Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 45 - Who is it? (3)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Xia


[Back!] said Russell hastily.


However, it Lucion’s darkness had already appeared to protect him. 




Darkness blocked the blue waves, but it did not stop the shock. Lucion was pushed to the drawer, and his mask came undone due to the strong shock felt throughout his body.


“…cough!” He spilled dark red blood. His whole body trembled as he promptly lost consciousness. 


[Damn! It’s defense magic!] Russell hastily hid Lucion from a ghost. 




Ratta’s ears were folded. She was shivering. 


[Lucion! Are you okay? Are you awake?] Russell checked the mana running through Lucion’s body.

The defense magic was activated. He had to get permission from Lucion in advance so that he could move the darkness.


Among the defensive magic, it was the magic aspect that seemed quite tricky. No wonder Lucion couldn’t stop it. Russell cursed under his breath. 


Lucion vomited blood as he gained his consciousness, but this time instead of the impact it was because his stomach felt ill. 


‘…the one next to him is a wizard.’ Lucion gritted his teeth, looking at the man in the red robe.


‘I’ve got you.’


With trembling hands Lucion took out a piece of cloth. He carried several with him just in case because of the Ratcho. Lucion wiped his mouth with a cloth and threw it over the blood he had spilled on the floor.


“… Is this defensive magic?” Lucion’s voice shrank as if it were going to break at once.


[Stay still, Lucion. Now the darkness is shaking greatly because of Mana.]


“Do you think mana…is like this?” Lucion frowned. It was his first time under a spell. It felt like his insides were being ripped to pieces, and his head was spinning like crazy.


[The worst thing is the light. Light kills darkness, but Mana cannot kill darkness. It’s annoying to turn things upside down, though.]


“Defense… Cough, cough!” Lucion coughed out more blood. Russell’s heart shook with each painful cough which wrecked Lucion’s body. 


[Defense magic is a magic that rejects everything except the caster’s mana and the power of the person enchanted, so it’s convenient to think of it as a moving barrier.] Russell’s forehead was wrinkled.


[… Even if the distance is this much, the magic being activated is not a normal defense magic, but a magician’s magic.]


A magician was a wizard who specialized in only defensive magic.


According to its name, it was excellent in defense magic, but it was also a rare wizard who was relatively vulnerable to attack magic.


‘If you can use the magician’s defense magic, that means that the warlock is very important.’


Lucion breathed heavily and comforted the darkness.


Are you all right? Ratta could have made the darkness stronger, but she couldn’t. Ratta was too slow. Ratta should have done better.


Ratta cried, and Lucion stroked her head to comfort her. Although he himself was hit by the light of the priest, she did not cry like this when he was attacked by the divine beast in the name of blessing.


‘Is it because Ratta has grown up?’


As people grew older, they gradually learn about ‘terror’ and ‘fear.’


He concluded that Ratta is going through that process as he kept stroking her head and looked at Russell.


“I’ve found him.”


[Even if you found it, it is highly likely that you found out that he backtracked because of his defensive magic. In a way, it’s half a success.] Russell bit his lip.


If it hadn’t been for the defensive magic, he would have succeeded through the low probability.

Lucion’s condition now was worse than he had feared.


The defense magic was strong, but the result of the failure of the reverse tracking was better than expected. 


“It’s only half as successful as the teacher said. But why does that matter?” Lucion wiped the blood from his mouth.


As Russell said, the warlock could think of the possibility of a traceback.


In common sense, of course, he was supposed to look at the most important place. Then, how can he confirm it?


“The teacher hid me from the ghost, and I have not yet been found.” Lucion clenched his fist.

The enemy’s defense magic worked. However, they did not know whether he was alive or dead, nor did they have any proper idea of whether the magic he used was counter-tracking.


“The enemy doesn’t know exactly where I am. But I know where the enemy is now. It’s closer than I thought.” Lucion thought that this was a chance to confuse each other.


* * *


The location of the warlock, as seen through the trace tracking, was close enough to go to the secret place under the inn at any time.


Lucion started as soon as he was well enough to walk. He was calmer than ever, and his head was cool. 


He saw the ghosts roaming around the building, and it was clear that there was already a warlock. Lucion asked Russell for a reconnaissance. Like counter-tracking, this job had only one chance.


[There’s no wizard.]


After returning from the reconnaissance, Russell reported the situation.


“What do you mean there’s no wizard?”


[Maybe he went to see where the defense magic worked.] Russell glanced at the building. On the surface, it looked no different from the nearby buildings.


[A few simple defensive magic tricks, and some low-level wizards, and all the ghosts that walk around like that.]


“Aren’t you going to stop me?” asked Lucion.


Russell snorted at the question. [If I was to stop you, it would have been before you got to this building.]


Russell had already grasped the situation when Lucion reached near the building. There were many enemies, but the situation was favorable to Lucion.

As usual, the Warlock was an isolated entity.


[The Warlock is alone now.]


“Thank you for the good information.”


[Lucion.] Russell hesitated and called Lucion.


[You’ve never fought a warlock.]


“That’s right.”


[Your opponent is not a fallen warlock. He’s in a state where he can think.]


“I understand.”


[The warlock is strong.]


“I just need to be stronger.” Lucion was aware of the fact that he had little experience in combat. Besides, the opponent was the first warlock he encountered.

He didn’t have to be nervous though.


I never came empty-handed.


