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* * *


“…That. It’s a little difficult.”


Heint sipped his tea, glancing at Lucion.


Lucion smiled and grabbed Heint as soon as there were signs of immediate withdrawal.


“Brother, you’re not going to turn it into a secret, are you?”


“No, I am not trying to leave you out, but there’s a ban on informing outsiders about the affairs of the Imperial Knights.”


“That’s good. I’m an involved party, not an outsider. Didn’t the wizards attack me?”


Lucion shook his teacup lightly.


A day already passed, wouldn’t Heint have contacted the Imperial family?


He wanted to know how the Imperial family was moving now.


At the speed of the Imperial family’s movement, he was thinking of bringing in villains that couldn’t be conciliated.


“I was in the carriage, so I couldn’t hear the details, but I heard my name clearly.”


Lucion definitely nailed it this time.


“How can I not know the meaning of the enemy calling my name?”




Heint sighed at Lucion’s persistent interrogation.


“I have only passed on the name of the enemy, Luminos, to His Majesty. I couldn’t find anything else to say. But last time there was a terrorist attack on a count’s house in the Central, right?


“Yes, I remember.”


“The incident was also done by Luminos. Since some evidence came out from there, I’m going to chase them based on that evidence, but I think it’ll be hard to catch them with just that.”


“Hard to catch…”


Lucion shut his mouth as he spoke.


Anyone who saw it would think he looked worried.


Heint quickly uttered in panic.


“His Majesty is very concerned about them, so they’ll be caught soon. I’m definitely going to catch them, too.”


“Then I’m relieved. I’ll be waiting, thinking that Brother will definitely catch them.”


Lucion slowly sipped his tea.


‘The location of Luminos has been sent to Heint’s new house, so he’ll get it when he arrives, right?’


Even Carson didn’t know yet that Heint had moved to a place closer to the Imperial family.


Of course, he was not aware of where it was at the moment, so he was able to avoid Heint’s suspicion.


‘The ghosts are very useful.’


“By the way, Lucion.”


“Yes, Brother.”


“How long are you going to wear that bracelet? I wasn’t going to tell you because it was a gift, but it’s dangerous for you.”




“Yes, I’m listening.”


Heint looked at Lucion with serious eyes.


“If I get close to the light, won’t I be able to accept the light someday?”


When Lucion’s eyes dimmed, Russell pointed to Bethel and whispered clearly.


Look, it’s starting now.


Ratta pricked her ears and asked brightly.


―Russell, what’s Lucion doing?


[Oh, it’s nothing.]


Russell hurriedly shook his head and stepped back.


“That’s… right. Well.”


Heint rubbed the back of his neck.


It was very difficult to continue his words as he had never heard of the fact that close proximity to light would cure physical allergies.


“I know.”


Lucion spoke bitterly.


“I know how ridiculous my words are, but I wear it like a talisman because I’m afraid I’ll hurt my family, so I hope you don’t say anything to them.”


“I didn’t even talk to Carson. If he knew, he’d take it right away.”


Only then did Heint smile.


“That’s right. Brother Carson would totally do that.”




“Yes, Brother.”


“I don’t know when it will be, but I think some people from Great Light Temple will come down to the frontier under the name of purification.”


[What? They’re coming here? Why?]


Russell raised his voice.


As Lucion’s expression hardened at the same time, Heint hesitated and continued to speak.


“There’s another bad news. Do you want to listen to it?”


“I’ll listen.”


The Holy Nation, Nevast, contacted the Empire. They’re coming to apologize for what Eol did, and they might come to see you with that excuse…”




Lucion’s voice crept out.


He was very surprised.


‘They said they’re coming to see me, but they don’t even ask my opinion?’


“…So, we’re going to the border around that time to protect you from Great Light Temple.”


Heint finished speaking while observing Lucion’s reaction.


“I’m overwhelmed.”


“Yeah, I’m sure you are. Because you have no opinion here.”


“I know for sure where I am right now. I’m just a well-decorated statue.”


Lucion’s voice was sharp.


There was no one, including the Imperial family and the temple, that didn’t know that the Saint was just a symbolic position.


However, the symbol couldn’t be ignored.


