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“All right. I will no longer refuse.”


Hume answered calmly.


Lucion had allowed it, and Heint didn’t want to refuse him either.


[Lucion. Move back a little. You too, Ratta]


Russell saw clearly how it would proceed, no matter who the winner of the sudden power struggle was.


Hume’s strength couldn’t be endured without an aura.


Lucion withdrew into the corner with Ratta in his arms.


―Ratta, Ratta will try to guess.


Ratta’s eyes twinkled as she repeatedly fold and raised her ears


Huhuhu, Hume will win! Hume gives Ratta the most snacks!


‘What kind of standard is that?’


Lucion was bewildered, but he stroked Ratta silently.


“Then I’ll put in my strength.”


Hume said, holding Heint’s hand.


“Yes. I’ll take care of protecting my hands, so don’t worry and put in as much strength as you can.


How strong would you be?


Heint, who smiled at the complacent thought, instantly turned red at the rushing power.






He thought it wasn’t power that a human could possess.


It wasn’t a lie that Hume could crush his hand.


Heint hurriedly surrounded his hand with light and prevented it from breaking.




When the light was applied, a strong wind blew up around Heint.


The showcase where the weapons were displayed shook violently, and Lucion held his breath to soothe his nausea.




Heint opened his mouth.


The embarrassment was vivid in his voice.


Lucion smiled and hurriedly lowered the corners of his mouth.


Hey! Lucion, did you see that? Ratta got it right! Ratta is a genius!


Ratta’s tail constantly waved from side to side.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


Hume bowed to Heint.


[I’ve felt before, the light really doesn’t work on Hume.]


Russell wriggled his fingers as if he wanted to record it right away.


“D-Don’t you want to learn how to use a sword?”


Heint, who had spaced out for a while, stuttered and asked.


“I’m thinking about learning it.”


“Then, by any chance. Do you have any intention to find a teacher?”


Hume was such a great talent that Heint couldn’t imagine how strong he would be when he expected him to come with this much power.


Hume frowned slightly at Heint’s sudden suggestion.


He was confused as to how to choose this.


‘No! Never!’


Lucion desperately signaled Hume.


[Hmm, I personally disagree. If you make Heint your teacher, Lucion will also be in trouble.]


Hume had to be regularly darkened by Lucion.


In terms of human beings, it was no different than rice, and for Hume, it was a necessary means of gaining control of his body.


Hume thought about it silently and spoke to Heint of his personal thoughts.


“I am a butler who serves the Young Master. As a butler, I can’t leave his side, so I can’t give you a positive answer. I’m very sorry.”


“No, no. I was rude. I’m sorry, Hume. I’m sorry, Lucion.”


Heint belatedly came to his senses and apologized to Hume and then to Lucion.


Heint’s own impulsive offer would have looked like taking the butler away from Lucion right in front of his eyes.


“Yes, I was about to be a little disappointed.”


Lucion expressed his regret that he might never see Hume again.


“I’ll pay for Hume’s purchase instead.”


Heint took out his purse with an apologetic face.


“Then I’ll empty your wallet this time.”


Lucion didn’t let this opportunity slip by.


“Yeah. You can pay with my wallet, so you can choose as much as you want.”


Heint gently shook his purse.


“Did you hear that, Hume? Pick whatever you want. It’s okay to choose a variety of things so that you can use this and that.”


[Don’t forget to check if there’s a sword made of the monster’s bones like last time. I think that’s what Lucion wants.]


Lucion’s lips twitched for a moment as Russell continued to speak.


‘As expected of my teacher.’


How do you know my mind so well?


[It’s correct.]


Russell rubbed under his nose as the corners of Lucion’s mouth twitched.


“Then, I’ll choose as I look around.”


Hume smiled, and at the same time, the shopkeeper’s eyes twinkled deeply.


There is no better customer than a customer with a lot of money and things to buy.


The owner of the armor store clenched his hands and waited calmly for the weapons to be piled up at the checkout counter.




When Hume was busy choosing weapons with Russell and Latta, Lucion called Heint.


“Like me, Hume is unfamiliar with people. So I think it would be okay to teach him from time to time without having to be bound by the form of a teacher.”




“Isn’t Hume talented?”


It was good for Lucion that Hume became stronger.


In particular, it would be great if Heint’s skills could be extracted without being bound by the form of a teacher.


“Yes. Hume’s power is a blessing. With a bow he’ll be the best sharpshooter, with an ax he’ll be the best woodsman. Even if it’s not a sword, anything he does with his body is fine.”


Lucion was also pleased with Hume’s praise.


No matter what anyone said, he was the one who brought Hume.


“Heint and Brother recognize Hume’s talent.”‘




Whenever Hume diligently placed various weapons on the counter, the owner of the armor shop moved his hand urgently.


They were all high-end products that cost a lot.


“Hume… He has good eyes and big hands.”


“Yes. he’s my butler so isn’t it natural?”


Lucion giggled as he looked at Russell, who was good at choosing expensive things.


Russel was also his teacher.


‘At this rate, aren’t we going to rob Heint’s wallet?’


* * *




Bethel looked at her teacher.


Since she left here, neither her teacher nor this house had changed.


The regular sweeps of broom in the yard.


Teacher’s neatly tied hair.


The chirping of birds.


Nothing had changed, so Bethel smiled at the sight of her being the only one who changed.


[The ugly student who passed away first greets Teacher.]


Bethel bowed her head.




At the bird’s chirping, Teacher stopped moving the broom for a moment and looked at the sky.


