Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 7 - I Knew This Would Happen

Author: CleiZz Editor: Joh




Suddenly, a shutter-like metal wall covered the entire wall of the bank.


‘I knew this would happen.’


Lucion’s face crumpled in frustration and looked at the metal wall.


He expected that something would happen, but not a blatant robbery.


[It’s not just a bank. There’s a big guy who robs a Magic Bank.]


Russell couldn’t stop the laughter that came out of his own accord.


What kind of place was a magic bank?


It was a place where bank mercenaries, also known as ‘Bar’ were crowding, as befits a place to store valuables.


Most thieves didn’t even look over the Magic Bank because it was guarded by the  strongest of the mercenaries. But now, strangely, Bar was nowhere to be seen.


“Don’t worry, young master.”


Gerno, who quickly headed for Lucion, reassured him, but he also could not erase the foolish look on his face.


In response to Russell and Gerno’s reactions, Lucion held the box tightly and thought.


‘You’re saying this isn’t common?’




With the sound of magic effects, he, Gerno, and the owners of the blue thread woven together finally appeared.


‘What the hell is going on? And suddenly there’s a robbery? Is it in the original flow of the novel of taking this box?’


Lucion unknowingly held the box tighter. Russell reacted belatedly and immediately told him about the click on the box.


[You have to use the Darkness to open the box because I put magic on it.]


“Come on, everybody, pay attention.”


Just as Lucion was about to infuse darkness, one of the robbers opened his mouth. He couldn’t see his face because his entire face was covered with a mask, but he was unusually tall.


“We have something to take. Nothing will happen if you find it.”


The robber calmed the startled people and acted like a gentleman.


But a robber was still a robber. People were utterly frightened, while the staff calmly pulled out their weapons.




At that moment, all the employees with weapons trembled as if they were being electrocuted and collapsed backward.


“You can’t use a weapon. This is my area now. Of course, it’s no use asking for help, isn’t it?”


The only woman robber waved her finger.


[…Huh. It’s not just a robbery, is it? She’s a barrier magician. It’s going to be a pain in the ass.]


Lucion glanced at Russell and asked what it was.


[A wizard who can only use magic within the barrier she/he created. As the limit is clear, a person who has just become a barrier magician can become strong enough to defeat an experienced wizard as long as it’s within the barrier.]


Russell frowned.


[But it must have taken a lot of time to activate the barrier.… Ah. no. It’s actually a bit unstable.]


‘Unstable? Do you see something?’


Lucion wondered what Russell was seeing.


“She’s a barrier magician. If we don’t break the formula that sustains the barrier, we can’t ask for help, and the barrier will continue to work as she says.”


Gerno took a deep breath.


“Is there another way?” Lucion asked.


“It’s not like that. I, of course, and the whole of our unit are always ready for any situation.”


Gerno’s voice overflowed with confidence.


[It’s tough to meet a barrier magician as an enemy. But if one was able to find the hidden formula within the barrier and destroy it, there’s no easier opponent than them.]


Russell crossed his arms and alluded to Lucion.


[Come on, there’s a robbery going on out of nowhere and there was a riot. And now you are in a window that is blocked from the left and right.]


Russell kindly informed Lucion that he wouldn’t be caught.


‘You want me to open the box?’


Lucion, standing behind him the conscious staff and Gerno, looked around to make sure and he sneakily induced the darkness into the box and said his command right away when the smoke leaked out slightly.


‘Open it.’


For a moment, Gerno reacted and turned his head back.


“Young master, just now.….”


‘Did I get caught?’




Lucion glanced at the box as he heard it open.


The smoke had disappeared.


Gerno’s eyes hung around Lucion. Clearly, he felt something was odd.


Soon Gerno’s eyes turned to the box held by Lucion.


“…No, it’s not.”


He must have been too sensitive because of the robbery. Gerno turned his head again and glared at the robbers.


Lucion took a breath.


Thump. Thump.


The sound of his heart beating was so loud that he could hear it.


[Don’t be scared, Lucion.]


Russell giggled openly.


[The black smoke is so visually noticeable, it takes some time to notice because it’s quieter than Mana.]


‘You should’ve told me that earlier!’


Lucion gritted his teeth and kept the sound he wanted to make stuck in his throat.


“What we’re looking for is, uh, a box. A metal box. It’s this big.”


Seeing as people had already accepted the situation to some extent, the tall robber spoke out again and imitated the size of the box with his hands.


“Don’t worry. I’ll walk away quietly if you give it to me.”


‘Metal box…?’


Lucion’s gaze turned to the box he was holding.


‘Is it really part of the original plot’s flow for me to take the box?’


The box size mimicked by the robber was similar to the box size he had in his palms.


[Maybe he was talking about this box. He’s out of sight!]


At Russell’s words, Lucion hurriedly looked back. The employee standing behind him just a moment ago already ran away.


‘Damn it!’


As if everything seemed to fit together, Lucion immediately opened the box lid.


At that moment, the blue thread that he, Gerno, and the robber were tied together became tight.


‘Why is there a thread all of a sudden?’


Only one feather-shaped earring was kept in the box.


[Wear it!]


Russell brushed up on Lucion.


It was a magical item made that contained all his magic knowledge.




The thread was cut off when Lucion wore the earrings.


‘Why are these earrings……?’


By the time Lucion looked puzzled, he suddenly felt his darkness was being sucked into his earrings.


At the same time, the back of his hand heated up.




A clock tattoo appeared on the back of his hand. Looking closely, the hands of the clock didn’t point to the right time.


