Count’s Youngest Son is a Warlock Chapter 86 - Viscount Chefran (2)

Author: LyraDhani

They were trying to reach out to him again.


Lucion seized the reins hard at the sudden surge of goosebumps.


‘It’s different this time.’


He was different from his younger self who had to suffer without any power.


‘I won’t be sitting still.’


He knew the enemy.


Now it was clear what he needed to prepare.


‘There’s no second time, Neubra.’


* * *


‘…There’s a letter stuck here?’


Heint stood for a moment, looking at the letter stuck in his house.


The house had just been bought, and not even Carson knew about it.


But there was a letter here.


Heint felt very uncomfortable.


After reporting directly to the Emperor, he stopped by the store and felt great as he bought cool alcohol and a hot chicken stir-fry.


Heint sent light through his feet into the house.


He took the letter only after confirming that there was no one inside.


Once he entered the house, he put down the ale and stir-fried chicken and opened the letter.


―It seems you need Luminos’ location, so I send it to you.




Heint frowned.


Inside the envelope was an additional piece of paper with the location written on the first line.


―It’s up to you to believe it or not, but wouldn’t it be better than wasting a month, three months, or maybe more than three years?


‘Who… did a background check on me?’


Heint was not happy with the appearance of an outsider.


Even so, there were many people inside the Imperial Knights who didn’t think favorably of him.


His head was full of guesses.


‘Among them, I’m concerned about Gartio.’


Gartio Menn.


He was the second son of Viscount Menn.


Although they both were knights of the Imperial family, they belonged to different knights.


A few days ago, during the night shift, he was looking around and found Gartio climbing over the wall.


When he came back, it was dawn and his clothes were different.


That appearance was so suspicious that when Heint approached Gartio in the name of patrol, his own light reacted.


Light reacted to two things.




And an object imbued with light.




Heint sighed deeply.


‘I thought I’d take a break, but I’ll have to go report it again.’


However, his gaze didn’t leave the alcohol and stir-fried chicken.


‘Should I just take one bite and go?’


He swallowed.


* * *


Lucion saw Anthony standing in front of his room with a bunch of letters.


“Young Master.”


Anthony smiled at Lucion.


“I filtered out and brought only the ones with the correct family crest and seal.”


“…Are these all my letters?”


“Yes, it is.”


Lucion frowned at Anthony’s answer.


The mere sight of the letters made him uncomfortable.


“The letter at the top is from Lady Tella Luteon.”


[Oh! You have to open it right away!]


Russell welcomed it.


[Why are you so happy, Russell?]


[Since she’s Lucion’s first friend. I can’t help but be happy as his teacher]


[Ah. It really can’t be helped. My teacher was very happy, too.]


Bethel recalled the past, and affection lingered in her eyes.


“I will take it.”


Hume held out his hands to Antony.


“Thank you.”


Anthony smiled broadly and handed the letters to Hume.


“Well, I’ll call you in a little while for dinner. Would you like to take a bath first? I don’t know where you’ve been, but you seem to have had a lot of fun.”


Anthony smiled kindly at Lucion’s clothes covered with dust.


Lucion, reflected in Anthony’s eyes, was still a child.


“I’ll tell Hume, so go back now.”


Lucion waved his hand and entered the room.


“Yes. Then let’s go in, Young Master.”


“Please go in.”


Anthony bowed to Lucion, and Hume bowed to Antony.


“Put them anywhere.”


As soon as he entered the room, Lucion roughly beckoned.




Sitting on the sofa, Lucion took off his coat and looked at Ghost no. 2.


[Y-Yes! All 12 of them are being interrogated in the basement. The butler, who hadn’t been captured at the moment, is packing his bags away with anxiety.]


‘Not today, it’s too early tomorrow. He’ll run away in a couple of days.’


Thinking quietly, Lucion took out the documents Peter had handed over and counted the number of people planted in Cronia.


13 people.


It was accurate.


Without a mistake, all the names were the same as the ones his ghost picked.


All that was left was the butler alone.


“No. 2.”


At Lucion’s call, the ghost answered with a stiff face.


[Yes, Lucion-nim.]


“Do well, if you don’t want to go up to the sky.”


[I’ll do my best!]


How could he ask Lucion to forgive him?


He knew that no matter how dead he was, he couldn’t say that.


“Okay. Go out and keep an eye on it.”


Lucion looked at Ghost No. 2 with an infinitely cold stare.


After the ghost disappeared, Lucion put aside the letter from Tella and read other things.


―Lucion Cronia-nom. I can’t forget the form of Chronia that I saw that day.….




―It’s not a night with a beautiful moon…




‘They’re all talking nonsense.’


Lucion didn’t even want to reply, so he just tore it up when he thought it was just a bunch of nonsense.


It was better than occasional cursing letters, but he didn’t feel good.


―Hello. My name is Gartio Menn, an Imperial Knight.


He didn’t know how many times he had ripped it, but when the proper letters finally came out, Lucion put them aside.


‘Let’s just sort it out first. I’ll have to read it later. I’m tired.’


“Shall I bring some tea?”


Hume asked.


“No. Warm milk. Just a few chocolates, too.”


Lucion said, sorting out the letters.


―Can you bring Ratta’s too?


“Yes, that’s fine. Let me know if you need anything.”


Hume stroked Ratta.


―Then Ratta would like some chocolates, too.


“All right, I’ll be right back.”


Hume smiled and went out.


[Do you need help, Lord Lucion?]


Bethel asked.


“No. I’m just picking out the ones that sound moderately human, so you don’t have to help.”


Those who sent the letter just now must have come for his title as a saint.


He had no intention of interacting with such things.


‘Even if I don’t bother, it’s obvious that they’ll come with a smile at the next banquet.’


