Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 62 - Time Has Stopped (2)

Author: LyraDhani

Lucion swallowed a laugh.


Now there were three left.


Viscount Therem Mail.


Count Dortor Sofran


Marquis Orion Gitran.




Bethel’s voice trembled.


She clenched her fists and asked again.


[Are you really going to take care of this?]


[Probably so.]


Russell answered instead of Lucion.


[I’ve never wanted this far. I’m grateful that you sent them to the sky, but can I be a little more greedy?]


Bethel’s clenched fist trembled.


[Then, be nice to Lucion. Don’t forget to return the favor.]


Russell looked at Lucion.


For some reason, Lucion, who hated ghosts, helped Bethel.


Russell was pleased with the fact alone.


[Of course. The first time I swung my sword at Lord Lucion and the testing him, I wish all that didn’t happen.]


Bethel nodded and nodded again.


‘So loud.’


Lucion frowned.


Everything was good, but it was so noisy.


He thought it was fortunate that Ratta didn’t participate in that conversation because the voice was ringing in his head, not in his ears.


[By the way, Russell, you’re an amazing ghost.]


Bethel glanced at Russell.


[There’s a lot more to be amazed by.]


Russell snorted.


[You’re the first ghost to move freely even though you’re not a death knight.]


[Because I’m a genius.]


Russell grinned, praising himself to the point where Bethel felt embarrassed.


* * *


Now the Central was holding a festival to commemorate Lucion himself.


It meant that the time when the festival was held was the right time to get things done.


Now, in two days, he had to leave Central.


Viscount Therem Mail.


Count Dortor Sofran.


Marquis Orion Gitran.


It also meant that now was the only chance to catch these three at once.


After returning from the workplace, Lucion went straight to Carson’s room without a break.


“I am going to play.”




Carson, who was just about to drink tea, looked at Lucion with his eyes wide open.


“You’re going to play…?”


Lucion just woke up from his bed yesterday.


With that body, didn’t he just ride a carriage to the workplace?


“It’s a festival.”


Lucion glanced at the window.


Carson’s hand, which was holding the cup, gained strength and caused a slight crack.


Lucion and the festival had always been far from each other.


It wasn’t that a festival was never held at the border, but Lucion rarely left the room unless he was forced to.


Carson exhaled deeply.


It was dangerous precisely because it was a festival.


An assassin could have been mixed up in the crowd and sought Lucion’s life.


“I’ll cover my face well. I will make sure of it.”


Lucion hurriedly raised his voice as Carson’s concerns grew bigger.


“Even if you watch the festival, I don’t think you’ll go to a place where there aren’t many people.”




“Because you will cover your face, you will get caught up in disputes. Because you won’t let it go if someone picks a fight.”


[He knows you.]


Russell giggled and circled around Lucion.


“Sending you, personally or objectively, is…”


“I’ll move with the knight.”


At Lucion’s words, Carson looked at him with a blank expression for a moment.


“Wouldn’t you feel relieved?”


Lucion planned to outrun the knight at the right moment.


Shadow movement.


There would be no point in acquiring skills if he didn’t use them.


―Ratta can’t wait to use ‘shoong’.


Ratta was already anxious to use the shadow movement.


[Why is Ratta suddenly so happy?]


Bethel asked as she patted Ratta.


―Ahem, it’s a secret.


Lucion almost burst out laughing at Ratta’s big smile.


‘…Even if Bethel said she didn’t like her, she always stroked Ratta and Ratta always wagged her tail to her.’


Ratta’s voice didn’t reach Bethel yet because she hadn’t received any oath from Bethel, so Bethel turned to stare at Russell.


[If you’re curious about Ratta’s voice, swear an oath to Lucion.]


The corner of one of Russell’s lips went up.


“Lucion, that’s… Do you want to see the festival?”


Carson asked hesitantly.


Carson became weak at the sight of Lucion trying to force himself to go outside.


“I miss it.”


Lucion gave strength to his voice because he was half sincere.


Carson let go of his teacup.


Lucion flinched for a moment when the handle of the teacup fell off with a ‘pop’ sound.


He swallowed his dry saliva as he looked at Carson, who was silent.


[Lord Lucion’s older brother is very cooperative, why is he so surprised?]


As Bethel’s head tilted, the brush on her helmet shook as well.


[We don’t know when this cooperation will change. The power of the villa is Carson…]


Russell frowned as he answered.


[You say you don’t like Lucion because he’s a warlock, so why you do keep asking?]


[I’m deeply reflecting on my disrespect for the Lord. Above all, I’ll be with the Lord until I repay his kindness in the future, so I should know the basics, at least.]


Bethel wiggled her fingers.


Russell crossed his arms and stared at Bethel before exhaling a long sigh.


[Okay. I’ll tell you the basics.]


[Thank you.]


While Carson remained silent, Lucion pricked up his ears to listen to Russell and Bethel’s conversation.


“Will you be all right?”


Carson asked, breaking the silence.


Lucion finally relaxed his shoulders when he was asked an unexpected question.


“Yes, that’s fine. Now I have to be aware of my position.”


He unintentionally rose to the position of a saint.


As the position increased, so did the risk.


There must be people who look down on him right now.


‘I hope Hume and I can grow up soon.’


It took strength to roam freely.


In any case, he’d been thinking that strength was essential these days.


“How many people you can bring?”


When asked by Carson, Lucion raised only one finger.


Carson rose from his seat.


“I’ll pick you as the most talented knight I’ve ever brought.”


‘You don’t have to do that.’


Lucion rolled his eyes and replied reluctantly.


“…I understand.”


* * *


“I will serve you with all my heart today.”


