I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 10 - I'm Back (4)

Author: CleiZz



Ruel sentenced them to death.

They were like parasites that were plaguing Setiria anyway.

There is no reason to keep those who are not needed.

“Oh, yeah everyone except him. Excuse me.”

Of the many barons, there was only one who bowed his head when he was introduced.


“I greet the lord of Setiria. My name is Minart Hen.”

It was the voice that insisted earlier on lowering taxes outside the door.


“Nice to meet you.”

Ruel looked at Minart and smiled softly.


“…leave, my lord?”


At those frightened voices, Ruel turned his head and glanced at them.

Their shocked faces were an interesting sight to behold. 


“Why are you guys who aren’t even barons anymore still standing here? Don’t worry, I’ll send you the certificates of resignation later.”


“For-, forgive me!”


“Please forgive these humble men for not bowing their heads to the Lord!”


There was no anger in their eyes, only fear.

It was obvious what the reason was.


In this world, the barons could never be considered a true nobleman.

It would be unfair, but the only way for them to succeed was to cling to the legs of a nobleman or to enter a government office like in the past.


“Cassion, I’m getting tired.”


“I’ll get the knights right away.”


Only then did they cling to the ground at the sound of knights.

Their squealing sound bothered my ears.


Ruel made a face.

“Who said it was okay to sound like that?”


The hall descended into silence at once.


Ruel walked slowly and sat on one of the conference tables.


“Sit down, Minart.”


“…You, you can’t do this.”


A voice that suppressed an embarrassed tone spoke out.


Ruel turned his head to see Carbena looking at her hands shaking.

How disappointing this sight of her was. I need to cut them off from the root.

Ruel held back his laughter and opened his mouth.


“Did I allow you to speak?”


“Even if you are a lord, there is no such law!”


The eyes of those of the former barons were quickly dyed with hope at the shrill scream.


What a spectacle.




Ruel lost his laugh.

“There is a phrase in the law. The decision of the right to decide and allocation of the positions of the barons rests solely with the head of state. What are you angry about?”


Carbena’s mouth quickly closed.


“I have a question for you. Do you want to be the Lord? In other words, do you want to commit treason?”


“NO! Absolutely not!”


“I’ll tell you another interesting law. An immediate execution is possible for this offense as it is equivalent to blaspheming the entire aristocracy, which is represented by the six great families of the Kingdom of Leponia.”


The aristocracy in Leponia was even more special because of their minority.

It was all the more reason they were venerated and treated with respect due to their unique noble titles.


“What you have done has defiled my dignity.”

However, even among the same noblemen, as the bloodline has stretched and thinned, the power among them was also different.


Ruel is from direct bloodline while Carbena is of a branch.


Only direct lineage can become head of household.


This was the reason why Carbena held back for a long time, it would be truly dangerous to the point of suicidal for her to kill a member of the direct line of the family.


The royal family moved nonsensically whenever someone from the main bloodline was harmed. I don’t know the reason why that could be but Carbena knelt down at once after my short talk. It seems she still has some clarity of her situation.


“Give me mercy, my lord! I made a slip of the tongue!”


It was not the time yet. It was like cutting only the leaves if he were to make too much noise.

Only by pulling out the whole root, would the Setiria be safe and could I live in peace. 


Ruel pretended to hesitate for a moment and responded benevolently.


“I’ll close my eyes this time. Get out of here. Don’t be in my sight for a while.”


“Thank you! I am moved by your compassionate heart.”


Carbena grabbed Jane and quickly scrambled out of the conference room.


It was at this moment, I was too stimulated to the point where my head was feeling as if it were being ripped apart. Fighting it off, I inhaled Breath. My breath was also laborious as I had talked too much.


“Why don’t you guys go out? I’ll take it as a sign that you don’t want to keep your neck as well. wouldn’t you agree?”


“Oh, no, no! I thank the Lord for his kindness.”


Those barons bowed their heads several times before rushing out of the conference hall.


Now it was just himself, Ganien and Minart in the room.

It was nice to be quiet.


Ganien looked around and pointed to the door.


“I’ll be out.”


“No, it doesn’t matter.”


It’s just the two of us having a meeting. Where else would you find such an amusing scene.


Although he did not recognise the character, Minart but he could at least judge the situation was only one quick to react. I liked that point.




“Yes, my lord.”


“I want you to be honest with my question.”


“I will answer with all my heart.”


“What do you think of Setiria now?”


Minart quickly averted his gaze. To be honest, he looked very restless.


A person who has been absent for 5 years suddenly appears and cuts off all the barons except for himself, and furthermore pressured Carbena to leave, who was the actual ruler, to announce that he is the ruler.


This is Ruel Setiria.


What kind of answer does he want?


What does he want to do? He looks so weak that he is getting anxious to carry him to a bed immediately, he felt pity just from looking at his sick complexion.


“Minart, don’t think too hard and say your thoughts.”


Nevertheless, Ruel’s eyes shone.


He didn’t know where his spirit came from, but Minart spoke out what he had been suppressing.


“It’s a mess.”


A few seconds of silence after those words, quickly made him regain reason.


Minart was so red faced, he couldn’t speak.


‘I should take back my words. I have to say I’m kidding.’

But instead Ruel laughed and It was a very pleasant sounding laugh.


“Yes, you’re right. It’s a mess.”


I can use him.


Ruel just listened to Minart and judged.




“Yes, my lord.”


“I’m going to get this place back to normal, will you be my strength?”


