Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 30 - There's a Sign (3)

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‘It’s filthy big.’


The venue of the banquet was in the Great Light Temple in the capital.


I felt my legs hurt at the sight of the great light temple, which was big enough to aim for being a palace.


Wooo. Ratta doesn’t like this place.


Ratta in Lucion’s shadow gave a limp voice.


Because he gained light tolerance, Ratta also became light-resistant.


However, Ratta’s bad mood was a problem he couldn’t do anything about.


‘I feel nauseous and heavy.’


Lucion slowly checked his condition.


Even if they had resistance to light, they were not yet completely free to move under the light.


‘But it’s not like I can’t stand it.’


[It’s not a place to stay for a long time, so hit it moderately and get out.]


Lucion nodded at Russell’s words, but he felt differently.


‘… I had two more Ratcho in the morning, so how much more resistant will I be?’


He changed his rumors, increased his tolerance, and gained information from aristocrats.


The banquet lasted for three days, so there were a lot of things to choose from.


‘I’ll be here for a long time. For a long time.’


[By the way, it’s a temple… The light is a little weak. Is it because of the banquet?]


Russell tilted his head.


“There is little light enveloping the temple.”


Carson also got off the carriage and said something like Russell.


“Is there less light?”


Lucion asked.


“It’s so small that it doesn’t fit the name of Great Light Temple. But that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous for you. You haven’t forgotten your promise, right Lucion?”


Before coming to the banquet, Carson had promised that he would guarantee his freedom, but that his safety took precedence over freedom.


“Yes, I haven’t forgotten. My safety comes first.”


“Well, don’t run like a spoiled colt like last time, just follow me.”


“… You’re tighter than you think.”




“Anyway, I’ll keep that in mind.”


Lucion groaned and followed Carson.


Lucion and Carson were followed by knights and servants, including Shen.


The number of knights and servants meant the power of a nobleman, and the more knights and servants there were, the higher the probability of being a high-ranking nobleman.


But in front of Carson, it didn’t matter how many knights and servants there were.


Carson Cronia, who is called the ruler of the frontier after Novio.


Not a few aristocrats didn’t know his face.


“Do you know who is following Lord Carson Cronia?”


One of Carson’s aristocratic young men carefully asked.


It was naturally the imperial family that was troubled when the new lord became stronger.


It was also surprising that Cronia, who rarely came to the central part of the country, came to the banquet, but a strange boy who followed Carson’s footsteps continued to be spotted.


The young aristocrats, who stopped talking for a moment, stared at Lucion.


However, no matter how hard they thought about it, they couldn’t think of any.


“…maybe Lucion Cronia, the second child of Cronia.”


At that time, a skinny noble young man carefully brought it up.


Soon, laughter burst out here and there as if laughing at a man.


“Hey, have you been drunk since broad daylight? How is that Lucion? Watch it again. He’s wearing a hood over his back.”


“What would you do to send him here if he went crazy in the first place?”


The skinny young man asked displeasedly at the conversation of the nobles.


“Is there any reason why Cronia’s second child shouldn’t be here?”


“Of course not. Isn’t that a disgrace to the nobility?”


“Maybe he was enchanted by a warlock. The story of being cursed is not for nothing.”


“He said he wouldn’t leave his room in the first place, does he even have the courage to come all the way here?”


The aristocratic young men giggled and looked at the skinny noble young man as if they had an interesting spectacle.


“I don’t know who you are, but you’d better not protect him. If you don’t want to hear anything bad.”


Young aristocrats chased Carson, warning the skinny aristocrat.


“You morons.”


The skinny noble young man also laughed at them and left.


‘… Play well.’


Lucion didn’t stop his snort from leaking.


He could hear whispers just by walking.


Lucion raised his hand unconsciously and paused.


There was no hood that he always wore over his head today.


[Do not worry about it.]


Russell said, frowning.


‘You’re the one who cares the most.’


Lucion smiled as if he was okay.


The only way to the Great Light Temple is the size of an eight-lane road.


The sky was clear and he felt like he was getting infinitely smaller in the size of the Great Light Temple, which shined under the sun.


‘I was after you.’


On both sides of the road, there are gardens and stone statues in the shape of angels at wide intervals so as not to disturb the quiet atmosphere of the Great Light Temple.


As the garden was full of well-managed Ratchos, Lucion swallowed his saliva involuntarily.


‘I think I can eat another one here.’




Russell called him like a ghost, perhaps reading his mind.


As Lucion followed Carson inside, there were already nobles who had started a small gathering.




Carson distorted his face at Heint’s voice.


Lucion also breathed a little deep.


Carson looked at Heint and said, “You said you wouldn’t come.” 


“I was trying to do that. But now that I think about it, is this a chance for me? This time, I’ll try to catch him as a knight who can’t reach his father’s breath. For example, Cronia…”


“You can’t.”


Carson refused at the drop of a hat.


Heint used the power of light.


Regardless of his skills, Novio won’t allow him.


“I know. I just threw it.”


