Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 6 - One Step (3)

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Russell couldn’t hide his astonishment at all.


[‘Is that really possible?’]


Of course, Russell already expected that darkness would follow Lucion’s orders. It was because no warlock who had already reached this stage, couldn’t give orders to the Darkness.


The problem came next.


The darkness that had finished its role would disappear on its own.


There were three major steps in using black magic :


1. Give orders to the darkness.


2. Darkness follows orders.


3. Follow the command to disconnect from the darkness that has ended its role.


The reason for the last step was simple.


After finishing the role, the darkness had to be forced out because it would never listen to the user’s orders again.


This step was the trickiest and most difficult, but Lucion automatically skipped this last step.


As a wizard, it was like a success without casting magic.


[‘I took a great man as a disciple!!’]


Russell was overjoyed.


This fact was a great blessing for Lucion, too.


By reducing the number of steps, he was able to get ahead of others.


But Russell didn’t tell Lucion about this because the scariest enemy of a person was its swelling pride.




Lucion couldn’t see where Russell was and called for him.


[…Ah, I didn’t know you would succeed on your first attempt.]


Russell soon smiled nonchalantly and said.


[What do you think? Do you feel relieved?]


“I don’t think there’s negativity aside from the relief.”


Lucion didn’t want to build up negativity because of this bastard.


[Negativity doesn’t accumulate, so don’t worry. Unless it’s corrupted, an attack on a ghost is a concept that relieves hunger.]


“That’s why you said you could put a ghost under your feet?”


The ghosts were those beings full of lingering feelings about this world.


Even black magic, which was forced into the cycle of death and life, couldn’t help but be a frightening tool.


[You’re right. Of course, it doesn’t work for me but….]


Russell smugly pointed to the ghost who was still enchanted.


[He’s just a low-level ghost, so let him go.]


Following Russell’s finger pointing downward, Lucion moved the darkness.


‘Get out of here!’


The darkness that stretched out from Lucion’s grasp hit like a whip from the ghost’s head in a foggy shape.




The ghost turned black.


[Oh, no! I can’t leave this way! I’m not ready yet. I……]


The ghost couldn’t continue his mutterings and disappeared as it was, turning to dust.


[He didn’t disappear, he went back to prepare to be reborn.]


Russell pointed to the sky.


[What do you say, Lucion?]


At Russell’s question, Lucion clenched and stretched his hand repeatedly.






Russell smiled as he looked into Lucion’s bright eyes.


“There are still things to overcome, but my world has changed.”


[It’s just the beginning. When we get back to the mansion, you have to practice enough to get out of the seat.]


“Yes, I’ll practice hard.”


Lucion looked at the dust being carried away by the wind.


In the novel, there was a scene where a warlock dominated ghosts.


Maybe one day he would be like that.


[Anyway, it’s time to pick up a gift.]


Russell reached out to Lucion and looked back.


[You are right. The escort followed.]


Lucion then wiped the sweat from his forehead and followed Russell’s gaze.


Someone was coming to him, causing hazy dust.


“Young master!”


Lucion thought it was a familiar voice.


‘Who is it?’


Lucion tried to get up, but his legs were so weak that he could barely move it.




Shandra rose slowly to the height of Lucion.


“Good boy.”


Lucion smiled in praise of Shandra.


“Young master! ”


Someone who got off the horse rushed to Lucion.


“Are you alright? Let’s go to the hospital right now!”


The man was startled by Lucion’s appearance.


Not only was he soaked in a cold sweat, but he also had dirt on his hands. He seemed to have fallen off the horse.


“Who are you?”


Lucion stared at the man.


The face was quite familiar.


“It’s me, Gerno. Ah…Do you recognize me if I do this?”


Gerno covered his face as if he was wearing a helmet.


‘…Ah, it is Gerno.’


Lucion finally nodded.


So far, he had only seen Gerno heavily armed, so it felt strange to see him in his normal uniform.


Gerno was one of the few people who did him a favor.


He was the commander of the 1st Knights of Cronia to which Carson belonged.


[Right, it’s Gerno.]


Russell also recognized Gerno a little later.


“Did my father send you?”


Lucion asked.


“No, I’m not. I’m off duty today at Carson’s command. Oh, I mean, it’s such an honor to be with you….”


“Did my brother do it, not my father?”


“Yes, the First Master commanded.”


Lucion frowned slightly at Gerno’s answer.


It was a little prickly.


“…Oh, how are you feeling? You don’t look well.”


Gerno asked belatedly.


“It’s okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden a horse and made a mistake.”


“Sir, may I accompany you?”


“Didn’t my brother let you go with that intention?”


“The first master told me to ask the young master’s doctor.”


Lucion caught his breath and climbed onto the Shandra.


“Follow me.”


“Thank you!”


Gerno, too, smiled naturally as he rose to the horse. But he no longer talked to Lucion.


Knowing that Lucion dislikes noisy situations and coming within a certain distance, he stepped back and rode his horse.



* * *


Upon arriving in the city, Lucion left the horse at an inn and walked along the direction Russell was pointing.


‘Magic Bank?’


Luteon Magic Bank.


Lucion looked at the sign and stopped for a moment.


The Magic Bank was the same place as the banking business in the modern world was, and also where additional valuables in any form were kept.


Just like depositing money and receiving interest, you could receive interest in exchange for depositing valuables and allowing exhibitions.


It was aimed at the effect of attracting customers, which raises the rating depending on what the bank keeps, and also creates trust in maintaining that security.


