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Lucion called Ratta after confirming that Hume had used his magic pocket to collect most of the documents in the room.




There was still one more.


The wizard.




Ratta groaned.


—From Ratta’s perspective, Lucion can’t use shoong right now. There’s too little darkness.


“No, we have to get out of here.”


Lucion urged Ratta.


The time he spent here was longer than he had expected to collect the materials.


Ratta’s gaze turned to Russell.


[Ratta. Use shadow movement.]


“You have to use it, Ratta. Several people are coming this way now.”


After Russell and Hume continued, Ratta put on a sullen face.


—Ratta is very worried about Lucion, but there’s nothing she can do.


Ratta hit the floor as hard as she could.


—Here we go!




* * *


As soon as Lucion returned to the place, he took off his mask halfway before moving to the building.


His nose was bleeding.


‘Damn it…’


Lucion shook his head forcibly as his eyes closed.


For a moment, the world twirled and he unwittingly stumbled backward.


“Are you okay?”


Hume helped Lucion.


“…I am all right.”


Lucion nodded.


Russell checked Lucion’s condition rather than asking if he was okay.


Now that Lucion had used magic he couldn’t handle and moved the shadows, his darkness was almost depleted.


His left arm was probably broken, so he barely moved.


[You deserve to have your arms broken. Without even grasping the dark form properly, you ignorantly wrapped the rotating darkness around your arms.’]


The name of the magic he was trying to teach Lucion was ‘Black Wave’, and it used the characteristics of darkness to himself.


The principle of rotation.


A way to settle the darkness on one arm.


Above all, the attack method used shock as the main attack.


All of this was so similar.


[‘No matter how much I think about it, it’s so weird.’]


Russell gave up thinking and looked at Lucion again.


[‘It’s really dangerous if Lucion uses more darkness here.’]


Russell raised his hand to make Lucion faint rather than see him forcibly grasping consciousness.


But he couldn’t carry on with the action.


The wizard, who had been away for a while, was back.


He seemed to have noticed something strange.


[Lucion. The wizard is coming back.]


Russell spoke in a hurry.


Lucion regained consciousness and he looked at the strained blue thread.


From the moment he was inside the building, he noticed that the thread was tightening, and he came back here.


‘I didn’t expect to hear the name Count Roberio already.’


Count Roberio took over Heint’s family, which was ruined due to the curse spread by Lucion in the novel, and with this as an opportunity, he devoured small families and increased his power enormously.


Lucion in the novel selected him in response to his desire and he walked the path of a real villain, but Count Roberio was also a character who collapsed as his corruption was revealed while he was fighting with Heint to return the Tria family.


‘Anyway, if the master of the warlock is Count Roberio, it’s obvious who that wizard is.’


Lucion inhaled and exhaled several times to regain consciousness.


The wizard’s name was ‘Peter’, and the warlock who was now dead had cursed his younger brother to make him unwillingly tied to Count Roberio.


Peter was a wizard who, as Russell said, specialized in defense.


‘And it’s still before the riot.’


Peter died in a riot.


When he took Heint’s side and went to kill Count Roberio, he was told that his brother had already died because of the curse, and Peter went crazy and became a real villain.


‘He’s not even a villain yet.’


As Lucion’s organization grew bigger, of course, enemies were bound to emerge.


But he had to increase his power, and it would be helpful to have a wizard.


Peter was a person who would have been the best wizard if he hadn’t died.


—Lucion. Why are you laughing all of a sudden?


Ratta asked.


“Just because.”


Lucion put on the mask again and walked to Peter.




At Lucion’s sudden movement, Russell immediately stopped him.


[What are you doing? You can’t fight like this.]


“I don’t fight.”


[You don’t fight? You?]


Russell couldn’t believe what he said.


There was nothing in Lucion’s hands but it felt like he was going to swing his fist right away.


“It may be not enough, but I’ll fight for you.”


Hume said with a contorted face.


