Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 49 - Am I the Main Character Today?

Author: LyraDhani

Lucion felt as if he were burning inside.


What did he do?


He really didn’t do anything.


He had wondered if Heint became an Imperial Knight and moved away, but he said he was reconciled with his family.


‘It’s your luck! You got there by your luck!’


Lucion held back his words.


‘That damn thread!’


In addition, he stared at the red thread that was drooping powerlessly.


“Brother, I really didn’t do anything.”


Lucion couldn’t overcome Heint’s burdened gaze on him and opened his mouth again.


“Thank you, Lucion.”


Heint knelt down on one knee and held out his sword politely.


He had thought the world was falling apart when his father, who insisted on him becoming a priest unconditionally because he was blessed with the light, forcibly sent him to the temple.


He wasn’t born with the power of light because he wanted to.


He liked the sword and wanted to die as a knight.


With the help of his teacher, who came out of the temple at will and recognized his talent, he became a knight.


He thought his father would recognize him, but he was kicked out by the Knights Templar.


Going in.


Getting kicked out.


He won the tug-of-war that had lasted for so long, and his father admitted his stubbornness.


The power from the name of the Imperial Knight and the foolishness of the father who admitted his stubbornness only when he went to a place he couldn’t reach were bitter.


But only then did he become free.


He was finally able to live as Heint Tria.


“As an Imperial Knight, my loyalty and life are for the Imperial family, but the grace I received from you is different.”


Lucion was exhausted and was about to die.


You need to know how to listen when people talk.


It was like shouting at an opponent who was covering their ears.


“I’ll pay you back till I die.”


As scarier words came out of Heint’s mouth, Lucion felt his mouth burning.


“You really don’t have to. It’s just coincidence.”


[Lucion. That’s enough of your rejection. Shouldn’t you slowly take it?]


Russell said, pleased.


He was relieved to see a good person near Lucion like this.


‘Damn it…’


 Lucion knew he couldn’t turn down Heint’s offer in such an atmosphere, so he was about to die.


It was the worst situation to fall out with Heint, and one step lower than that was to recognize Heint as the people around him.


He hated both, but the worse was better than the worst.


Lucion was uncomfortable with the strange connection he was associated with, and on the other hand, he was also anxious.


‘Is it the power of thread?’


Right now was two years before the novel started.


‘Nevertheless, things keep happening because I met the main character.’


Lucion looked at Russell.


He wondered if Russel would really disappear even with this carefree appearance urging him to get the gift quickly.


‘If I don’t want to have the ending like in the novel… I need to get rid of the red thread.’


Lucion stopped floundering and smiled, putting his hand on the sword.


“Then, I will take it without hesitation. thank you.”


The sword was something he would use one day.


Thinking that he had obtained the swords in advance without much meaning, he felt much more at ease.


Heint rose from his seat and smiled brightly.


“I heard from Carson that you’re learning swords. When you use a real sword later, you’ll need this a lot, so I hope it helps.”


Heint put the swords on the table.


“By the way, Lucion. You don’t know who the carriage that hit you belongs to?”


Heint was smiling, but he looked strangely sharp.


‘It seems you haven’t heard from Brother that the Fizat family was involved.’


Lucion nodded.


“Yes, it happened so quickly that I don’t know.”


“Do you know what I saw the most while moving around the Knights?”


“…I think it’s people.”


Heint was taken aback for a moment by Lucion’s rather serious answer.


“Uh… yes. It’s people.”


Russell chuckled and Lucion looked at him sideways.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


In any job, he saw people the most.




Heint could not easily forget the words.


It didn’t seem like he was going to continue talking like this.


—Oh, let’s guess what it is!


Ratta fluttered her nose.


—The answer is light! Ahem.


“Well, um, I’ve seen a lot of carriages unintentionally because I have a lot of escort duties.”


Ratta, who had been shrugging off, was hardened by Hein’s subsequent words.


Lucion looked at Ratta and called Haint.




“Yes, tell me.”


Heint’s determination to find the criminal was strong even if he glossed over it roughly.


Lucion decided to make sure at this time.


“Actually, I’m the one who’s the most upset. Because I’m not a child and I looked away while looking around. It’s my fault. So, I hope you let it go without me being ashamed anymore.”


Heint could not speak out again at Lucion’s request.


As was the case with the bombing of the Great Light Temple last time, the more he looked at Lucion, the more he gave off the feeling of a sincere person.


How can you think like that?


“Even if I don’t know the black sword you gave me, it looks very good. Are you sure you can give it to me?”


Lucion, for a moment, saw an inexplicable sense of pride in Heint’s eyes, so he hurriedly spoke up.


“Don’t worry, it’s what my father allowed me to do. Oh, this one is apparently made of black stone and this other one is made of the bones of a white black monster… Honestly, I don’t know if it’s real.”


[Look. I told you it’s a mixture of bones, didn’t I?]


At once Russell smirked.


‘…The bones of a monster. I’ll have to ask Hume when he returns.’


While Lucion was staring at the sword, Heint held out a letter he had kept in his arms to tell him the real purpose of coming to see him.


“Take it, Lucion.”


“What is this…?”


Looking at the envelope decorated with gold, Lucion wondered, no way.


“It’s from His Highness Cetyl.”


“Why did His Highness ask for me?”


Lucion licked his lips without realizing it.


[…Are the Imperial family and the Great Light Temple holding hands?]


Russell was thinking the same thing as him.


“I don’t know that much because I’ve only been ordered to send this. I’m leaving, take your time.”


