Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 54 - This Cheer is Just For Me (3)

Author: LyraDhani

Regardless of their intentions, it was clear that what the Imperial family and the Great Light Temple poured into Lucion was a great privilege.


Currently, he was the only one who was blessed by the Divine Beast of light


‘I’ll use this strength you gave me well.’


There was nothing more special than being the only one in the world.


“Long live the Saint!”


“God of Light, bless the Empire!”


At the sound of cheers that grew louder and louder, Lucion could no longer enjoy it and closed his eyes tightly.


His lips trembled.


He managed to hold out this far, but he was now at his limit.


Right now, he wanted to leave his seat.


But Lucion forced himself to smile.


As if earnestly announcing that his destiny was about to begin, four red threads springing up from the ground wrapped themselves around him.


* * *




Lucion leaned back on the chair and exhaled.


The ceremony, which began in the hall, was now set for a parade.


He was exhausted as if he had already conquered a mountain and come back.


[Oh, come on. He managed to get out of it.]


Russell expressed regret.


Eol succeeded in finding the warlock.


To be exact, he was enchanted by a warlock, but he succeeded in keeping his neck.


Lucion only spoke after drinking the water Hume offered.


“As a result, it’s going well. He’s my shield. He can’t die yet.”


The Emperor expelled Eol from the Empire after he paid 50,000 dells as compensation.


They retreated quietly because it was the Nevast priests’ fault.


‘It’s cheap compared to my life, but I don’t have any complaints because the compensation comes into my pocket.’


Lucion thoughtfully handed the cup to Hume, thinking about the compensation he would receive.


Fifty thousand dells were close to five hundred million.


“Did you find them?”


He had sent Hume into the hall to find the enemy.


“Yes, I found them all. After the next event, the parade, I will inform you at the banquet.”


Hume took the cup and looked at Lucion anxiously.


“You’ve worked hard, Young Master.”


“It’s not difficult. It’s all about getting some light.”


[That’s why it’s difficult.]


Russell voiced his disapproval.


[The damn Emperor tested you, the damn priest turned your body into light. What is this…]


Russell couldn’t finish his sentence and sighed deeply.


It was fortunate that the results were good.


“By the way, Mr. Russell.”


Hume asked, unable to hold back his itchy mouth.




“Is it possible to pass the test safely like Young Master did?”


When Lucion was trained by Russell, Hume was also there often.


[No. Of course, it’s impossible.]


Russell pointed to Lucion.


[It’s only possible if you’re resistant to light like Lucion. …Even if you know how to do it, it’s impossible unless you’re as reckless as Lucion.]


At the word reckless, Lucion shrugged.


“You have to try Ratcho to find out. It only tastes like grass at first, but the more you chew, the sweeter it is.”


[Look at that. That’s why I’m saying that. We’re going to have a public exhibition later.]


Russell frowned slightly in amazement.


When Lucion slightly pondered something, Hume handed over a candy and wondered what to give to Ratta, who was staring at him.


“Give me a piece of meat. I’ve been doing fine.”


Lucion said, rolling the candy in his mouth.




While Rata was stamping her feet in joy, he heard a knock on the door.


Knock. Knock.


‘…Ha. Is it starting again?’


Lucion pressed his stinging brows.


A blue thread appeared proudly.


‘It’s a shame that four red threads already appeared and disappeared.’


Until now, the red thread had never appeared and disappeared like that.


He couldn’t tell anyone.


‘…Huh? It’s running away?’


Lucion, who was waiting for Hume to open the door, hurriedly opened his mouth.


“Hurry up!”


The blue thread suddenly moved away.


[What’s wrong?]


Russell shouted as he poked his head over the wall.


[He’s running away!]




Hume, who opened the door immediately, grabbed the back of the guy Russell was pointing at.


[Where did the knights who were guarding the door go?]


‘There’s no knights at this time?’


At the sound of Russell’s grumbling, Lucion touched his finger.


