Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 83 - Loyalty to You (2)

Author: LyraDhani

“Kill… Who could it be?”


“Right, not all organizations can be perfect. It’s the same here. There are four people.”


At the words four people, Kran’s expression darkened.


“Two of them are guards who are more talkative than anyone else, and the other two are slowly getting ready to stab you in the back.”


Lucion continued, mentioning the names of those four people.


“In order for the organization to work properly, they will have to be killed to make an example.”


Very few people knew that there was a CCTV ghost operating.


“Sorry. It was my fault.”


First of all, Kran apologized.


Managing the organization was largely up to him.


Moreover, the warlock in front of him didn’t do anything without reason.


“I’ll gather up the members right now…”


“No, We can take time to kill them. You’re going gather your members and kill them now? It’s not a talent show, that death is meaningless. When the sense of accomplishment of the members increases on a bigger stage than you have now, that would be the best time.”


When the organization could show off its power by obtaining the mansion, then that death would shine the brightest.


The organization could kill them at any time.


These fears had to be planted.


“…I see. Then, Hamel-nim, please let us know the right time. I’ll be ready at any time.”


Even though his expression was obviously hidden by the mask, Kran was terrified as he imagined a bloody smile in his mind.


“Okay. Anyway, I came because there was something I couldn’t tell you earlier through the contact item.”


“Yes, why don’t you sit down?”


Kran offered a seat.


Lucion sat down, and Hume stood behind him.


“You’ve been managing the organization just fine, right, Kran? Thanks to you, I feel relieved.”


Unlike the heavy atmosphere a moment ago, the words that came out of Lucion’s mouth were compliments.


“No, I just did the obvious thing.”


Kran shook his hand, genuinely perplexed.


He didn’t expect the man called Hamel to compliment him.


“The person I mentioned earlier through the contact item is Miella, an item maker. Have you heard of her?”


“Of course, I have. Not long ago, I even asked her to visit and join the organization. But at that time, she refused the offer because she had a partner…”


Lucion laughed because Kran’s eyes were blatantly asking what he had done.


“Miella is Miella Chefran, the legitimate heir to the Viscount Chefran. Now, I have decided to accept a mansion on the condition that I kill the head of the Viscount Chefran family.”




Kran blinked at the unrealistic remark.


“So Kran, prepare the members of the organization from now on. Move at night. I’ll give you all the information.”


“Now, hold on a second.”


Kran came to his senses belatedly.


“What is it?”


“It’s too much.”


“Why is that?”


“It’s so reckless. Aren’t they nobles? The organization hasn’t grown that much yet.”


“Right. The Viscount is not anyone’s dog. How can you easily get in and out? By the way, Kran.”


Kran instinctively sensed that Lucion’s mood had changed.


He unwittingly swallowed his dry saliva.


“Making a decision without listening to the plan is not good, you know? Would I have made such a suggestion without thinking? What is the benefit of driving your, no, my organization to death?”


Lucion’s fingers tapped on the desk.


“It’s not that, Hamel-nim…”


“Are you afraid?”




“Are you afraid that the people you have collected and raised with your own hands will die?”


“…Yes, I’m afraid.”


Kran bowed his head shamefully.


Even if the actual head of the organization was Lucion, the external head was Kran himself.


He lost his country in an instant and lost his men.


Those who survived were Stra and Helon.


He had lost everything, so this small organization that he barely got his hands on was precious.


Kran said, clenching his fist.


“I’m afraid of losing it.”


“But you’re still determined, right?”


“I don’t know.”


At those words that sounded uncertain, Lucion stopped tapping on the desk.


In the novel, Kran had already grown a third force, so Lucion didn’t know how he could grow the organization.


However, Lucion was sure that he would have failed and that he would have overcome that experience.


[I… I understand that feeling.]


Bethel said.


[Perhaps he also harbors feelings of helplessness and guilt.]


Lucion listened to Bethel and felt the need to completely revise the plan he had in mind.


Wouldn’t it be unnecessary to see blood in the organization’s first victory?


“All right, Kran.”




“There is only one person who will bleed. Well, up to three people just in case. Do you want to do this plan?”


“I do.”


Kran replied without hesitation this time.


“I get it for now.”


Lucion nodded slightly and opened his mouth again.


“Do you know Zamad?”


“O-Of course I do! Isn’t he the best blacksmith? It would be a great honor to serve him!”


Kran’s eyes glistened as if he had already shaken off the previous incident.


“Right, he has decided to come to our organization. Ah, no. I decided to have him judged first by looking at the things he made.”


“Who… Who will judge him?”


Kran asked with a confused expression.


How dare anyone in the Empire judge Zamad?


“I will. Judge Zamad.”


But Lucion proudly pointed at himself.


People said Zamad was the best, but Lucion didn’t need a blacksmith who couldn’t make a sword that could withstand Hume’s power.




Kran involuntarily burst out laughing.


He pinched the back of his hand to see if this was real.


“What is it? You’re wondering if it’s a dream?”


Lucion asked, giggling.


“W-What the hell is Hamel-nim’s identity? Now, I… I don’t know.”


“Did you forget the contract to pretend you didn’t know me even if you knew me?”


“There’s no way I forget. It’s just really that surprising.”


“Anyway, let’s move the temporary residence to the mansion. And…”


Lucion took a bunch of paper out of his pocket.


For now, he had made his own plans to organize only the area around the border, instead of in broad terms.


Things to deal with.


Things to embrace.


Things to occupy.


He didn’t forget to touch his surroundings so as not to be noticed by Cronia.


It was up to Kran to change it in more detail.


Once he saw the paper, Kran swallowed his mouth.


He couldn’t imagine what other delicious information he had brought.


