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Someone walked in, the sound of footsteps was quite loud because all the surroundings had stopped.


“This is the right place.”


A cracked voice came out.


‘Who is it?’


It was the first voice Lucion heard.


“I’m sure it’s supposed to be here.”


‘Are you looking for me…?’


Lucion held his breath.


He knew instinctively that this person was not someone he could deal with.


He was like a mouse with a cat in front of this person.




He was about to go crazy, he could hear his heart beating wildly.


“That’s strange.”


The question in his voice sounded really pure.


However, Lucion’s whole body trembled under the pressure and the natural flow of life around him.


He couldn’t even breathe recklessly.


“It’s weird. It’s really weird. Did that happen again? Did it happen without my knowledge?”


The voice spoke faster and the person smiled.


“It’s fun. As expected, the world is fun. Unpredictable situations are so much fun!!”


The space itself seemed to shake violently following the sound of footsteps from above as if it was dancing.


Lucion closed his eyes tightly.


Every time the person rolled his feet, an unknown pressure came on him, and it felt like his stomach was turning over.


Then, he finally stopped rolling his feet.


“…Huh? Why are these guys here?”


After a while, at the quiet question, Lucion felt an unknown chill.


“They’re not supposed to be here You guys should be scattered all over the place by now.”




Lucion’s eyes shook wildly at the low-pitched words that sounded as if he knew the future.


“Whatever. Whether these guys are here or there, or they disappear, they have no effect in the future.




He heard something being pulled out.








The sound was heard three times and it was obvious that blood had spread everywhere.


“The unnecessary things should disappear. This place will burn, break, and crumble anyway.”


He laughed.


He laughed and laughed horrifically.


Lucion felt weird, the sound that pounded on his head made him want to cover his ears immediately.




Suddenly, a black thread appeared gloomily.


But it also stuttered for a while, as if caught in an error.


“…What is this?”


He stopped laughing.


Lucion couldn’t think of anything else even with the appearance of the black thread.


Slowly something was coming down the balcony.


Lucion desperately covered his mouth when he saw hair creeping down.


“No. It’s a hallucination again. I can’t waste my time on this. It’s almost time.”


Tap, he walked with the same footsteps as he did when he first walked in.




The door was opened, then closed.




As soon as time returned, blood flowed from the upper balcony.




At the same time, Lucion also hurriedly took off his mask and vomited blood.


The tremor that occurred in Lucion’s body didn’t stop, just being in the same space might have put pressure on his body.


[Lucion, why are you suddenly like this?]


Russell freaked out.


—Hop! Lucion!


“Young Master!”


Ratta and Hume’s voices rumbled in his ears.


[Why blood…]


Russell’s eyes shook wildly.


Why is blood suddenly dripping from the balcony and why is Lucion suddenly vomiting blood?


No one understood the situation.


Lucion vomited blood several times and wiped his mouth with trembling hands.


“I’m… all right.”


He felt his voice crack a little.


Russell’s expression hardened as he looked around.


[There’s no light around… No one came.]


There was no other warlock who infiltrated this mansion.


But Lucion must have had a problem for a reason.


[It’s not a side effect of Ratcho, is it?]


Russell, who was looking for a reason, quietly opened his mouth.


“Why would it start now?”


Lucion tried to smile.


He couldn’t say that the world stopped suddenly and he became like this because of a crazy person.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”


Hume handed over a handkerchief.


“No problem, more importantly…”


Lucion pointed up.


[It would be better not to look. Because their necks were all taken out all of sudden.]


‘It’s real…’


Lucion properly realized that what happened a while ago was real.


If that person had seen him, would his neck be pulled out in the same way?


Belatedly, fear came over and his heart raced.


‘What the hell is that person, and what is the black thread I saw?’


It wasn’t written in the novel.


He felt something twisted.


‘And it wasn’t even a proper thread.’


He couldn’t forget the scene where it appeared and disappeared as if it could just disappear at any moment.


But Lucion didn’t make it obvious.


He put on his mask again and spoke calmly.


“It’s time to step down.”


[Yes, it’s time to go.]


Russell’s gaze frowned a little further.


[Go ahead. With the fly magic.]




As soon as Lucion called Ratta, she spoke vigorously.


—Here we go!


* * *




Even though they had moved to a place far from the mansion, the roar was too loud.


Lucion took off his mask and vomited blood once more.


‘…Damn it.’


He didn’t know what the man was, but his stomach was completely turned upside down, making it difficult to withstand the shadow movement.


[‘What the hell happened? What was that?’]


Russell tried desperately to speculate, but this wasn’t a case where he had all the information.


It felt as if something invisible had appeared and disappeared.


[‘A little familiar feeling… No, I guess I was mistaken.’]


Russell stopped thinking, rose into the air, and looked at the mansion.


Perhaps that mansion was aimed from the beginning, it was broken into a pile of rocks, burned with fire magic, and destroyed by a sudden lightning strike from the sky.


[‘It looks like something is about to start.’]


Russell exhaled lightly.


He had heard that wizards formed a certain group and were doing radical activities little by little.


However, this was the first time they touched a noble, so Lucion was concerned for nothing.


The name of the Saint was quite heavy.


[The wizards have moved.]


Russell opened his mouth.


“What do you mean, the wizards have moved?”


