Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 85 - Viscount Chefran

Author: LyraDhani

[It’s that.]


―The cave!


Ratta followed Russell’s words.


[Is it a place you know?]


Bethel asked.


[You know, the place where Lucion manipulated the information?]


Russell said with a look of surprise.


He thought it was a ridiculous place, but he couldn’t believe it was a place created by the Neubra Kingdom.


“And Cronia is the only one who doesn’t have a branch, so using other methods…”


“Wait. There’s no branch in Cronia?”


Thinking about how the situation flowed differently from the novel, Lucion asked Peter in response to the word ‘Cronia’.


“Because the frontier is a place where warlocks cannot enter. If not, I would rather ask.”


At that moment, Russell and Bethel managed their expressions as much as they could.


It was a secret to Lucion that there was a knight of death who used the Cronia mansion as a base and killed the warlocks.


‘It’s a place where warlocks can’t come in…?’


Lucion was puzzled.


‘But I’m a warlock?’


“I don’t know because I’m not a warlock, but I heard there’s someone who killed the warlocks. But now that I see it… It seems it was just a false rumor.”


Peter said, looking at the living warlock in front of his eyes.


How scary would Novio, the ruler of Cronia, have been?


“So do you know the location of the branch?”


Lucion put the false rumor behind him.


Since he was a warlock himself, if the rumor was true, then whatever happened, it would have happened long ago.


“I know the location of the branches, but probably no one knows the guy who manages all six branches. He knew he would die if his identity was discovered, so he always kept it a secret.”


A cross scar, black nails.


So far, it had been information related to him.


‘How tightly did he hide that no one knows about him?’


Lucion fiddled with his fingers.


“He altered his voice, and when he met Roberio, he used a thin wall or covered his face with a cloth, so maybe even the guy Roberio met wasn’t real. Anyway, I usually met him at night and called him Owl.”


[Seeing that he’s trying to hide his identity, it seems he’s most likely like a high-ranking official or a high-ranking aristocrat who would most likely suffer considerable damage if his identity is found out.]


Bethel raised her voice and rolled her eyes.


While working as a knight, she often saw high-ranking nobles in high government positions.


[Additionally, there’s a cross scar on the back of his hand, and his nails are black.]


Russell informed Bethel of the additional information.


[Cross scar…?]


Russell asked as Bethel’s eyes shook for a moment.


[What? Do you know anyone?]


[I do… The trash I once served, who betrayed me. I know he has a cross on the back of his hand.]


Bethel gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.


Peter stopped walking when Lucion looked at Bethel.


“There is a way, though. But it’s hard for anyone to use.”


“Tell me at once.”


Lucion urged Peter.


“Instead of having a branch in Cronia, they planted people. If you chase them and follow the ones who are connected, you should be able to reach Owl. But the problem is that you can’t get into Cronia easily.”


When the word Cronia came out, Russell’s mouth twitched.


The youngest son of Cronia was right in front of him.


The method that Peter came up with as a solution was already being used by Lucion.


“I’ve heard that they are vigilant, closed-off, and have a lot of tests to go through. How difficult is it to enter the Cronia compared to the Imperial family?”


‘There are so many.’


Lucion knew the test.


Seven tests


It didn’t matter whether it was a knight, a butler, or a lady-in-waiting.


However, they got better treatment than any other family, and even though there were some people who were cut off due to their own faults, none of them left Cronia on their own.


For a moment, Hume flinched.


Didn’t he just come into that Cronia?


“It wasn’t that Roberio didn’t try either. But he failed again and again.”


“Give me the list of the people they planted in Cronia that you know.”


When Lucion held out his hand, Peter handed over the papers with an apologetic face.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help.”


[No, it was very helpful. I’ve gained confidence in what Lucion is doing.]


Russell looked at Peter and nodded as if he had done well, even though he knew that his voice could not reach him.


‘Now, at this point, we need to sort out the power relation.’


Lucion confirmed through Peter that there was Owl behind Roberio and the Neubra Kingdom behind Owl.


“Then what are the warlocks, no, the Hand of the Void? Are they just those who signed a contract with Roberio, or do they hold hands with the Neubra Kingdom? Tell me what you know.”


“… How did you know those warlocks are the Hand of the Void?”


When Lucion asked, Peter asked in bewilderment.


“I found out somehow. So? Who did the Hand of the Void hold hand with?”


“They were warlocks that the Neubra Kingdom gave to Roberio for him to use.”


Lucion was briefly speechless at Peter’s reply.




When Roberio said that the Hand of the Void was in the Neubra Kingdom, he naturally thought the hideout would be in the Hand of the Void.


A kingdom and the warlocks joined hands?


‘No, the fact that Neubra recruited the warlocks would be more appropriate.’


How could they think of joining hands with warlocks in a world that judged warlocks as enemies of the world?


It was not an organization, it was a kingdom.


[What is this…]


Russell was also astonished.


He continued with a laugh.


[I don’t know what kind of withdrawal they’re getting, but it’s big enough to hold hands with warlocks?]


‘I know. That Neubra?’


Lucion also expressed doubt about Russell’s words.


Why is the Empire called an empire?


Even if the Neubra Kingdom was the second strongest, it was in a state where it could not catch up to half of the power of the Tesla Empire.


In particular, because the Neubra Kingdom was trampled on by Novio more than ten years ago, they sometimes took a sudden action at the border, but it nearly turned into a show-off.