After throwing a huge thing to deal with, Heint leisurely left the room.




Lucion sighed several times with the letter in his hand.


Now that there was no answer from the Great Light Temple, and Cetyl, the fifth prince, sent a letter to him, he couldn’t deny it any longer.


‘The Imperial family and the Great Light Temple join hands.’


What he was worried about had become a reality.


Lucion’s expression grew stiff.


[The explosion was quite big. If it hadn’t been buried by the Imperial family, they wouldn’t have been able to handle all the complaints of the nobles.]


Contrary to words, Russell urged him to open the letter quickly.




Lucion looked at Russell seriously, with the same eyes when he first had asked him to teach him black magic.


Russell stopped waving his hand and answered.




“I’m going to be a celebrity now.”


[That’s right.]


“There will be more enemies.”


Lucion put down the letter for a moment.


“Cronia has many enemies. It’s the fate of the frontier.”


As long as it wasn’t discovered that he was a warlock, the weak point of the frontier was himself.


Lucion tapped Ratta’s ear, who was watching him carefully.


“If I go back to the frontier, I will work harder to build up my power. I will trample them from the beginning so that their hands can’t even touch the hem of my clothes.”


The raised corners of Lucion’s lips twisted slightly.


Since he couldn’t come forward himself, he created an organization that allowed him to move freely.


Now the time to use the organization just came sooner.


[How big do you want to grow the organization?]


Russell asked.




Since Kran was brought in, he thought maybe it would grow as big as it was in the past.


To hold onto Kran, what he had to do was to find out more quickly why the kingdom he was looking for had fallen 


Knock. Knock.


At the steady knock, Lucion noticed that it was Hume.


“Young Master, I’ve just…”


Hume stopped with a snack.


Before anyone could say anything, Hume approached the sword as if possessed by something.


The sword also resonated and suddenly made a noise.


“Young Master.”


Hume gulped down his saliva.


What should I do if this sword tells me to take hold of it saying it wants to become my strength?”


“Then you can hold it.”


Lucion answered calmly, and Russell looked at Hume with the eyes of a scholar.


As soon as Hume caught the white sword, it was like dust sucked into the vacuum cleaner.


When he thought it was quiet for a moment, Hume’s hair grew longer and he grew taller.


Seeing Lucion, Russell, and Ratta startled, Hume grinned.


“…Wow. I’m growing up, too.”


* * *


Lucion put on a long cloak to the left to cover his broken arm.


“…Young Master.”


The maids put their hands together while looking at the work they had made.


What do you need to say?


Even if he stayed still, an unusual aura seemed to come out to Lucion.


“You’re like today’s star.”


One of the maids bowed her head.


“You did a great job.”


Lucion praised the ladies with a tired voice.


The bangs were slightly raised, and the decorations were lavishly hung.


However, today was an important day for him, so unlike at the banquet, he picked clothes with a little more motivation.


—Lucion is shining. Like a star.


Ratta spun around Lucion.


Everywhere she looked, Lucion was shining, and Ratta let out a broad smile.


Lucion looked at Russell sizzlingly.


This time, it was quite worth looking at.


He could feel that the maids’ skills were improving day by day.


At Russell, he looked at himself with a grin this time.


But it gathered the reactions from the maids.


“It’s perfect. If you smile like that, you will be able to win everyone’s hearts.”


“That’s right, Young Master. I hope you smile brightly this time.”


The maids bowed their heads and said pleasantly one by one.


“I’ll think about it.”


Lucion uttered a dry voice.


Today, as the maid said, he had to smile even if it was forced.


It was a day that existed for him who had received the blessing of the Divine Beast.


Lucion looked at Russell again.


Russell moved his mouth pretending he couldn’t win with Lucion who was hoping to get something.


[Right. You’re like the main character today.]


At the best compliment, Lucion endured an itchy mouth.


There were too many maids to be sarcastic.


Lucion finally went outside after checking various things such as jewelry, clothing arrangement, and hair.




He’d been thinking about it for the past few days.


The worst situation in which the Imperial family and the Great Light Temple joined hands and he became famous.


It was great luck to some, but at least to him, it wasn’t.


He was Cronia’s only weakness, a warlock everyone hated.


He was still suffering from various trauma such as anxiety because of the ghosts and what happened when he was young.


He was really afraid of the place where everyone looked at him carrying all these things.


The work had grown too large, and he was worried about whether he could afford the position.


But the bottom line was simple.


‘Let’s hit it first.’


Even one step was good, so he thought he’d go ahead and decide.


If you don’t move.


If you don’t act.


You won’t be able to escape from your fate, from your past wounds.


“Be careful on your way back.”


As he went down the stairs, there was a line of servants to greet Lucion.


As he left the main gate, he saw knights on both sides of the road leading to the carriage.


For a moment, Lucion closed his eyes tightly, but the voices of Russell and Ratta came from the side.


And he knew that he was not alone as he was in the past with the sound of Hume’s footsteps that followed.


‘It’s nothing.’


Lucion clenched his fists and listened to his beating heart.


“Today is better than any other day.”


Carson smiled at Lucion in front of the carriage.


“Yes, I think so, too.”


“Get in first.”


“Then I’ll go first.”


Lucion got into the carriage.


He didn’t feel bad.


No, it was better than usual.


In a way, it felt like he was invited to a sad party alone, but he just decided to enjoy it.


When else can I come to such a position?


Take it easy.


Lucion leaned on the back of the carriage, and the carriage set out for its destination.

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