Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 61 - Time Has Stopped?

Author: LyraDhani

[Right. We’ve come this deep, so don’t worry about Carson either. Lucion, you can show me everything you can do now.]


Russell announced that the stage was ready for Lucion’s rampage.


They were relaxing words.


‘Then, there’s nothing to worry about.’


Lucion left about 20% of the darkness he possessed and sprinkled it all around.


‘I wish I could do this process faster.’


To use darkness, you have to let the darkness in your body come out.


The process was still slow.


Lucion raised the darkness to the ceiling, grasping what needed to be improved.


And he waited for the barrier made by the death knight to be broken.




At the sound of the glass breaking, Lucion raised the corners of his mouth


“Ratta, are you ready?”


—Yes! Ratta is ready.


Ratta swept her front pawns to the ground, her eyes filled with strength.


This time, the magic that he was going to use required Ratta’s automatic aim in particular.




The sword was pulled out with a pretty loud noise.


At that moment, dozens of fallen ghosts were heard chatting at the same time.


[Dad. Dad. Where did you go? Did you throw me away because you hated me?]


[Please save me. My legs don’t work. I can’t breathe. I have a son who is only five years old at home. Please, please let me go!]


[Aaaah! I’m going to kill you all! Aaaah!]


The sound made Lucion dizzy as if someone held his head and shook it.


But his gaze remained unshakable.


Their chatters were repeating like the words of a machine, and there was no trace of reason left.


Lucion raised his hand slightly and set a point of aim with the darkness that only he could feel toward those who approached him first.


‘Go away!’


Lucion lowered his hand.


There was no ‘bang’ sound, but the darkness that had been holding on to the ceiling fell like lightning to the ghost’s head.






The darkness wasn’t really lightning, it just pierced the heads of ghosts like skewers in the sky.


Lucion gave another order so that the darkness wouldn’t fall out.


‘Hold on.’


The darkness that fell to the chests of the ghosts was moved to the left to create a shape like a fishing hook.


The fallen ghosts, caught by the hooks that came down from the sky, were stuck in a state where they could neither approach him nor escape.




Twenty four.






As the number increased, Lucion’s eyes turn bloodshot.




Lucion, who had pierced all the ghosts, looked at them dangling from the ceiling.


He was one person, and the darkness he had to control was close to a hundred.


He felt a strong headache as if someone was stepping on his head.




His nose was bleeding.


‘…I’ve got a headache.’


It was time to leave the pain and wrap it up.


Lucion licked his lips.


While piercing the fallen ghost, he had branded them all.


“Ratta. I’m going at once.”


—Yeah. Ratta’s ready.


Ratta nodded.


Lucion felt the darkness in nearly a hundred ghosts and gave an order.


‘Burst out!’


The darkness, which was shaped like a fishing hook, swelled all at once.


A quiet explosion occurred inside the fallen ghosts.


As darkness spread, they turned black and quickly crumbled from head to toes.


[…Thank you.]


[Thank you.]


Every time they disappeared, a calm voice rang in Lucion’s ears one by one.


Silence descended on the room.


As the ghosts that filled the room disappeared, dark red bloodstains appeared.


It was only then that the instruments that had been torn off to remove the traces caught his eye one by one.


Countless nail marks on the wall, scattered hair on the floor, rotten flesh.


It all looked very sad.




Lucion’s whole body trembled as he pulled back the darkness.




It was like holding his breath in the sea, holding it in, and finally climbing up from the sea.


‘I feel so heavy.’


It was the first time he performed wide-range magic in his life.


It was the first time that there was a large number, and it was the first time he spread darkness so widely.


He was tired, but it’d been so long since he’d used the darkness this freely.


He felt relieved.




Hume came down.


“You’ve worked hard, Young Master. It was… beyond words.”


Hume supported Lucion and said proudly.


Even though he had just watched from a distance, he felt overwhelmed by the darkness that Lucion had spread out.


Lucion was the conductor, and the darkness was like an orchestra that followed him.


[Good job.]


Russell opened his mouth after a long time.


[You did a great job.]


Russell was very happy.


It made him so happy to watch the making process of a jewel the more he polished it.


“It is worthwhile to move the darkness diligently.”


Lucion wiped his nose and smiled.


The training was never in vain.


Rather, he felt more desperate.


In the future, he had to be able to prepare for the next magic without getting tired of using such a big magic.


‘But I can feel the progress.’


It was difficult to tie up fewer than ten people just a few weeks ago, so he’d grown up.




The death knight called Lucion.


It was a slightly deafening sound.


The fallen ghosts didn’t perish but stepped into the cycle of circulation.


At last, they were freed from pain.


[Thank you.]


The death knight came down and bowed to Lucion, speaking out heavy words.


[Really… Thank you.]


No matter how many times she said it, it wouldn’t be enough.


Lucion kept his promise and freed the fallen.


“What’s your name?”


Lucion asked.


[Bethel Levisti.]


As soon as Bethel told him her name, a red thread appeared.


By the time he doubted the sudden appearance of the red thread, Lucion noticed that her name wasn’t unfamiliar 


‘I’ve heard that name somewhere…?’


Lucion decided to think while going up first.


He would have to make room for Bethel.


“I’ll go up first, so I pray for their well-being.”


Lucion flinched as he stopped walking toward the stairs.


He didn’t know it when he went down, but when he tried to go up again, his heart was pounding.




Lucion sighed.


‘If I use shadow movement with the remaining darkness, will I be able to get to the middle?’


“I will…”




Lucion interrupted before Hume could suggest anything


He stepped on the stairs thinking it was just training.




Then, he remembered who she was.