Lucion looked at Russell with his eyes wide open.


[Sadly, but it’s a great assist. It’s the only magic item that marks at the back of your hand with a pile of negativity.]


The thing the warlock had to be most careful about was negativity.


‘I can’t believe I was marked by it.’


[Just a little bit of negativity. Well, it’s weird that a warlock doesn’t cheat at all.]


‘It is essential for me to resist fate.’


[It’s a must for a warlock.]


Russell ignited Lucion’s conviction.


“Hey, there’s a box over there! So please release me!”


The runaway staff approached the new robber and informed him that Lucion had the box.


Lucion laughed at the sight of him begging a robber to live only by giving him a dog about work ethics.


“No, I’m not going to kill you. Just a box… Ha. Well, good. If there’s a box over there, I’ll take a look.”


The tall robber approached Lucion scratching his head.


Lucion quietly remembered the eyes of the staff who looked at him like a monster.


‘You’re dead now.’


He must have said it on purpose because he knew he was Lucion Cronia.


When one’s eyes meet Lucion’s, the curse would spread. That has been the rumors about him going on around the empire.


Lucion was convinced that he was one of the morons that believed it


“Don’t worry, young master.”


Gerno told Lucion as he looked at the approaching robbers.


“I’m not worried.”


Lucion hid the box behind him with a calm look.


It was an empty box, without anything inside. But this doesn’t mean he would just give it to him.


Lucion glanced at the barrier magician.


‘She hasn’t taken a step back from that seat.’


While the robbers who came with her went around to watch out for people or do unnecessary things, the barrier magician didn’t move an inch even once since she appeared.


Lucion took his gaze away and moved the darkness into the box just a little bit.


‘No, the darkness is sticking out.’


At the sight of black smoke wriggling out of the box, Lucion became conscious of Gerno and immediately pulled back the darkness away.


It seemed difficult for now to enclose the darkness in the box and give orders once the robber grabbed the box.


“There you go, young man. Give me that box. Then nothing will happen.”


The tall robber reached out his hand and came one step at a time.


Thump. Thump.


Lucion analyzed the robber’s pace and swiftly injected darkness into the box and dropped it.




When the box was completely on the ground, Lucion promptly issued an order.


‘Stop! Stop!’


The darkness that was wriggling around the box disappeared.


“You can pick it up if you want.”


Lucion got up from his seat.


The timing was good.


The tall robber paused for an instant at the brazen mouth of Lucion.


Who will be this bold in front of the robber?


At the same time, Gerno was also nervous.


If Lucion’s hand were harmed, he would run regardless of his opponent, but he wouldn’t do that in front of the robber.


However, contrary to Gerno’s worries, Lucion moved slowly and walked towards the barrier magician.


“How long will it take?”


When asked by Lucion, Gerno smiled for a moment.


“It won’t take long. I’ve already found it.”


“Hey, what are you doing?”


The barrier magician looked at Lucion and Gerno for a moment, then saw the tall robber whimpering without being able to pick up a box, and his voice rose by itself.


“No. That’s not it. I can’t hear the box.”


“That’s some stupid thing to say. Don’t you hear what’s in that box?”


The barrier magician paused for a moment.


There was a strange doubt in her gaze at them, but she eventually walked over to the tall robber.


‘I’ll have to walk and distract them, then the barrier will be unstable. I want to finish my work before the support unit comes.’


Lucion deliberately bought time for that and stopped the box the robbers were looking for.


“Then, do it now because I’m a little tired.”


Lucion slowly opened his mouth.




With a short reply, Gerno quickly pulled out his weapon and slammed it hard into the ground.




Using the aura, which Gerno pulled up at once, a loud noise that sounded like lightning reverberated throughout the magic bank.




After a brief shaking, the sound of something breaking followed.


“It’s screwed up.”


Gerno bowed his head and immediately moved toward the robber.


‘It was here too.’


Lucion stepped back a few steps in advance and saw it.


He was concerned because the barrier magician didn’t move, but he couldn’t believe it was the hidden place to maintain the barrier.


“Hey, crazy! My barrier has been broken!”


The barrier magician shouted, freaked out.


“Retreat! After…”


The tall robber picked up the box that had just fallen from the ground and spoke, but the back of Gerno’s sword was already pointed at the robber’s head.




However, a dagger held by a tall robber managed to stop Gerno’s sword.


The robber opened his mouth with trembling hands.


“Sir, I’m sorry, but let’s fight another time.”




As the robber took a few steps back, smoke, all of a sudden, spread around.


Gerno was already late in swinging his sword to get rid of the smoke, and the robbers were already nowhere to be seen.


Gerno’s face crumpled.


If there was just one more escort for Lucion, he would have pursued them.


[He ran away.]


Lucion saw Gerno coming back to him at Russell’s words.


“Why don’t you go after him? If it was someone of your caliber, you could pursue it.”


“Now I’m in charge of your escort. It has to come before anything else.”


“What a shame.”


Lucion was truly disappointed.


There was something he wanted to ask the robber. Was he aiming for the box he had or was it just a coincidence?


‘Now, I’ve got my earrings.’


But there was still a matter he needed to deal with.


“Bring that guy.”


After Lucion gave Gerno instructions, he walked to the corner of the window to avoid the crowd.


The employees that had already come to their senses hurriedly raised the metal wall, and the ‘Bars’ from outside came in.


In the tumultuous situation, Lucion gazed at only one person. 


The employee who opened his mouth to the robber.


‘That son of a bitch.’


A rather fierce smile hung around Lucion’s mouth.

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