He didn’t think this strange thing happened by accident.


This room was so secure that even Carson couldn’t enter.


But this kind of small mistake could happen?


Hume dragged the person and knelt before Lucion.


“Y-young Master. H-help me!”


He appeared to be a royal servant.


Looking at his contemplative expression, he didn’t seem to know that he would be caught.


“Who did this?”


Lucion asked as he received a letter from Hume.


“This-this humble servant was just ordered.”


“How did you get in here? I don’t think it’s a place where you can come in.”


“I was told the shift time!”


‘It’s only natural there are insiders.’


Lucion thought he had nothing more to gain, so he read the letter.


-Aren’t they being unfair to you? Isn’t it disgusting to see people smiling at you just because you’re blessed by Divine Beast? They’re the ones who criticized you and even pointed their fingers. I know how you have been treated so far.


Lucion almost closed the letter as soon as he read the first sentence.


‘It sounds like a third-rate villain. It’s terrible.’


“Young Master.”


Hume opened his mouth.


“Say it.”


“That letter smells like Count Roberio.”




The blue thread was cut off relatively easily.


‘Damn it…’


Lucion crumpled the letter with a tired face.


Count Roberio approached him like this.


[It’s Count Roberio who wrote this…? His name is not worth it.]


Russell was disgusted.


Lucion decided to settle the situation first.


“Hand him over to Heint. Did you see him near here?”


“Yes, I know where he is.”


Hume grabbed the servant and went outside.


Lucion picked up Ratta, who hid slightly behind the chair, and put her on his lap.


Heint would become an Imperial Knight, but he had not yet been officially appointed.


‘But strangely enough, Heint is hovering around me.’


Lucion wrinkled his face and stroked Ratta.


‘Suddenly, Count Roberio, who I’ve never met, sent a letter to draw me into the forces of evil.’


It became the opposite of the situation in the novel where it was Lucion who brought Roberio.


Just in case, Lucion tore up the rest of the letter while reading it.


Nothing had changed from the first sentence.


The world resented him, so this guy said he would help him get revenge.


[Oh, wait a minute. I haven’t finished reading it yet.]


Russell opened his eyes wide.


“You don’t have to read it. It’s all old and insignificant.”


[It was more fun than I thought. Anyway, you’re not going out to see him, are you?]


“So, you have read almost everything.”


At the end of the letter, the place where Roverio invited him was written.


[Well, I have good eyesight.]


“Of course, I don’t want to go. Why am I going there?”


He wanted to avoid becoming a villain more than anyone else.


He had already obtained evidence of what Roberio had done from the materials he had brought after killing the warlock.


[That’s a relief. If it were you from a few weeks ago, you would have followed him.]


Russell breathed a sigh of relief.




[No, I’m just saying.]


Russell shrugged his shoulders.


* * *


The parade was cut in half due to Carson’s earnest request that Lucion was not in good condition and the Emperor’s order confirmed this.


This gave Lucion a breather.


Russell’s words that he was going to have a fever for a few days suddenly hit him.




Carson called Lucion.


While he was heading to the central plaza in the carriage, Lucion woke up in surprise.


“Yes, Brother.”


“Put on your earplugs before you get off the carriage. Maybe it’s better than nothing.”


“Thank you. I’ll use it well.”


Lucion laughed.


The fever had already made him deaf, but considering the people who gathered in the central square, it might have been better than nothing, just as Carson said.


His hands were already icy cold.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any help as a priest.”


Veros, who had been watching the whole time, opened his mouth.


It felt strange to be unable to do anything with a sick patient.


“No, I’m fine now.”


Lucion shook his head slightly.


[Maybe tomorrow will be worse.]


Terrible words came from Russell’s mouth.


—So does Lucion have to stay sick?


Ratta asked.


[Of course not. It’ll be fine when the darkness is fully restored. Originally, it should have been a lot more serious than it is now, but thanks to the light resistance, it ends up like this.]


