Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 32 - Divine Beast Birth Banquet? (2)

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Russell endured the sound that almost popped out of regret.


Lucion vomited blood and gained light resistance to last just for today.


He was sitting through the pain until now just to eradicate the rumors about him being crazy.


In the end, Lucion succeeded in turning the rumors around.


[‘But then, why?’]


Russell was so upset.


This was like digging one’s own flesh.


[Lucion, you…]


Even though Russell was holding back his words, Lucion couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Once Lucion moved his lips here, it would be difficult to escape the rumor about him being ‘crazy.’


[‘No. Maybe it’s too late.’]


Lucion still did not regret it.


How can he close his eyes knowing this kind of situation is going to happen?




A window being shattered could be heard once again.


It was Carson.




Lucion was really surprised.


He couldn’t be sure if others would have done the same thing, but of all people, he didn’t expect Carson to do this. 


“No way!”


Even Tella lifted a chair.


“I think there must be a reason for the young master to do this.”


“Well, wait a minute.”


Lucion tried to stop her, but the chair had already left her hand.




“I can’t stay still as a close friend. Of course, my mother will scold me a little.”


Tella giggled as if it relieved her.


Hume also grabbed a chair, but let go once he got caught by Lucion’s gaze.


“What are you doing!” shouted the High Priestess.


Three windows were broken in an instant.


The banquet could not be held as it is.


“Lucion,” Carson said.


His brother, Lucion, was not a thoughtless fool.


There must be a reason why he broke the window.


Carson came to the banquet instead of Gerno for Lucion, who did not know where to go.


Just for this moment.


“I’ll take responsibility for everything.”


“Thank you, brother.”


Lucion smiled so brightly that they could not consider him the culprit who broke the window.


He soon spoke out to several nobles. “I’d like to apologize for making a fuss to the priests and to all the nobles.”


Lucion bowed his head gracefully, like a noble aristocrat.


“We will compensate for the broken glass and the damage we caused under the name of Cronia.”


Lucion, who raised his head, looked at the high priestess.


His gaze was quite fierce.


“But don’t the temple’s side also have to take responsibility like me?”


“Did you just say responsibility?”


The high priestess laughed in vain at Lucion’s absurd question.


“I’m sure the temple knows what happened at the western gate.”


The nobility buzzed at Lucion’s remarks.


Those who are quick have already heard the news, and those who did not have never heard of it.


“A warlock appeared at the western gate.”


As long as the place that became something was a temple, there was no existence more certain than a warlock.


Russell was relieved only then.


When he learned why Lucion threw away his chair, Russell was rather proud.


[This smart guy.]


Russell smiled at Lucion.


As of now, there had been no action that attracted people’s attention as much as Lucion’s unexpected deed.


In particular, it was only possible for Lucion, who was still carrying the rumors of being ‘crazy.’


[Next time, give me a hint before you act. I was really surprised.]


Lucion smirked for a moment.


Even if it surprised Russell, his actions were, nevertheless, successful.


“It just happened yesterday.”


When the murmur stopped, Lucion got to the point.


Yesterday, a warlock appeared from the Western Gate.


By the time this fact reached everyone’s ears, Lucion pierced the truth in earnest.


“But, why did you weaken the power of light more than usual?”


There were also nobles jumping up from their seats whether the attack went in properly.


This is outrageous.


“What does this mean now?”


The protest of the nobles began.


Lucion didn’t stop there.


He wiped away his cold sweat and opened his mouth.


“Today is the first time in 20 years that a Divine Beast was born. How would you explain the insufficient preparation of the temple in a situation where the warlocks might be aiming for the divine beast?”


The nobles responded to Lucion’s words and approached the High Priestess.


“I want everyone to calm down.”


The High Priestess tried to calm down the protesting nobles.


“This Great Light Temple is a place that sets the example of all temples in the Tesla Empire and is always prepared for beings who follow darkness.”


Her voice was loud and full of conviction as she gave Lucion a glare.


“My lord, please do not confuse everyone with empty words. Now, the Great Light Temple is keeping more light than usual, to be on the lookout for beings who follow the darkness.”


“I saw it, High Priestess.”


At that time, Carson spoke out.


“The light inside and outside the building play separately.”


Since it was none other than Carson’s remarks, the High Priestess shut up for a moment.


“I felt the same way.”


Heint then raised his hand and spoke, “You know who I am, right?”


Despite having the power of light, Heint, who gave up the path of the priests and learned the sword, was quite famous.


When Heint appeared, the momentum of the High Priestess slowed.


It is impossible to deceive Heint’s eyes, who has the power of light in the first place.


At this point, it was clear that there was a problem.


“I would like all distinguished guests to stay here for a moment.”


The High Priestess went out alone to confirm.


A few minutes later, the High Priestess returned to the hall again.


Her expression was dark.


At first glance, one could concur that there was something wrong with her expression.


She walked to Lucion and bowed her head.


“Young lord Cronia, please forgive me for my foolishness.”


Her gentle apology was full of sincerity.


‘Did the High Priestess not know about it?’


Lucion gently looked at the High Priestess.




“In addition, the Great Light Temple received deep favor from the young lord Cronia.”


The High Priestess bowed her head again.


As they said, the power of light that was applied inside and outside was different.


‘… I have to check it out for sure.’


If they hadn’t told her about it, on such a holy day, they would have been attacked by the warlocks.


