Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 58 - Secret Safe, Fallen Ghost

Author: LyraDhani



As soon as Lucion gave a command, Hume raised his fist with his unarmed hand.




At the harsh sound of the wind, the death knight first retreated.


Lucion didn’t know how Hume could touch a ghost, but he made a displeased voice.


“Hey, death knight.”


A conversation could only be done when the other party was equal.


Until a while ago, he was only a prey in the eyes of the death knight, but now that Hume had blocked the blow, his position had completely changed.


“Could a priest see ghosts?”


Lucion started tempting her.


The priests couldn’t see ghosts.


The death knight, who belatedly recalled the obvious fact, soon lowered her sword and made a confused voice.


[But aren’t you a saint? The warlock is a saint. That has never happened before… Just what are you?]


“I should first apologize for my identity. I think I have something to do.”


Lucion intended to take the initiative in the conversation this time.


The reason why she couldn’t leave the workplace and wandered around.


The reason why she hated warlock.


Putting these two together, the warlock must have done some experiments here.


‘Then the person who provided the experiment is none other than the Fizat family.’


Or there could be another person using the Fizat family.


Whatever it was, the corners of Lucion’s lips twitched because it felt like he was catching a mouse while walking backward.


At this point, it was obvious that the death knight was asking him a favor.


‘You want me to send the ghosts to the sky.’


Ghosts were the people of darkness.


The only person who could send them to the cycle of death and life was a warlock.


‘Now, shall we pick them up, death knight?’


Lucion looked at the death knight.


[I… don’t believe in warlocks.]


Russell snorted at the death knight’s cold voice.


[Then let’s not do this and go our separate ways. Okay?]


[Are you bound by that warlock?]


“Bound? I’m not a nice person, but I’m not a bad student who binds my own teacher.”


Lucion answered skillfully.


[…What are you saying?]


“He’s my teacher.”


The death knight was bewildered by the answer that hadn’t changed from before and was unable to speak.


[Why? Is it your first time seeing a ghost teacher? I am Lucion’s teacher.]


Russell pointed proudly at himself.


“If you don’t have any business, let’s go our separate ways as Teacher said. Because I’m a little busy right now.”


Lucion didn’t allow the death knight to go silent.


Rather, he shook the bait gently to annoy her.


[Don’t you know that I’m what you call the ‘Knight of Death’?]


The one who felt the urgency was the death knight, not him.


“I just found out about it because Teacher explained it to me.”


[Of course, I had to tell him about such a precious thing.]


“I want you, but more than that, I want the money that’s asleep in there, you know?”


Because this was true, Lucion’s words kept flowing.


[You won’t attack me.]


The death knight’s voice became a little urgent.


“Attack? You’re not telling me to imitate you, who wielded a sword first, are you?”


Lucion walked forward.


With an air of indifference.


[If I, the Knight of Death, obey you, you can become stronger. And yet you’re saying you won’t force me to obey you.]


“What do you want to say?”


Lucion didn’t look at the death knight following him.


Rather, he looked up at the sky with clouds flowing.


The weather was nice for once.


[I’m the Knight of Death.]


Russell couldn’t hold back anymore and opened his mouth as she kept spinning around about what she wanted to say.


[There are quite a lot of fallen ghosts down there. As if they’re all going to disappear right now.]


Then, the death knight stopped walking.


[…I need your help.]


As if reciting, the death knight uttered with a voice that lacked confidence.


‘Is that so?’


Lucion knew why the death knight hovered around the workplace.


She seemed to have been preventing the ghosts in the workplace from going outside.


“I don’t just help people.”


—That’s not true, though?


Ratta immediately denied Lucion’s words.


Hume wanted to say the same thing, but he quietly shut up because he couldn’t ruin Lucion’s intentions.


[Right. You want to dominate me, too. You want my strength.]


The death knight trembled at the sight of Lucion, who had revealed his true colors.


Nevertheless, Lucion calmly pointed to the site.


“If I clean up that place, you will have nowhere to go, right?”




“Follow me. Pay me back by helping me out there. After that, it’s up to you to leave or not.”


[Are… you not going to dominate me?]


‘I can’t dominate you with my skills right now.’


Lucion was gradually realizing that he was a frog in a well.


Going back to change, there was a lot to do.


Lucion grinned as he looked back.


“My teacher said that death knights are not bound to places. Do I have to dominate you so you can get out of here?”




“Then that’s fine.”


Lucion laughed satisfactorily as if a deal had been made.


“I don’t think it’s a pretty bad offer for you either.”


[I… I can’t send them to heaven like you. Because if I cut them, they disappear.]


The death knight looked at the sword in her hand.


“Then you can cut off the ghost that comes at me. It just so happens that the mansion is full of people I don’t like.”


At the slightly playful voice, the death knight stopped for a moment and looked at Lucion.


He was strange.


She thought he was a strange warlock.


* * *


The inside of the workplace was a mess, probably because it was handled in a hurry.


Even if the people here were kicked out, they were busy stealing mana stones, so the magic tool that looked like an automated machine was empty.


Along the way, magical tools were torn off, and all visible drawers were open.


‘It’s a mess.’


Lucion tried to stop Ratta from running excitedly.


It wasn’t his job to wash Ratta.




He was the only one who came inside now, so he spoke as much as he wanted.


Russell noticed the slight smirk in his voice.


[What do you want to know?]


