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“The… Rats?”


Lucion stuttered without realizing it.


That’s because he didn’t know that word would pop out of Tella’s mouth.


“Yes, Rats. That’s what they said when they threatened me.”


“Then do you intend to go and catch them?”


Tella nodded weakly.


“Right now, my mother and my older sisters have left in a hurry because of this matter, so I am the only one in the mansion. Perhaps if you hadn’t come, I would have stomped my feet in frustration. I don’t have the strength to move the knights yet.”


“Do you know where the Rats are?”


Lucion asked.


He already knew the place.


But he also found a way to exterminate the Rats more naturally.




Tella noticed Lucion’s intention and shook her head.


“I can’t tell you.”


“I’m free. You can go to the villa now and call the knights.”


“I have already received a great favor from you. I’m a person who knows shame.”


“I am your close friend. I’m not going to fight them myself, so it won’t be dangerous.”


Lucion persuaded Tella with a gentle smile.


[As expected, the Lord is different from the warlock I knew. To take risks for your close friends.]


When Bethel, who was staring at Lucion, opened her mouth, Russell just shrugged.


“But I…”


“It’s okay. Next time I am in the same position as Lady Tella, please help me then. It will be fine.”


After hesitating over and over again, Tella reluctantly accepted Lucion’s offer.


“…There is a door leading to basement number 53.”




As soon as Tella told him the truth, the blue thread was cut off and a red thread appeared.


But it wasn’t connected to her.


It was probably connected to the Rats.


‘You got it right.’


Lucion swallowed a laugh that almost leaked out.


“I checked through the mercenaries many times, so the location probably hasn’t changed.”


Tella, who spoke carefully, still looked at Lucion with an apologetic face.


Lucion said, comforting her.


“Thank you for trusting me.”


“No, I’m embarrassed to say thank you for your continued help.”


Tella’s eyes fluttered slightly.


“Did you forget my first request? Lady, you gratefully accepted my shameful request to be your close friend.”


A gentle smile appeared on Lucion’s face.


“Thank you… Thank you very much, my Lord.”


Tella’s voice trembled.


“I will do anything for you any time.”


Lucion slipped a handkerchief to Tella.


He knew better than anyone else the anger of not being able to do anything due to the lack of strength, so he wanted to give comfort, even if just a little.


* * *


“Pierce it.”


Lucion pointed down and instructed Hume, who had become a girl.




Hume gave a short, bold reply, and stomped his feet to the floor.




Lucion went down safely with the darkness surrounding his legs.


While he was thinking about how to sneak out of riding the carriage, a carriage accident occurred on the way to the villa, causing carriages unable to go and turn back.


Lucion took advantage of the situation and fled under the pretext of running to the villa.


He had to take care of this matter and get back to the villa before Carson found the coachman.


—It’s the secret place! Ratta’s favorite secret place!


Ratta’s tail wiggled.


Below, he could see several entrances into the cave.


Without any hesitation, Lucion grabbed one of the ghosts who had been playing around without worries.


“Where is the entrance?”




The ghosts around them ran away at the startled scream


“Where is the entrance? I don’t want to say it again.”


The ghost screamed as darkness flowed out of Lucion’s grasp.


[I-it’s on the left! Left!]


“Which left?”


[It’s on that left! That’s the entrance.]


[Right, it’s on that left.]


Russell pointed with his finger.


[Then, are you going to let me go?]


Lucion’s mask turned yellow at the ghost’s desperate request.




Rather, Lucion put more darkness and made the ghost knelt down.


He needed at least one ghost to be used as a terminal board for CCTV and shadow movement.


“Will you obey me?”


—Will you obey?


Ratta happily copied Lucion’s words.


[I-I’ll obey you!]


Unable to withstand the piercing darkness, the ghost swore obedience to Lucion immediately.


“All right, you’re Number 15.”


Lucion looked at Ratta after numbering the ghost.




Ratta approached the ghost with proud steps.


—Listen, Number 15. I’m Ratta. From now on, Ratta will contact Number 15…


Ratta looked very happy as she explained what would happen going forward.




As he walked slowly to the entrance that the ghost had indicated, Lucion asked Bethel who kept staring.


[Oh, you don’t have to worry about me. Even if you use black magic, I know that it’s different from other black magic.]


Bethel took a few more steps back, saying not to worry.


That figure was strangely more concerning, but Lucion just followed Hume who entered the entrance first and went inside.


It was wide enough for three people to stand.




Perhaps because of the loud sound of Hume breaking through the floor, he could hear the sound of the enemy moving loudly from below.


[By the way, I thought you would never use the function that changes the color of the mask. Is it good?]


Russell raised a corner of his mouth, saying he knew how to use it well.


“They can’t see my expression, so it can’t be helped. Wouldn’t it be pretty plausible to do something like this?


[Didn’t I tell you it’s pretty useful? Maybe it’s a lot more fun than you think. …Ah.]


Russell giggled, then hovered around Lucion, as if thinking of something.


Lucion’s expectations grew, and the color of the mask turned pink.


“Are you thinking of telling me about the curse?”


[Look at that. You already know.]


“You gave me a hint before.”


[That’s true.]


Russell’s gaze briefly moved forward.


[So, do you want to learn it or not?]


“Of course, I’ll learn it.”


[Then, you have to learn the magic of delusion first.]


“Just from the name, it sounds like magic that accumulates a lot of negativity.”


Lucion’s mask turned black again.


Russell uttered in a voice mixed with laughter.


