Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 51 - Am I the Main Character Today (3)

Author: LyraDhani

“Yes. of course. I put it in naturally, avoiding dominated ghosts.”


Hume spoke again after answering.


“But, Young Master.”


“Say it.”


“I understood that the information related to the Young Master should be manipulated among the fake information.”


One of the manipulated pieces of information was, as Hume just said, related to Lucion.


There was information about Shen and Devia reporting their day hourly.


He purposely created a separate time for going out and fixed the time to go out.


In addition, he made some fake weaknesses, such as having a serious allergy to apples, and opened the way for enemies to indirectly target him at any time.


“But I honestly don’t know the second information.”


[That’s true. I was a bit surprised, too]


Russell sympathized with Hume.


The other manipulated information was information that he thought was related to the ‘Hand of the Void’.


[Why did you touch the information that might be related to a warlock?]


“How did you know?”


Lucion asked in surprise.


[If someone suddenly died, or they act crazy, 90% of the time, it’s the work of a warlock.]


Russell was right.


He himself extracted information related to such a situation and manipulated it as if nothing had happened.


[Even if I’m a warlock what they do is… Ha.]


Russell sighed.


[Even if you act so aggressively, nothing will change.]


I also manipulated the information with the same thoughts as Teacher. Anyway, even if the warlock is evil, I want to cover it up somehow.”


Lucion lied naturally.


He didn’t know who owned the inn, but at least it wasn’t the Hand of the Void.


There was no way they would collect the information they’d committed in the first place.


‘It is obvious that such information was gathered.’


It meant that the person who owned the inn and the Hand of the Void did not trust each other.


To check if there were any traitors inside, hiding the purpose of surveillance and having them report information about the warlock.


If what Hand of the Void had done was reported here, doubts about each other may would be blades that pointed at each other.


‘Isn’t it pretty good for me?’


Lucion swallowed his laughter inwardly.


[Anyway, you did a good job manipulating the first piece of information. It’s worth seeing how they’ll approach you in the future using fake information.]


“I hope a lot will change after tomorrow.”


[Will you change soon?]


At Russell’s heavy words, Lucion stopped breathing for a moment.


‘…Oh, I forgot for a second.’


Lucion looked at his clothes, which were more dangling today.


‘I’m the main character today.’


—So when can Ratta change? When will she grow up like Divine Beast?


Ratta asked, pressing Lucion’s clothes with her front paws.


[You need to grow a lot to be like Divine Beast.]


“Ratta, you can grow up slowly, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


Lucion pressed Rata’s forehead gently.


—Lucion, are you gonna grow up slowly like Ratta?


“I can’t. I have my own time to grow.”


Lucion said flatly.


He was worried that he would grow less since he didn’t eat well in the past.


—So, what about Hume?


“I think I can grow all at once if I have several swords.”


In response to Hume’s answer, Ratta opened her eyes wide and looked at her small body.


Knock. Knock.


At the sound of the knock, Lucion grabbed Ratta’s back and put her into his shadow.


“I’ll go out.”


Hume went out and came in, reporting the situation.


“The ceremony will begin soon, so you have to get ready to go out.”




Lucion swallowed the medicine that Carson had given him in advance.


* * *


When Lucion saw the Imperial Palace for the first time, he thought, ‘Even though the patterns are crafted in gold, it’s not flashy and it feels calm.’


As soon as he entered the palace, he had to change his mind.


This beggar light was everywhere.


It was a sigh for the light.


As he entered the interior, befitting the name of the Imperial Palace, it was full of elegance, without missing any wall patterns, statues erected here and there, and ornaments.


But when he saw everything at once, it was quiet.


It was desolate, unfamiliar, and it seemed to be pointing fingers openly that they were strangers.


Even now, the familiarity was the same.


[…Ha. It’s not Great Light Temple, but it’s well laid out here and there. I thought it was only at the entrance, but it’s sprayed all over the palace.]


Russell rolled his eyes and glared at objects with the power of light everywhere.


‘Even the Imperial Palace can’t help but prepare for the warlocks.’


Lucion endured the discomfort of light, but it was hard to endure nausea.


[In that case, why did they invite you?]


When Lucion’s complexion turned pale, Russell burst into anger.


‘What can I do?’


Lucion held back what he wanted to say.


The Imperial Palace was different from the Great Light Temple.


No matter how blessed he was, from their point of view, he was no more than a subject.


There was no reason to be considerate of him, so of course, they wouldn’t have cleaned up things with the power of light.


The Imperial butler, who had been guiding the way earlier, stepped back, pointing to the large door leading into the hall


“You don’t look well. Are you all right?”


Hume asked, quenching his voice.


‘Oh, it’s not that you’re not being considerate at all.’


Since Hume was a commoner who did not receive the title, he was originally unable to step into the Imperial Palace.


‘With overflowing benevolence, Hume was allowed access to the Imperial Palace and the proclamation ceremony.’


Lucion’s mouth was itchy because he wanted to be sarcastic at the discomfort of the light that weighed on his body.


‘I want to stay in that room earlier.’


He could stay comfortable because there was less light.


Lucion stood at the door with a frown.


The maids worked hard to decorate his hair, but at this rate, it was going to get wet with sweat.


[It’s going to be worse inside. There are priests.]


Russell stared at the door.


It was done by the Imperial Family and the Great Light Temple, so he was already prepared from the moment he came.


Lucion waited for the door to open without looking at the knights standing by the door.


More light leaked through the crack in the slowly opening door.


