Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 37 - Refreshing and sweet scent!

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She was an impressive young lady with purple curly hair.


However, it was difficult to know what her name was and what family she was from just by looking at her face.


At that time, I heard Tella’s voice.


“Lady Devia. It’s this way.”


“Oh, Lady Tella.”


The young girl that Lucion was aiming for walked towards Tella.


There were already many people around Tella.


‘She really has wide feet.’ 

[TL/N : in Korean idioms, having wide feet means being ‘well-connected and sociable’.] (source:


Lucion slightly opened his mouth to Tella’s connections.


[You can be like that, too. It’s just the beginning.]


At the sudden consolation of Russell, Lucion faltered and looked at him.


[Still, start slowly. Whenever people looked at you, I saw you sweating and your hands shaking.]


“… You have very good eyes.”


Lucion fiddled with the hem of his clothes.


I have to get used to people’s gaze gradually.


“Good job, Hume.”


Lucion praised Hume.


Soon, he walked toward Tella with a smile on his face.


“Young lady Tella.”


Hearing Lucion’s voice, Tella put the plate she was holding in her hand nearby and approached Lucion.


“Are you feeling okay? I heard you collapsed.”


“I’m okay. I came to say hello because my brother sent you out like that.”




Tella smiled brightly and whispered softly as if she had remembered something.


“If you don’t mind young master, can I introduce young master to them? Of course, I’ll be quiet.”


Her strong desire to quickly introduce her friends was reflected in her eyes.


“Yes, it’s okay.”


Rather, it was what Lucion wanted.


When Lucion granted permission, Tella approached the people and proudly spoke, pointing to Lucion.


“This is my close friend, Young master Lucion Cronia.”


She lowered her voice on purpose, and the sound was heard sparsely.


However, I could see the pride in her eyes at once.


Tella walked back to Lucion, pointing to the people, and introduced them one by one.


Lucion calmly put the names of the people introduced by Tella in his ears.


These small opportunities were also a waste to miss because they were people he could encounter someday.


“… And this is the daughter of Viscount Jeven, Devia Jeven.”


As soon as Tella pointed to Devia, a blue thread connected to her as if it were the right answer.


Perhaps the other one is Shen.


“Young lady Tella.”


“Yes, young master.”


“Unfortunately, I should get going.”


Lucion has already found out who owns the refreshing and sweet scent.


Thinking of Carson, who was waiting for him, Lucion stepped down.


The night is not over yet.


* * *


Returning to the villa, Lucion headed to Carson’s room.


Knock, knock.


“Brother, it’s me.”


“Come on in.”


When Lucion opened the door, Carson was looking at Lucion disapprovingly.


“I don’t know why you’re still wearing outdoor clothes.”


“I’m going for a little walk.”


Carson took a long breath.


“Do it tomorrow.”


[Yes, this is normal. Today, considering your condition, it’s right to lie in bed, close your eyes, and sleep tight.]


Russell nodded at Carson’s wise choice.


How embarrassed he was when Lucion said he had to go out.


In the past, he didn’t move at all in the room, so it was frustrating to just look at him, but now it was funny to stop him from going out.


“I have to do it today. No, I am a little late today.”


Lucion persuaded Carson.


“What’s the reason?”


“The one who touched me might have run away by now.”


“Did that happen yesterday?”


On the day he left for an appointment with Tella Luteon, Lucion came with the smell of blood on his body.


“Yes, that’s right. But it’s not a big deal for you to care about.”


Even if Lucion didn’t kill people that day, Carson was bothered.


“How many knights do you need?”


However, Carson did not stop Lucion.


He touched me, of course, I should pay him back.


“I don’t need it.”


“Then, tell me if you need to clean up.”


“Yes. If I can’t handle it, I’ll tell you.”


Lucion bowed his head and stepped down.


‘Should I… put a person on him?’ 

Carson looked at the door and thought.


But soon he shook his head.


He was a child who had a good sense since childhood.


He put on talented people a few times, but each time Lucion would threaten Novio or himself not to monitor him.


‘I’ll still be caught, so I’ll have to wait until Lucion comes.’


The power of the boy named Hume brought by Lucion was confirmed on the first day.


If he was strong enough to break the floor, he could beat most of the guys.


‘After the banquet, I’ll have to train together with Lucion.’


It was a waste to leave it like that.


* * *


[There’s no surveillance.]


As soon as Lucion left the villa, Russell told him.


Lucion covered himself in a hood at the back of a nearby store and wore the mask from Russell.


[Finally, it’s this guy’s turn.]


Russell let go of his itchy mouth.


[First of all…]


Lucion’s hair color changed!


Ratta recognized at once the color of Lucion’s hair, which was seen through the hood.


[That’s right. Not only the hair color but also the voice sounds different. It’s not fun to have a black mask every time, so you can change the color. Oh, there are other small functions, but I don’t expect anything from your expression.]


“It was too obvious… Hah.”


Lucion felt strange about his unfamiliar voice as he tried to answer sarcastically.


Your voice is weird. Lucion is not Lucion.


Ratta rolled her front feet and said.


“You definitely seem like a different person with just one voice. It seems like it will take some getting used to.”


At Hume’s words, Lucion smirked.


Hume has already changed from a boy to a girl.


Anyone could tell that Hume changed the most.


Lucion took out everything that could reveal that he was Lucion and put it in his magic pouch.


“Let’s go.”


First of all, the eldest son of the Horaon family.


I thought I had endured it for a long time, which is so unlike me.