About one meter away from Lucion, the knight shouted as hard as he could.


[He seems difficult to shake off.]


Russell said.


Lucion agreed and looked at the knights farther away from Carson.


They all looked envious of the knight accompanying Lucion.




Bethel was busy wiping the blade that didn’t need to be polished and taking a look at her surroundings.


The tension was strange, it felt like she was digging into the secret of a house with a story.


Of course, Lucion was at the center of it.


“Originally, I should go with you, but I can’t because I have to go to the Imperial court with this evidence you brought.”


Carson’s voice was mixed with sadness.


The data handed over by Lucion recorded the activities of the warlock, Count Roberio’s assistance, and the victims of the experiment.


This was a very big event, contrary to the light fact that it was discovered while exploring.


Since a warlock’s movements were properly captured for the first time in over ten years, Lucion made a huge contribution this time.


‘You can tell me this later.’


Carson calmed down and stared fiercely at the knight who accompanied Lucion.


“No matter what happens, keep your eyes on Lucion, and don’t forget that you must follow Lucion wherever you go.”


[Carson knows you very well.]


Russell giggled.


[Even when you were in Cronia, you often ditched your escort and ran away. How can it be different now?]


Lucion groaned inside.


He didn’t expect his past to drag him down.


“Yes! I won’t take my eyes off the youngest master!”


The knight replied with a strong enough force that veins stood in his neck.


For a moment, rather than a sense of duty to protect Lucion, Carson was afraid.


“You can go now.”


Carson turned as if he were satisfied.


He had to go to the Imperial court himself, and he had to let Novio know about this.


When a warlock appeared, the place that suffered the most difficulty was none other than the border.


This was because, taking advantage of the chaos inside, enemy countries invaded the frontier more often.


Lucion looked at Carson, who turned to look at Hume.


“Hume. Don’t look away today either.”


“Can’t I eat chicken skewers?”




“…I understand.”


Hume’s face was smeared with grief.


—R-Ratta, too?


When Hume was rejected, even Ratta, who had just blinked, stuttered and asked.


Ratta’s eyes turned moistened as Lucion nodded.


[Do you have a purpose other than the festival?]


Lucion couldn’t answer Bethel’s question.


“Wait here for a second. I need to get something from the room.”


Lucion put the knight at the door for now.


Lucion opened his mouth again toward the knight who was trying to follow him.


“There’s only one door over there, so don’t worry and stand here.”


“No way…”


“Don’t make me really want to run away.”


Lucion entered his room after giving the knight a final warning.


“Listen, Bethel.”


[I’m listening.]


Bethel listened to Lucion in a steady position.


“I found a cave while chasing those who sold my information to the enemy. The cave was full of information about the Tesla empire. Among them, I’m chasing the guys who sold out Cronia’s information.”


Lucion explained the current situation simply and clearly.


“Now that you know the situation, you choose whether to stay here or not.”


There was no need for Bethel to come.


[If you come, you’d better keep a moderate distance.]


Russell made one fact known before Bethel answered.


[I can hide you from a warlock or ghost, but it’s hard to hide you completely unless you’re darkened by Lucion. That doesn’t mean you have the ability to hide in the shadows like Ratta either.]


[Then, I’ll be out this time.]


Bethel gripped her sword handle.


[It’s not that I don’t have the ability to hide, but if I see the warlock, I am not confident not to kill him. I don’t want to cause you trouble.]


Bethel’s eyes briefly boiled with murder.


“Then let’s do so.”


Lucion respected Bethel’s will.


The ones he had to catch were ordinary people who had no ability anyway.


In addition, it wasn’t a situation where she had to come now, and there would be no chance to confirm her ability in this situation.


[Aren’t you curious about my skills?]


Bethel spoke sensibly.


“It’s enough to know that you’re good at catching warlocks.”


The fact that the death knight came with him was enough, he couldn’t possibly wish for more.


Lucion smiled lightly at Bethel and left the room.


* * *


“Young Master…!”


The knight was restless, and when he saw Lucion coming down the stairs, he smiled brightly.


[Look at him being so happy without knowing what’s going to happen.]


At the sight of the knight who was genuinely happy, Russell felt sorry for what was about to happen 


“Don’t you trust me?”


At Lucion’s question, the knight shook his head.


“Oh, no, Young Master.”


“Sigh, good to know.”


Lucion skimmed through the threshold after speaking to the knight.


“I-I never doubt you, Young Master. There really is no way!”


The knight maintained the distance just as Carson had ordered him to and denied the facts.


Lucion pressed his hood down first before taking a step forward.


When he was sick because of Eol, Lucion lay on the bed and work hard.


First of all, he had sent Kran a letter introducing the next investor and Peter the magician who was freed from Count Roberio.


And through the ghost number 9 to number 14 that he had dominated, he figured out where the light parties enjoyed by the nobles were held.




Lucion kept his voice down and walked.




“Call number 9 to number 14 to see if they’re still there.”


—Okay! Ah, this is Ratta. This is Ratta.


Lucion stared at the street with colorful papers and decorations here and there while Ratta contacted the ghosts.


‘Congratulations on the birth of Saint Lucion Cronia!’


At the banner that was hung openly, Lucion pressed his hood tightly.


‘Damn it.’


Lucion certainly felt it when he was in public before.


Even if he had overcome some trauma, it didn’t feel right to right to stand in front of people.




Ratta raised her voice vigorously.


—They’re still there.


[Here it is. 30 seconds left.]


Russell said.




Lucion deliberately chose the main road to shake off the knight.


It was the time to start clearing the road for the event of carriage marches with statues of various shapes such as rabbits, bears, and mythical figures.


It was just the right time to get the knight out of the way.

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