Gradually, people’s voices were heard.


[But what I’m worried about right now is…]


Russell pointed his finger at the people outside the carriage.


Lucion had never encountered so many people.


He just prayed that he wouldn’t fall down.


After a while, the carriage stopped in the central square.


At the cheers, Lucion frowned and held his chest tight.


‘It comes in an instant.’


As soon as the carriage stopped, that dizzy feeling spread from his chest to his entire body.




Lucion breathed in and out slowly.


“Are you okay?”


Carson asked.


“No. It’s crazy hard.”


Lucion opened his palm.


It was so obvious that he was shaking.


“But it’s much better to have someone who’s more nervous than me.”


Lucion looked at Veros, whose legs were trembling since a while ago.


“Sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t feel comfortable with people looking at me.”


“That’s all right. So am I.”


He grew up watching Novio and Carson who were always proud of people’s stares, so he thought Veros’ appearance was new.


You’re not the only one.


The thought that suddenly ran through Lucion’s head made him feel more at ease than before.


Lucion wore earplugs and waited until the carriage door opened.


As the carriage door opened, the sound of people could be heard through the gap in the earplugs.


Carson got off first, then it was Veros, and then it was his turn to get off.


[You can do well, so don’t worry.]


Russell said before Lucion left.


At the sight of his impatience, Lucion answered with all his might and set foot on the ground.






Lucion faltered as he stepped down.


As if the inside and outside of the carriage had become a different world, he already felt crushed by the figures of hundreds of thousands of people filling the central square.


‘…I can’t breathe.’


Lucion couldn’t bear to raise his head.


It seemed as if those people would become waves and pour swear words and accusations against him at any moment.


—Lucion. Look at the people!


Ratta said brightly.


-Everyone smiles at Lucion. That’s why Ratta automatically smiles!


‘They’re smiling at me?’


Lucion, for a moment, doubted his ears.


[Right, Lucion. I don’t mean to force you either, but raise your head and look at it just once.]


At Russell’s words, Lucion squeezed the hem of his robe with trembling hands.


But his head was too heavy.


Sweat dripped down his chin and fell to the floor.


“Lord Cronia.”


Veros called Lucion quietly.


“Because of my job, I have no choice but to face people. I get nervous and scared every time. But Lord Cronia will never bow down. I swear in the name of the God of Light.”


Lucion couldn’t hear what Veros was saying properly because of his earplugs.


However, he thought it might be similar to what Ratta and Russell said.


Lucion slowly raised his head, listening to the beating of his heart.


People’s legs.






There Lucion’s gaze paused for a moment.


The fear of what people looked like on top of it came over and he couldn’t stand it.




As Lucion’s breath quickly became shorter, Veros quickly showed off Divine Beast and covered people’s eyes for a moment.




“Divine Beast has appeared!”


Those who didn’t know the truth cheered for Divine Beast’s appearance.


The white, valiant figure was imposing enough to take people’s attention.


“Lucion, are you okay?”


Carson quickly helped Lucion.


It was great that Lucion endured the declaration ceremony held in the hall.


That will do.


Carson and Russell both said the words with choked throats.


“Is… Is everyone smiling?”


Lucion struggled to speak.


He didn’t want to come this far and go back.


Why should he back down?


—Right! Ratta can’t lie.


Ratta replied.


[Right. They’re smiling so brightly.]


Russell replied.


That encouraged Lucion.




Troy gently called Lucion.


That cheer is only for you.


‘Only for me…?’


When Lucion naturally raised his head, Troy slipped away.


Gradually, Lucion’s eyes fluttered wildly.


‘They’re smiling…’


People were smiling brightly at him.


‘They’re really smiling.’


Lucion pulled out his earplugs with his trembling hands.


‘Yeah, it’s a day for me.’


“Lucion! Lucion!”


The cheers pouring down in front of him like waves crashing were really just for him.






Lucion felt a completely different tremor and looked at his completely changed world.

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