Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 84 - Loyalty to You (3)

Author: LyraDhani

At Kran’s sudden change of heart, Lucion watched him quietly.


“But it’s different now.”


Kran gave strength to his voice.


“Since Hamel-nim gave me a place to live, freedom, and a new life, shouldn’t I repay the favor? As Hamel-nim wishes, this organization will grow to protect Hamel-nim.”


In fact, all Lucion did was spray fertilizer on Kran’s growth.


However, in the atmosphere where he felt like he had become Kran’s savior, Lucion wanted to leave right away 


“I’m not as great as you think I am.”


“No. I’ve never seen anyone give their things to someone without any question. It’s probably something that no one can do easily.”


Hume nodded furiously when Kran refuted Lucion’s words.


“…I mean, giving you 100,000 dell was just a whim.”


“I don’t know if Hamel-nim really gave us the huge amount of 100,000 dells out of a simple whim, but that money changed everything for us.”




Lucion stopped making excuses as soon as he saw Kran’s eyes.


There seemed to be a strong misunderstanding.


‘Well, it can’t be helped.’


Lucion himself didn’t force that idea in the first place, and Kran was a person who knew how to think, so he must have thought about it and made a decision anyway, even if it was a misunderstanding.


Lucion decided to just comfortably pick up and eat what Kran handed over.


“You’re going to protect me?”


“Yes, this organization will grow to protect you.”


An organization that grew to protect one warlock.


Lucion thought it was hilarious.


However, Lucion was swept away by the atmosphere and had no intention of revealing his identity.


“Okay, go ahead.”


“Leave it to me.”


“First of all, this plan is in its early stages, and it’s just a skeleton, so you’ll have to flesh it out.”


Lucion went straight to work.


Kran setting the organization’s goal didn’t change anything much.


Kran also replied with a smile.


“Yes, I’ll review and report to you.”


“Is there anything I should do?”


Lucion asked.


“I think Hamel should also interact with the members of the organization. At least I know who the real owner of this organization is…”


“No way.”


Lucion cut off Kran’s words like a knife, and his voice became heavy.


“Is it because you don’t know why I made you the leader?”


“I’m sorry. I know why.”


Since Lucion was a warlock, there was a high possibility that the organization would collapse if that fact was discovered before it could fully grow.


It was also very dangerous to announce the existence of a warlock within the organization, but it was inevitable in order to absorb the shock that the members of the organization would receive in the future.


“Then, I think it would be okay to interact with the members of the organization.”


Lucion clenched his fist at the word interact.


He thought it was really a terrible word.




“I never thought you would be shy. That’s unexpected.”


After his oath of loyalty, Kran’s attitude toward Lucion seemed to have softened.


“You’re noisy, there’s nothing else I have to do, right?”


“Peter waited for Hamel-nim the whole time.”




A magician brought by Lucion, and a villain who had worked under Count Roberio.


“Okay. I need to meet him.”


“Ah, Hamel-nim.”


As Lucion got up from his seat, Kran called him.


“I think it’s time to name the organization.”




“It sounds good. Does it have a meaning?”


“It doesn’t.”


“The symbol of the organization….”


“Stra, Helon, anyone else, put your head together and think about it.”


“I see.”


Kran giggled.


His annoyance was conveyed through his tone.


“Peter will be at the back of the building.”


“Okay. I’ll call you later.”


“Yes. I look forward to hearing from Hamel-nim.”


Kran bowed to Lucion.


‘…It’s Ale.’


After Lucion left, Kran thought of the name of the organization Lucion had picked.


He wasn’t sure, but there was some meaning he knew about Ale.




And the ancient word for freedom.


‘I think it’s better to think that it’s the latter.’


Kran burst out laughing with a more relaxed face.


* * *


* * *


As soon as Lucion left Kran’s room, Ratta whispered the words she had been holding back.


―In Ratta’s eyes. Kran’s words are so cool. It was like straight out of a book that was read to me by Hume.


Ratta’s face slightly popped out of Lucion’s shadow.


She was smiling.


―You know, Lucion. Bethel did it, Hume did it, and Kran just did it. Now it’s Ratta’s turn. If Ratta swears allegiance to Lucion, will you accept it?