It was also something he could commit because the Emperor was interested in him and they knew his position as the youngest son of Cronia.


Of course, when the name he saw in the novel came out, the words changed.


[Lord Lucion.]


Bethel stared at Luciom sorting out the letters and she called out to him.


“Yes, Bethel.”


[Is it complicated?]


“That’s right. There are more things to keep an eye on.”


Lucion stopped his hand and let out a long sigh.


To be honest, he thought it would be over if he quickly got rid of the Hand of the Void.


It was also true that, in a way, it would have been a simple task, as long as the situation that wasn’t revealed in the novel didn’t grab his ankle, it would end if he grabbed the head of the Hand of the Void.


‘…Neubra Kingdom. If there were no variables.’


[But nothing changes. Even if the Neubra Kingdom is after you, you will continue to learn black magic and become strong, and you will grow your organization, right?]


Lucion smiled at Russell’s words.


“That’s right, Teacher. Nothing changes. The stumbling block has just gotten a little bigger, and what I’m trying to do has just become more important.”


Bethel unwittingly smiled at Lucion’s words.


It was admirable to see Lucion doing something so determinedly.


It would have been better if she could meet him while she was still alive and support his back.


“Maybe I’ll be busier.”


Lucion clenched and opened his fist repeatedly.


“Once you find a hideout, you have to grow it in earnest. Enough to make everyone desire it.”


[Lucion. I think you’ll probably use the six branches to get bigger, but I don’t know the rest.]


Russell didn’t know all of Lucion’s thoughts.


Rather, he wanted to look into what was in Lucion’s head.


“Teacher, it’s true that the Empire is strong, but it’s not everything in the world. I think we can look at the world a little wider.”


Russell reacted as if he couldn’t believe what Lucion said.


[You’re going around the world?]


“I should try it first. If the organization is bigger than it is now, it will naturally get checked. Can the organization grow properly in such a situation?”


Lucion intended to attract the small and large forces he saw in the novel as Heint wandered into his own force.


“And I have Ratta.”


When Lucion pointed at Ratta, her eyes twinkled as she bit into the ball.


―Are you talking about Ratta’s shoong?


“That’s right.”


Lucion smiled.


“When I get stronger, Ratta gets stronger. Conversely, when Ratta grows up, I also become stronger, too. Ratta has not yet awakened her power as a divine beast, and her shadow movement will probably grow further.”


If the shadow movement could be applied, wouldn’t it be possible to make a portal?


―That’s right! Ratta will work hard, too! Ratta’ll eat well, play well, sleep well, and grow up!


Ratta’s tail wobbled loudly.


Lucion intended to establish himself safely in the Empire and expand more and more of his power.


‘I’ve already told the Rats.’


He’d called the Rats to the place where the Chefran mansion was.


Having acquired them, organizations would grow further with wings.


It was also necessary to punish those who revealed their secrets to the outside world.


‘And I also… need to be strong.’


Lucion clenched his fist.


Why is his desire to be happy without dying so far-fetched?


Lucion lay down on the sofa and let out a long sigh.


[Lord Lucion.]


Bethel looked at Lucion lying on the sofa.


His eyes were wide open as if he were about to fall asleep.


“I’m listening.”


[Then, what are you going to do with the Chefran mansion that you have to deal with right now? In the first place, is it possible for only one person, no, a few of them to bleed?]


“It’s possible. Because I am a warlock.”


Lucion pointed to his head.


“I only need to catch one.”


[That’s a good idea.]


Russell noticed Lucion’s plan.


He was also a warlock, so he understood it easily, but Bethel still looked at Lucion with a face full of questions.


“I’ll let you know when Hume comes.”


Lucion answered with a tired face.


Knock. Knock.


Hume entered the room following the knock on the door.


Looking at the cup and bowl of milk on the table in front of the sofa, Lucion brushed his messy hair behind his shoulders and raised his upper body.


“Young Master.”




Lucion picked up a cup of milk and blew it as he replied.


“Please tell me what I should do when you are targeted.”


“Go on as usual.”


“Then, Young Master, can you not get targeted?”


“No, it’s different from this.”


“When I become strong… Can you not get targeted, Young Master?”


After Hume’s repeated questions, Lucion looked at Hume after taking a sip of milk.


Lucion replied seriously at his desperate figure.


“No. It’s impossible because I’m Cronia. You don’t have to take it seriously, Hume. It’s the same thing that’s happening to those with power. In particular, the Emperor is the most sought after.”


“…Is that so?”


“The stronger you are, the less chance I will die. Even if I become stronger, the chance of dying will only decrease. That’s what strength is.”


“No. If I become so strong that no one can touch Young Master. Can you not get targeted then?”


It was a pure question that suited Hume’s personality.


“I guess so. Then, thanks to you, I will be free.”


At Lucion’s answer, Hume’s eyes showed deep determination.


“I enjoy every moment. I hope the Young Master who gave me this joy will be happy. That’s my wish.”


For a moment, Lucion looked at Hume with surprised eyes.


Hume was smiling so brightly that anyone could tell he was serious.


Strangely, the tip of his nose tingled.


“Yes, if that’s what you want.”


Lucion looked away and swallowed the chocolate for no reason.


Maybe there was less sugar in it, a bitter taste lingered in his mouth.


* * *


Lucion stared blankly at the ceiling.


[Stop, close your eyes. You have to go to bed early if you want to make a move tomorrow.]


Russell sighed hard as he looked at Lucion, whose eyes were wide open.


He looked so innocent if he kept his mouth shut, but how did he come up with such a reckless plan from that head?


He knew nothing about it.


But it was also a plan that would allow only a few people to bleed and have the viscount’s mansion.


It was enough that he wanted to look forward to tomorrow.

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