* * *


The eldest son of the Horaon family sent insignificant assassins to kill Lucion.


How anxious must they be now that their news has been cut off?


He can’t go and check by himself.


‘He would have stayed at the inn for another day or so.’


The eldest son probably didn’t go to the banquet, but he would have heard from an acquaintance who attended the banquet.


‘How surprised must he have been? He must have heard that I was alive.’


Lucion came out of the inn and followed the eldest son running away in a hurry.


It was not possible until the evening when the banquet was over for his acquaintance to deliver his news to him.


‘The timing is good.’


Lucion was caught up in the crowd until he went out of the city with a calm step that was neither fast nor slow, receiving the attention of the man who kept checking the back.


The night has already come.


The man who came out of the city noticed something strange on the way and ran.


In addition, Lucion and Hume also ran to chase him.


[He went to the right.]


Russell said in a calm voice.


“Thank you.”


Hume turned right without hesitation and accelerated further.


‘… He’s crazy.’


Lucion didn’t run, but for a moment he felt the strength in his legs loosen.


It clearly felt like they were running side by side, but in fact, Hume was setting his own pace.


“L, Let go of me!”


At the point on the right where Russell pointed, I heard his voice.


It’s him.


How can I forget that voice?


Hume grabbed the hem of his robe and lifted it up, walking towards Lucion.


[Pu ha ha ha!]


Russell laughed at the guy who looked like he was hanging in the air.


“Throw him.”


At Lucion’s instructions, Hume threw him to the floor.


Before he touched the floor, a thick branch hit his body.




As soon as Lucion heard his voice, he got a branch of a prudent tree.


It didn’t kill him, but it was enough to feel like dying.




Soon, a scream burst out of his mouth.


However, Lucion hit and hit him without saying anything.


The reason for his mother’s death was different from the rumors.


She was originally a weak person, and after giving birth to him, her weak body worsened.




Even when she saw a ghost, she always treated me warmly as if it didn’t matter.


At one time, she was his only home and a person who understood him.






The branch broke and at the same time, blood splurted from him.


‘A mother like that… !’


Lucion put more force into his hand.


[That’s it, Lucion.]


Russell stopped Lucion, who almost lost his temper.


Lucion threw away the broken branches and wiped the blood splashed on the mask with his gloved hands.


[Calm down.]


Russell couldn’t see Lucion’s expression because he was masked.


However, he could tell how excited he was without looking.


Lucion took a breath and nodded.


“… Why why… .”


The guy trembled and barely spoke.




Lucion opened his mouth.




“Break both legs evenly.”




As soon as Lucion’s order was issued, Hume stepped on it without hesitation.




He screamed again.


Lucion praised the spirit of the man who did not faint and put the dagger he had bought in advance next to him.


“Do you want to ask why I’m attacking you?”


Lucion squatted down and grabbed his hair.


The man’s face was messed up with soil and blood.


He was like garbage rolling down the street with his tears and runny nose.


“Just because. You kind of bothers me.”


Lucion’s voice was full of laughter.


“Why? There are days like that. A day when I suddenly feel so bothered for no reason and hate enough to want to kill someone.”


The man looked at Lucion like a monster in a cold sweat.


He was like an unknown creature he’s never met in his life.


“That was just you.”


There is no reason.


That creature was saying that.


That fact was rather frightening, and he couldn’t stand it.


“Can you feel your legs smashed?”


Lucion pointed to a dagger.


His actions made him flinch.


“Now you make the choice. Whether to die or not. Whatever you choose, your life is yours, so I’ll respect it.”


Lucion got up from his seat.


“See you again.”


Words that promise the next time.


He didn’t know the words would be so scary.


He finally lost his mind screaming and lost consciousness.


“Is that so?”


Hume asked quietly.




“Suddenly, you feel uncomfortable for no reason, and you want to kill people.”


“Of course it’s a lie.”


Lucion smirked.


“Do I look like a crazy person who would do such a thing?”


[What? There was a time like that, right?]


When Russell opened his mouth, Lucion quickly corrected his words.


Hume reacted as if he didn’t know.




“It’s acting.”


“Was that acting?”


“Shall we go back and kill him?”


“He’s done now. So you don’t have to care.”


Hume expressed his doubts as he tried to nod at Lucion’s instructions.


“It’s kind of hard.”




You killed him last time. I don’t know why you don’t kill him this time. Other than that, there are situations where even a person who is reckless toward the master must endure and there are situations where it is not. It’s hard for me to tell the difference.”


Hume soon frowned.


“I’m probably following the master’s instructions… .”


“No. You’re the judge. Even if you get scolded by me again, you have to judge.”


“I heard you need a dog that listens well.”


“Think about dogs, too. You have a brain. All I want from you is that you don’t betray me.”


“… All right. It’s still difficult though. Because I am not human.”


Hume followed Lucion with a sullen face.


The man who made him forced him not to think.


This body, which did not need sleep and did not need to eat, was not human.


Being the first to realize that, Hume tried to do as Anthony had told him.


At least he’ll look like a human being.


Lucion sighed and looked back.


“What are you thinking about? Thoughts are things that people have even if they are not people. Now that you have recovered your body, think about what you want to do.”


“What I want to do… you mean it?”


Hume opened his eyes wide.


“Okay. I’ll think about it one by one and there’s one more place to go.”


With the blessing of the divine beast, Ratta has gained a new ability.


Devia Jeven, the owner of the refreshing and sweet scent and who sold his information.


It was time to catch her.

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