Lucion smiled briefly at Ratta’s careful question.


He stopped for a moment at Ratta’s sparkling eyes and pressed his finger on Ratta’s forehead.


Russell already turned his back to him, his shoulders twitching.


He couldn’t believe that a divine beast was swearing an oath of loyalty.


Still, Russell thought of Ratta and desperately endured it.


―Are you not going to accept Ratta because Ratta is the weakest? Ratta will grow up like Uncle Troy from now on! So Ratta will give Lucion a ride too!


“No. Ratta, you’re special, so there is no need for that.”


Lucion whispered softly.


―Ratta is special?


The corners of Ratta’s mouth went up high.


Her ears folded and unfolded like a tail.




Lucion replied and pushed Ratta slightly into the shadow.


It was fantastic that there was no one around.


―Hop! Ratta is special…! Ratta can’t believe it!


Lucion couldn’t stop laughing when he thought of Ratta, who was jumping around in joy.


He paused and looked at Hume.


Hume was also laughing at the shadow.


“It’s the same for you, Hume.”


“…Is it?”


At Lucion’s sudden words, Hume’s eyes sparkled as if he were young.




“It’s… the first time.”


A bright smile slowly spread across Hume’s lips.


“Thank you, Hamel-nim.”


[You’re admirable, Lucion.]


Russell finally clapped after holding back.


As a teacher, he couldn’t help but feel thrilled that Lucion had become a person who took care of someone.


[Are you saying that Lord Lucion wasn’t originally like this?]


When Bethel asked with curious eyes, Russell pecked at Lucion.


[He was great. No, he was amazing.]




Lucion kept his mouth shut and walked to the back of the building where Peter was.


However, at the glances of the members who were staring at him, Lucion stopped walking altogether and looked at them.


Lucion tightly grabbed the hem of his clothes at the gaze of curiosity, displeasure, wonder, etc.


Although he’d gotten better at this, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.


[How about ignoring it, Lord Lucion?]


Bethel suggested when she saw the tremor in Lucion’s hand.


Bethel still didn’t know much about Lucion, but that tremor wasn’t normal.


[Right. Kran and Zamad were a bit unique. Originally, their gazes are the normal reaction, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.]


“Are you the only warlock in the organization?”


Then, one of the members approached Lucion.


“That’s right.”


For a moment, the surroundings turned noisy.


“Well, why don’t you go out for the organization?”


Lucion paused for a moment at the remark that sounded natural.


“What did you just say?”


Someone approached indignantly.


It was Helon.


Judging from the sound of something falling, it seemed that he was moving his luggage.


“M-Mr. Helon.”


When Helon grabbed him by the collar, the man panicked.


[Hit him! Those guys need to get hit to come to their senses!]


Russell said, raising his voice.


[No. People don’t change easily, so you have to cut off their necks.]


Bethel tightened the grip on her sword and increased her power.


Some people shuddered from the cold for unknown reasons, as if the surroundings were getting colder.


Helon shook the man while holding him by the collar.


“It is you, not Mr. Hamel, who has to leave! What did Kran-nim say? Didn’t he say that discord within the organization is unconditionally prohibited?”


“But he’s a warlock! Honestly, being together with him like this is scary!”


“Then you shouldn’t have come here. We said it beforehand, and you agreed to it. What are you saying now?”


“That’s why…”


“Do you know who gives you the money you just spend and eat?”


“It’s me, you bastard.”


Lucion smirked as he continued Helon’s words.


“If you get money, you need to know whose pocket it came from. If I go out, can you afford the organization’s operating expenses? You must be confident.”


He had already obtained the property of the Fizat family.


Sooner or later, Count Roberio’s money would come to him, along with pocket money from Novio and the investment that he had put in Kran.


Besides, Lucion knew a lot of ways to make money.


Lucion approached the man who couldn’t say anything. and gave him an unpleasant pat on the head.


“If you can’t handle that, why are you poking me? I won’t bite if you don’t poke me. Understand?”


Lucion’s warning was not directed only to that man.


It was also directed at those who were hostile to him because he was a warlock.


Fools who took money from the warlock.