As the battle went on, he realized that there were many unnecessary movements in his actions.


When he had fought with the warlock a while ago, all he could do was block the movement.


“I don’t fight.”


“Then why are you… going to that person?”


Hume didn’t believe Lucion either.


He always showed sudden behavior, so it was nerve-wracking.


Lucion answered, clenching his fist.


Why the hell no one believed what he said?


“I saw something back then. That’s why I need him.”


[…What did you see?]


Russell asked, wondering.


“I saw the warlock threatening that wizard. Maybe I don’t need to fight that wizard.”


[So what are you doing?]


“I’m going to tempt him.”


Lucion’s voice was full of laughter.


Russell wiped his face.


Even if it was covered by a mask, he could guess that Lucion had the same expression as a villain.




Russell called Hume quietly.


“Yes, Mr. Russell.”


[Don’t take your eyes off Lucion. He’s not in a good condition right now. He may fall over soon, so get ready to pick him up.]


Hume blinked.


“So, you want me to kidnap him?”


[It’s similar, but it’s true anyway.]


“Okay, I’ll do it properly.”


Lucion laughed at the blatant whisper.


Hume said he would carry and pick him up, but there was no need to think about it anymore.


Lucion approached Peter.


—Ratta also wants to grow up quickly.




—Can Ratta grow up as big as the Divine Beast?




—Yes! Ratta is going to eat more now!


Lucion saw Peter slowly becoming conscious of himself.


He must be very suspicious of Lucion, dressed in black, hanging around near the building where Peter was staying.


Lucion brought up the topic to Peter without hesitation.


“Do you know how to break the curse?”


Peter reacted sensitively to the word curse for a moment.


Lucion, however, spoke out.


“Honestly, I don’t know.”


He knew how to break the curse, but he hadn’t learned from Russell yet.


“But one thing is for sure.”


Lucion looked at him with a strange expression and raised a finger at Peter, who was on guard.


“If you kill the one who cast the curse, the curse will be lifted.”


“What the hell…”


“I killed him, so the curse should have been lifted. Shouldn’t you hurry up and go?”


“Who the hell are you…? How much do you know?”


Peter wrinkled his face.


The one who suddenly appeared knew his secret.


It was a situation that gave him goosebumps.


What does it matter? I’ve done you a favor, and I just happen to need a man.”


Lucion didn’t want to talk long.


He knew Peter would be baffled, but the first meeting was supposed to be mysterious.


“If you want to repay my kindness, visit a house full of yellow flower bushes in the city of Perren, Cronia. Say my name ‘Hamel’ there and they’ll let you in.


Lucion took a breath.


It was killing him to speak quickly in an already dizzy situation.


“I’ll give you a full salary, and I can give you vacation if you want. Oh, I’ll pay for the food. Other than that, I’m thinking about small welfare programs.”


Lucion beckoned Peter.


‘Even if it’s hard, I have to do what I have to do until the end.’


Peter remained motionless with a suspicious stare.


Lucion approached him without hesitation.


“I understand the doubt. But you’d better believe me.”


Lucion punched Peter in the face with all his might.


Unfortunately, there seemed to be less preparation for the fist.


Indeed, there was no way for a wizard to expect they would be punched.


[Lucion! What are you doing?]


Russell, who was bewildered, shouted belatedly.


What if his body moved violently here?


“I’ve perfectly subjected your defense spell.”


Lucion confided the truth to Peter, who had fallen helplessly.


“You will also need training. You’re slow in defense, and you don’t have a defense against my fist.”


At his words, Peter couldn’t contain his absurdity.


This first meeting couldn’t be any more perfect or mysterious.


Lucion was pleased and urged Hume.


“Let’s go.”


Lucion, who was walking proudly, suddenly fell forward.




Ratta was surprised, and Hume, who was watching Lucion, caught him before he fell to the floor.


[…I knew it.]


Russell sighed deeply.