When mixed evenly with the light emitted by the priests, Lucion felt like he was going to vomit for a moment.


“Young Master, I…”


Lucion raised his hand to stop Hume.


It was different from the banquet that gave off a free atmosphere.


The declaration ceremony was a place where aristocratic conduct was strictly required.


In other words, it was like a place where you had to die while maintaining your dignity even if your death was coming soon.


“Young Master Lucion Cronia is entering.”


Despite the loud words of the servant, the nobles kept their heads toward the Emperor.


‘I’m dying to look back, but I am holding it in well.’


He thought he was glad.


Lucion only looked ahead, and unintentionally, he could not make eye contact with the six-sibling prince and princess standing next to the Emperor.


Among those who openly revealed boredom, only Cetyl smiled slightly at Lucion.


‘Yes, you and the Emperor put your head together to make this place.’


The moment he set his feet in this hard, old-fashioned, stern place, Lucion swallowed a sweat without even feeling the atmosphere and bowed his head to the Emperor.


“I bow to the eternal sun.”


“Raise your head.”


The Emperor looked at the priests as he received Lucion’s greetings pleasantly.


At the Emperor’s gaze, the priests bowed their heads and collected the light.


[You’re kidding me. Now you’re taking back the light?]


Russell glared directly at the Emperor sitting on the throne.


Perhaps only ghosts could speak casually even when they saw the Emperor.


“Come near me.”


The Emperor urged Lucion, who was far away.


The light was removed so he felt more comfortable inside, but the name of the Emperor felt heavier than he thought.


Lucion blinked at Hume before moving forward.


After seeing Hume fall to the right, Lucion moved his feet.


The distance, which felt short before entering the hall, was farther than the distance between the mansion and the city, and one step slower as if walking in the muddy mud.


‘You’re not an Emperor for nothing. The pressure is no joke.’


[Is he really an Emperor?]


Lucion flinched briefly at Russell’s words.


He was nervous for no reason even if he knew that the Emperor could not hear Russell’s voice.


[He intentionally only showed momentum towards you. What you are feeling now is because of the imperial force that the Emperor gives.]


Lucion was suddenly offended by the words.


What are you doing rudely to someone you’re seeing for the first time today?


[I think he’s checking something.]




Lucion struggled to conceal his absurdity.


He wondered if the Emperor was trying to check the facts with his own eyes.


The fact that he had a divine allergy seemed to have passed by looking at the priests a while ago.


And now all that was left was to check whether he really was a normal person or not.


‘You punk! No wonder I felt the pressure.’


Lucion looked at the Emperor only then.


Except for the dignity on his face, he was just an ordinary middle-aged man.


“I was not considerate of you.”


Perhaps the rest passed, so the Emperor gained momentum.




Lucion took a deep breath without realizing it as he became more comfortable in an instant.


The distance that had been too far now seemed to be the same.


Lucion walked to the Emperor faster than before and knelt on one knee.


“Don’t kneel to me today.”


At the Emperor’s words, Lucion quickly stood up.


Even without those words, he didn’t want to kneel to a guy who tried this and that like training a dog.


As the Emperor rose from his seat, the nobles who were sitting stood up all at once.


[It’s like the dead. When he said ‘Get up’, they get up together like that.]


Russell opened his mouth longingly.


To say they were like the dead after seeing this.


At that moment, Lucion tried to cover his smirk with his hand and hurriedly swallowed a laugh.


Suddenly the Emperor strode toward him.


‘Isn’t this order not on the paper?’


When he approached the Emperor and kneeled, he fluttered moderately. Then Veros was supposed to go through the process of verifying the blessing of the Divine Beast imprinted on his forehead, he and the High Priest read the prepared script in advance and the declaration ceremony was held in the hall.


After that, he and Veros went to the square where the people gathered, smiled broadly, waved their hands a few times, and the declaration ceremony ended with the banquet.


The Emperor laughed as he approached Lucion in defiance of this set order.


“You’ve been overburdened.”


It was a faint voice that would not have been heard if the distance was not close.


“No, Your Majesty.”


“I tested you unintentionally, so if you want anything, tell Sir Heint Tria and I will grant it.”


‘Heint… Why is he mentioned?’


Lucion liked the idea of receiving a debt from the Emperor and cooled down.


But without time to think properly, he answered the Emperor right away.


“Understood, Your Majesty.”


“You are the pride of the Tesla Empire!”


The Emperor belatedly raised his voice.


There was no pretense found in the pat on Lucion’s shoulder with a pleased face.




Russell looked at the Emperor with a disapproving face.


“It’s a great honor, Your Majesty.”


The Emperor turned his back to return to the throne and carry out the declaration ceremony in earnest, then looked back.




A huge swarm of light suddenly shot up at the hall.




Russell freaked out.


Even though he was the Emperor, someone was fearless and emitted light.




For a moment, Lucion’s eyes became dark and he almost lost his mind.


—No. Darkness, don’t run around. Shh. Shh. Stay still.


Ratta hurriedly soothed Lucion’s darkness.


Russell quickly found it.


[It’s him…!]


His eyes turned to the door leading to the hall.


The light from outside the door was not just the light emitted from the retainers.


It was a brutally sharp light that the priests showed to kill the warlocks.


Russell’s eyes turned to the priests with surprised eyes.


It seemed that they didn’t know each other.


‘If you are not a priest of the Empire, the answer is obvious.’


The Holy Nation, The Kingdom of Nevast.


The priests of that country came to this declaration ceremony.

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