Even in Nevast, the Holy Nation.


“Don’t worry about that. His Majesty and His Highness the Crown Prince are working hard together.”


Lucion knew it was useless to ask why he wasn’t involved in it.


Because he didn’t have any power.


‘Yes, Nevast. You’re saying I’m a thorn in your side, right?’


The fact that the place that received the title of the Holy Nation didn’t ask for his opinion as a Saint meant that they were clearly hostile.


However, Lucion had no intention of being docile.


“Ah, take this. I was going to give it to you yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance.”


What Heint handed over was a card.


An eagle standing alongside the sun.


‘It is the emblem of the Imperial family.’


As soon as Lucion saw the card, he knew that it had been specially made for his request to the Emperor to give him the authority to move his soldiers.


‘The soldiers are in my hands.’


“It’s the thing His Majesty asked me to deliver.”


Lucion looked at his empty hand as he received the card.


‘Now, what’s left is my achievement.’


It was not yet known to the public that Count Roberio’s work had been credited to him.




The corners of Lucion’s lips twitched for a moment.


He wondered if the Emperor would think similarly to himself.


Maybe he would take credit for himself at a better moment than he expected.


“Please tell His Majesty that I receive it with gratitude.”


“Of course. I’ll take responsibility and tell him.”


Heint said with a nod.


“Ah, Lucion.”


“Say it.”


“I want to teach Hume some light moves, will you allow me?”


“Yes, that’s fine. You can teach him as much as you want for a short time.”


Shouldn’t he allow it if Hume and Heint were not bound by a student-teacher relationship?


* * *


Lucion almost threw himself into the bed after Heint returned to his room.


‘In the novel, Nevast, the Holy Nation, never visited the empire.’


The Holy Nation, Nevast, had to be a neutral nation apart from its purpose.


It was bound by an unreasonable clause stating that it was a neutral country and, in fact, should not interfere in any way in international relations.


‘It seems this one is trying to step into the Empire using me as an excuse, but I can’t. Absolutely not.’


Lucion was also one of those who did not want the power of the Temple to grow.


If the power of the temple grew, the balance of the current power would naturally collapse.


The collapse of the balance would only lead to bad events.


The Empire’s Great Light Temple was originally supposed to increase its power after the bombing.


‘But this time it’s different.’


There was no explosion in the first place, and although it was concluded that it was also the work of a warlock, the incident itself was completely buried.


The Empire’s Great Light Temple even took a different route from the Holy Nation of Nevast by bowing their heads to the Imperial family.


‘Well, in the end, the power of the Great Light Temple has grown because of me, but since I am already under the Imperial family, it won’t be as prosperous as it will be two years after Heint becomes active.’


Lucion looked at Ratta who was running around wildly while playing ball and then turned to Russell.




[Why does it feel like you’re going to make a move against Nevast?]


“Yes, that’s right.”


Lucion grinned and answered.


[You’re not trying to get rid of that ‘neutral country’, right?]


“As expected, Teacher has the same thoughts as me. Bethel, what about you?”


Lucion then asked Bethel.


[They’re coming to measure Lord Lucion. To see if Lord Lucion will help Nevast. If you want to judge a person, you have to check it yourself, right?]


“Both make sense.”


He couldn’t even be sure if the opponent would come with only one goal.


Lucion licked his lips and was lost in thought for a moment.


However, his thought unexpectedly shifted to the need to grow the organization and embrace it rather than Nevast’s issue.


Sometimes knowing too much was a headache.


“Ah, how about it, Bethel?”


Lucion stopped thinking and asked Bethel.


[What do you mean?]


“This is Cronia. It’s a place to stay for a while. It’s better if you like it for the time being.”


Lucion gave strength to the word ‘for the time being’ to show his willingness to not force allegiance on Bethel.


In the meantime, Lucion let Bethel do whatever she wanted.


It was because of the red thread that was getting tighter as if it was telling him that it was the right answer.


Bethel smiled, and a small laugh leaked out.


When Lucion fell asleep last night, Bethel looked around Cronia.


A thick and large wall that could be called the pride of the frontier which was connected to the rocky area.


A quiet and relaxed life unlike the capital.