Bethel’s heart ached at the sight of their longing for someone.


She thought maybe they were looking for her.




Bethel took off her helmet and called her.


[Teacher was right, and I was stupid. That guy… He betrayed me.]


On the day she decided to become his sword, she visited her teacher and informed them of it.


However, Teacher stopped her, saying that he wasn’t as good as she thought, and far from getting a blessing, she left the place foolishly.


That was her last time with her teacher.


[Teacher, I… Should I choose revenge? Or should I get rid of everything and start anew? It’s not easy to make a decision because this student is dumb.]


Bethel’s lips quivered.


[But there’s someone whose favor I need to pay back. I’m going to repay all his kindness and think about it again.]


Bethel looked at her teacher with a labored smile.


[This student is still blind, but this time he has found light for me. He’s the one who woke me up from the anger that covered my ears and blindfolded me.]


For a brief moment, she met Teacher’s eyes.


Even though she knew it wasn’t possible, Bethel’s eyes quickly reddened as she looked at them and smiled.


[This stupid student.]


Bethel’s voice mingled with tears.


Just once, she wanted to hug her teacher again.


She wanted to feel their warmth.


[I’ll come back again.]


Bethel bowed to her teacher.


* * *


“How many did you pick?”


Lucion asked as he climbed into the carriage to get on the portal.


He was still the only one in the carriage.




“Were there any?”


Lucion was surprised.


[It’s mixed, not 100% made up of monster bones like last time.]


“If I had known this, I would have looked around the armor shop in the Central.”


Lucion poured out his regrets.




Russell’s voice calling for him sounded a little heavy.


Lucion looked at Russell.


[Do you remember what Roberio said before he went to the sky?]


“Yes, I remember.”


Especially for Lucion, it was a word that he could never forget.


He could never forget that the hideout of the Hand of the Void was now in the Neubra Kingdom.


[Hand of the Void. I’ve heard of this group.]


‘Is it a group that Teacher know?’


Lucion thought it was good.


It would be okay to mix his words naturally with no reason to hide them.


“What kind of organization is it?”


[To put it mildly, they say they are reformers who want to regain the rights and freedom of warlocks, but they are no different from Luminos. Because they want to overthrow the game by force in order to regain our rights and freedoms.]


Russell crossed his arms in displeasure.


[Well, anyway, I know you’re trying to find someone who’s got black nails on the cross scar that Roberio mentioned.]


“Of course, I have to find him.”


Lucion pointed to his head.


“As Teacher knows, even if I cut off their arms and legs, if I don’t cut their head, isn’t it obvious that they’ll come back to stab my heart?”


[Yeah, it’s just like you, but the people you’re involved with are the Hand of the Void. They’re vipers. They’re so close that even my ears, who had built a wall around the world, could hear it..]


“I’ll be careful.”


[If it could be solved carefully, I wouldn’t have said this to you.]


“No matter how strong their poison is, I’ll step on them at once before they bite me.”


[That’s why…]


Russell looked at Lucion with concern.


[The power you’re trying to raise.]




[Are you serious about raising it?]


Lucion blinked silently at Russell’s question.


Soon Lucion’s brow frowned.


“So far, I’ve never been not sincere.”


Lucion felt emotional and swallowed his next words with difficulty.


[That’s a relief.]


Russell smiled.


[Luminos has declared war on you, and the Hand of the Void is a bit unsettling, so I hope there’s something to protect you.]


Cronia could be a good shield for Lucion.


However, the shield couldn’t protect Lucion, the warlock.


When Lucion was discovered to be a warlock, even Chronia could have collapsed in an instant.


[You know? It’s sad there’s no one to protect the warlock.]


There was little regret in Russell’s eyes.


Russell and Lucion are not fighting, right?


When Ratta asked, licking a candy, Lucion shook his head.






“I don’t regret being a warlock.”




Russell replied gravely with an awkward look


* * *


Carson suddenly folded his book and looked out the carriage window.


Lucion asked in surprise.


“What’s wrong? Did another enemy appear?”


“No. …I didn’t expect Father to come to meet us.”


At the word Father, Lucion almost hung from the carriage window and looked outside.


[Oh, that’s true. I can see the flag of Cronia in the distance.]


Oh! It’s really the hometown flag! Ratta is back home!


After Russell said that, Ratta wagged her tail, but Lucion only saw something as small as a dot.


“I can’t see it.”


“If you get a little closer, you’ll see it. By the way, seeing that Father come to meet us, it seems that he missed you quite a bit.”


Carson chuckled.


Well, it couldn’t be helped since he was the youngest who got hurt as soon as they took off their eyes.


“Is it okay for Father to leave?”


The youngest asked anxiously again.


Why is he so worried?


“It’s fine. Because we’re Cronia.”


Carson smiled proudly.


As the carriage drew closer to the border where Cronia was, Lucion led the knights of Cronia and found Novio proudly riding a horse.


He didn’t catch Novio’s small intentions to save face and put strong pressure on the Imperial family.


Lucion smiled automatically at the sight of Novio.


As soon as the carriage stopped, Lucion hurriedly opened the door and ran toward Novio.




Novio also got off the horse in a hurry and spread his arms.


Lucion ran to him just as he had been in his dreams.


Isn’t that so lovely?


“Yes, Lucion.”


Novio hugged his youngest son, who was digging into his arms.


This was the temperature he wanted to feel.


“Thank you for coming back safely.”


Novio’s voice was deafening.

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