Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 63 - Time Has Stopped (3)

Author: LyraDhani

Lucion paused on the main road and looked back.


When the knight made eye contact with him, he naturally hid out of sight.


Carson must have ordered him not to take his eyes off Lucion.


[24 seconds left.]


[19 seconds left.]


In line with the decreasing seconds, Lucion smiled at the knight and then moved along the main road again.


Hume also naturally fastened his pace and got closer to Lucion.




Lucion ran forward at Russell’s word.


While the knight flinched for a moment, one, two, and three carriages came in at the same time from the alley to clear the way.


“Please make way for the 4 o’clock march event!”


Another carriage came in behind the screaming man, and the soldiers got off and began to control the road.


“Hey, no. This road is now off limits until the end of the event.”


The soldiers blocked the knight who tried to chase Lucion.


“Get out of my way, please. I’m escorting someone now.”


The knight didn’t panic and showed the Cronia pattern engraved on the sword.


As soon as the soldier saw the Cronia pattern, he asked urgently.


“By any chance… are you escorting the Saint?”


When the knight quietly raised his finger, the soldier was startled and gave instructions to the other soldiers.


The road was managed so that only the knight could go alone.


“I’m sorry about this. Keep going.”


“Thank you.”


The knight nodded to the soldier and quickly crossed the main road.


But Lucion was nowhere to be seen.


The knight kneeled on one knee and examined the footprints.


Footprints dug a little deeper and continued to the left.


‘It smells.’


Lucion smelled of unique medicine because of his broken arm.


-Don’t take your eyes off Lucion no matter what.


The knight entered the alley, recalling Carson’s words.


The smell disappeared here.


As if he had disappeared from here into the sky.


The knight’s face turned white.


* * *


[Here is fine.]


Lucion, who moved to a place four blocks away through shadow movement, was relieved by Russell’s words.


‘I shook him off for now.’


Lucion chose an alley where there were no people, changed his hood and shoes, and lastly put on a mask.


“Hume. You’re….”


“I’m ready.”


Hume had already turned into a girl.


‘I wish there is something that can change my appearance right away with just a press of a button.’


Lucion was very envious of Hume.


The clothes and masks were all cumbersome, and it was difficult to change clothes.


But there wasn’t much to do left.


After completing this task, he could comfortably grow the organization and tread lightly on those who were blocking his path in the future.


‘The red thread…’


Lucion thought of Heint and immediately shook his head.


He decided to postpone thinking about the red thread for now.


All he had to do now was kill those three.


—Lucion. Ratta did a good job this time, right? Ratta didn’t use a lot of darkness this time


Ratta clung to Lucion’s legs and stomped her front paws to ask for a compliment.


When he was sick, Ratta spent her own time playing and using shadow movement to the fullest.


Just as Ratta said, the consumption of darkness had definitely decreased a little bit.


“Well done.”


As Lucion stroked her, Ratta smiled bashfully and touched Lucion’s shadow.


—We have to do it one more time, right? Ratta is going to go into the shadow this time and try using shoong.


“That’s a good idea.”


Lucion was also curious, so he didn’t stop Ratta.


—Hehe. Right?


After Ratta entered Lucion’s shadow, she diligently moved to the target location.


A party involving three men was held at a count’s villa.


Since it was a place where nobles gathered, there would be knights and wizards, and maybe even a magician or a barrier magician attached to them.


‘Well, first of all…’


Lucion stopped near the villa and looked at Russell.


At that gaze, Russell sighed deeply.


Lucion must be the only student who treated his teacher this well.


[Yes, yes. It’s my student’s request, so it can’t be helped. I’ll go.]


“Thank you.”


Listening to Lucion’s word, Russell approached the mansion slowly as if his body was heavy.


‘Hurry up and go back.’


He felt sorry for the knight who was looking for him by now, but he couldn’t help it.


Originally, he was supposed to find out how those three people knew Cronia’s information, but if he didn’t get rid of them now, he might have to travel around the Tesla Empire looking for them.


Viscount Therem Mail was in the North.


Count Dortor Sofran was in the East.


Marquis Orion Gitran was in the South.


‘It’s terrible…’


If the shadow movement that Ratta learned grew further, wouldn’t it be possible to travel around the entire Tesla Empire in a day?


Lucion gave up this idea and called Hume.




“Yes, Young Master.”


Hume looked at him.


His clear eyes felt heavy today.


“We have to kill three people today.”


“Young Master, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m a monster, so I have little guilt or fear of death.”


Hume quietly pulled out his dagger.


“I’ll kill them with this today. I think this is probably better.”


Lucion nodded at his calm voice.


“It would be nice to get information from them, but we’ll see that later.”


“More than that, is it okay to kill three people at once? Wouldn’t it make it obvious that Young Master is behind this? Or they might find out that information was stolen from the cave…”


“No. They won’t think like that.”


Lucion raised two fingers.


“My brother went to the Imperial family today. It’s a fact that there is no movement in Cronia.”