There was a commotion outside as the knight arrived and was dragging them with whom they had just discussed.


But the noise did not reach Minart.


His heart raced.


His position was inherited from his father. If he doesn’t want this role any longer, he can throw it away.


However he had been bowing down all this time, with his perseverance he managed to grab a place for himself, because Setiria is his beloved home, and it’s also a place that he so proud of.


“Of course! I’ve dedicated everything to Setiria for a long time!”


Minart got up and bowed in front of Ruel.


“I’ll give my all my heart for Setiria.”



Ruel fiddled with an old wooden desk. From the looks of it, it seemed quite expensive.


‘I don’t think I can sell it.’


“Ruel-nim, I’ll be right back after unpacking.”


“………Oh, In that case I’ll have a look around.”


Ruel laughed despondently at the clumsy attempt to leave the room.


“You don’t have to. It’s okay.”


This was a room formerly used by the previous Lord, Ruel’s father. It will now become a room for himself soon.


“Everyone, sit down.”


Ruel laid on the reception sofa in front of the desk, not on the chair by the desk. I’m burned out. He already did well enough not to spit out blood in the conference room a while ago.


“Now tell me what you saw and what you were in charge of.”


Ruel’s complexion had turned paler than ever before.


Cassion advised him anxiously.


“Get some rest for today.”


“No need for that. Time waits for no one. So get on with it.”


While Cassion was on his way to call a knight, Ganien had tailed Mineta,


He must have found a clue somewhere and Cassion would have followed the trail.


“I’ll tell you first.”


Ganien stepped up first.


“Carbena and Jane have their hands on drugs.”


Ruel’s eyes grew at the news.


It was a totally unexpected subject than he expected.


“Maybe it’s Prazio.”




It was the first name I’ve ever heard.


“It’s less addictive, and it’s more pleasant. That’s why it’s expensive. But it’s only slightly less addictive than other drugs, which are generally dangerous. It would still be a serious issue if anyone got their hands on them.”


“These are the evidence to support the information I have obtained.”


Cassion, half-heartedly, pulled a bunch of papers out of his arms.

‘He’s not X- Raemon, is there dimensional space inside his suit pocket?’




Ruel quickly looked over the documents.


I was so engrossed, I couldn’t hear the two of them talking.

The contents of the documents in my hand were greatly shocking.


When Ruel finally placed the papers down, a snack was pushed on to his table, and a blanket was wrapped around his body, cuddling him.


“What the…?”


“It has been over an hour. As I have seen before, Ruel-nim’s concentration is considerable.”


 I looked out of the window to see a fading red glow in the sky.


As he got hungry, he picked up a beautifully baked pie.


“What about Ganien?”


The space next to Cassion was empty.


“He went to check out the knights, he was a bit curious about them.”


“It’s a waste of time.”


“I think so too.”


When I sliced through the pie, the meaty juice flowed out.

It was a snack often eaten in the old mansion.


“Did you make it? Why?”


“Because Ruel will have to be a lot more careful now.”




Staring at the person looking at him with innocent eyes, Cassion signed after a moment.

He knows more about the disease than the sick person.


“You have allergies.”


“……Wow, that’s great.”


At his soulless remark, Cassion wanted to write down all foods he should be careful about right now.


If you can’t do it, you’ll get 3 pages.


“You’ve seen it for a while, but I think one of the groups has seduced Carbena.”


Ruel pointed to one section of the report.

There was a flame-like pattern stamped between the dense letters.


“Here’s the details of how to kill my parents, how to kick me out, and so on.”


“I couldn’t identify the group name.”


“That’s right. It’s not here. Cabena doesn’t know either. It’s a secretive organization that recommended the drugs, and at first it was free and once they got addicted to it, they were at it’s mercy.”


Ruel breathed for a moment.


“Now I know where the money went on the last document.”

It was all wasted on drugs.


I felt like I was going to tear up from laughing.


“By the way, Ganien asked me to deliver this message.”


Ruel mumbled as he ate the pie.


“Prazio is a creature that comes from the sea.”


“Sea? That’s not close to us.”


The Kingdom of Leponia was a country surrounded by a large mountain with a barrier that no one could break.


The barriers created around the time the country was founded to blocked everything, so Setiria which neighboured other countries naturally took on the role of the gatekeeper.


“It was said that it was a difficult creature to find as it was born in the depths of the sea.”


Ruel ate the pie without saying a word.


I felt an indescribable sense of discomfort.


It was a little annoying because it wasn’t something he could check right away.


“Shall we call Mineta?”


“Yes, I have to look around the mansion.”


“All right.”


After confirming Cassion’s exit from the room, Ruel frowned.


‘It’s not just debtors who are after Setiria?’


The novel revolves around Ganien, so Setiria and what he went through ended in volume 1.

Although Setiria was mentioned occasionally, the information was just too little.


Still, I had to prepare.


Ruel picked up another slice of the pie and ate it.


“Di,did you call me, My Lord?”


With about four pieces of pie left on the plate, Mineta groveled into the room being lead by Cassion.


“Don’t be scared, you know why I called you.”


“Carr- and my wife, I went to appease her.”


“So what?”


“When they’re done, they say they’re going to start smashing things.”


Ruel coughed and shook his head.


“The Drugs and the organizations that approached you, and the series for debt.”


Briefly, Mineta threw a topic for discussion.


If that’s the case, even an idiot would understand.

Mineta bit his lip several times before starting to talk.

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