I Became a Sick Nobleman Chapter 104 - Strange but not unfamiliar (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker and Jada




“I’ve been waiting.”

Cheynol stood in front of the main gate, bowing his head towards Ruel.


“I’m not even going that far away, but you’re seeing me off. It looks like you’re free these days.”

Ruel chuckled lightly in response.


Even without being told, the knights lined up behind Cheynol, without a word or command.


“Tyson-nim requested to tell you that he is sorry for not being able to see you off and to come back in good health. I too would like to reiterate the same thing to you. Please come back safe and healthy.”


“Please come back healthy!”

The knights shouted loudly.


‘They all seem to be worried,’ Ruel thought to himself.


After resting and recovering from the exhaustion and reducing the marks, his body felt better than ever.

“Okay, I’ll be back.”


As it was not feasible for both vice captains to accompany Ruel on his peaceful visit to another territory, they decided to draw lots to determine who would go. Drianna emerged as the winner, and she was able to follow behind Ruel.


“I’ll bring back a gift, so take care of the house,” she said, flashing a bright smile towards Horen.

It was a very wicked smile.


“Are you here?”

In front of the carriage, Noah was bowing his head towards Ruel in a polite manner.

If you look at the greeting itself, it was like seeing a second Billo.


“The butler is very good.”

Cassion was satisfied and pointed to the door with a nod to Noah.

Noah’s eyes were slightly shaken, but without any complaint, he opened the carriage door and bowed.


“Your demeanor has really changed.”

Aris looked at Noah curiously.

His attitude has become perfected since the last appearance he showed during the meal.

“Most of all, you become a decent person. Isn’t that right, Noah?”


Before getting into the carriage, Ruel flicked a gold coin that he had prepared in advance.


At the sound, Noah’s hand reflexively grabbed the gold coin.

“… crazy.”

Even though Noah had caught the gold coin, he was startled and quickly looked around to see if Billo was there.

Fortunately, Billo was not there.

‘That’s right, because human nature doesn’t change easily.’

Despite Ruel’s ridicule, Noah bowed again.

The posture Billo had taught him came out first.

“I’m sorry for being rude.”


“It’s okay.”

Ruel lightly tapped Noah on the shoulder.

It was an unsolicited apology, but at this rate, it was worth taking Noah with him.

Ruel got on the carriage with Cassion’s support.



Ruel was just as surprised as Leo’s shout.

It felt as if an entire small room had been transported instead of a carriage.


‘Uncle really went all out with his power.’

The space inside felt slightly larger than a royal carriage, allowing him to breathe more freely. As Leo immediately jumped onto the bed, the Spirits followed suit, taking over the beds with enthusiasm.


—It’s spacious! It’s soft! This body likes it here!


‘It’s a mess.’

Ruel sat down after looking at the spirits and Leo.


“Tyson-nim put a lot of effort into this carriage,” Cassion said as he climbed aboard and tapped on the wall.


The carriage started moving, and he pointed to the back wall.

There was nothing there, but it seemed to ripple and shimmer.


Cassion lightly blew Aura on it, and suddenly a door appeared.


“It’s not only sturdy, but Tyson-nim also made a kitchen so you can comfortably enjoy your meals,” Cassion explained.

Ironically, Cassion was the one who liked it the most.


“What is this?”


A conspicuous red button that seemed out of place caught Ruel’s attention.


“If you press that, Tyson said it’s an emergency device that allows him to come anytime,” Cassion explained.


—Really? This body wants to touch and see… Heek!”

Ruel quickly grabbed Leo’s tail.


“No, you can’t.”


—… I understand. This body is good and listens to Ruel.

Leo pouted and crouched on Ruel’s lap.


He kept looking at the red button with regrets.

As Ruel gently stroked Leo’s stomach, his ears immediately perked up.


“You said you had something to give. Give it to me.”

Ruel extended his hand to Cassion.


“This is the information you requested about the Prostone Guild and the Shio Family. I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly review it yet.”


Cassion took out the data and handed it over to Ruel.

“It must have been difficult to find?”


“Hiding it is pointless. Among the aristocrats, if someone breaks into their house or bribes their servants, they would still try to hide the information even if rumors start spreading. Whether it’s in a secret study or a magically protected vault, it ultimately becomes useless, doesn’t it?”


“Indeed,” Ruel concurred.


“It’s truly foolish, or perhaps it’s just a habit of those who bear the name of aristocrats, to always hide the key somewhere on their own bodies. I don’t know which one to call it—either remarkably stupid or a characteristic of those who call themselves nobles.”


There was a hint of disdain towards the nobles in Cassion’s words.

Ruel silently inhaled Breath.

“Anyway, the Prostone Guild seems to have left information for trading with the Shio family, and the Shio family seems to have left information for trading with someone else.”


“It’s so funny seeing the same guys together.”