He folded one finger.


“The cave can’t be moved easily. Moreover, there is no evidence.”


Lucion’s voice mixed with laughter.


It was really fun to confuse the enemies.


‘The cave has to stay.’


They kept free information every month, it was a place that shouldn’t disappear.


However, he and Cronia shouldn’t be in that information, so when he went back to the frontier, he would remove everything in that mansion.




After a while, Russell returned.


[The house is big, but the security is weaker than I thought. The three guys you’re looking for happen to be on the balcony.]


“Did they know each other before?”


[Yeah, it looks like that. No. Their conversation isn’t over yet, so you can hear it for yourself.]


Russell tried to speak but stopped.


They were still at the beginning of the conversation, so he thought it wouldn’t be too late to go now.


[There are a few items that contain light, but they won’t bother you that much, so feel free to come. I’ll send you a signal.]


Russell headed to the mansion at an incomparably faster pace than before.


—Huhu, Ratta is always ready!


Ratta’s voice was bright, but Hume, on the other hand, had a stiff expression on his face.


“I haven’t learned how to walk without making any noise yet. What if I make a noise?”


“If anyone notices you, cover their mouth first. And turn their neck around.”


Lucion offered a solution that he often saw on television.


It seemed like it could be used very well if it was Hume.


“Ah. It’s easier than I thought. Then I’ll do that.”


Hume smiled.




For a moment, Lucion felt his hair stand out.


‘…This isn’t Teacher’s signal’


“What’s wrong?”


Hume asked.


“No, I just had a strange feeling… It’s here.”


As the darkness wriggled, Lucion noticed the signal from Russell.


—Here we go!


Ratta spoke cheerfully.


* * *


“…So what did he say?”


As soon as he came into the mansion through shadow movement, he heard a man’s voice.


It was obviously Therem Mail’s voice.


It came from the balcony above.


Without having the time to hear Ratta’s voice of joy, Lucion instructed Hume to lock the door with his hands.


Hume checked the door that had been locked from the beginning and returned to Lucion.


[The door is originally locked. See, it’s really sloppy.]


Russell grinned.


‘Isn’t it the three of them who locked the door here? So that nobody hears them.’


Lucion pricked up his ears calmly.


“What can I say? Devia got caught, so I’m telling you to be careful not to provoke Cronia for the time being, be careful with your mouth and your actions. Really, that unlucky child.”


Judging by the female voice, she seemed to be Marquis Orion Gitran.


“Honestly… Don’t you want to quit at this point?”


It was a man’s voice, but it wasn’t the voice of Viscount Therem.


‘All that’s left is Count Dortor Sofran.’


“Come again?”


Orion snorted.


“If she opens her mouth, we’re done. Devia Jeven, did you all forget that the Jeven family collapsed in an instant because of that bitch?”


Therem’s voice rose at Orion’s blunt words.


“Yes, madam. Cronia has enough power to do that.”


“So, Dortor, you should be especially careful. I have a client who does direct business with Cronia.”


“…Madam. Ha. Is there anything I can do about them?”


Dortor spoke to Orion with a pleading tone.




He heard the sound of hitting the table.


“I don’t know his name or face, so what can I do? If I knew who he is, I would have killed him without a single rat or a bird knowing. I am the one who is most frustrated about this.”


Orion’s voice rose.




Then, Terrem spoke quietly.


“Say it.”


“That…For a brief moment before, I saw a cross scar on the back of his hand.”


“Cross scar?”


‘Cross scar…?’


Following Orion’s voice, the corners of Lucion’s mouth twitched.


He already got a piece of information.


“Yes. When he stepped back from the last meeting, I saw his hand briefly coming out of the screen.”


“Why do you only say that now?”


Orion rebuked Therem.




He could hear the sound of putting down the teacup.


“If you had said it sooner, I would have recognized him earlier. Cross scar… Cross scar.”


Lucion concentrated on the words that focused on something.


Maybe she knew about the cross scar.


“Do you know anyone?”


Dortor asked.


“The scope is too wide, it is rare to see a man without scars among the noble knights. As far as I know…”


Suddenly Orion stopped talking.


No matter how long Lucion waited, no words could be heard anymore. It was strange.


‘Is someone here?’


Lucion’s eyes widened rapidly.


‘What the…’


When Lucion saw the butterfly flying near him stopped, he immediately looked at Russell, Ratta, and Hume as well.


‘It’s stopped?’


All of them showed no movement as if time had stopped.


The world stopped just like the first time he had obtained the thread of fate.


‘What the hell is this…’


Lucion stopped thinking for a moment.


It was different.


He felt something ominous and dark, different from that time.




Then, letters appeared and disappeared as quickly just like back when he had obtained the thread.


– He’s coming.




– Stay still.


Even the shape of the squiggly letters looked unstable as if they were about to die.




He heard a door opening somewhere.


In an instant, cold sweats began to trickle down Lucion’s body.


The sound was heard from right above.

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