Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 59 - Secret Safe, Fallen Ghost (2)

Author: LyraDhani

The death knight must have known that there was a fallen ghost near the safe.


Even though she knew it, she let him go ahead.


As if to test him.


Lucion was very displeased with the fact.


“Were you that curious about my skills?”


[Right. That’s why I didn’t tell you even though I knew there was a fallen ghost.]


The death knight quickly admitted.




Lucion asked.


His voice was cold.


[Because I wanted to know if you could really save them or be unable to kill them.]


Lucion’s eyes frowned.


He still felt upset about this.


[I know what I did wasn’t right. But you’re a warlock and a warlock made me look like this. You thought I’d trust you so easily?]


“Well, all right, I expected you to do something unexpected. But I didn’t know it would be such a cheap move.”


Even though Lucion’s words were not nice, the death knight was calm.


[I accept your words.]


“No, I have one more thing to say.”


Lucion pointed to the helmet worn by the death knight.


“You have to lower your head.”


His finger then pointed to the floor.


The death knight’s fingers twitched in anger.


“This was a deal. You were the one who asked me for help. You were the one who accepted my offer.”


Lucion’s eyebrows rose.


“We came all the way here with your consent, you put me in danger to test me, and now you try to wash your mouth? If you don’t like me from the start, you should’ve asked someone else. Does your shame disappear when you become a ghost?”




Russell responded quickly, rolled his eyes, and then opened his mouth again.


[It’s just her. No matter how much of a ghost I’ve become, my shame remains.]


The death knight looked at Russell.


Even though her face was covered by a helmet, her embarrassment could be felt beyond the helmet.


[Flustered? You didn’t forget that Lucion was my student, right?]


Russell’s voice lowered.


As the surroundings quickly became cold, the death knights felt unknown pressure and collapsed for a moment.


But she held out.


“Why don’t you stop showing off your pride?”


Lucion crossed his arms and looked at her.


He let the earlier rudeness pass, but this time it was no joke.


Blessed by the darkness, he could be physically hit by a ghost attack.


[No, it’s not about pride. Apology… I was going to do that if you really let them go. Because I know how great my disrespect is to you.]


The death knight spoke out as if driven by desperation.


[I am not asking you to understand. It’s just, I’m afraid of you. Because of the darkness, you can lock me up and force me to be dominated at any time. I’m afraid I’ll leave here without letting them go, I’m really afraid of that.]


For the first time, Lucion saw the death knight showing desperation.


He looked at Russell immediately and nodded.


[You’re lucky, death knight.]


As Russell relaxed his powers, the death knight faltered.


Russell’s words were not just a warning.


“I won’t do anything.”


Lucion said.


Or rather, he couldn’t.


In order to use domination magic, he had to pour in the darkness, but even in his own eyes, his darkness wasn’t enough to dominate the death knight.


[…Wait upstairs]


The death knight climbed up through the ceiling.


—Ratta doesn’t like that ghost. Ratta will bite her leg if Ratta sees her again.


Ratta made a crackling sound with her mouth wide open, ready to bite at any time.


[Don’t mind it. That’s how a death knight usually is. They have a lot of grudges.]


Russell said hesitantly.


“Yes, it looks like it.”


Lucion answered calmly and opened the door wide.




Russell wanted to tell him to get ready and go in, but Lucion had already opened the door.


It was two or three offices combined, revealing a fairly large room.


There was no furniture, and ghosts with red eyes crept slowly out of the wall.


‘There are three of them.’


Lucion raised the corners of his mouth.


Until now, the darkness had only been used with a 1:1 concept, so the time had come to use a different method.


As a result of what he felt, black magic was similar to an open-world game with a lot of freedom.


Except for a few stereotyped magic tricks, he could almost digest anything made of darkness or any form.


Now, he understood Russell’s words about the importance of mental strength to control the darkness.


‘I have both, don’t I?’


Mental strength


And Ratta, who could control the darkness.


‘I like the waves.’