Lucion was overwhelmed with anticipation.


“Young master, why don’t you stop by the hospital first?”


Gerno brought up the words he had been holding back.


“I’m fine, you wait here.”


After giving Gerno instructions, Lucion went into the bank without waiting to his response.




The staff greeted him politely.


Most of the people looking for the magic bank were the only ones with a lot of money.

However, the eyes held contempt as it gazed on Lucion whose face was hidden by the hood.


‘I can see the blue thread.’


Lucion paused as he entered the bank when he saw the blue thread tied to him.


However, there has been no tense change.


‘What’s going on here? Or is it already happening?’


Lucion looked at the thread that led out of the bank, wondering.


As soon as he went outside again, the thread that wrapped Lucion’s body disappeared.


Lucion stared blankly at the figure.


In fact, it was a sign of getting closer to resisting fate.


‘It didn’t show up in the novel, but I was supposed to be here. My teacher would have given me a present at any time.’


Lucion thought about it for a moment.


[What’s wrong? Is it because it’s your first time at a magic bank?]


At Russell’s question, Lucion turned away from his thoughts and looked at Russell.


“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?”


Gerno, who was waiting outside, also asked Lucion.


‘If I was really going to come here.….’


Lucion looked at the Magic Bank again.


‘I’m tired of hiding and avoiding. I’m going to see what would happen with my own eyes.’


“Don’t worry about it, I just came out because my heart was feeling tight for a while.”


Lucion said with an earnest look on his face.


“Young master. Please, allow me to follow you along.”


Lucion didn’t know where he, himself, and the blue thread led to at the request of Gerno, but the blue thread reappeared.


Lucion’s eyes briefly glittered as it was pulled tight unlike before.


‘…So Gerno didn’t come to the bank originally?’


‘Then I should take him.’


Lucion then said as he entered the bank.


“Follow me.”


“Yes, thank you.”


Gerno’s voice was full of energy.




The staff glanced at Lucion with a suspicious eye because they remembered his whereabouts a while ago.


“Customer, if you don’t mind, can you take off your hood for a moment…….”


“Here you are.”


Gerno showed off his necklace before the staff could approach him.


Who among the people living in Cronia didn’t know the fox crest?


It was a symbol belonging to the Cronia family.


“Sir, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I- I did not know!”


The employee hurriedly lowered his head when he confirmed that the people were from the Cronia family.


It was well known that no matter how broad-minded Novio, the head of Kronia, he would show ruthlessness to anyone who touched anyone from the Cronia Family.


“Be quiet now.”


The staff nodded at Gerno’s warning not to announce the arrival of the Cronia family.


[That’s why I like Gerno the most.]


Russell nodded with satisfaction.


“What a waste.”


Lucion flicked his tongue lightly at the sight.


Gerno would often run under Lucion’s escort.


As he had already been with Lucion for several years, Gerno noticed that Lucion was happy, contrary to what he said.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with you at the last banquet because of the mission.”


As soon as the words came out, Gerno carefully apologized for what happened last time.




“Viscount Horaon, who touched the young master at the banquet, may come to visit soon.”


Gerno lowered his voice, and Lucion’s brow frowned.


“What kind of embarrassment are they bringing here again?”


“Don’t worry. I’ll put myself in the ground.”


“I sincerely look forward to it.”


Only then did Lucion walk to the bank teller, warming up his face.


“Customer, please come this way.”


A staff member standing near the counter approached Lucion and guided him.


“I’ll be waiting here.”


Gerno stood on his own feet.


Lucion nodded and followed the staff to the counter.


“What brings you here?”


Lucion looked at Russell when the staff asked him.


It was his first time at the Magic Bank.


[Is this really your first time?]


Lucion nodded slightly, and Russell opened his mouth.


[Tell the staff it’s a surrogate receipt.]


“I’m here to receive a surrogate.”


“Please fill out this form first.”


The staff handed over the documents.


Lucion hesitated for a moment in the space where he wrote his name.


“Do I really have to use my name?”


“Yes, we need your information because we’re in charge of collecting the goods if there’s a problem or it’s a proxy.”


“Can Luteon Bank be held accountable if my information became known to others?”


“Of course, as stated in the documents, I promise you again that as a bank run by the Luteon family, we will be responsible for the leakage of your identity and information.”


Lucion didn’t even hesitate to write his name until the employee said so.


The employee, who received the document, remained firm for two seconds.


Lucion Cronia.


It was a name that people living in the Cronia family could never know.


“The recipient’s name is Russell Paul.”


Lucion looked at Russell, familiar with the staff’s response.


[Ask for number 14 to be taken out.]


“Take out number 14.”


“He, uh, oh, I see.”


The staff stuttered and got up hastily.


“What the hell is this gift?”


Lucion leaned against the back of the chair with his arms crossed while the staff came.


[What you check for yourself is the taste of the gift.]


“I’m looking forward to it.”


[You can look forward to it. It’s exactly what you need, and it’s the only thing in the world.]


Russell smiled confidently.


‘What the hell is it?’


Lucion couldn’t hide his rising expectations.


“Oh, sir. Here’s the item number 14 you’re looking for.”


The staff rattled down a box of metal that looked quite luxurious.


It looked uneasy to hold just by looking at it, but Lucion didn’t care as long as the product was fine.


Lucion was about to grab the box when he heard a siren in a hurry.






Russell teased his mouth with an absurd face.


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