“Then, I will kidnap you now.”


Hume said solmenly.


* * *


Lucion opened his eyes almost in surprise.




Ratta, who was curled up in Carson’s lap, rushed down.


Lucion flinched instinctively as soon as he saw Carson.




Carson’s voice was subdued.


‘Why are you here?’


Lucion didn’t know what was going on yet, so the situation was pretty scary right now.


‘In an instant, it became dark in front of my eyes. After that…’


Lucion couldn’t speak easily.


He looked at Russell eagerly to know the situation.


[Hume told him you were hit by a carriage while you were on an errand.]


Russell told him two beats late.


It ended well as a result, but Lucion was almost in danger.


Worry and disgust were separate.


‘He believed that?’


Lucion almost raised his voice unknowingly at the ridiculous excuse.


—Lying is bad. Yep!


Ratta touched Lucion’s leg very slightly with just one finger and looked at Lucion right away.


[No, Ratta. Hume did a pretty good job. Lucion was just hit by a carriage, and luckily only broke his arm and survived.]


“Did it break?”


Lucion asked, opening his eyes wide.


He thought his left arm felt uncomfortable, but he didn’t expect it to break.


[Didn’t you just break it?]


Russell pointed to the bandages wrapped around it.


It wasn’t for no reason that Carson believed Hume’s words.


“Who was it?”


Carson’s voice was fierce as if he would cut someone’s neck right away.


But Lucion shook his head.


“I don’t know.”


“Hume doesn’t know, but you definitely do.”


“It happened so quickly that I really don’t know.”


Carson half closed his eyes.


Hume was on his first trip, so he couldn’t remember where the accident happened.


He had released the knights and gone on an inquiry, but he could not narrow the scope because carriage accidents were quite frequent.


‘Shen and Devia were cleaned up. Who else is there?’


Soon Carson remembered the Fizat family.


It might be his last retaliatory attack before he died.


‘No, there’s no confirmation.’


He didn’t know if it was a simple accident or someone’s attack.


Carson swallowed his anger and spoke.




“Yes, Brother.”


Carson pulled out the words he wanted to say to his throat and swallowed them.


No matter how many times he tried, the words that he would attach the knights to him did not come out.


“Don’t think about going out for a while and stay calm.”


Carson said something else.


‘I thought you were going to put knights on me.’


Lucion swept his chest together.


Even if it was just one or two knights, several people were still a bit difficult for him.


“Ah, didn’t a member of the Fizat family come to visit?”


Lucion turned his attention to Carson’s hardened expression.


Now he knew what Carson was thinking.


‘You’re remembering the time when I was kidnapped.’


Carson answered about three beats late.


Even so, after you fell, the head of the Fizat family came to visit.


“Is his neck still attached?”


“He dared to say the word ‘proposal’ in front of me, so I tried to tear his mouth apart. Because that’s not the end you wanted.”


“That’s right. Since we’ve set an example, they’ll never ignore Cronia again if they fail properly.”


“Don’t worry. I’m all set. But you shouldn’t get your clothes dirty before a good day.”


Carson’s eye corners went up slightly.




Then Lucion spoke as if he had thought of something.


“Brother. That’s the business I’m supposed to take.”




Do you remember Devia Jeven? The Jeven family was in debt, and the Fizat family demanded the debt.”


Lucion thought of what Hume had said on his way to chase the backtracking warlock.


The Jeven and the Fizat were both viscounts.


Even if the difference in wealth could be lost, the debt the Jeven family owed was the price of a couple of territories.


It was strange that such a debt could arise from a viscount family, and that very same viscount family demanded that debt.


There was a smell.


A very suspicious smell.


‘I must have been banned from going out. What’s the point of staying still?’


After stepping on the Fizat family, there must have been some suspicious facts.


Lucion was planning to start working on the underside from now on so that Carson could move faster.

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New translator here. With Cleizz's permission, I am now taking over. That being said, please be gentle with me.

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