Lucion talked like that and wanted to grab the man’s head and slam it into the floor, but he decided it was enough for today.


From the beginning, he didn’t think that they would understand him as a warlock, and he didn’t want to break the clause not to stir up trouble.


Above all, that man was necessary for the discipline of the organization.


What happened if they run your mouth.


What happened if they poke him.


He should set an example.


[You stop here?]


Lucion nodded slightly to Russell’s question.


Killing him here would only create a sense of opposition.


Why would he stir up resentment here, leaving behind the good stage of Viscount Chefran, which he would soon acquire?


[I think we can do a little more. Well, if that’s your choice.]


Russell spoke with regret.


“Thank you, Mr. Helon.”


Lucion’s mask turned blue.


“No, if Stra were here she would have done the same.”


Helon said, letting the man go.


“Stra? …No way.”


If Helon had eyes, he’d know that Stra hated him.


“Stra is a little crooked, but she’s a lot nicer than you thought.”


“Yes, I’ll think about it.”


Lucion answered half-heartedly and headed to the back of the building to meet Peter.


‘The waves are spreading.’


Following his steps, people retreated to the surroundings.


Lucion found it funny, but he thought it was a good first impression.


He’d rather stand on the side where no one could touch him.




Hume called Lucion with a heavy tone.


His fierce gaze went to the members of the organization.


“Say it.”


“How can you hold back your anger? It’s hard for me to put up with it. I want to twist his neck right away.”


“Me, too. But that’s all I can say about my generosity. I’m part of the organization, so I can give them this much, right?”


When Hume heard that there was no second time, he took a deep breath.


“You have great patience.”


“I am confident in being patient.”


Lucion’s voice was mixed with laughter.


[Isn’t Peter that person who is chewing on solitude?]


Russell pointed to a man sitting near a tree and fiddling with something.


“That’s right. It’s Peter.”


Lucion approached Peter with a yellow mask.


Peter looked brighter, so he knew the work was going well.


‘The blue thread connected to Peter must have been cut off the last time he fainted.’


Lucion also confirmed that the blue thread connected to Peter had disappeared.


As soon as Peter saw Lucion, he rose from his seat and greeted him.


“Thank you, Hamel-nim.”


“Is your brother okay?”


“Yes, thanks to you, he was released from the curse and is recovering now.”


Peter smiled awkwardly with a dark shadow around his eyes.


“Do you have a place to stay?”


Lucion asked.


“Kran-nim prepared it for me.”


“Good for you, Roberio is dead so there will be no one to chase you for a while.”


“The news travels fast.”


“It’s bound to be fast. Anyway, since you’re in the organization, you must be thinking of staying here.”


“I came here only to see Hamel-nim. Thank you for saving my brother. The grace that freed me. I’m here to pay it all back.”


Peter’s voice was deep, and Lucion in his eyes was literally like a saint.


“Then you can pay me back right away.”


Lucion held out his hand.


Peter was captured by Count Roberio after a warlock cursed his brother.


Even if it was something he didn’t want, he was a person who was closer to Count Roberio than anyone else.


Then what was in Peter’s hand?


“Can we move over for a moment?”




Lucion readily agreed to Peter’s suggestion.


Peter took the lead, and Lucion followed him.


“Either way, I planned to tell Hamen-nim what I’ve seen so far when we meet again. I’m after the same guy.”


The one who put a curse on his younger brother.


Those who messed up his life.


Peter’s voice was full of deep anger.


“Roberio was just a supervisor, no, a puppet.”


It was a story Lucion already knew.


“There are six branches of them in the Empire. Roberio is also the only person in charge of that branch.”




“Behind the person who controlled Roberio is the Neubra Kingdom. The place where the Neubra Kingdom gathers information to take over the Empire is called a branch.”


[Neubra Kingdom…? When did they take root in the Empire?]


Bethel reacted greatly.


Since she was a knight, it seemed the loyalty of the Empire still remained.


“There is a place where each branch collects information about the Empire and takes it to the Neubra Kingdom. It looks like an inn, but underneath it is a basement…”


‘…Wait a minute.’


Lucion’s eyes flashed in the middle of Peter’s story.


If it was a basement under the inn, wouldn’t it be the place he had already been to?

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