Heint smacked his lips with regret.


He soon greeted Lucion.


“Good morning, Lucion.”


“Yes, good morning.”


“But is it okay for you to come here?”


Heint looked anxiously at Lucion.


“Give me a sign if the ruthless Carson has forced you to be here. I’ll take care of it.”


Lucion shook his head and said, “My brother has done nothing wrong. I said I’d come.”


“… Isn’t it dangerous?”


“Unfortunately, it is safer to come here. If I stood still, my flesh might be ripped off by people who didn’t know anything. Do you think I have to endure this?”




Heint felt as if he had been hit on the head with a hammer.


It was so heavy that it was hard to believe that those words are from a boy who was not yet an adult.


‘Carson deserves to be worried.’


How can Lucion say that like it’s nothing?


For some reason, Heint was very anxious that there seemed to be no hesitation in him.




“That’s enough talking.”


Carson cut off Heint’s words.


On Carson’s warning not to talk anymore, Heint concluded his remarks.


“Come to think of it, I’ve been holding you for too long. I have caused you much trouble. Then.”


Lucion bowed slightly along Heint.




Lucion called Heint, who was about to leave.


Red thread connected to his head.


I agonized over how to cut that thread off, even before I went to bed last night, over breakfast.


But I came to a conclusion a while ago.


‘The relationship between Heint and Lucion in the novel is bad.’


The curse created by Lucion swept the central region, including Heint’s family.


‘Then, shouldn’t it be enough if the relationship between me and Heint is not bad?’


Lucion spoke without hesitation to confirm.


“If you don’t mind, can I call you brother Heint?”




The string was pulled tight as if it was telling the answer.


‘I was right!’


Lucion didn’t block the corners of his mouth that rose on its own.




Heint tried to hide his surprised look in a hurry, but it was too obvious.


But he soon smiled, holding onto his face.


“I’m honored. I’ve always wanted to have a younger brother because I only have older brothers.”




Lucion clenched his fist.


It was a pity that the red thread was not cut, but the opponent was the main character.


As he had a deep relationship with him, cutting the red thread was also expected to be a long-term battle.


“Thank you, Heint-nim.”


Lucion bowed to Heint and saw Carson.


He was thinking hard about something.




“Let’s go.”


Carson shook his head and walked forward again.


[I didn’t know you wanted to be so close to Heint.]


‘What do you mean?’


Lucion tilted his head slightly at Russell’s words.




Carson opened his mouth.


“Yes, brother.”


“Heint, even though he sometimes does things that make him angry, he’s not that bad of a guy. You have eyes for people.”




Lucion didn’t know what to say to the abrupt story.


Heint made no mistake on himself.


“I’ll talk to our father later.”




Carson kept his mouth shut.


‘No, what are you talking about?’


Lucion chased Carson with a puzzled look.


* * *


The auditorium in the Great Light Temple was more than enough to handle hundreds of people.


There was already a buzzing noise coming over the door.


‘… Ha.’


Lucion breathed deeply.


When I entered the main hall, I was able to endure it, but as soon as I went up to the second floor where the auditorium is located, the power of light became so heavy and strong that I lost my mind for a moment.


As soon as Ratta entered the hall, she kept her mouth shut.


[Lucion. Let’s go back. We’ll have another chance next time, so that’s enough.]


Russell looked at him anxiously.


Lucion’s darkness died twice as fast.


“Will you be all right?”


Carson also opened his mouth.


The light inside and outside was different.


It must be very hard for Lucion.


Lucion breathed several times in place.


15 minutes before the banquet.


Lucion wanted the Ratcho he had in the morning to respond to the light flowing from beyond the auditorium and quickly raise his tolerance.


Lucion breathed out one last time and opened his mouth.


“It’s worth enduring.”


Russell swept his face down with his hands.


[You’re so… stubborn.]


‘I can’t miss this great opportunity right in front of me.’


Lucion looked at Hume, urging Carson to go quickly.




“Yes, young master.”


“You’re coming with me.”


As it was a banquet, no one could enter the auditorium without a title.


However, Novio told the former side in advance, allowing Hume to be an exception.


‘It’s good to have power.’


Lucion smiled slightly.


I knew that Novio put a lot of pressure on the person in charge.


In front of the door stood the priests dressed in gray instead of the servant.


Carson showed the necklace with Cronia’s family sentence.




The door opened, and the priests shouted for everyone to hear.


“Lord Carson Cronia and young lord Lucion Cronia, and a knight of the Cronia family, are entering.”


The priests did not shout the names of all the nobles.


The cry was a kind of privilege given to powerful and influential nobles.


The noisy auditorium quickly became quiet.


People stayed with Carson for a while and soon turned to Lucion.


They were still talking about the identity of the boy following Carson.


But Lucion.


That Lucion Cronia?




Russell smiled frantically at the sight of the aristocrats closing their mouths.


‘Look at their mouth open.’


Lucion smiled softly at the enraged nobleman.


Like laughing at the nobles who believed in rumors as fools.


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