[It depends on how you use it.]


“Is it magic that’s different from enchanting magic?”


Lucion asked, remembering the enchanted priest he had met in the Imperial court the other day, High Priest Eol.


[It’s similar to enchanting magic but slightly different. In any case, they both have to use contact through mental magic, and they have to penetrate the darkness into the target’s heads. The probability of success depends on the other person’s mental strength.]


“Penetrate the darkness into the target’s heads? Isn’t that a little dangerous?”


[Right. That’s why, because of its high risk, I choose delusion over enchanting magic. Delusion magic has a short duration, but the chance of being caught is low, and as long as the darkness that has penetrated into their head is alive, you can use magic again.]


“I thought attacking the mind will also accumulate negativity. Isn’t that right?”


[Do you remember the conditions under which negativity accumulates?]


Russell asked.


“I remember.”


[This is the second condition, unprovoked violence without reason. But do you remember when I said the condition doesn’t matter if the other person has negative feelings for you?]


“I understand what you meant. Are you saying this condition doesn’t matter if the ones beaten by darkness or delusion have a grudge against me?”


[That’s right. Even if you cut them into half pieces, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t kill them.]


‘Then shouldn’t we change the route a little bit?’


Eradicating the Rats or learning the curse to use those guys.


Which one of those two benefited him the most?


Lucion felt the corners of his mouth rise.


‘Of course, the latter.’


Just because the Rats disappear, it didn’t mean their spot was empty.


He thought it would be okay to have the Rats here because someone would surely come out to deal with them anyway.




Lucion raised his voice while listening to the approaching footsteps.


The situation of entering the enemy’s hideout and learning magic leisurely was overwhelming, but Lucion’s heart was already pounding.


“I’d like you to show me a demonstration right now. I will allow you to use my darkness in advance.”


[Right. That’s the most effective way. Watch where your darkness flows and see how I do it.]


Russell accepted Lucion’s offer.


It was the most effective and quickest way to teach him.


He signed a contract with Lucion for this.




Lucion called Hume.


“Yes. I know. I will make it noisy and overwhelming.”


Lucion listened to Hume’s answer with satisfaction and touched his gloved hand.


It was supposed to be loud and overwhelming.


“Leave only one person.”


“I understand.”


Hume, who was smiling at Lucion, immediately jumped forward.


As loudly and overwhelmingly as possible.


A scuffle was perfect for this, and Hume himself was confident that he wouldn’t be pushed back in the scuffle.


“The enemy has come!”


The first man who jumped out and found Hume shouted out loud.


But the moment didn’t last long.


As Lucion once told him, he covered the man’s mouth and broke his neck at once.




The man’s neck spun more than 360 degrees sloppily.


Hume was astonished at the sight.


“…Oh, so that’s what happens to the neck when I apply this much strength. I need to give a little less strength.”


Hume stared at his hand.


Still, it was much cleaner than just hitting ignorantly.


‘As expected of the Young Master.’


Hume smiled and looked up at the sudden fireball.




But he didn’t have to hit the fireball himself.


Darkness had struck down the fireball.


Lucion spoke out.


“Don’t worry about the magic, you can fight however you want.”




Hume covered their mouths and bent their heads before they could shout that a warlock was here.






Hume smiled with pride when he saw the man with his neck half-broken.


The cave was narrow and windy, so it was disadvantageous to shoot arrows, and due to the nature of the windy road, there was a section where people were concentrated in one place.


A little while ago, a wizard succeeded in attacking, but the next attack didn’t come.


It wasn’t appropriate to use magic because the allies blocked their view.


‘I guess this is the first time they’re being raided like this.’


Lucion laughed as if he had become a third-rate villain at the sight of his flustered enemies..


Whenever they faltered, Hume advanced forward, using his fists, elbows, and feet evenly.


It didn’t matter that they didn’t know the road.


At the road he was standing on, Lucion occasionally struck arrows and magic that went flying and waited leisurely until there was only one of them left.




Hume called Lucion.


He left one behind, just as Lucion had asked.


“H-help me! Please, save me!”


He curled up and begged earnestly.


Not only they were caught in the cave they were proud of, but they were also beaten by two people.


Especially the power of that woman.


His shield shattered with a single blow of her fist, and his sword broke.


If she had aura surrounding her fist, there would be no way to check the light in her fist.


“Please, save me! I’ll do anything!”


For a moment, the man fell down and rubbed his hands again at the sound of Lucion walking.


Lucion approached the man.


Seeing that trembling figure, Lucion wasn’t impressed.


This guy arrogantly joined a criminal organization and threatened a count’s daughter.


“Why are you begging me to save you?”


Lucon laughed.


“You should have expected this day to happen.”


Lucion himself always imagined the worst in his head.


A situation in which Heint died because he couldn’t change his fate.


Despite receiving the blessings of a saint and a divine beast, in the end, he was driven to the corner as a warlock.


No matter how hard he tried to shake off the anxiety that came from being sentenced to death, it was still difficult.


Perhaps because of that, Lucion felt dirty seeing this man.


“I’m ready.”


At the unknown meaning, the man trembled with anxiety.


[Make contact with him.]


Lucion followed Russell’s words and placed his hand on the man’s shoulder.


The darkness instantly moved on its own.


—Whoa. Russell is moving. Does the Ratta have to move too?


[No. You don’t have to do that.]


Russell shook his head.


Now, Lucion needed to know completely.


How to move the darkness and where to move it.


Russell opened his mouth.


[Now, let’s start the class.]

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