Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 55 - Death Knights Follow

Author: LyraDhani

* * *


“…Young Master?”


Hume carefully called Lucion, who looked blank.


Unable to follow him to the central square, Hume didn’t know what had happened in the central square.


But Lucion, who returned from there, sat like a fool the whole time.


“Are you in a lot of pain? Then I’ll get a doctor.”


[It must have been really shocking. Because he saw a completely different world.]


Russell chuckled.


“I don’t know what you mean.”


Hume blinked.


—There were a lot of people! We all smiled and liked Lucion a lot. Hehe. Ratta felt great, too!


“Of course. He’s a very good man.”


Only then did Hume smile with satisfaction.




Lucion sighed.


As Russell said, what happened a while ago was a real shock.


Not long after the title of ‘Saint’ was publicized, they shouted his title and his name vigorously.


They cheered, rejoiced, and welcomed him with pride.


[You know the world is wide, right?]


“No, I don’t.”


At Lucion’s cold reply, Russell was taken aback and continued.


[There were so many people who like you, you know?]


“No, I can’t judge just by looking.”


—N-no. Everyone loved Lucion!


Even Ratta was perplexed.


Most of what she felt in the square was happiness.


“To be honest, it was shocking. Also, it was amazing to think it’s an experience that will never come again.”


Lucion clasped and unfolded his hand.


The tremor still lingered on his fingertips.


“But if you ask me if it was good… Honestly, I don’t know. It was just unfamiliar.”


Lucion’s eyebrows twitched.


“Now I want to go to the villa. I want to lie down in bed and rest.”


[Right. That kind of experience comes slowly. At least you were happy to see them.]


—That’s right! That’s what Ratta saw too!




Lucion paused the twitching corners of his mouth and called for Hume.


“Yes, I’m ready.”


Hume replied in a bright voice.


“We must know who Count Roberio is.”


“All right, sir.”


Hume answered and offered Lucion the sedative he had taken before entering the hall alone.


He hated medicine, but now was the time to use it.


Lucion rose from his seat, swallowing the sedative.


Now there was one last thing left.


Lucion stepped outside and looked at the darkened sky.


He thought the day went by so well.


* * *


The banquet began.


Flamboyant lights on the distant ceiling, ear-pleasing music, and delicious food.


Above all else, Lucion’s eyes widened at the clothes that everyone wore dazzlingly as if each individual had become a single light.


Lucion had no choice but to attend the banquet as today’s seat was for him.


‘I have to hit and run.’


Lucion quickly moved with determination between the nobles as soon as he entered the banquet hall.


“The sight that Lord Lucion Cronia showed today is magnificent.”


“Yes, I think so, too.”


Keep the conversation short.


“Lord Lucion Cronia. Nice to meet you. I…”


“Yes, I’m glad to see you, too.”


Let’s say hi briefly.


“My heart keeps beating when I face Lord Lucion Cronia.”


“If your heart doesn’t beat, you die.”


Shed the flattery.


“Since a saint has been born, I want him to look over this Empire.”


“His Majesty has already ruled the Empire well, so be careful with what you say. Your neck may fly away in no time.”


Talk calmly about words that may be dangerous.


“On the left is the man with a short beard, small eyes, and a raucously golden pattern.”


Meanwhile, Lucion pricked up his ears at Hume’s quiet voice.


Finally, he could see who sold Cronia’s information.


[This guy is said to be Viscount Therem Mail.]


Russell moved over his head and pointed openly.


Lucion caught the man’s face with his eyes.


“The man who wears a red suit in the center and a necklace with a thick purple sapphire around his neck.”


[He’s Marquis Orion.]


“The man with bulging belly between the left and center, and wearing a necklace the size of a thumb.”


[…Let’s see. That’s Count Dortor Sofran.]


Lucion continued to respond to the words of the nobles like an iron wall, waiting for Hume’s words without even taking a single drink.


“There are three of them.”


However, at Hume’s closing remarks, Lucion walked quickly and fell into a resting place outside the banquet.


“There are only 3 of them?”


Lucion asked, wiping his cold sweat with Hume’s handkerchief.


Hume responded to Lucion’s slightly hardened expression and immediately spoke out.


“We selected only those who took the largest share. You can find out more. Do you want to know more?”


“No. I was surprised that there were fewer numbers than I thought, but there’s no reason to grab the tail. It’s the hair that I have to grab.”


Lucion shook his head.


What matters was not the numbers, but the power they had.


‘Does it mean they’re powerful enough to do this?’


Something was suspicious.


He thought he’d have to do an investigation.


“By the way, isn’t Count Roberio here?”


“No, he’s here. But I wanted you to know those three first.”


Lucion smiled slightly at Hume’s answer.


By confirming what Count Roberio looked like, his purpose was achieved.


‘Then we can take care of it one by one.’


This position was very important because it would be very easy to know where they lived by knowing their names and faces.


“Why don’t you take a rest for now? I’ll bring something to drink.”


Hume wanted Lucion to take a breath at this time.


“Let’s do that.”


Lucion stuck his butt to the chair at last.


The soles of his feet were hot as if he’d been tap dancing.


[Wait. Marquis Sprikado is walking towards you.]


Russell told Lucion as soon as he saw Sprikado walking on.


[I guess he waited for you to be alone.]


‘We need to see what Count Roberio looks like.’


Lucion frowned.


He could prepare himself only if he knew properly how Count Roberio was related to the Hand of the Void.


Then, the curtain shook.


When Hume asked with his eyes what to do, Lucion shook his head, telling him to remain still.


“I’d like to take a break. Can you tell me who’s inside?”


Lucion responded to Twilo Sprikado’s voice without a pause.


“There are people inside.”


As soon as he heard the voice, Twilo came inside.