In the worst case, there could be a situation in which the divine beast would be taken away.


The High Priestess raised her head and looked at the nobles

She said, “I would like to convey the very sorry news to the distinguished guests. Due to an incident that occurred a while ago, I’ll postpone the start of the banquet by two hours.”


Even if an unfortunate incident occurred, the great light temple side did not seem to have any intention of changing the date of the banquet.


“I’m so sorry.”


The High Priestess bowed her head toward the nobles.


“Then, I’ll see you in two hours.”


The High Priestess who made a light apology left the hall with the priest with the divine beast.




The nobles expressed their dissatisfaction— voices close to protest—but there was nothing more they could do with the priests already gone.


‘Not yet.’


Lucion saw a red thread that had not yet been broken.


This meant that even if the situation would change, there was still something lacking to change fate itself.


“… Gasp.”


Lucion took a step back and vomited blood.


At that moment, he felt dizzy.


Hume quickly grabbed Lucion, and Tella freaked out and called him. “Young master!”


[I knew it! What are you doing, Hume? Take him out quickly.]


Hume left the hall and supported Lucion at Russell’s urging.


‘This timing… It’s crazy.’


Lucion sat on a nearby bench and wiped his mouth after receiving Hume’s handkerchief.


Perhaps it was Tella’s first time seeing blood as she was shaking while watching him. Lucion then smiled at her.


“It’s okay, my lady. It’s just one of the rejection reactions.”




“I’ll be okay if I rest.”


Lucion soon turned to the sound of footsteps.


It was Carson and Heint.


“Go back to the villa, Lucion.”


Carson said firmly.


“We can’t leave like this. Do you think this only happened by chance?”


In response to Lucion’s backlash, Carson politely asked Tella. “My lady, please leave your seat.”


“Of course.”


Tella bowed her head, hiding her trembling hands.


“Guide us to the right place.”


Carson’s gaze at Heint was very brutal.


* * *


“So, Lucion, did you mean that the enemy set up a bomb?” Carson asked.


Heint guided them to a small shelter in the backyard of the Great Light Temple.


It was a place so far away that one wouldn’t know if something happened here.


“It’s just my hypothesis, so please don’t take it to heart. Anyway, brother Heint said that if he would attack the Great Light Temple, he would use bombs.”


Lucion’s gaze naturally turned to Heint.


Heint nodded, “That’s right. That’s what I said.”


“You can think of the energy emitted by the priests as a kind of protective shield. It is the power of light that protects the entire Great Light Temple. It is made up of living shields one by one.”


[This is also the reason why priests are flocking to them.]


Russell said with a frown.


[Such mendacity.]


“Therefore?” Carson urged Heint.


“And the light can also be a kind of signal. For example, can you see the statue over there?”


Heint pointed at the statue of an angel on both sides of the road leading to the Great Light Temple.


It was so far away that they could see the statue as big as their thumb.


“If you use magic there, then, as I said earlier, the light spreading over there becomes a signal and is transmitted to other priests.”


“What you want to say is that because of the signal, the temple takes time to respond to magic”.


When Carson asked, Heint nodded.


“That’s right. Using magic doesn’t actually hurt much, so attacks are less efficient.”


“Then what if you were to use magic near the temple?”


Lucion, who was listening carefully, answered the sudden question.


“It’s hard because there are more priests there. I’m not kidding. You’ll be able to see them coming in groups in 5 seconds.”


Heint put on a tired expression as if it were true.


“Have you ever tried it?”


Speaking as if it were an experience story, Lucion asked with curiosity.


Heint hesitated for a while before saying carefully,”I want to keep it as a childhood memory…”


[He really tried it.] 


Russell giggled.


‘Heint in the novel was a calm and cool-headed character.’


Lucion looked at Heint and thought as he couldn’t find that personality at all.


‘Is it because it was two years ago?’


“If there is a real bomb, you can find it without using magic,” Carson concluded as he pondered.


“How can you do it without using magic?” Heint asked, freaked out.


“You won’t get caught with tools like this.”


Carson handed something over from his pocket to Heint.


The object looked like a car key.


“It’s a bomb detection tool.”


Bombs were common on the frontier.


No matter how much Lucion knew, he knew that there was a separate team that detonated bombs.


‘Is it like a metal detector?’


Lucion looked closely at the object Heint held in his hand.


“Lucion, you stay calm here. We will be looking for it.”


Carson got up from his seat.


“Yes, I will be quiet.”


Carson frowned when Lucion answered unhesitantly, with no opposition.


“Hurry up and come back.”


Rather, Lucion urged Carson.


Carson felt anxious for some reason. It was as if there would be an accident.


[What’s wrong, Lucion? What else are you going to do?]


The same was true for Russell who felt the same way.


“Trust your little brother. He will not cause trouble twice,” said Heint.


Heint walked to Carson, who was stuck in place.


Carson reluctantly turned his back and left the shelter.


After they left and were far enough, Lucion took Ratta out of his shadow.


Ratta was drooping helplessly.




“Yes, young master.”


“Have you brought any meat from the villa?”


“I have.”


Hume was also an official butler, so he was given a magic bag.


Sniff. Sniff.


Ratta wrinkled her nose, her eyes twinkling as she looked at the meat in her bowl.


It’s meat!




Lucion grinned as he saw Ratta eating meat excitedly.


“I need to take a walk.”


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