Lucion asked, wiping his mouth with Hume’s handkerchief.


[You probably know that warlocks are treated like shit.]


“The enemy of the world.”


[Do you know that even wizards aren’t treated well either?]


“Isn’t that just a fraction of them? Aren’t they treated more favorably than warlocks?”


Lucion started changing his clothes one by one.


[Right. There’s always someone who doesn’t know how blessed they are, right? They’ve finally done something. Perhaps it marks the beginning of a full-fledged demonstration.]


Russell clicked his tongue.


“If it’s a demonstration… Are you talking about the bullshit demand that all wizards should be treated as nobles?


Russell nodded at Lucion’s question.


[It’s something like that.]


‘Is this the place?’


Lucion recalled the story in the novel.


The main villain was a group called Hand of the Void, but one of the secondary villains was the group made up of wizards, ‘Luminos’.


They punished the nobles who didn’t give them power and fought until the day that all wizards became nobles.


What become the beginning and symbolic event of Luminos was the destruction of the aristocratic mansion where a party was held.


‘Luminos is already made? It’s a year earlier than I expected…’


Lucion bit his lip.


What bothered him was that they had a similar purpose to the Hand of the Void.


The very purpose of the Hand of the Void’s establishment was to restore the rights and freedoms of oppressed warlocks, but the result was different.


‘I’m doomed.’


Lucion pressed down his hood and held it tight.


It was a pity that there was no way to stop Luminos now that they were holding hands with the Hand of the Void.


A wizard wasn’t an ordinary person, and besides, they weren’t a ghost.




Lucion’s eyes twinkled for a moment.


‘Why do I want to do it alone?’


He got used to moving alone and acting alone but he had to change from now on.


‘I know where they are, so I’ll lay down the trap first, and move everything I can. There’s a lot to do.’


Lucion licked his lips.


[Lucion. Whatever the reason, three of them are dead. Let’s go to the knight who’s waiting for you.]


“Yes, I have to go back to the knight. He must be looking for me anxiously.”


A cross scar.


He didn’t get any information at all, Lucion looked at the black smoke soaring high into the sky.


* * *


“Yo-Yo-Young master!”


As soon as the knight saw Lucion, he rushed in and was busy checking his condition.


“Where the hell did you go? There was a problem over there, and Young Master disappeared, so I looked for you for a long time.”


Almost as if complaining, the knight cried.


He must have been searching hard for Lucion, the knight’s body was soaked with sweat so the smell of sweat was quite thick.


“I just walked around here and there. Will you have one, too?”


Lucion handed over the snacks he had bought on his way to the knight one by one.


The driver looked ridiculous as he received the food one by one, but he smiled happily as if his appetite had returned.


“Thank you. I’ll enjoy the food.”


Before he knew it, the knight’s hands were filled with plenty of food.


He thought he had bought quite a lot, but more than half of them went into Hume’s and Ratta’s stomachs.


“It’s my fault for looking away. I won’t report this to my brother, so don’t worry.”


Lucion said to the knight, reassuring him.


“I never, ever thought of such impure intentions. I was really nervous that something might have happened to Young Master.”


The knight looked at Lucion with spotless clear eyes.


[His eyes are so clear.]


Lucion’s heart was pierced once more at Russell’s insinuating words.


“Well, whatever the reason is. This time, I won’t look away, so eat with confidence.”


Lucion glanced furtively at Hume.


With him eating chicken skewers diligently, it really looked like nothing happened, so the knight finally quenched his throat with a drink.


“By the way, Young Master.”


The knight called Lucion carefully.


Even if everything else passed, he could smell faint blood on Lucion.


“Isn’t that the Young Master?”


Then, Hume mumbled and spoke.




Lucion turned his head to where Hume pointed his finger.


Even if one mansion had exploded, the marching event didn’t stop, and Lucion’s gaze stopped at a statue.


‘…Damn it. It’s terribly fast.’


The one in the form of a tiger was Troy, the Divine Beast of light, and of course, the person holding Troy’s forehead was Lucion.


Ratta rushed up to Lucion’s head.


—Oh! It really is. It’s Lucion, Lucion!


Lucion’s face was distorted as Ratta’s tail shook.


[Wow, it’s so popular.]


Russell giggled and spread his fingers.


[It looked crude on the way here, but it seems the statue copied your face as closely as possible. Wow, that’s a masterpiece. Anyway, there’s one where you draw the blessings of the divine beast, about the food you eat, and…]


Lucion’s sharp gaze turned to Russell.


He looked like he wanted to say, Shut up right now.


[A festival is a festival for a reason. Ah, it’s only natural that it’s a festival for you.]


—Yeah, it’s a day for Lucion.


Lucion trembled at the rising embarrassment but relaxed his shoulders.


People’s faces looked happy.


‘…Well, that’s enough.’


Didn’t I want everyone to enjoy themselves on a fun day?


Lucion let out a long breath as if trying to shake off the thoughts on the mysterious person he had met a while ago.


“Oh, give me a chicken skewer, too.”


Giving and then taking it away was something he shouldn’t do, but everyone was babbling, so he wanted to eat one himself.


“Here you are.”


However, the knight smiled and handed it over as if he thought nothing of it.


Lucion thought as he took a bite of the juicy chicken skewer.


‘I’m craving macarons.’


But chicken skewers were not bad either.

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