However, at the same time, it was very different seeing that each house had a weapon.


Bethel opened her mouth, recalling the waterfall she had watched until the morning sun rose.


[Cronia is strong and beautiful, not worthy of the lonely title of the frontier. Even when I stayed still, I felt comfortable. It would have been better if I had come while I was alive.]


“Right. It feels different from the Central where the Capital is.”


[Also, there has never been a warlock as comforting as Lord Lucion.]


Bethel spoke heartily.


“No, I didn’t mean to ask that, so you don’t have to say it.”


When that story came out, Lucion raised his upper body and shook his head.


[It’s because I want to say it. Will you let me speak, Lord Lucion?]


Bethel took off her helmet.


She was smiling.


[As Lord Lucion knows, I was betrayed and died.]


―R-Ratta doesn’t betray. Never.


Ratta, who was about to climb onto the bed with a ball in her mouth, floundered in surprise.


“It’s not about you, Ratta.”


Lucion picked up Ratta and put her on the bed.


She immediately came to Lucion’s lap and wagged her tail.


[I still hate the warlocks. I can’t forgive them for taking everything from me.]


Bethel’s face twisted slightly.


Lucion just listened to her.


[But thanks to Lord Lucion, my eyes are wide open. I want to believe that not all warlocks are bad.]


Bethel slowly pulled out her sword and knelt down.


[Lord Lucion.]




[Will you accept my sword?]


Bethel held out her sword, and her eyes were filled with fear.


Lucion knew best how difficult it was to bring up these words.


The feeling of being hated and betrayed by people was literally just like the pain of being torn in half.


[My trust too… Can you accept it?]


Bethel’s voice quivered.


Please don’t betray me.


Lucion took Bethel’s words like that.




[I’m listening.]


“I won’t betray you. I know what it feels like to fall into the abyss for a moment.”


Lucion took Bethel’s sword and breathed darkness into Bethel for the magic of domination.


Bethel didn’t reject Lucion’s darkness.


As Lucion’s darkness spread over her, the old, worn-out armor that was full of scratches was replaced with new armor, and her sword and even her helmet that Lucion held were completely changed.


A dragon pattern was created in the flat armor, along with a fluttering red cape.


―I swear with my heart and my life to protect you! But you, you betrayed me? Me? …Fine! I’ll kill you someday! I will drive my sword through your heart, curse, curse, and laugh at you!


A voice overshadowed by evil came out to Lucion.


This was Bethel’s memory.


She must be looking at some of his memories, just like he was.


[Lord Lucion is…]


Bethel’s eyes looking at Lucion were wet.


Lucion did not ask what she saw in his memory.


Because she was going to do the same.




The red thread was cut off.


The death knight which the final boss had acquired was now in his hand.




At Ratta’s voice, Bethel flinched for a moment.


[…I can hear Ratta’s voice?]


[Because the contract had been signed.]


Russell smiled broadly as he clapped his hands.


Finally, Lucion made a contract with Bethel.


[Congratulations, Lucion, Bethel.]


“Thank you, Bethel.”


Lucion reached out to Bethel.


A black star appeared on the back of her hand indicating that the contract had been signed.


[Please, show me that my choice is not wrong.]


“Of course, I wouldn’t have held the sword in the first place if I wasn’t confident.”


[By the way… What the hell is Ratta? She looks somewhat strange?]


After signing the contract, Bethel felt an unknown affinity for Ratta.


“Ratta is a divine beast.”


Since he had no intention of hiding it anyway, Lucion petted Lata and said so.


Bethel blinked.


“It’s real.”


At Lucion’s next words, Bethel looked at the cute little black fox.


[To be exact, divine beast of darkness.]


As Russell nodded, Bethel raised her finger and pointed to Ratta.


[Y-You’re really a divine beast? Does that mean there’s a divine presence in the darkness?]


“Let’s put aside the surprises and give it a try.”


[What are you talking about?]


Lucion quickly rose from his seat at Bethel’s words.



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  2. Thank you for the chapter!!🌺🌹💐🌼
    Finally!! Lucion can now use more skills and Bethel will protect him.😆🔥
    Please keep going!! 💗💞💖

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