Bethel Levisti.


One of the death knights that the final boss dominated and was their leader.


‘Good. It deserved a red thread’s appearance.’


For a moment, the corners of Lucion’s lips went up.


He was going to take away one weapon that the final boss had.


[It’s not bad to go up the stairs thinking it’s training.]


Russell giggled.


—Do you want Ratta to push you?


“That’s enough.”


Lucion silently took a step towards the ground, step by step.


* * *


When Lucion’s party left, Bethel took off her helmet and put it under her arm.


Her red hair came down to her shoulders.




She managed to breathe out.


She knew that she didn’t have to breathe out with this already dead body, but she still had the habits of when she was alive.


SheI looked around carefully.


It was her seat in the left corner.


When she saw her own body rotting after death, it didn’t matter.


There was no place for other emotions to come into her heart that was filled with resentment.


Tears slowly welled up in Bethel’s indifferent eyes.




Her voice cracked slightly.


She offered her sword to her master as a knight, but the result was a betrayal.


She became an experiment for the curse, and she died.


[Don’t get sick.]


However, she was reborn as a death knight and gained the power to hold the blade of revenge.


With that power, she slashed the warlock at will.


[Without suffering.]


With that power, she protected the ghosts from the warlock.


Until the ghosts were corrupted.


[Please, be happy.]


Bethel bowed calmly.


Tears fell to the ground.


But her tears didn’t get the ground wet, they just disappeared.


[Please, be happy…]


Bethel bit her trembling lips and pressed on her helmet again.


There was no longer anything to protect.


The death knight, who had no reason to stay, went up to the ground.


Lucion was waiting for her.


[Why did you… pray for their well-being?]


As soon as Bethel saw Lucion, her mouth moved unknowingly.


“Wouldn’t anyone wish for it?”


Lucion replied nonchalantly.


Apart from his hatred of ghosts, they were pitiful.


They didn’t die because they wanted to, and they didn’t become fallen ghosts because they wanted to.


He knew how to tell the difference.




Bethel also replied indifferently, but her voice became much softer than it had been in the beginning.


[Do you think so?]




[Lord Lucion.]


“Say it.”


Bethel took off her helmet again.


She was smiling very brightly.


[Thank you so much for letting me get out of this hell.]


She lowered her head, tapping her left chest with her right hand.


It was a greeting as a knight.


* * *




Helon opened his mouth, looking at him.


“I return without finding that information.”


“Is this a waste of time again?”


Stra, who peeped at them through the door, voiced.


“Stra. Don’t put pressure on Helon.”


Kran glanced at her.


It must have been for Helon to infiltrate other places so far.


“Not pressure. It’s regret. Regret.”


Stra smiled awkwardly.


“You’ve worked hard, Helon. Don’t worry about not getting information.”


Kran patted Helon.


In the first place, they had already prepared that it would take a long time.


The Kingdom of Keortia.


His country that disappeared in an instant.


Was that even possible?


Even thinking about it again, it was still a terrifying sight.


“I’m sorry. I thought it was solid information this time.”


Helon looked guilty.


“No, Helon. You don’t have to blame yourself. We’ve just been from slavery, and we’ve only taken a step forward.”


Kran patted his neck.


It seemed that the texture of the black necklace he had worn for 10 years was still there.


“Yes, Stra. What brings you here?”


He had only called for Helon, not Stra.


Stra held out a fairly thick envelope with a dissatisfied expression.


“That guy sent it.”




He was the only one Stra refer to as that guy.




Kran received the letter and called out to her.


“I know, I know. You want me to call him Hamel, right? If Hamel is in front of me, I will.”


“No matter what happens, we must not forget that grace.”


Kran said emphatically.


No matter how many times he emphasized it, it wouldn’t be enough


It was a warlock called Hamel who saved them from the pit.


It was a fact that should never be forgotten.


“I know. It’s just, it’s just uncomfortable.”


Straw clasped her arms.




The unpleasantness of that word was hard to dispel.


“Both of you, get out.”


Kran opened the letter only after he sent Helon and Stra away.


-I made a lot of money this time. So there’s more you have to do, Kran.


‘What are you doing to make money these days?’


The hottest event now was the birth of Saint Lucion Cronia.


If rumors were swept up to the border here, they must be huge in the central.


‘I want to meet you once.’


Kran thought for a moment and read the letter again.


All of the information Hamel had given him before was completely useful.


The letter also said where he had to invest.


Kran wondered if Hamel gave essential information this time too.


Or maybe it was just a coincidence last time.


He was very curious about his abilities.


-Oh, by the way, you’ll have a visitor, so pick him up. His name is Peter, and he’s a magician. He’ll be useful.




Looking for a magician was no easy task.


Knock. Knock.


Then, he heard a knock on the door.


“Kran-nim, we have a visitor. His name is Peter.”


Helon said cautiously.


“He mentioned Hamel’s name so I told him to wait.”


“Get him in.”


Kran looked at the letter softly.


It was great timing.


* * *


“…So you discovered this while exploring?”


Carson put down the data he was looking at in the carriage.


It was the material that would kill Count Roberio.


“Yes, I discovered it while exploring.”


Lucion replied calmly.


“If you don’t believe it, you can send the knights now. But there’s something more important than that.”


Lucion’s finger pointed to the data.


“Brother, it’s terrible that there’s a dirty guy like this in the world. Shouldn’t you tell His Majesty quickly?”


The Emperor had no choice but to step up because a warlock was involved.


“Yes, I will inform His Majesty, so don’t worry.”




With Carson’s words, a blue thread was cut off lightly.




Let’s deal with this one guy first.

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