Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 81 - Convince the Craftsmen (3)

Author: LyraDhani

[I know that Lord Lucion hasn’t reached adulthood yet, but he even has a curfew?]


When Bethel asked, Russell giggled.


[The curfew isn’t the problem, it’s the scary older brother chasing him.]


“Teacher is right. I don’t have a curfew, but if I come home late, my brother will come to find me.”


[How would he know where Lord Lucion is?]


“Besides an older brother, I also have an older sister.”


As soon as he thought of Shaela, Lucion trembled.


―Are you cold?


Ratta hugged Lucion tightly and rubbed his face.


Lucion shook his head.


[Is she a scary person?]


Bethel asked hesitantly.


“No, rather than a scary person… My brother no, anyway, my sister made a magic spell for me.”


Lucion pointed to himself.


“If I say the names of my brother, sister, and father three times, the magic will be activated.”


[It’s like magic to prevent missing children.]


Russell stroked his chin.


He didn’t think there was such a spell.


“That’s right. It’s also thanks to her magic that their surveillance of me has become a bit neglected.”


Lucion kept quiet at the slightly surprised look on Russell’s face.


Because the magic Shaela cast on him was special.


* * *


[This time, it’s an item maker, right?]




Lucion answered Russell’s words and got off of Shandra.


Her name was Miella, and she was the villain who created an item that absorbed light and stored only the regenerative power of light.


Miella had a great talent for making items, but as expected of a person who was kicked out after growing up as a noble lady, she didn’t know much about the world.


Deceived by scammers who recognized her talent, she lost the ownership of the items she made, lost her money, lost everything, and fell into the abyss.


It was one of the decisive events that led to her stepping into the world of evil.




Lucion noticed something strange as soon as he entered Miella’s store.


It was as if magic had swept through the store at once.


―It’s all broken. Uoo.


Ratta’s eyes twinkled.


It seemed strange to her because it was the first time she saw anything broken.


“…Get out of here! Go away!”


As soon as Miella heard Lucion’s footsteps, she gripped an object and let out a violent sound.


“What else are you going to take? You guys take them all!”


Miella tried to throw the broken objects at random, but they all fell to the floor without reaching him and Hume.


‘It seems we came right after she just got beaten up by scammers. The timing is perfect.’


Lucion swallowed a sigh at Miella’s condition.


This should have been easier than Zamad.


How many times had Miella been swindled by now?


[We came here at the worst timing.]


Bethel looked around and frowned at Russell’s sneaky words.


[It looks like a debt collector has come in. Otherwise, the store wouldn’t be like this. Why don’t you come back later, Lord Lucion? It doesn’t look like a good time right now.]


Lucion shook his head at Bethel’s suggestion.


Rather, now was the perfect moment.


“Excuse me.”


At Lucion’s calm voice, Miella loosened her crouching body and carefully raised her head.


“Are you… a guest?”


Miella quickly expressed her apology when she looked at Lucion and Hume.


Lucion was relieved that Miella was still fine.


‘Good. She hasn’t awakened as a villain yet. Then, let’s wake her up.’


“I’m sorry I shouted out of nowhere.”


Miella bowed to Lucion, wiping away the tears around her eyes.


Wearing a mask should be suspicious, but Miella didn’t even suspect it.


“The store is a mess, so business will be difficult for the time being.”


“It’s a shame that I can’t see the items, but I came to see Miss Miella.”


When she heard that he had come to visit her, Miella’s face immediately crumpled and she shouted.


“I’m not falling for it anymore! You’re gonna hit me in the back of my head, too..!”


[As Bethel said, it’s impossible to talk with her.]


As soon as he saw Miella’s distrustful eyes, Russell crossed his arms.


“I need Miss Miella’s ability. And this is a small gift for Miss Miela.”


When Lucion approached Miella one step closer, Miella took two steps back and looked at Lucion sharply.


“I admit that I came at a bad time.”


Lucion stopped approaching her and asked.


“So, who is it?”


“…Who is what?”


“Who made the store like this? I’ll take care of them for you.”


“T-Take care of them?”


Miella was greatly taken aback.


“Yes. If you ask me to kill them, I’ll kill them, and if you ask me to cut their legs, I’ll do it.”


Lucion’s mask turned yellow.


Like a naughty boy.


“You don’t have to…”


“No. Are you going to stay still when you’ve been beaten like this? I’ve been misunderstood by Miss Miela, I’m getting angry because I don’t think I can achieve my goal, are you sure it’s okay?”


Lucion touched Miella gently.


Her anger was justified.


As if to say so, Miella swallowed her dry saliva.


Lucion reached out.


“Why are you hesitating? I’ll take care of them for you.”


“Then… I’ll be the same person as them. I don’t like that. I mean, sit down for a second. I’ll come back after washing my face. You came to see me…”


“I hate it.”


Lucion flatly refused.


Miella’s half-hearted kindness wouldn’t help in the future.


Even if Miella came into his organization, how would the law prevent something like this from happening again?


He would be happy to protect Miella, but he had no desire to teach her.


Lucion wasn’t Miella’s guardian.




“I hate it because it’s annoying me. They crossed the line. If someone crosses the line with me, I’ll have to pay them back several times more. Who is it?”


Miella’s mouth loosened at the strange pressure.


“I-I think they just left.”


“Rental. Get them. You can find them, right?”


Lucion deliberately waited for Miella to become an accomplice before calling Hume.


Hume’s tracking skills would help in catching them quickly.


“I’ll be right back.”


Miella’s expression hardened at the fact that Hume had gone outside and she had become an unwilling accomplice.




“As I said earlier, I need Miss Miella. So, I’m asking you to join the organization.”


As if Lucion’s words didn’t reach her eyes, Miella’s eyes were following Hume who had left.