“You’re already aware of it.”


[You have a lot of money.]


“We need a lot of money in the future. I don’t care about the other side.”


As in the novel, Kran would manage the organization on his own, but Lucion couldn’t leave it alone.


As his influence within the organization became stronger, the organization had to grow at the same time.




Lucion looked at the death knight as if thinking of something.


“You would know better.”


[Aren’t you a noble?]


“There’s no such thing as a nobleman in front of money, you know?”


[I’ll tell you where the secret safe is later.]


“No. My brother outside has a good ear, so if I made a fuss, he will come in quickly. Then, I will be taken to the villa without being able to do anything else.”


[Wow, you’ve already seen the future.]


Russell giggled.


“So money comes first.”


Lucion nailed it.


There was always an order in work.




The death knight exhaled deeply.


She couldn’t do anything since she was the one asking for help.


[Come this way.]


Lucion smiled at the death knights guiding him.


“I didn’t know Young Master likes money.”


Hume spoke quietly.


He handed him a bag of money from time to time as pocket money, saying that he did well.


His salary as a butler was already enough.


—No, Lucion likes Ratcho more than money.


Ratta intercepted Lucion’s words.


“Oh, that’s right. I forgot about it for a second.”


Hume followed Lucion’s footsteps with a face that looked like he had finally solved a question.


‘I like Ratcho?’


Lucion was incredulous, but he didn’t really want to answer.


The death knight pointed to the ground instead of going ahead.


[The secret safe is under here. But I don’t know what device it works with. It takes quite a while to reach the warehouse…]




Lucion cut off the death knight’s words and called Hume.


It was time for the excavator to work.


“Yes, Young Master.”


Hume slammed his feet down towards the ground where the death knight stood.




The floor split in an instant and descended down to Hume.


[…Pure power?]


The death knight couldn’t help but be surprised.


Since there was a secret place under it, the floor was much stronger than in other spots.


She couldn’t believe he split it in one go.


Ratta poked her head toward the hole in the floor.


Her tail, which had stopped moving for a while to see if Hume was okay, wobbled.


[If it’s this loud, Carson will come.]


Lucion frowned at Russell’s words.


The expedition had just begun, so he didn’t want to be disturbed.


“Hume. Go tell Brother that nothing happened.”


“I understand.”


“You can’t come out on your own… There you go.”


Obviously, Hume’s movements were light, but he just jumped about one floor.


When Lucion looked at Hume in bewilderment, Russell was also embarrassed.


[Why are you surprised when he can do it?]


“Isn’t it amazing to move like that with a pure body?”


Lucion calmly pulled out the darkness and wrapped it around his legs.


As he fell, the darkness served as a cushion, so the impact of the fall didn’t reach him at all.


[Well, it’s definitely fascinating.]


Russell looked at Hume, who had suddenly gone away.


The more he looked at Hume, the more he couldn’t understand why he was called a monster.


Who’s a monster?


He was just a normal boy with good strength and physical ability.


—Ratta can run alone.


When Lucion opened his arms, Ratta exclaimed ‘ahem’.




Ratta landed lightly on the ground.


After confirming that Ratta had come down to him, Lucion rushed the death knight.


“That’s enough, right? Keep going.”


[He’s a real warlock…]


The death knight, who had already been downstairs, spoke in a stunned voice.


[The real saint is a warlock.]


“It must be strange, but you say it as if the world has collapsed.”


Lucion drew a smirk on his lips.


[How did you get the spot to handle the heavy burden?]


“I asked you to tell me where the secret safe is, I didn’t tell you to worry about the world.”


Lucion raised his finger and pointed ahead.


It was a sign from him to lead the way quietly.


[I’m… No. Yeah, I apologize for my rudeness this time.]


The death knight bowed her head slightly and took the lead again.


Perhaps the Fizat family hid something quite large, the basement was entangled here and there like a maze.


‘What the hell are you hiding here?’


As he walked, Lucion’s heart swelled with anticipation.


[Up ahead.]


The death knight pointed to a door and quietly backed away.


Russell’s face crumpled and he opened his mouth as if waiting for something.






Lucion answered and brought out the darkness.


No matter how little contact he had with the ghosts these days, he never forgot that unpleasant feeling, like mosquitoes hovering in his ears.


“I know.”


[The safe is mine! No one can step into this safe! It’s mine! It’s mine!]


A ghost with red eyes and a cracked voice passed through the door and rushed to Lucion.


Lucion swung the darkness as long as a fishing rod toward the ghost as if he had waited for it.






As soon as the ghost touched the darkness, it screamed.


It sounded like a roar.


Ordinary ghosts would be terrified and busy praying right away, but this ghost was different.


‘Is that a fallen ghost?’


It seemed that the bright red eyes were a sign of a fallen ghost.


[It’s my safe! My safe!]


The scream of the ghost signaled that the battle wasn’t over yet.


It was the same for Lucion.


He didn’t take back the darkness he wielded but instead, he grew its shape like a large mouth.


‘It doesn’t matter even if it’s fallen.’


Darkness in the shape of a large mouth engulfed the fallen ghost before it could pierce Lucion with its sharp claws.


“Get lost.”




A sharp thorn popped up from the darkness that swallowed it.


When Lucion withdrew the darkness, all that remained was black powder.


Lucion turned to the death knight right away.


“Death knight.”


Those eyes were very fierce.

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