Lucion let the darkness inside his body flow through the palm of his hand, recalling the sound of people who were like waves at the declaration ceremony.


The shapeless darkness hit the floor and flew like dust to the ceiling.


At that moment, Lucion slowly shook the darkness, recalling the overflowing waves.


He didn’t forget to grip the darkness with the feeling of tapping the sand as if his own hand was in the air.




He could hear the sound of the darkness enjoying itself for the first time in a long time.




Ratta pricked up her ears.


—Ratta knows what Lucion’s trying to do.


Russell looked calmly at Lucion and Ratta, hiding his expectations.


Lucion always brought more than expected results, so he was able to enjoy watching his student’s growth.


[The safe… No one can have it.]


[Money mixed with my blood. It’s money for my child.]


[I can’t have it. You can’t have it!]


The ghosts, who were creaking, moved like moths rushing into the light.


‘The waves will strike in a flash, at once.’


Lucion laid the darkness flat on the floor and raised it to the ceiling when the ghosts stepped on it.




‘And there are many more that follow.’


As they staggered at the blow that came from below, the darkness that had moved upwards was brought down again.




Lucion moved the darkness up and down without mercy, like waves crashing in one place, forcing them to dance.


‘At the end, everything is going to be locked up in the water.’


This time, it wasn’t just a blow, the waves really locked the ghosts in darkness as if to swallow them.


He waited for darkness to penetrate the ghosts’ whole body and when the darkness was finally lifted, only powder was left on the spot.


[Yes! This is it!]


Russell raised his voice.


There were things that needed to be improved, but it wasn’t just an act of hitting and swinging using the darkness.


It was like using the darkness to create single magic like ‘Magic A’.


“Wasn’t the application bad?”


Lucion rubbed his nose.


[Very good! If you refine this magic well, it won’t be bad even if it’s standardized.]


“What do you mean, standardized?”


Lucion blinked, asking what that meant.


[Simply put, it’s the act of telling the darkness to remember the magic. Anyway, it seems you have understood the meaning of black magic now.]


Russell’s voice sounded so excited.


[Black magic is so free and diverse that there is very little standardized magic among those who use mana and light. Instead, it’s just that hard to control the darkness.]


“Is that so?”


[Don’t ‘Is that so’ me. You’re not bound by that kind of thing thanks to Ratta. I want to teach you how to standardize black magic]


It was the first time Russell was so excited, so Lucion was excited too.


Lucion said, with twinkling eyes, to strike the iron while it was still hot.


“Then why don’t you teach me right now? I’ll work hard to learn.”


[If it’s possible, I would have taught you right away.]


Russell sighed with regret.


[Anyways, Lucion.]


“Yes, sir.”


[Remember how you used that magic, how you controlled the darkness. Don’t forget.]


“Okay. It’s easy to remember because Ratta’s here.”


Lucion squatted for a moment and stroked Ratta.


Ratta controlled the darkness, controlled the amount of darkness, and now even directed it.


“Well done, Ratta.”


No one could play a better supporting role than Ratta.


—Ratta is always good.


[…That’s right. You have Ratta, so I can use that method on you.]


“There’s something like that?”


Lucion asked.


[There’s something like that. It’s not fun if I tell you in advance. Just look forward to it.]


Russell grinned.


Lucion would be his last disciple.


“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”


Lucion smiled broadly without rushing him.


—Lucion! Lucion!


Ratta buried her face in a small hole, urging him.


—Here’s what Lucion is looking for! A safe! A safe!


Ratta’s tail was wagging violently.


‘There’s no door.’


Lucion looked around Ratta and found that there was no door.


‘Another secret device.’


Whatever the secret device was, in the end, all he had to do was to break the wall.


While Lucion was preparing to put darkness in his right hand, Hume’s voice was heard from behind along with the sound of footsteps.


“I’m sorry I’m late. It took me a while to persuade the first Young Master because he was about to come in here right away.”


[What did you say to persuade him?]


Russell asked.


“I told him that the Young Master is exploring a secret place.”