“Well, if they’re the same kind of people, wouldn’t they be capable of the same kind of deeds? Cassion let out a brief smirk before continuing, “The search for the warlock and the person who discovered you five years ago is still ongoing. We did find traces of the warlock, but they had already left Leponia.”


“What about those with dark attributes?”

Ruel asked while examining the data.

“The whereabouts of most of them are unknown, so we will let you know as soon as we can secure them.”



After answering Cassion’s words, Ruel kept silent and focused on the data.



Only the sounds of paper being turned, knives being cleaned, and small spirits running around filled the carriage.


It had been some time since they departed, and when Leo’s voice broke the silence, Ruel looked down.

—This body has now run around until it is satisfied. Go ahead and pet this body.

Leo laid down on his knees, showing his stomach, and looked at himself with a drowsy look on his face.



Ruel put down the material and touched Leo’s stomach.

He started touching it habitually because of the soft feel in his palm.’


“Did you find any leads?” 

Cassion sheathed the sword he was cleaning and asked.


“It’s ambiguous.”

Ruel’s brow furrowed.

There was no information about what happened five years ago that he wanted.

It was either missing or no data was created at all.

“However, it’s clear that both sides are ready to tear each other apart,” Ruel mused.


The two sets of documents, undoubtedly created by different individuals, held the same vulnerabilities. It was amusing how they both held each other’s weaknesses.


“What is certain is that the Shio family and Huan are still doing business. And the fact that their relationship became secretive dates back to five years ago.”

Ruel raised the corners of his mouth.

Five years ago, there was definitely something between the Huan and Shio families.

The scattered puzzle pieces were slowly falling into place.

For now, securing Trino Setiria’s letter, which was the most certain lead, was the top priority.


* * *


Ruel and his party arrived at Liobenez territory.

Sunlight poured in through the open carriage doors.

It was the farthest from Setiria, so even though they left at night, they didn’t not arrive till around the afternoon of the next day.

It was quiet.

While coming here, Ruel enjoyed a leisurely journey for the first time in a long time .

Ruel wasn’t nervous or anxious about the silence.

It was obvious that they would attack in some way, so it was just a hassle to have to guess what that method would be.


“I was wondering where the attack would come from, and it seems it was here.”

Cassion grinned while helping Ruel get off the carriage.


“They’ve surrounded the mansion. They are all assassins, not adventurers. I think they are the right guys this time.”


“They’ve changed the course. Are they trying to lead me into a trap?” Ruel replied with a sly smile.

The corners of Ruel’s mouth rose.

If there was an attack in the Liobenez Territory on the day he came, who would be the first suspect?


Furthermore, what if the head of the family dies?

Since Cassion mentioned that they were real professionals who could handle the situation without leaving any evidence, it was likely that they were skilled enough to do so.


‘You dug a trap for me. It’s full of sincerity.’

He wasn’t worried, but there was just one thing that bothered him.

Most of the shadows were sent to clean up the back alley.

Cassion looked at Ruel’s expression and opened his mouth.

“There’s no need to worry. You can choose the time and method you prefer… Oh, wait, I’m not even on a mission, but I can’t easily shake off the habit of being vigilant. Anyway, I assure you it’s effortless.”


“No, just leave it alone.”

He wants to stab themselves in the back this bad then shouldn’t he let them know what it feels like to really be stabbed in the back?



Ruel’s suspicious smile, Cassion realized that he was planning something.


* * *


“Nice to meet you, Head of Setiria.”

Ben Liobenez personally came out to the front gate and greeted Ruel.

Since it was impossible to set an exact time, he didn’t know how long Ben had waited.

It was a bit burdensome.


“I didn’t know you would come out to meet us like this. It is cold. Please go inside.”


“It’s been a while since I waited, so there’s no need to feel pressured.”

Ruel followed Ben’s guidance and entered the mansion.

He felt sorry for not knowing how much he must have cleaned up to welcome him, but the mansion was not safe.

“Do you like flowers?”


“I don’t hate it.”


“How about we take a quick look around? My hobby is growing flowers.”


‘Do you have a greenhouse?’


Ben is recommending something like that, so shouldn’t he look around?

“Yes, that’s good.”

Ruel willingly gave permission and followed Ben.

The place he guided them to was not a greenhouse, but a garden in the backyard.


A chilly wind blew, and Ruel flinched.

He regretted it a bit, but those thoughts soon went away when he saw the blue flowers blooming in the backyard.

The petals that sparkled with the shallow snow were like jewels.


—Oooooh! It’s pretty!

Leo ran over and smelled the scent of the flower.

—It smells delicious.


“There was someone I really wanted to give this flower to. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it, and it’s been bothering me ever since. Fortunately, I can show it to you today, even if it’s like this.”


“Is that me?”



Ben plucked the flower and handed it to Ruel. As Ruel took a closer look, he noticed that the petals were shimmering even more beautifully.


“The language of this flower is conscience.”


His gaze filled with a faint longing. He could see glimpses of guilt that he had often witnessed in Tyson’s and Billo’s eyes.