“I’ve got a bunch of people who are good at picking up information and stealing people’s secrets because they’re rats. Now, starting with the mansion we will get tomorrow, we have to increase it one by one.”




“Say it.”


“How far are you searching?”


“Enough to protect me as a warlock.”


Lucion’s mask turned yellow.


It looked like a naughty color, but it felt bitter to Kran’s eyes for some reason.


If it was enough to protect a warlock, who could do it?


It was such a difficult problem.




“And this is extra money to spend. I’ll fill it up quickly before it’s empty.”


Lucion then took out a money bag.


Kran spoke quietly without looking at the money bag.


“Hamel-nim, there is one thing I am worried about.”


“Say it.”


“If the power of the organization grows, we will not be able to avoid Cronia’s eyes. Isn’t the Cronia family the ruler of the border?”


[Right. Cronia is not a fool. How can they leave growing forces alone?]


Russell looked at Lucion.


[Lucion, can you control it well?]


[Lord Lucion is not a person to talk without thinking, so why don’t you wait calmly?]


Bethel smiled.


Her eyes were full of faith.


“So you must enter the mansion.”


Lucion’s fingers pointed strongly at the desk, and Kran licked his lips.


“So what Hamel-nim is saying… You want us to become a member of the nobility?”


“To be exact, you’re going to disguise yourself as noble’s servants. Let’s take advantage of noble’s positional convenience. Is there any other way to avoid Cronia’s gaze?”


“Is that why you brought in Miss Miella, who has the status of a nobleman?”


“No. It was a coincidence.”


Lucion shook his head at Kran’s words and took out the paper he had put at the bottom of the pile of paper he had taken out and passed it over.




Once the paper was handed over, Kran calmly waited for Lucion’s next words.


“Viscount Chef’s noble status is yours from now on. Use it well.”


Kran’s hands trembled before he could hold the paper.


‘Right now, what is…’


It was not just firewood that Hamel gave generously.








And strength.


Even the status of nobility.




Kran spoke out in doubt.


“How can you trust me and give me this?”


“Then were you going to betray me?”


“Never, not once have I ever thought that way!”


Kran raised his voice.


How could he betray Lucion, who came to him one day like a miracle?


As a human being, it could never be the case.


“Then that’s fine.”


Lucion smirked.


But Kran still couldn’t understand Lucion.


“Please tell me. Who the hell am I, who wore a badge of slavery around my neck, to be entrusted with such an important task?”


“He’s always like this.”


Hume parted his heavy lips.


“I, who was no different from a beggar who wandered on the streets, was also taken in by Hamel-nim. I have received more than I deserved.”


“But I only gave you that much?”


The words came out of Lucion’s mouth unconsciously.


The only thing he gave Hume was his pocket money besides his food, clothing and shelter, and his salary as a butler.


He didn’t even get to buy him a common weapon, but Hume said it was already too much.


‘Hume is more simple than I thought.’


Lucion knew that about 80% of Hume’s salary was poured into food.


There had to be Ratta’s share there.


It was up to Hume how he spent the money, but since he was going to become a single-minded gentleman, his clothes had to be tailored at this point.


“Yes. Even what Hamel-nim considers to be ‘only that much’ is too much for me.”


When Hume smiled, Kran relaxed his shoulders.


With that smile, it was clear what kind of person Hamel was.


Heartfelt joy.


It wasn’t a smile that showed up easily.




Kran spoke softly.


Could it be that he had been wearing a deep colored glass to the fact that Hamel was a warlock?


Who in the world would hand over money, a position in an organization, and a noble status without collateral?


‘There are people worse than warlocks in the world.’


Kran took off the colored glasses and looked at Lucion with his eyes.


So far, Hamel had never taken away his freedom, forced him to listen to orders, and, above all, threatened him with violence.


‘…I’m rather worried. What if I betray you?’


He was giving it all away like a fool and moving like that for the sake of the organization.


Kran couldn’t imagine how much he would have to move and wander around to gather this much information.


When he was a prince, he called such subordinates ‘loyal subjects’, and referred to such subordinates as ‘right-hand man’.


“Yes, say it.”


Lucion replied.


Whatever Kran needed, he would bring it.


“I was mistaken.”


Kran rose from his seat.


Where could he find a better person to serve than this?


“Was there anything you didn’t understand from my explanation?”


When Lucion asked, Kran shook his head.


“No, I’ve been mistaken about Hamel-nim until now.”


“I don’t really care about that. All I want from you is that you won’t betray me and run the organization well.”


“Hamel-nim, that would be too much of a loss to you.”


“Loss? No. For me, there’s no better news than the organization’s working properly.”


‘…As expected.’


Kran let out a short sigh.


No matter what kind of reputation Hamel had, he didn’t want to doubt Hamel any longer for the sake of the organization.


In fact, Hamel had left most of the organization’s power to him.


No matter how many times he thought about it, he was rather worried because Hamel seemed like the sort of person who didn’t think about ‘If he betrays me’.


“Hamel-nim, I… Do you believe me?”


Lucion snorted at Kran’s question.


“I also have a thing called the bottom of a well. Money doesn’t come out infinitely.”


Lucion murmured.


What Lucion believed was not Kran’s conscience, but the future that Kran would unfold.


In that future, he was planning to put only one spoon on it.


“I’ve been wearing colored glasses so far. Apart from the grace you’ve been giving us, the fact that you’re a warlock is burdensome.”


“I admit that part. What can I do when the images that have been piling up are trash?”


Lucion had nothing to hope for, as long as the organization worked properly, no matter what Kran thought of him.


How could he easily win people’s hearts?


Lucion never wanted that.


Kran suddenly bowed to Lucion.


Lucion was surprised enough that his butt shook.


‘What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?’

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