Hume said with a big smile.


[He believed that?]


Russell asked in a voice full of laughter.


“Yes. He didn’t believe it, so he asked if there was anything I need for the expedition.”




Lucion hit the wall as hard as he could with his hand wrapped in darkness.




Ratta, who had pulled herself back, was startled, and her eyes sparkled for a moment.




As the bricks fell, an iron plate disguised as a wall was revealed.


The whole place was a safe.


‘It’s very strong.’


Lucion looked at the place where he had just swung.


The iron plate was dented, but it didn’t break.


‘I swung it hard, but only that much power came out?’


Lucion glanced at his hand.


He was definitely strong enough to catch several people, but he wasn’t as powerful as he had thought.


“I’ll do it.”


Hume clenched his fist.


“No, wait a minute.”


Lucion felt like he knew something.


[It’s not your hand that you’re going to swing.]


Russell gave a hint.


When Lucion wrapped the darkness on his hands, it was similar to putting on gloves to protect his hands.


In order to bring out the power of darkness, Lucion had to swing the darkness, not swing his fist.


It was a similar, but a completely different concept.




Lucion looked at his hand again.


‘It’s not my hand that I have to swing, it’s the darkness.’


It seemed he had instinctively withdrawn his broken arm.


Lucion made the darkness roughly round.


He moved the darkness to punch at the iron plate.




It even let out a sound.


He crushed the metal plate with a dull hitting sound.


‘Aha. I know what you meant.’


Lucion licked his lips.


He didn’t know it when he was moving the darkness, but when he hit something, it turned out magic was quite an interesting force.


It felt more fun when it flowed as he wanted.


[Looks like you’ve got it.]


Russell said, raising the corner of his mouth.


“Yes. I think understand a little why the darkness should move like hands and feet.”


Darkness wasn’t just a borrowed tool like mana and light, it was really like a new limb.


‘Everyone, don’t go anywhere, gather this way.’


Lucion forced the darkness, which began to spread around again, to gather in one place.


He wasn’t a kindergarten teacher, but whenever he took his eyes off it, the darkness was already scattered.


He tried to make a sword by gathering darkness, but it was as thick as his forearm, so it was more like a stick.


This thickness was the best for now.


—Ratta did her best, but she can’t make it thinner.


Ratta uttered in a sullen voice.


“It’s all right. That’s enough.”


Lucion sharpened the edge of the darkness as if he was sharpening a blade.




When he cut the iron plate using the darkness, it was cut off slowly with an unpleasant sound.


When Ratta adjusted the darkness, Lucion moved the darkness in the shape of a door to cut the iron plate.




As the iron plate fell inside, sparkling jewels welcomed Lucion.




Lucion laughed at the absurdity.




Ratta said in the sparkle of jewels.


[Crazy. They made a lot.]


Russell frowned with displeasure.


“I’ll pick them all up.”


Only Hume started working quickly.


Even if Lucion didn’t ask, he picked up the jewels on his own.


“As expected. Those poor guys have a lot of things.”


Even looking through Lucion’s eyes, who had only dealt with expensive and good things, the value of the jewels was no joke.


[Shall we take a closer look? There are usually people who make it double or triple.]


Russell spoke with a beguiled look.


“Yes, I’d love to. The more money, the better.”


Lucion replied in a satisfied voice.


As Russell left quickly, Lucion searched another safe.


‘There must be a book with the reason written why they were able to collect these jewels…’


Through the death knight, it had been confirmed that this money was obtained through dirty work.


What they had done would be revealed soon, so what was left was who the Fizat family got this money from.


“Young Master.”


Hume, who was sweeping jewelry with Ratta, pointed with his finger.


“That’s the safe over there.”


“Do you know what I’m looking for?”


“Yes. Isn’t it information related to Count Roberio? The smell comes out of that safe since a little while ago.”


Lucion blinked for a moment.


He was just trying to find money, but he found an unexpected connection.


No way, he hadn’t expected Count Roberio to be behind the Fizat family.

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