Ben panicked when Ruel sneezed and hurriedly guided him to the room.


* * *


Ruel and Ben, accompanied by Leo, sneaked into Ben’s room.


“I apologize,” Ben said.


“No need to apologize. But before that, there’s something I want to say,” Ruel said, sitting down on the sofa and smiling at Ben.


“Please feel free to speak your mind.”


Leo took the blue flower that Ben gave him.

As he put it on Leo’ head, the smile on Leo’ face did not disappear.

Ruel glanced at Leo for a moment.

A group of spirits moved behind Leo as he walked around the room.

‘Leo is the leader.’


Ruel looked at Ben again and spoke.

“This is the first time I’ve been out since the banquet. Didn’t you agree to recommend a good restaurant to me before?”

If the enemies have surrounded the mansion, wouldn’t it be enough to avoid giving them an opportunity to attack the mansion? Ruel was already excited at the thought of moving around in crowded places.


“Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable?”


“I’m not allowed to go on an outing, but I’d like to go with you. Why not?”

Ruel asked like a child throwing a tantrum at his grandfather.

Ben grunted loudly enough to show his teeth.


—This body came from an outing with Aris not long ago. Don’t worry, this body will tell you everything when you go outside.


Standing next to Ben, Leo cocked his nose high.

Ruel snorted slightly as he inhaled Breath.

‘If you go on two outings, you become an experienced teacher.’


Ben soon looked at Ruel with concern.

“I’m worried about the health of the head of Setiria. Are you okay?”


“Yes, there is nothing to worry about.”


“How about a cup of tea to warm you up first?”


“I like apple tea.”


—This body also likes apple tea.


“Apple tea, understood,” Ben rang the bell, and a butler entered the room.


“I’ll take care of it. Bring a cup of apple tea.”



The butler bowed and went out.

Ben took a deep breath and opened his mouth as if he had decided to do something.

“Do you happen to dislike being questioned about your past?” he asked.


“I don’t like it,” Ruel replied.


“I understand. The reason I approached you at the banquet was to reveal one truth,” Ben confessed, even though Ruel had expressed his dislike for being questioned about his past. 


Ruel was taken aback by the sudden turn of the conversation, but he was genuinely interested, so he didn’t hesitate to ask, “What is it?”


“Five years ago, on my way to meet His Majesty, I saw a carriage with the Setiria emblem on it. Because it stopped at the corner of the road, I thought something had happened so I approached it.”


The news that followed was overwhelming.

It was something beyond his imagination.

Ruel felt his mouth go dry.


“Who was there?”


“Is it okay for me to tell you…?”


It wasn’t Ben who needed to ask if it was really okay; it was Ruel.


“I won’t ask why you’re telling me that only now. There must have been a reason.”


“Exactly. After seeing you at the banquet, I couldn’t bear to ask, so I wanted to make an appointment with you.”


Ruel had no intention of blaming Ben. What he needed to know now was who else was there besides Trino Setiria.


“Please tell me.” Ruel urged.


Ben didn’t hesitate.

“It’s the head of Diagos Shio and Prince Huan.”

The pieces of the puzzle started to fit together. 

Ruel barely suppressed the corners of his mouth from rising.

“It may be far away, but how could you not know the appearance of the Shio family head and His Highness Huan? It seemed like they were the ones who halted the Setiria carriage, judging from the atmosphere.”


“What happened after that?”


“I don’t know. Since it wasn’t a welcoming atmosphere, I went on my way. Afterward, when I heard that Lord Setiria had been involved in an accident and died, I immediately rushed to His Majesty,” Ben explained, expressing his anger as if he had been betrayed.


“…An order was given to keep quiet,” Ben continued. “His Majesty knew about it… He knew even though he pretended not to.”


Prince Huan was the one who stopped the Setiria carriage, and the king was aware of this fact. Yet, he chose to feign ignorance.


How much evidence had been lost during the investigation of the Setiria incident?


“I know I don’t deserve to see your face, but I invited you because I have something to tell you,” Ben confessed.


“Is it really a letter you want to deliver?”


Ben looked surprised. “How did you know?”


“His Majesty gave me a note that said, ‘Bring out the buried conscience.’”


“Finally…” Ben’s voice began to waver. “Finally, it seems that His Majesty has made up his mind.”


Ben took off his bracelet, which was thicker than his finger and seemed out of place with something he would wear.


“If that’s the case, I will help you with anything. Whether you consider it a retribution for the past five years spent in silence or a retribution for not being able to prevent the accident that could have been prevented.”


Following Ben’s touch, the bracelet came apart. Inside, a neatly rolled white letter was revealed.

“I stake my honor on it. I have never seen its contents. The owner of this letter is you.”


Ruel grasped the letter that Ben handed to him. It felt familiar, even though he had never held it before. The scent was comforting, as if it had been preserved with a preservation spell. 

His heart raced.

The feeling of unfamiliarity was strangely familiar.



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