“Miss Miella, what do you need? I’ll try to match it as much as I can.”




“If you join the organization, wouldn’t you need this and that?”


Miella laughed dejectedly at the brazen attitude of the man who took it for granted that she would join the organization.


[My student is really shameless.]


Unable to see it, Russell raised his voice.


“When did I say I’d join?”


Miella’s face immediately distorted.


“I never said that. What the hell’s wrong with you all!”


It seemed that even her sadness had exploded due to the overlapping events,


“Why are you doing this to me? Do I look that easy? Is that it?”


“Yes, you can get angry like that later.”


At the strange words, Miella looked at Lucion with a distorted face.


“You can shout, hit, and curse those who have taken everything from you. Isn’t it simple? I’ll give you the offer after that.”


What kind of nonsense is this.


When Miella turned speechless with ridicule, the outside of the store became noisy.


[…I was fooled too.]


As Lucion’s gaze turned to Russell, he turned his head awkwardly.


“I brought them here.”


Hume brought men twice his size in his hands and slammed them to the store floor.




Their arms were twisted, perhaps because they had already been hit by Hume once.


“What should I do? Should I kill them like this?”


At Hume’s question, the men became desperate.


“H-Hold on! Help me! Please, help me!”


“Miella will be the one who makes the decision, not me.”


Lucion handed over all the decisions to Miella.


With the sound of Miella’s slow sigh, he could see her shoulders losing strength.


She thought the world was falling apart just now.


Those who she thought were her partners broke into the store, blamed her, and proudly went out of the store with all of her items.


All she could do was cry pitifully at the broken store and screamed angrily at herself.


For a moment, Miella’s hands trembled.


She really wanted to kill them, but she hesitated even though the opportunity to kill them was right in front of her eyes.


“You decide.”


Lucion urged.


“H-Help me. It was my fault. Items. Okay, I’ll give you all the items back.”


“That’s right. We’ll repair everything in the store. I will never betray you again!”


From the moment they found out that their lives were in Miella’s hands, they clung to her.


Miella’s face grew more and more distorted, and she finally looked at them with disgust.


“I am not like these guys. What’s the point of stealing the items? In the end, since it was born in your hands, you can just make something better and more perfect, right? I won’t betray Miss Miella just to make money.”


Lucion laughed at them and raised Miella’s shattered pride.


“Can you cut off their hands?”


Miella’s delicate eyes slowly grew sharp.


The relief that someone was watching over her from behind.


The difference between having power and not having it.


Above all, the situation where Miella took the initiative.


These few facts changed Miela.


It was a good flow.


Perhaps it was a power she had never experienced before, so she reacted more strongly.


“Of course.”


Lucion answered as if it were natural and looked at Bethel.


Bethel, who received his gaze, asked in surprise.


[I can cut them off but now… Is it okay to possess you?]


[Isn’t it good? Even if you’re possessed, you can’t avoid the accumulation of negativity, so it’s very useful if you learn how to cut your wrists early, right?]


Rather, Russell took it positively.


At the conversation between the two, Ratta looked at her front paws and hid them as she crouched down with a serious expression.


‘Matching the darkness with Bethel.’


Lucion felt the darkness connected with Bethel.


“Bethel Levisti.”


He called Bethel’s name three times.


“I allow you to stay in my body.”


He didn’t forget until my last permission.


In an instant, Lucion’s eyes sank coldly, and the black eyes turned young.


What Bethel grabbed by using Lucion’s body were fragments scattering around him.


[Sure, Lord Lucion. I’ll cut them.]


Even though it obviously didn’t cut through them properly, she swung at them as if she had had enough.




“W-Wait a minute… Argh!”


Blood splattered with a scream.


The debris was stained with blood, and their hands fell on the floor.


It was unbelievable that it was the result of a simple action.


[It’s not like you can only cut using a sword. If you have a sharp object, if you can do it at the right speed with the right power.]


‘I think it’s difficult.’


Lucion stared at his hand.


[It’s okay if you just learn the sense of cutting it like this now, it’s enough.]


Bethel laughed, and Lucion cut off the darkness and freed himself from possession.




Miella began to laugh, too.




She laughed like a madman and pointed her finger at the people whose hands were cut off.


“Looks good! looks good! Those disgusting hands got cut off?”


Miella was a villain.


The blood might have awakened her true nature, but her eyes were sharper than before.


“Are you satisfied?”


Lucion asked.


“For now. I am satisfied with this for now. I feel so good when I think that they will struggle with pain for the rest of their life now that their hand has been cut off…”


There was a hint of haziness in her innocent eyes.


‘That’s great.’


Lucion thought it would be better to take this route than be half-hearted.


“Did you say you need me?”


It was only after those guys left the store that Miella pointed at herself.


“Now it seems that Miss Miella needs me, too. Isn’t that right?”


“That’s right. I’ve never felt so relieved in my life. Yeah. How can I live a life where my things keep being taken away like this?”


Miella’s eyes twisted,


“Can you do me one more favor? Not only will I join your organization, but I will also give you a good place.”


“A place?”


Lucion’s ears perked up.


“Yes. Wouldn’t you like to own an entire viscount’s mansion?”




“I am not sure if you know, Chefran is a viscount.”


“I do.”


Lucion replied.


Isn’t it the family that traded with Cronia a few years ago with their weapon and item production skills?


However, after the death of the owner, the quality of the product declined, so Cronia firmly stopped trading.


Apparently, they had an internal fight inside because of the next head; since they constantly came to beg, there was no way he didn’t know them.


‘Come to think of it, they haven’t visited lately, right?’


“I’m the real heir to the exiled Chefran family.”


A blue thread appeared along with Miella’s hand gesture pointing at herself with big eyes.

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