“Oh, isn’t this Lord Lucion Cronia? I hope I am not interrupting your rest. Excuse me for this.”


Lucion was stunned by Twilo’s natural behavior.


There was no specific ownership of this spot, but it was basic etiquette to get permission from the person who came first before entering.


However, there was no need to make enemies, so Lucion ignored Twilo’s rudeness for now.


“No, you can come in.”


Lucion lifted his hips to raise his heavy body, and Twilo stopped him.


“You don’t have to get up. Now that I know Lord Cronia is here, I’ll leave.”


Twilo bowed slightly.


‘You’re really leaving like this? Didn’t you come to see me?’


Lucion’s doubts arose when he saw Twilo about to go out.


[No way. Will he go out like that? Then he wouldn’t have come here in the first place.]


Russell didn’t believe Twilo’s actions either.


“I forgot that I was being rude. I’m sorry.”


Twilo bowed again, recalling his actions before turning his back.


Lucion’s eyebrows twitched at the sight of Twilo walking outside without hesitation.


‘You’re really going?’


“Oh, I’m telling you, if you don’t want anyone coming in, you’d better put a handkerchief on the curtain. Well, I hope you have a good night.”


Twilo, who finished his sentence, really went out.


[…What’s wrong with him?]


Russell frowned and stared at the spot where Twilo had left.


[Wait a minute. I’ll hear what he’s saying.]


Russell tried to stay still, but was concerned about Carson’s previous attitude toward Twilo and followed him.


“Then I’ll be right back with a handkerchief.”


Hume pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket.


‘Originally, handkerchiefs… Do you have to put it? Or is it an implicit rule?’


Lucion thought.


Even when he went to banquets, he only made accidents, not knowing the implicit rules.


“Wait, Hume.”


Lucion called Hume to stop.


“What’s the matter?”


“Leave it alone.”


The fact that the curtain was closed meant that there were already people inside.


There was no reason for him to purposely appear in the banquet hall.


It felt weird.


“I understand… Young Master.”


Hume answered, but lowered his voice and called Lucion.


“It’s him.”


Lucion, who leaned deeply in the chair, slightly lifted his back.


Listening to Hume’s description of his face, Lucion looked through the gap in the curtain.


‘I knew this would happen.’


Lucion found Count Roberio immediately thanks to the blue thread that slowly appeared.


He looked around like he was looking for something and passed by Lucion’s place.


‘…if Hume had used a handkerchief, he would have known where I was.’


It might be a strange coincidence, but Lucion felt a little uncomfortable.


By the time the distant blue thread was shortened again, Carson came inside.


“Brother…? Can you come here like this?”


Lucion asked in surprise.


He should have been summoned by the Emperor.


“Don’t worry, we’ve already finished our conversation.”


Carson paused, drew the curtains slightly to the sound of footsteps from behind, and spoke ferociously.


“There’s no room for you to come in, so back off.”


Among them, the blue thread drifted away again, as if revealing Count Roberio was here.


Carson spoke again after confirming the disappearance of the wandering men around him.


“What did the Marquis Sprikado say to you?”


“He just told me to hang my handkerchief on the curtain if I don’t want anyone to come in here.”


“Yeah, I see.”


Carson breathed a sigh of relief.


At this point, Lucion couldn’t help but ask.


“Brother. What did Marquis Sprikado do?”


[There wasn’t much.]


As soon as Russell returned, he spoke.


[I guess he has a very nosy personality. He’s very interested in the people around you. He’s walking around here and there.]


Lucion’s eyes briefly turned to Russell.


“He hasn’t done anything yet.”


“…What do you mean not yet?”


At Lucion’s question, Carson hesitated several times before opening his mouth.


“Even though the Marquis of Sprikado was at the eastern end, he had captured the writer’s men at the frontier.”


The border with the Cronia family was at the western end.


“It was concluded that it was simply a betrayal of subordinates, but I still doubt it.”


Carson’s eyebrows moved to the forehead.


[It could happen by accident, but it’s not usually by accident.]


Russell had a delicate look.


Lucion continued to listen to Carson, also sympathetic.


“I don’t understand him but the more I see him, the more unpleasant he is. I didn’t say it because I didn’t want you to be concerned about him, so I hope there’s no misunderstanding.”


Lucion also half sympathized with what happened a while ago.


There was something suspicious about Twilo.


“I’ve never misunderstood, so don’t worry.”


“Well then. Come on out. His Majesty said he had something to say.”


Carson took the lead first.




“Yes, brother.”


“How are you feeling?”


“A little bad.”


“The banquet will be over soon, so you’ll be able to go to the villa soon.”


Carson stopped before going outside.


“…Oh, the business you’re about to receive.”


‘There is a problem.’


Lucion barely suppressed the rising corners of his lips.


He had thought there would be a problem, too.


Lucion waited calmly, expecting what would come out.


“It’s much bigger than I thought.”


“Did you find anything strange?”


“If I did, I wouldn’t have told you anything.”




“You have touched an illegal private enterprise.”


At Carson’s calm voice, Lucion hurriedly covered his mouth with his hand.


‘…It exploded!’


It was obvious that those involved in this would be entwined like sweet potatoes.


Lucion was already looking forward to who would reveal their head.


[But there’s not much to it. I thought things like drug manufacturing were going to happen.]


A little disappointed, Russell smacked his lips.


“I’ll go back to the villa and bring up the details.”


Carson hurried the steps that had stopped.


—It’s Heint!


At Ratta’s words, Lucion looked to the center of the hall.


There really was Heint standing next to the Emperor.


It was strange.


Did the Emperor say he was summoned?




Lucion suddenly felt choked up.


“Why is Brother Heint over there?”


“See for yourself.”


Carson smiled with a pleased face.


‘What’s going on, anyway?’


Lucion licked his lips.

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