Even if a war broke out, it was almost certain which side the holy nation, Nevast, would stand on, so the result was clear to anyone.


‘…Anyway, the Hand of the Void didn’t just grow by absorbing the villains.’


Lucion finally figured out the secret to the Hand of the Void’s growth.


‘Neubra Kingdom is trying to swallow the Empire. The Hand of the Void needs strength for the rights and freedoms of the warlocks. They’re suitable for each other.’


Lucion’s mask turned orange.


He felt like he was slightly hit in the back of his head, so he was irritated.


“So what’s their purpose? Neubra’s purpose is the Empire, so what is the purpose of the warlocks?”


“I don’t know. But I think, just like Neubra, they also want the Empire to fall.”


“Then the focus of the Neubra and the Hand of the Void will eventually be on the Empire’s shield and spear, Cronia, right?”


Lucion looked at Peter once.


No matter how confident he was with Peter, he wouldn’t tell who he had to repay the favor or all the information.


“To enter the Empire, they must go through Cronia, so of course, it is part of their purpose.”


“But Cronia is too big. It’s a seasoned shield, so there’s no gap to pierce. Except for one weakness.”


For a moment, Peter was agitated.


[That’s correct…]


Russell said with a disapproving look.


How would Lucion feel about having to say that name himself?


Lucion spoke again.


“The youngest son, Lucion Cronia. He is the only normal person in Cronia, which is made up of monsters.”


Peter let out a long sigh.


He recognized that it was a story that he couldn’t hide anyway.


“I can’t say it’s accurate either. But I also think it’s the only card that can sway Novio, the ruler of the frontier. Even so, Lucion’s ransom is very high right now.”


Bethel looked at Lucion.


However, it was difficult to see what kind of expression he was making because his face was covered by a mask.


Peter pointed at himself.


“Hamel-nim, do you know why I’m telling you this?”


“It must be because the organization has to destroy those six branches.”


“Yes, I’ve been watching the organization for the last few days. But no matter how much I think about it, the owner of this organization seems to be Hamel-nim, not Kran-nim.”


“You’re sharp.”


Lucion held back his laughter.


“I heard it’s been about two weeks since the organization was established. No one else can make it grow this fast. I dared to admire Hamel-nim’s power.”


“So what?”


“Break down six branches and grow big using the Tesla Empire as a shield.”


Peter handed over the paper.


Lucion received the paper for now.


At that moment, blue threads appeared.


‘…There are six blue threads?’


For the first time, a large number of blue threads were entwined around him, as if signifying six branches.


Lucion suppressed the swear words that seemed about to leak out at any moment.


It was not known how many of those blue threads would turn into red threads.


“Help with your revenge?”


Lucion asked Peter and saw the blue thread connected to his body.


It didn’t budge, as if revenge wasn’t his way.


“Yes, I won’t lie. But I’m sure it’ll help the organization.”


As Peter said, he could break down six branches, and he could get the protection of the Tesla Empire in return for revealing that, Neubra Kingdom’s crime, and then the organization would grow up safely.


“No. My organization cooperates with the Empire, but does not fall under it.”


It wasn’t the way Lucion wanted it to be.


“Because I need to grow it into an independent force.”




“If you like it, come join. I will make sure your revenge will satisfy you. I promise.”


Breaking the Hand of the Void was also about changing one’s future.


Instead of destroying the six branches, he intended to use them.


At that moment, the six blue threads tightened.


His eyes were so firm.


“What would I hesitate about? Hamel-nim gave me a future that I didn’t have anyway. This second life and my magic exist solely for Hamel-nim from now on.”




Lucion replied with delight.


Although Peter had the purpose of revenge, Lucion himself had acquired the best magician.


* * *


Lucion approached Shandra and took off his mask to return home.




It wasn’t stuffy, but he really liked the feeling of the wind touching his skin.


Ratta spoke out as he was about to take off his cloak.


―Why are they after Lucion?


Lucion smirked when Ratta made a sullen face.


“Because I’m the weakness of Cronia.”


―No, Lucion is not a weakness. Ratta knows.


“It was just three weeks ago. No, that was until I met Teacher.”


At the word three weeks, Bethel could hardly hide her startled expression.


He could use this much magic in just three weeks?


―Then why do humans hate warlocks? The darkness is not bad. Darkness is nice. Ratta knows this, too.


[Because they can raise the dead and communicate with ghosts, beings that people don’t know about. It’s invisible to people’s eyes, so it’s bound to be scary.]


Russell answered instead of Lucion.


―Ratta doesn’t know. In Ratta’s point of view, I think it’s just the way people use their power that’s different.


Ratta, who was trying to think hard, was so admirable that Lucion crouched down and stroked her head.


“Young Master.”


“Yes, Hume.”


“Are you going to stop by another place? If so, why don’t you call it a day and go back to the mansion? You look very tired, Young Master.”


“Yes, I’ll go back to the mansion. I’m a little tired from walking around all day.”


Lucion put the clothes such as the mask and cloak into his magic pocket and climbed onto Shandra.


Shandra moved after Hume and Ratta got on.


Lucion was lost in thought in the wind.


The fact that the enemy he had to deal with was not a group but a kingdom, rather than shocking him, it was irritating.


‘The Neubra Kingdom again? Those guys again?’


The enemy country that kidnapped him was Neubra.

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