now. Only after your injury is completely healed, then we can begin.”


Carson’s eyes turned to the bandage wrapped around Lucion’s head.


It was a world where medicines were not developed much because of the miraculous existence, called God.


Lucion had already heard the same words from a few people, making him break into laughter.


“Yes. I’ll go see you then.”




Novio looked gloating over the exchange of the brothers after a long time. It felt as if spring had come to the family, which had always been winter. Novio hoped the spring would last a long time.


* * *


‘I should do better.’


Lucion thought as he walked out of the dining room and headed to his room.


His small changes brought smiles to the faces of his family. That alone was satisfactory for now.




As soon as Lucion got out of the dining hall, Russell called him.




Lucion answered, looking at the window.


[Good job.]


Lucion stopped walking at Russell’s unexpected praise.


Suddenly, Lucion turned his head and looked at Russell.


[As a teacher, it is natural to praise his disciple for his admirable behavior.]


“I don’t think so. It was unfamiliar to me because it was my first time, so I’m looking forward to hearing more of it.”


[I’m not familiar with it either.]


Russell’s face distorted for a moment.


[Anyway, how about going a little further if possible? If you’re not in good condition, you can go next time.]


“Where do you mean?”


Lucion took a step that had stopped again.


Now, unlike in the past, he was more vigilant about the surroundings and would check whether there were servants in the hallway. He had to be careful because only he could see Russell, a ghost in others’ eyes.


[I prepared something in advance in the hope of having my student.]


“Are you telling me that in a month?”


Lucion smiled unconsciously.


[Have you ever listened to me? No, I don’t even remember if you’ve ever called me teacher.]


Russell was rather elated by Lucion’s confident reaction.




Lucion turned his eyes away.


Russell offered to make him his disciple instead of Lucion just chasing away the ghosts.


‘At that time, I accepted his preposition because I wanted to kick out those ghosts who were disgusting and keep on telling me to kill someone.’


But Russell was also a ghost, and his actions, which had caused him all sorts of irritation and violence, passed through his mind.


Russell paused for an instant and then nodded.


“Oh, my head….”


Lucion stumbled and held onto the wall as if he suddenly felt dizzy.


Russell snorted at the obvious performance.


[That’s enough, I’ve already moved on.]


“I can’t wait to see what kind of present you’ve prepared.”


Lucion gave up on his embarrassing acting and wiped his mouth as if nothing had happened.


At his student’s awkward performance, Russell giggled and asked.


[So what do you want to do?]


“I’ll be out.”


Lucion looked back out at the sun.


It just so happened that he had something to do outside. It’s the most necessary thing he must do.


Lucion stopped by his room first before going outside.



Lucion, who was heading to the closet, called Russell.




Russell twitched his eyebrows every time he heard Lucion calling him “Teacher,” making it apparent that he was still unable to adapt to Lucion’s changed attitude.


“Can a warlock be light resistant?”




Russell paused for an instant and then nodded.


Lucion thought he would laugh at his question, but Russell was pretty serious.




Russell added,


[Theoretically speaking.]


“Is it really only possible, theoretically?”


[For now.]


Russell’s eyes rolled around.


[Do you know what happens when a person blessed with light is exposed to the dark to a certain extent?]


“Wouldn’t it fall?”


[Right. The person would be corrupted and it’s all over. Anyway, you’re basically resistant to darkness, so your life is saved.]


Russell crossed his arms.


[But it’s either we become half-ass or die. Isn’t it so unfair?]


“It’s not unfair. It’s wrong to say that darkness and light are polar opposites.”


[Right, it’s not a mutual relationship between carnivores and herbivores. But I think darkness and light are complementary relationships in harmony.]


Lucion waited for Russell’s words.


[That’s what nature tells us. There is darkness when there is light, and there is light when there is darkness.]


Russell grinned.


[So we can build up light resistance. I just don’t know how yet.]


Lucion became more determined after hearing the conviction of Russell’s words.




Then, beyond the room, the red thread, which might have been connected to someone, became tight.


There was only one person in the novel who was resistant to light.


‘The Final Boss.’


Lucion intended to try the method used by the final boss.


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