Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 52 - This Cheer is Just For Me

Author: LyraDhani

[‘One of them sensed the power of darkness.’]


Russell thought differently when he saw the light surrounding the entire hall.


[‘They didn’t fully detect it. They didn’t even know who spewed it out.’]


If they knew the darkness had leaked out of Lucion, the light would have been entirely directed at Lucion.




The door opened without hesitation, and the Emperor saw the crowd entering alone with a hardened face.


‘…Rotten bastards.’


Lucion looked up with difficulty and looked at the unpleasant guests who arrived at the end.


Judging by the white clothes, they were priests.


‘…Those bastards. Why are you shooting light of the blue?’


Lucion endured it desperately because he felt his legs would loosen at any moment due to the light suppressing him.


“Sir, forgive our rudeness for not being on time.”


At those words, a red thread appeared proudly.


“Why can’t you take that power away?”


The Emperor opened his mouth fiercely.


Carson, who was sitting down, immediately helped Lucion when the light was cut off.


“Lucion! Breathe.”


Lucion managed to breathe properly thanks to the disappearing light.


‘…I almost died of suffocation.’


“What are you doing right now?”


The Emperor glared at the priests, bursting with anger.


“Your Majesty. We’ve done nothing but the duty of a priest to punish the darkness.”


The man was so proud that he could not even think that he had the Emperor in front of him.


“Who has commanded this Imperial Palace to emit light at will?”


The Emperor’s eyes grew sharp.


“Pardon my rudeness, Your Majesty. We were ignorant, so we instinctively let out light.”


The man glanced at Lucion.


‘…He did it purposely.’


Lucion clenched his teeth at the gaze.


[That’s the guy who spread the light. He sensed your darkness. But he hasn’t figured it out completely, so he’s looking for it with light.]


Russell’s expression was stiffer than ever.


‘Didn’t you say that it would be difficult to find a warlock, no matter how high the rank, as long as the darkness don’t move?’


[You want to ask if that’s possible.]


Russell read Lucion’s expression.


[Rare as you are, there’s an exception. Now, the High Priest is quiet, right? He must be a priest who is particularly sensitive to darkness. Maybe he felt it when you were a little emotional because of the Emperor.]


Darkness was quickly affected by negative emotions.


‘Damn it…’


Lucion tried to calm the rising anger.


Later, the red thread caught his eye.


Unlike usual, it looked like a sharp sword that would cut off his neck.


Russell opened his mouth when he saw Lucion’s stiff face.


[Lucion. You don’t have to be nervous. As I said before, he didn’t sense the darkness perfectly.]


Lucion wasn’t nervous because of the priest.


It was because of the red thread that appeared in this situation.


The incident that provided the reason for Lucion’s corruption in the novel was similar to the one he had now.


In such a public place, the priest forced him to reveal himself as a warlock.


‘No, I’m different from the novel.’


Lucion denied it.


He learned black magic properly from Russell because he had a memory of himself as Lee Haram.


If he hadn’t had that memory, he would have been suspicious of Russell the ghost, and could not learn black magic properly.


“Have you forgotten what day it is?”


The Emperor parted his lips.


“No, Your Majesty. It’s the day to announce and bless the one who has received the blessing of the Divine Beast.”


The Emperor’s finger pointed at Lucion.


“Are you saying you guys knew that and still attacked the main character today? Apologize right away.”


The man asked with a shocked look.


“…If I’m not mistaken, are you saying that he’s the hero of this holy day?”


“Then do I look like I’m talking nonsense?”


“Your Majesty, with all due respect, may I say something?”


“I told you to apologize first.”


“Your Majesty! The person who received the blessing of the Divine Beast has a body that rejects the divine power. What kind of nonsense is this!”


He was so embarrassed that his voice rose unknowingly.


“I told you.”


In addition, the Emperor gave strength to his voice.


“I told you to apologize to one of my people.”


At the word ‘my people’ emphasized by the Emperor, Lucion knew that the power struggle between the Empire and Nevast had already begun.


‘I can see why the Emperor tested me from the beginning.’


The Divine Beast was the symbol of the priests and the symbol of the holy nation of Nevast.


If the person blessed by a Divine Beast was an ordinary person who had no power and a body that couldn’t accept the divine power.


In this world that celebrated light, the divine meaning that light was special and could only be enjoyed by the chosen would fade.


The Emperor aimed at this.


He needed to check whether Lucion was ordinary or not to suppress the ever-rising power of the holy nation of Nevast.


In particular, for Nevast, they had to acknowledge him in the future, but he would become a person they didn’t want to admit, so he was a person who perfectly suited the Emperor’s intentions.


[I was wondering why the Emperor came forward to protect you. He did it to give Nevast a blow.]


Russell chuckled.


He didn’t like both the Emperor and Nevast’s priests, but if he had to pinpoint which one he hated more, Lucion was of course going to choose the latter.


The man was embarrassed, but there were too many eyes looking at him.


At last, his head bowed toward Lucion.


“Son of light. I am Eol, one of the High Priests of Nevast. I deeply apologize for my foolishness in not showing mercy to you.”


The apology was somewhat crooked, but it seemed to have a splendid appearance and a shabby ending.


Lucion wiped the blood sticking out of his mouth with a handkerchief he had prepared just in case.


“No, it’s my fault that I don’t receive the mercy of the light. Even so, I think the High Priest may be mistaken because the Divine Beast chose me.


Lucion tried hard to smile.


By all accounts, the villain here was Eol.


“Are you okay?”


The Emperor reached out to Lucion just in time.


It was not enough to be late for the ceremony, there were shouts of exclamation at the benevolent figure of the Emperor, which contrasted with Eol who proudly radiated light in another country.