[There is little advice I can give you when the battle begins. The battle is not mine, but yours.] Russell looked at Hume. He will make up for the lack of attack. There is nothing more important than actual practice.


[But you can’t do it like before, so just let Hume tackle those sides.]


“I see.” Lucion allowed Russell to use his darkness.

Seeing Russell going back to the building, Lucion called Ratta. 






“It’s time to use what you like.”




Ratta shook her tail and jumped back into place as if she just didn’t have half a breakdown a few moments back. 


“Then shall I beat him up as I did before?” Hume, unlike usual, was expressing his anger.


No matter how much he cares about other things, he didn’t know the intensity of it until Lucion was hit. Seeing him injured Hume realized again that he was capable of feeling anger.


“Yes. There’s nothing better than a fist for a bastard.”

Lucion nodded his head.






“Can you feel where the teacher is?”


Yes. Ratta can feel him.


“When the teacher stops, use shadow movement.”




Ratta immediately answered loudly, her eyes filled with joy.


Okay! This time Ratta will focus more.


After a while, Ratta boldly raised her front paw.


I’m going!




As Ratta slammed the floor, the shadow swallowed Lucion and Hume. As soon as the location changed, Hume rushed forward and slammed his fist into the warlock’s abdomen.






Meanwhile, Lucion slowly spread darkness around him.


[What the hell is he doing?] Russell gasped and blankly turned to stare at Lucion.


‘I can use it now.’ Lucion concentrated.


In the novel, Heint had a companion who was a warlock.


He made the darkness like an aura and acted like a knight, and he hated warlocks, and he was the one who defeated them more than anyone else.


‘That warlock is not a beginner like me.’


This meant that it was difficult to break through the darkness that protected its master with all its might.


Hume’s strength now seemed overwhelming.


‘You can use one or so.’ Lucion spun the darkness that had been sown.




Form was not necessary to rotate the darkness.

The darkness turned faster than he thought because he had already turned the darkness countless times through training.


Lucion gradually narrowed the scope of the rotating darkness as Ratta jumped in to aid. 


Ratta will help!


As the range narrowed, the darkness seemed as if a swarm of insects had gathered on Lucion’s left arm.


“Step aside!” shouted Lucion toward Hume.

Now Lucion could not care if Hume had been swept away.


He had a headache just by keeping the darkness wrapped around his arm.


Lucion threw out the darkness at the warlock.


Contrary to its loud appearance, darkness quietly spread throughout the warlock’s body.


‘The shock came later… .’


Lucion seized his throbbing arm.




The warlock was momentarily stunned as if he had been stabbed in the back, and then shook as if hit by a taser.


“Ahhh!” The warlock let out a loud scream. Hume quickly covered his mouth.


[‘…what? How does Lucion know this magic?’] Russell, who was paying close attention to the situation, freaked out.


The darkness possessed by the warlock had an ego.

It was the reason why the Warlock was strong and also the reason why he could not escape his fall.


The magic Lucion had used gathered the darkness into one point, using it to tear the darkness that had protected the warlock, greatly shocking the darkness he possessed in the process. 


In face of such shock, the warlock’s darkness panicked, unable to do anything for a moment. Lucion’s darkness took advantage of the fact that warlocks were more vulnerable to shock than others because of their dark ego.


[‘Did you realize this during the fight thanks to the defense magic?? Just for that?’] Russell was confused.


When the darkness that protected the warlock disappeared, Lucion gave orders, blowing darkness into him as if he were controlling a ghost.




Now that he had lost his defense system, the warlock could not stop Lucion’s darkness from tearing his body apart. All that was left was suffering from pain. But the pain was too intense to bear, making the warlock unable to struggle in pain; his veins bristled all over his body.


Lucion paused and nodded to Hume.


“Who is your master?” asked Lucion, as Hume withdrew his hand.




Hume smacked him in the mouth.




Lucion let the darkness flow again.


“Who is your master?”


“I… Argh!”


He asked him a question, and if the Warlock didn’t answer, he repeated the same thing. It seemed as if he had been waiting for his darkness to recover, but he had a genius warlock by his side. 


[Slowly it drops weakly.]


At Russell’s point, Lucion overcame the throbbing pain in his arm and used magic again. 




I’ve suffered twice, but the pain is more than I could imagine.


Lucion asked again before he could breathe in darkness.


“Who is your master?”


As the warlock closed his mouth, Lucion pulled out as much darkness as he could in the palm of his hand.




The darkness spread quickly and filled half the room.


Ugh! I can’t, Lucion. You can’t take any more out, said Ratta, frightened.


“This will confirm how deep your loyalty is, won’t it?” Lucion said in a smiling voice.


The warlock, whose eyes were bright red with drool dripping down the cold floor through his torn lips, saw Lucion’s darkness spread menacingly, and struggled to open his heavy mouth.


“Ro, Roberio! Count Roberio!”


Upon hearing his name, Lucion paused.


‘If it were Count Roberio…’ Lucion thought, recalling his darkness back. 


“You who obey the darkness, I’ll give you my word…”


The Warlock couldn’t keep up with him.


At Lucion’s instructions, Hume’s hand grabbed the man’s neck without hesitation.






One of the blue threads was cut off as the sound of bone cracking resonated in the space. 


Lucion straightened and gave Hume instructions.

“Take everything in the room.”


Count Roberio. 


He was one of the villains that Lucion Cronia, the middle boss, had achieved.


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