“It’s an honor to receive Your Majesty’s concern.”


Lucion also responded moderately to this skit.


“Your Majesty.”


Then Eol opened his mouth as if he were falsely accused.


“I never told you to open your mouth.”


The Emperor looked coldly at Eol.


Eol immediately lowered his head.


Biting his lip, he thought over and over how to get out of the situation where he felt like an uninvited guest.


“Your Majesty, I hope you will forgive my rudeness and listen to me.”


The Emperor listened to Eol’s words and only cared about Lucion.


“If you’re not feeling well, we can postpone the ceremony a little, so speak comfortably.”


[I understand the Emperor’s intention, but this is not good…]


Russell frowned as he looked at Eol.


Now, the pride of the High Priest was completely crumpled.


Besides, didn’t Eol feel Lucion’s darkness?


“I felt the power that follows the darkness!”


Eol had to bring up something to change the situation.




The atmosphere subsided in an instant.




Russell sighed.


“Did you just mention a warlock?”


The emperor didn’t let this slip.


It was different from other words.


A warlock crawled into the Imperial Palace, which boasted security equal to or even greater than that of the Great Light Temple.


“I have no intention of letting it slide, even if just a little bit.”


The Emperor’s eyes lit up.


“I hope your tongue is heavier than I thought.”


“I swear to Your Majesty, in the name of the God of Light, that I have never told a lie.”


It was a non-compulsory oath.


However, since the priest mentioned the God of Light, the Emperor asked, because they were words prepared for dismissal whether he was a high priest or anyone else.


“And did you find out?”


Regardless of the situation, Eol just had to use light.


If the warlock was here, they would have reacted.


“I want you to allow me to check it one more time.”


“Your Majesty.”


Carson opened his mouth at Eol’s words.


“Please allow my brother to go outside for a while.”


Lucion had already been hit by the light once.


He couldn’t allow it twice.


“Your Majesty, there must be no exception here now. As you know, among those who reject the divine power, there are those who follow the darkness who cannot accept the divine power.”


But Eol refused to do so.


The Imperial priests had their mouths itchy at the arrogance, but they could not open their mouths as they watched the emperor’s eyes.


“High Priest Eol. I can’t stand your nonsense any longer.”


Carson used honorifics.


The position of High Priest in Nevast was high, but this was the Empire.


The mercy to be given to those who were not nobles had long since disappeared.




Lucion opened his mouth.


“That’s all right. It’s just a quick check. Don’t we have time to check it out later anyway?”


In the order of the declaration ceremony, they had time to check whether or not he was a warlock anyway.


The opponent just changed from the High Priest of the Empire to the High Priest of Nevast.


Russell’s sigh was heard.


[Right. If you don’t come out like this, it’s not you.]


But there was nothing he couldn’t do.


Lucion’s light tolerance was 4 out of 20.


He had already jumped one more space in the third stage.


“However, aren’t you already in bad shape?”


The Emperor was briefly surprised by Lucion’s permission.


Even if it was necessary to check whether there was a warlock in the process, he had already told the High Priest to skip it.


It would be difficult if the main character disappeared on the day the person who received the blessing of the divine beast was supposed to be announced.


“Your Majesty.”


Lucion bowed to the emperor.


“Say it.”


The Emperor gave Lucion a chance to speak.


I hope that in this place where everyone is watching, you do not have any doubts about me. If High Priest Aeol confirms me, other countries won’t blame me either.”


Lucion just happened to be happy.


No matter how much the Imperial High Priest inspected it himself, it was clear that all kinds of talks would come out.


It was definitely better to be examined by Eol than that.


More than anything else, Lucion wanted to feed Eol a huge candy.


‘Eol, you’ll have to wear your words as a tag forever.’


Lucion waited for the Emperor’s answer, expecting a label for Eol that would never disappear.


[Ratta, just stay still and listen. Don’t say anything.]


Russell said, looking at Lucion’s shadow.


The test that the priest spoke of was different from the light that Lucion had been hit with so far.


The method they used was to deliberately induce the darkness to react by letting it flow little by little.


But Lucion didn’t know that.


If the student didn’t know, it was the teacher’s job to let him know and help.


[When the light comes from that unlucky priest, you control the darkness so that it doesn’t move. If Lucion moves the darkness, he’ll be caught right away, so Ratta, you have to do it.]


It was safer for Ratta to control the darkness than for Lucion to control it himself.


[The light will come in little by little for a while, but I’ll be with you, so don’t worry too much.]


Russell smiled at the shadow.


Carson’s expression hardened as Lucion said to himself, ‘I allow it’.


How anxious he must have been to say that.


“Hight Priest Eol.”


The Emperor called Eol rather than giving a reply.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“I am already very upset by your appearance. Eol, if what you’re doing wasn’t honorable, you’d be kicked out right now.”


The Emperor’s words were heavy, like a tiger quietly croaking.


“So you’re going to have to take responsibility and make sure that this declaration goes smoothly. I have already shown you mercy.”


The Emperor warned Eol and called Lucion.


“Lucion Cronia.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


“I’ll give you permission.”


“Thank you for your generous kindness.”


Lucion approached Eol with Carson’s help.


Perhaps because of the Emperor’s remarks, Eol had a slightly different tension on his face.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Lucion first smiled and talked to Eol.


For a moment, Eol’s eyes shook.


‘You’re saying I am suspicious from the start, right?’


Just by looking at Eol’s face, he could tell what he wanted.


But there was something he didn’t know.


Light tolerance.


Ratta and Russell.


‘Do it if you want to.’


Lucion was confident.

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